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Spangehl Higher Education Associates consultants provide the guidance and assistance necessary to help you secure the benefits of recognized accreditation, particularly regional accreditation. These range from security for financial aid programs, to improved prospects for credit transfer, to recognition by the public of an institutions quality and integrity, all of which increase an institution's appeal to students.



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Helping Univerities and Colleges develop new approaches to monitoring, demonstrating, and improving performance. Making an impact to expand educational opportunity and diversity in the U.S. by helping institutions expand their programs and markets, and improving their reputations.

When Universities confront accreditation challenges, a typical approach is to hire an expert with proven success in their last position. Whether that success will translate into a new environment with unique history and challenges, is basically a roll of the dice. We wanted to offer a way that institutions could quickly, and on a short time frame, ensure that their efforts are professionally managed by a team of professional experts who can guarantee relevant experience, and provide objective distance. This allow us to focus on the institution's concerns, as opposed to pet projects or hypotheses.

Universities rarely have the chance to draw on a breadth of experience with different strategies in educational quality improvement. Usually, they rely on a few faculty who may have great ideas, but who are essentially conducting an experiment with numerous variables that they cannot control - program mix, student mix, varying levels of administrative support - within the scope of a single institution. Spangehl Associates brings together experts who have experience in a wide variety of approaches, at a wide variety of institutions. We work nonstop on issues that most institutions, and their internal experts, might only address once in a decade.