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Kenric Kenric

29 May 2016

I can't recommend her enough. I had to get in shape before I went to do the grand canyon rim to rim hike and her program prepared me very well and made my hike a success!


A Google User

17 December 2009

After 2 kids, 13 months apart i found myslef not looking like i would have liked.
I signed up for the bootcamp and LOVED it. I loved that Audrey pushed me to what SHE knew i could do, even though i might not have felt i could do it.
I loved the energy i had after class and the motiviation she and the class gave me to continue to stay healthy!!

thanks Audrey!!


A Google User

20 November 2009

I love this boot camp. Audrey is great at pushing you so that you can reach your goals. Her work outs are great because they work many parts of the body at the same time. They are always different so you don’t have the monotony of the same work out day in and day out. I highly recommend Spire boot camp! More...


A Google User

30 October 2009

I love Spire bootcamp! My favorite part was losing 10 lbs in just 4 weeks!!! I attended class 5 days/week and loved going because each day was different and I felt great after the workout. I admit I am not in the best of shape and exercise can be a challenge for me but the instructor was so helpful. She gave me and a few others some modifications to the exercises so we could still participate and get the full benefit of the exercise without feeling overwhelmed.
The nutrition program was great. It was easy to follow and made me feel satisfied and full of energy.

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