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- Help business owners maximize their tax benefits.
- Ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations.
- Provide monthly financial reports so that you can manage and grow your business.

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Damion Hankejh

9 July 2019

I met Meir Spear in 2014 via a mutual friend and Spear client, and have since recommended him and his team to everyone and anyone seeking accounting counsel -- I can't imagine a better option exists in New York City.


Jack Young

29 April 2019

I first met Meir back in 2006. I was looking for a new accountant for my business, and he came highly recommended, so I decided to give him a try. He was immediately able to target several deductions that my former accountant had missed, and saved me well over $10,000 in taxes that year. He has since become my accountant for my personal finances, as well as for my daughter and several other friends and associates. He has been instrumental in helping us all keep more of the money that we earn, as well as shielding us from tax audits. I like to refer to him as my "fiscal therapist"! Recently, I sold my business, and Meir's guidance was crucial in helping me navigate through a complex tax situation. I can't imagine having done this without his help. I only wish that I could give him 10 stars instead of 5! More...


Jed Weinstein

29 May 2018

I've been working with Meir and team for years now and he is one of the best public accountants I've worked with. Super reliable, trustworthy and on point. I highly recommend working with them! More...


Andrew Veech

29 May 2018

As a new small business owner, I was intimidated by the financial and accounting side of the job and needed someone to help me understand what it took to run a proper business. Meir Spear immediately made me feel comfortable with the process, always offering a patient explanation whenever confusion got the best of me (which has been often).Knowledgeable, accessible, professional, trustworthy, experienced, and respectful -- Meir and his staff embody all these attributes and have far exceeded my expectation for excellent customer service.The organizational and time-saving aspects that Meir affords me and my business have been exactly what I was looking for.I could not give a stronger recommendation for Meir Spear and his team. More...


Adam Burrows

29 May 2016

I would recommend Meir Spear to anyone who wants solid, personal tax advice.


Scott Francisco

29 May 2016

Meir Spear CPA has been a great asset to Pilot Projects Design Collective LLC. He has been responsive and helpful in setting up our payroll and tax systems, and stays on top of our monthly P&L. Highly recommended!


Valentin Tudor

29 May 2016

Meir is awesome ! totally recommend Spear CPA Services ! I started my business in NYC 4 years ago and after some unpleasant experiences with my previous bookkeepers and CPA's , at the beginning of this year, i was lucky enough to have met Meir thru a business partner I owed back taxes to the IRS due to my previous personal returns, and also i owed money for my business quarterly returns due to a small system glitch Meir has helped me save a small fortune ever since providing great service, knowledge,dedication and professionalism Using his contacts,He has set me up with a great payroll company suited to my business,he's helped with my Sales Tax and his monthly reports are of a great use simplifying everythingtotally satisfied with him and his team, he's a great person,very straight forward and makes me understand every financial aspect of my business very punctual, always answers my phone-calls and he is always in top of everythingThank you Meir !


Pasquale Desanto

29 May 2016

There are not enough stars to fairly, and justly rate the service I have and continue to receive from Mr. Meir Spear, and his firm. He is a testament of professionalism, and a true credit to his profession. I wholeheartedly recommend friends and colleagues to Meir Spear, CPA. More...


Leanne Gluck

29 May 2016

Meir is AWESOME. Professional, knowledgeable, thorough and incredibly helpful. He was my tax guru and guardian angel. I would recommend him to anyone. He's fantastic.


Vincent Mei

29 May 2016

My company Bajibot has been working with Meir for over 9 years! Meir and his team are always ahead of and on top of every major tax milestones each year, they are extremely detail oriented and organize. Running a small business doesn't give us the luxury to have an in-house accounting team, therefore responsiveness of an external accounting team is crucial to us, and Meir and team are extremely responsive, always there whenever we have questions in accounting matters. Highly recommended! More...


daniel fenster

29 May 2016

Meir Spear and his staff are the MOST committed and attentive accounting firm I've had in 3 over 30 years of being in business. Their support is beyond words and FAR exceeds their fees- which are quite reasonable! More...


Brian D.

14 March 2015

I started my small business in NYC just over 3 years ago, and Meir has been with me since the beginning. Since working with him, not only am I more comfortable about my taxes, but he has worked with me in a way where I feel more educated as well. I am not super savvy in the field of accounting, but he has tremendous patience, and has walked me through step by step, so I fully understand and never feel lost. On top of all this, he is a great genuine person to speak with. Outcome has been amazing. Highly recommend his services. More...

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- Bookkeeping and Financial reports
- Tax preparation
- Tax planning

Save Time
Save money on your taxes
So that you stay complaint with tax laws
Manage and grow your business

Help individuals and businesses with saving money on taxes.

Knowing business owners sleep well at night knowing all tax forms are correct, filed on time and tax issues resolved promptly.

Helping businesses manage their business finances.

Knowing that I can create a blueprint of how I want to assist my clients and create my own career path.

Because we specialize in working with small businesses and constantly upgrading our processes and services to best service the small business community.