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Kati McTavish

12 June 2019

They are amazing! My house is cleaner than ever, and they even organized my bathroom cabinets and linen closet!! (Which I had been avoiding!) They are super friendly and do an excellent job! Thanks ladies!! More...


Laurie Pennington Rowe

11 June 2019

I absolutely cannot recommend Squeaky Clean enough. My husband and I, ok just my husband was hesitant to have someone come into our house to clean, but when he got home yesterday, his mind as well as mine were BLOWN. Things we thought were clean weren't. Things we didn't know needed cleaning did. Our oven...haven't cleaned it in the 10 years it's been there...it looks BRAND NEW. It's unreal. The organization they did in the kids playroom...amazing and nothing I could have done myself. We thought we had seen everything they had done and then bam we'd see something else they did! Absolutely no idea how they accomplished so much while they were there. SO incredibly grateful. Oh...and my 6 year old was there for a little bit of time bugging them, and they handled him like a pro and he was so impressed by them! If you're thinking about calling Squeaky Clean, stop thinking and do it. Best decision you will make!! I am one extremely happy customer!!!! More...


Ashley Walker

10 May 2019

I finally had Lorelei & Rachel come organize my home. I can't lie my pride kept me from getting extra help. My house needed organizing more then anything. I just had not found time to get things sorted. These ladies were here promptly, figured out what my need was & got straight to work. They were SO efficient & I feel so much more comfortable in my home. What a great Mothers Day I will have without the extra stress. I'm so appreciative. I would HIGHLY recommend Squeaky Clean. More...


Janey D. Sawyer

6 April 2019

excellent cleaning service. the best I have ever used! even my husband noticed the difference!


Teresa Bolen-Lu

30 October 2018

I have been using Squeaky Clean for a couple of years now. They are fantastic! It is nice to know that these ladies mean business every time they come to clean. If you are thinking about using their services, please do! They will make your life easier and they will make your house shine! More...


Sue C.

4 July 2018

Squeaky Clean does an amazing job on my home each time they come. Every clean feels like a deep clean and I'm completely comfortable with them in my home. I recommend them highly.


Jennifer Hammer

5 December 2017

Wow wow wow!!!! I had my first deep clean today and I do not think my house has ever looked better! I was truly blown away when I walked in the door from work today! I will tell anyone who will listen how amazing squeaky clean is!! I’m already looking forward to their next visit before Christmas! Absolutely AMAZING! More...


Abby Dubbé

11 November 2017

Squeaky Clean did an absolutely incredible job with my townhouse. We just moved in 3 months ago and life got incredibly busy shortly after. I was hesitant to even have a cleaning service because I was so embarrassed by the unorganized “stuff” throughout my home. More...


Heather Conner Robertson

6 November 2017

These ladies are FABULOUS! Beyond happy with the services that they provided AND they love the furbabies. I would recommend them ten times over and cannot wait until they visit again.


Susan Clemmons

17 July 2017

I previously used a company based out of Williamsburg for my 6,000 sq ft. home in Ford's Colony that constantly lost employees so there was a new face in my home every visit. Squeaky Clean has designated 2 specific women who service my home regularly. It's the same two wonderful ladies every week, they know the ins and outs of my home like the back of their hands. Rebecca and Carmalita are fabulous, just like members of the family. It's so nice to feel comfortable with who is in my home whether I'm there or not. Everytime I walk in my home after Squeaky Clean has been there all I can say is "WOW"!! Not only do they clean, they organize as they go, putting things away, but never hiding them. I can't recommend Squeaky Clean enough, they will change your life. More...


Dana R Calvani

26 June 2017

Fantastic team!! Very reliable, dependable and truly cares about me, and my cleaning needs.


Jaye Mirza

26 June 2017

Best service ever!! These ladies are professional and courteous and simply wonderful! 5 star no doubt


Jennyianne VonHank

19 June 2017

Customer service was beyond! Very friendly and outgoing owners. I needed a move out clean for my rental home so that I could get my deposit back. The owners were very clear about their services and the price. There were no hidden charges. Other companies I had attempted to get quotes from were very ambiguous with the fees and sometimes very rude when I asked for clarification so it was nice to get a real answer from these ladies. The house looked way cleaner when they were done then it did when we first moved into it! I would highly recommend their services. More...


John Taliaferro III

1 May 2017

Very good cleaning service! They will do an awesome job!!!


Kelsey Huddleston

7 March 2017

These ladies are outstanding. My first clean was today, deep clean.. and when they say deep clean they mean deep clean. I was even home with my kids while they did their work. They were the friendliest, sweetest, most hard working people ever. I am leaving my current cleaning lady behind and switching to these phenomenal ladies. My house looks absolutely amazing! These ladies cleaned areas I don't think have been cleaned since we moved in. Thank y'all so so much!! More...


Diane DeWitt

21 February 2017

This company is amazing, I just started my own business and things at home were stacking up on me, so I called these ladies and they have saved my home. They have a way of organizing your home as if you did it yourself, everything was perfectly placed and the house smelled so fresh and clean. This service is a perfect gift for anyone you love! Thank you ladies for your Squeaky Clean Service. More...


Debi Schaefer

20 February 2017

Definitely 5 STARS - Lorelei and Rachel came out and helped me get my house back in order. I had just worked so much that I had lost control and felt overwhelmed. The two gals came in and just took over. They were both professional and efficient at they task. Thank you for helping me get my life back in order. Looking forward to having them back in a month! Debi Schaefer, Toano More...


Zoey Reyes

22 January 2017

Squeaky Clean is awesome and always does a great job! ��


Linda Osenton

11 January 2017

I have been using these ladies for a few months and they are wonderful! They do a great job!


Robin Dumoulin Rice

8 September 2016

These women are my sanity!! I have used this service for several months now and can't begin to explain how important they have become to our family. With the day to day rush of work, school, second jobs, and multiple children and their activities, it is so easy for regular housework to back up. Knowing that I have Squeaky Clean to rely on relieves a huge stress from our lives. I also can't explain the joy that their works brings to our family. We no longer focus on the housework that needs to get done and instead spend time as a family - playing games, cooking dinner, reading, and actually enjoying our home. Don't hesitate, don't second guess, give them a call! You will fall in love too!! More...


Teresa Bolen-Lu

23 August 2016

These ladies are rock stars! My house has never been so clean! I will definitely use them again!


Nancy Bailey

17 August 2016

I've been using Squeaky Clean for a year now and I couldn't be happier with their services. They do an amazing job, are reliable and trustworthy. I have recommended them to several friends who are now using them as well. I could never say enough about these wonderful ladies. More...


Judy O'Neill

12 August 2016

Thank you so much Squeaky Clean for doing such an amazing job on my home today! When I came home from work today I was blown away by how clean it was. My work schedule is so hectic, it's nice to know cleaning my house is now one less thing I have to worry about. See you 2 lovely ladies again in a month! More...


Susan Lindsey Anthony

29 April 2016

Just had my first clean and words can't express how happy I am. What a wonderful experience! My house has never looked better and the ladies were as sweet as could be. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. Looking forward to the next visit! More...


Krista DeWitt

6 March 2016

Thank God for Squeaky Clean. I work 60 hours a week, and the last thing I want to do is come home and clean. My home needed some attention. The very first clean... I walked in my home and was like... Did i walk in the right house? I was oranized, clean , it was just a great feeling. A weight had been lifted. Every clean has been a dream come true. I get so excited to have them come out. They are worth every dollar. Thank you both for helping me and really putting time and effort in to my home. You both make my life so much easier. More...


Colleen Budlove

6 February 2016

We had our first cleaning done by these awesome ladies today and WOW! Their attention to detail and ability to make things shine is amazing! We've had a cleaning company for the last year and it has never felt so clean! Can't wait for our next cleaning! More...


Derrick Jaykeyz Jamison Sr.

7 December 2015

I was very skeptical about having someone else clean my home, but hands down they provided a great service. Very professional, courteous, and very knowlegable I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is need of their services. Thanks Squeaky Clean.


Heather Jamison

7 December 2015

Just had my house cleaned today with three kids and a full time job it makes it hard to get everything done. Squeaky clean did a phenomenal job. My bathroom and kitchen look brand new. Squeaky clean is very thorough and detailed. What was going to be a one time thing will now be biweekly I am so impressed and Prices are very affordable. I can't wait until next time. More...


Becky Trask Blalock

7 September 2015

Just had my 1st monthly cleaning with Squeaky Clean, and I'm so pleased! My house hasn't looked this clean in a year - and never all at the same time. Great attention to detail, and wonderful service! Thanks, Rachel & Lorelai! More...


Emily Marks Olson

29 May 2015

These gals did an AWESOME job. It was a daunting task, but they rose to the occasion and EXCEEDED our expectations. I highly recommend them!


Lauren Mitchell

27 May 2015

Squeaky Clean did an outstanding job! I was extremely impressed with their thoroughness and attention to detail. They have made moving into my new home a pleasure! All I had to do was unpack and enjoy my clean house! Thanks again Squeaky Clean! -Lauren More...


Rebecca Walker Houston

2 April 2015

Great affordable service! These ladies left no area untouched. This is the best cleaning service, I have used.


Jessica Marrow

25 March 2015

They are professional and personable. They pay attention to the small details just a all around great clean! Love these ladies!!


Michael Daugs

24 March 2015

Rachel worked very hard, and paid attention to the details! It's comforting to know that you can trust someone to come into your home and do good work.


Wendy Lang Craighill

13 March 2015

I was not prepared to have my house SO very blessed. Sure, they (a team - 2 of them) cleaned the bathrooms and mopped the floor. But seriously, they CLEANED my house. They cleaned my toaster oven, my stovetop, my chairs and tables. ALL my built ins. They wiped EVERY surface: floorboards, door jams, even my frickin' DOG DOOR. And, the two of them were SO fast. I cannot believe they cleaned my whole house in 2 1/2 hours - and it feels clean. It looks different. But, more than that...my house feels different. I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders so that I can do the other million things that I WANT to do, because someone else cleaned my house OH-SO-MUCH-BETTER than I would. The two busy boys (and an insane amount of laundry/toys) AND a dog make my house feel overwhelming to get in front of. Thank you, Squeaky Clean, for blessing me, my house, and my week. Cannot wait to see you, again, in two weeks. More...


Laurie Simmons

12 March 2015

Just tried squeaky clean and was very pleased with the job they did. They cleaned things I didn't even notice were dirty. Fantastic attention to detail. From now on I'm only using Squeaky Clean! More...


Deb Miller

11 March 2015

Sqeaky Clean does an excellent job! Punctual, thorough and competitively priced. They make my life easier and I highly recommend them!


Sarah Chirico

2 March 2015

Squeaky Clean did an amazing job on my house! The attention to detail was very impressive!


Rebecca Hodges

2 March 2015

Squeaky Clean is very detailed oriented. They are professional, reliable, and also great price.


Julie Houle

2 March 2015

Squeaky Clean does a fabulous job! Their attention to detail is impeccable! The little things do not go unnoticed. I would highly recommend!


Victoria Linen

2 March 2015

The new owner cleaned my house for 4 years. Did a great job. I am glad she has gone into business for herself. Great attention to detail, very thorough - she even made my beds and emptied my dishwasher - HIGHLY recommend!!

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