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My name is Spence(r) and I love creating. Any opportunity to do that and you have my attention. I like creating art, logos, beautiful Power Point presentations, greeting cards, websites, and anything else that you can think of. Pitch me your idea, no matter how nascent, and I will be honored to help it come to life.



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I begin by meeting with the client and asking what their needs are. I then work on drafts and get feedback from my wife on what needs to be improved before sending it to the client. I then send the draft to the client for feedback and iterate until everyone is satisfied.

This depends on the project and is very clear in each personalized contract.

The ability to create something that is beautiful and provides value to clients.

I am a full time educator and freelancing is a great creative outlet that helps small businesses be more successful and grow.

I am incredibly detail oriented, and incredibly focused on client satisfaction. I have variety of styles that can meet most individual needs and preferences and work hard to provide a professional and worthwhile product.