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Established in 1988.

Certified Personal Trainer and Diet Coach, Mitch Chase has coached thousands of people and helped them finally achieve the results they've been looking for.

Mitch's client success stories are the reason he was named "One of LA's Top 5 Trainers".


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Deana R. Straus Mft

23 July 2018

Mitch is a very personable, understanding and professional trainer who puts together a plan for both diet and exercise that is designed for each person. I really appreciate how he listens and thoroughly collects information in order to meet the needs of his client. More...


Ankit Aggarwal

23 July 2018

He is simply the best in his job! He works closely with you, understand your requirements and help you achieve YOUR goal. He is very knowledgeable about different exercises and their impact on different parts of your body. One of the best thing is that he makes you stretch after each exercise which prevents soaring and keeps you going. Also, He is very flexible and works around your schedule.
Finally, it's pleasure to train with him.Thanks Mitch for everything!


Lisa Walgenbach Cornehl

23 July 2018

I have been training with Mitch for the last few years and he is simply the best. I came to see Mitch after giving birth to my son in order to get back in shape. He has helped do that and more. I have always been athletic, but the transformation in my core strength, back, arms and legs is amazing. He knows how to motivate and challenge you to do more and different, but also tailors your workout to your specific needs. It is not surprising he has been voted one of the best in LA! Thank you Mitch! More...


Leona DeJean

23 July 2018

I have been starting diets and exercise programs for years but shortly afterwards I'm back to my old bad habits because I get bored, discouraged or lazy. After I end an exercise program it takes weeks or even months to initiate another one. I have purchased elliptical machines, recumbent bicycles and a host of other low impact exercise equipment. They either became coat racks or were sold.
Then entered Mitch Chase. I google searched best trainer in Gardena ca and Mitch's website appeared. I called and made an appointment for a consultation. Mitch is very patient, kind and knowledgeable, he answered all my questions and the following week I started his program. The program includes proper exercise and proper diet. I have been working with Mitch for 6 weeks now and I have shed 20 lbs. I recommend Mitch Chase for anyone who is ready to trim down and be healthy. I will return periodically with more updates of my progress.


Deana Elmore

23 July 2018

Mitch is a very astute trainer. He listens to you as you explain why you have decided to seek out the help of a trainer and then he quickly puts a plan in place to help you achieve your goals.

I sought out Mitch to give myself a kick in the pants to get back on track with my health and diet. Mitch gave me some excellent nutrition tools which have been incredibly useful as I go back to working out on my own. I can now go to MY gym and use the machines there with the knowledge of how to use them and how to get the best results in my workouts.

Thank you Mitch! You are truly the "World's Best Trainer" : )


Keith J.

1 May 2018

Mitch is an excellent trainer. Full of information, he puts together a challenging and engaging fitness program that has inspired me to improve my health and my eating habits. My son and I train together with him and he is terrific. More...


Debbie M.

15 January 2017

I have worked with many trainers over the years and Mitch Chase is by far the most present and effective trainer I have experienced. His workouts are challenging without putting me in excruciating pain the following day. I am 64 years old and not nearly as flexible as I was in the past with muscles and joints that were tight and restricting movement. In addition to a great workout he has taught me stretches throughout each workout that has expanded my range of motion and flexibility. Additionally he has been extremely helpful in guiding my understanding of nutrition and how, what and when I am eating. I am getting stronger with every session I have with Mitch. He is generous with his time and knowledge. I feel like I matter. I would recommend Mitch to anyone that is ready for a life change in nutrition and physical transformation. More...


Deanna Strohman Simon

15 November 2016

Mitch is a great trainer. Supportive, knowledgeable and encouraging. I have seen improvement in my body composition, strength and stamina. I look forward to more sessions.


Deanna S.

14 November 2016

Mitch is a great trainer. I really like the focus on form and stretching.  I have been training with him for 3 months and have seen improvements in my form, muscle definition and body composition.  I have lower my body fat as well.  I look forward to more sessions and continued improvement. Mitch is knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging. Easy to talk to and sessions are fun. More...


Sofia L.

11 August 2016

I started working with Mitch recently but I can already tell he is passionate about his career and is a very dedicated professional willing to help you reach your goals. He takes his time to answer all your questions and explains everything about fitness and nutrition very clear. He definitely has a lot of knowledge! Besides all that, he also tries to work around our busy schedule which is great for me. I should to start seeing the results soon!! More...


Jessica M.

18 July 2016

My husband and I have been working with Mitch for about 5 weeks and we are so grateful that we found him! He is full of great information and always has an answer to any fitness or nutrition questions that we have. Mitch did a thorough body composition analysis and came up with excellent individualized diet and exercise plans for us. In the short time that we have been working with Mitch we have already seen great results and feel so much stronger and healthier than we did when we started. Can't wait to continue our journey with Mitch and see how far we will go. Thank you, Mitch, for being so responsive, attentive, informative, and motivational! More...


Deana Elmore

2 June 2016

Mitch is a very astute trainer. He listens to you as you explain why you have decided to seek out the help of a trainer and then he quickly puts a plan in place to help you achieve your goals.


Abhishek M.

6 November 2015

I have been training with Mitch for about 4 weeks now. Never felt better in life before. I plan to continue for atleast a year. He listens & advises.Great instructor. No complaints. More...


Wendy M.

15 June 2015

I am in my mid-50s and work a stressful office job. After relocating, I fell out of my workout routine and lost motivation to stay in shape. It was not long until my daughter helped me find Mitch, whose knowledge and commitment to fitness are unparalleled to any trainer I have ever worked with. We began with a thorough consultation when I immediately noticed Mitch's dedication and sincerity to his clients. After carefully noting my injuries, he has tailored each session to my abilities while challenging me to push myself to my limit. Mitch goes above and beyond and even sends his clients emails to provide helpful nutrition tips and to keep our spirits up. After seven sessions, I feel more energetic, toned, and confident in my self-image. I know that I have a long fitness journey ahead, but with Mitch's enthusiasm and motivation I am positive that I will see even greater results in the future. More...


Tash D.

12 August 2014

I found Mitch when I was looking for help to kick start my workout routine again.   I trained with him for about 6 weeks. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to exercise and nutrition and always had a very thorough answer to my questions. He provided me a comprehensive assessment to help me see the before and after impact of my hard work - and I was very happy with my results! He was also able to be very flexible with my schedule. Thank you so much Mitch! More...


Hros i.

21 March 2014

Mitch chase has been my trainer for six years.  He treats each client like you are the only one he trains.  He has made a 68 year woman into a  dedicated person wprking out  5 or 6 days in a week.He took 100 inches off my torso.  He is patient and an understanding.  He never takes I can do it for an answer. Last week I pushed 325 pounds with my legs. Mitch said nothing is impossible. He saved my llife with his expertise.  Thank you Mitch for everything. Hannah More...


Joe R.

13 March 2014

Mitch was the best trainer I have ever had, and I have tried numerous trainers at numerous clubs. His commitment to your fitness and health has no equal.  From his flexibility on time, to his comprehensive multi-page monthly assessment, to his sincere and patient encouragement with diet, Mitch has dedicated himself to your success. Thanks Mitch! More...


fino m.

13 March 2014

Mitch Chase has been my trainer about 20 years. I have worked with other trainers but none of them had the care that Mitch puts into his work. His vast knowledge about the anatomy of body parts and his education and experience about nutrition makes him a number one in every aspect. I call him Dr. Mitch! Sometimes I want to be lazy but his encouragement makes me want to overcome my laziness. And somehow his time always works with yours. That is fantastic. More...


Many trainers will just give you a workout and count reps. I'm not here to judge you. Instead, I will EDUCATE, MOTIVATE, and COACH you. Not only will I help you ACHIEVE your goal, but to help you maintain or surpass your results long after you've stopped working with me.

I will regularly measure your progress and adjust your routine or diet as needed. And instead of just handing you a meal plan, I teach you nutrition fundamentals and help you improve your eating habits and selecting better food combinations. I teach you how to LISTEN to your body, and help you make better choices, feel more satisfied, less hunger, and more energy!

I love seeing the transformation in my clients, not just in their bodies, but in their lives.

For example: one of my clients had struggled with her weight for over 40 years. Now she has lost over 120 lbs. and has kept it off for over 6 years now. At the age of 70, she's fitter than most 40 year olds, is stronger than ever, her tennis game improved dramatically, she now has great self-esteem and confidence, and is more active and happier than she's been in years!

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to help so many people improve their lives for the better.

I've worked out regularly since I was 12 years old. I always loved lifting weights. At age 15, I applied for a job as a fitness instructor at a local YMCA, because I thought it would be a fun, low-stress after-school job, and for the FREE membership! By age 17, I realized that I could make a career out of it. But, I never dreamed I'd be so successful at it that I'd still be doing it in my 40s.

Since 1988, I've coached thousands of people, and over the years I've learned why some people see fast results, while others struggle, and I've discovered that the solution for one person, may not be the same for another.

That's why I take the time to listen and better understand your challenges, and work out a plan that's tailored specifically to you, your schedule, your lifestyle, and regularly monitor and adjust your program as needed to ensure you achieve the results you desire.

I'm more passionate about exercise and fitness than likely anyone you have trained with in the past, and I'm 100% dedicated to assisting you in achieving all your fitness objectives and making sure that you have fun in the process.

I offer several affordable training packages, and easy payment options. I'm available 7 days a week. And if for any reason you're not satisfied, I offer a 100% money back guarantee.

So what are you waiting for? Call me today!