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dj dimatteo

11 June 2018

Spark of hope is a great program very family oriented. It has taught me discipline and respect for people and myself, also how love again. Daryle is a good man who has helped me a lot long the way and Marcus and Raul have taught me how to be a better man all mg with Vinnie. I am grateful for the men in my corner today and it wouldn't be possible if not for this place.. More...


Elisheva M

11 June 2018

Spark of Hope is the epitome of Hope to say the least. The staff and owner are amazing. Unfortunately, when you are trying to help individuals who are not well, they tend to shift the blame where anyone will listen. I know first hand how hard it is to be there for someone who is not well. They will do whatever they can to discredit others who have tried helping them strictly because they do not want to take responsibility for themselves, nor do they want to be accountable for their actions. My son did the very same thing, this is how I know so well. There is only so much that you can do for those who truly do not respect or are not thankful for their soul returning to them every morning. Every person at Spark of Hope is Top Notch and I would not suggest any other treatment center in Broward County or nationwide in general. They are caring, compassionate, helpful, and most importantly very patient souls. Please anyone reading this, ignore the ill will of others!!! More...


Sarah Hobgood

11 June 2018

Spark of Hope is a great program with a staff that truly cares about each and every one of their clients... They have helped me personally in every way possible, from legal issues to taking care of my everyday needs. The houses are well taken care of and very clean compared to other halfway houses I've lived in, and it's a house that finally feels like a place I can make "home". Spark of Hope as a whole is helping me get back on my feet again and has given me a true feeling of belonging and hope that things can and will get better for me. More...


Douglas Jordan

10 June 2018

WHY ALL THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS? I could only speak out of my own experience; Spark of Hope is the most honest and ethical treatment program in the country. As a parent of a young daughter who is an addict, I dreaded getting those phone calls in the middle of the night. Such a helples feeling; I was waiting for the inevitable. Then, miraculously she called me and told me she was in this facility...not only was she sober for nearly 8 weeks, but they helped to find her a job and even helped her with her court appearance! She actually sounded like herself for the first time in months...at first, it was hard to believe. But after speaking with an older gentleman by the name of Raul, I was immediately set at ease. He sounded different. No gimmicks. No sales pitch. No blowing smoke up my...He told me he is a father of two college students and that he cares for these kids as if they are his own. Then to my greatest surprise, they kept my little girl in their program long after her insurance was already exhausted. They didn't treat her any differently. What can I say? I'm overwhelmed...thank goodness there are places like these - it really does give us hope! More...


Amir Abdul-Ghani

1 March 2018

I appricate everything this rehab has done for me, Darel has pushed me to prosper and to success in life. And to be a better man today i am I’m forever thankful


Faith Montgomery

28 February 2018

Spark Of Hope is the best treatment center in South Florida. The staff and owner are extremely compassionate, caring people who put the clients first. One thing that makes them stand out from the rest is the way they take time with their clients by focusing on the little things in life that most take for granted. They do this by spending quality family like time with their clients. Such as celebrating events in their lives, give constant positive reinforcement, have bbq’s, go bowling, and art events, just to name a few. The center is absolutely beautiful, well maintained, very cozy and warm vibes emanate from within. They’ve just launched an amazing program for First Responders and Veterans because they know how important it is to cater to those who help us on a daily basis. I would not suggest anyone look any further, Spark Of Hope is where you need to be if you want any chance for a fresh start!!! More...


Florence Valentine

9 November 2017

While the place place doesn't offer housing-wish they did. If it's anything like spark of Hope (treatment), they need to set up housing ASAP- honest, reputable. Thumbs up!


Annie Land

30 October 2017

If you are willing to do the right thing and work on your recovery, this is the place for you! They helped me get my driver's license reinstated, went with me to court, and found me a job and now I'm working at a national car sales dealership. Appreciate the folks at SOH!


Heather Ruiz

29 October 2017

Please don't believe any negative reviews about Spark - they were distributed by a former employee whom had his own agenda. This is simply the most caring place about your recovery. Period!!! More...

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