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I am a full-time Freelance Graphic Designer specializing in Package Design, Branding, Print + Web Design. Before starting my own business, I worked as an Art Director and Graphic Designer for a few very creative design firms across the country.



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I do ;) Seriously though, a website is a tool.

So, the most important measure of a great website is that it does its job, whether that is to legitimize your business, disseminate information, provide lead generation or process sales.

In order to achieve those goals, a great website should also have clear and concise messaging, an intuitive user interface and professional graphic design.

I have a Web Design Project Brief that I will email to you, which includes a number of questions that will help me to better understand your needs and business goals so I can position your company for success on the web.

Research, research and a little more research. I like to learn as much about your company, products and/or services as possible, so I can understand what makes you special - your Unique Selling Point (USP).

Next comes the initial design concepts. I prefer to provide 2-3 original concepts if the budget allows, but we can also start with one original concept as long as I have a firm understanding of your project goals and preferences.

Then I will work with you to make revisions to the chosen design, so we end up with an approved design that works for you and your business goals.

Finally, upon approval, I will provide your designs to you (in appropriate filetypes) via a download link.

Although I don't need a formal Creative Brief to design your project, I do need to know a bit about your company, products and/or services so I can determine the best messaging to compete in your industry whether that be in person, online or on the shelf.

It's also very helpful, especially working remotely, if you can provide me with examples of your desired design styles, and/or examples of your direct competitors' designs.

I love that my work provides me with the ability to be creative on a daily basis, and the freedom to enjoy life as it was meant to be.

I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and as soon as I got out of the Army I went right back to college to get my Graphic Design degree.

After graduation, I fast tracked my career spending a year or two at various types of creative agencies so I could learn as much about every discipline as I could - Branding, Print Design, Package Design, and Web Design and Development. In 2012, I moved back to my home state of NJ and decided it was time to launch my own business. A little old school initiative, a lot of tireless hours at the computer and a little luck, and I was able to land a few anchor clients that have kept the lights on every since.

Your business is too important to leave to chance, or to your nephew who just received Adobe Photoshop for his birthday.

I have years of real-world experience and a commitment to provide the best possible design services to my clients.

Whether you’re launching a new business or product or growing an existing brand, I combine proven design principles with a fresh, creative perspective to ensure your brand makes the right impression consistently across all consumer touchpoints.