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Petra Gottzmann

4 June 2018

Wonderful experience. Pamela help me to become more confidence in my endeavors. My success is based on her teaching style and practices. Looking forward to working more with her. More...


Theresa Hill

4 June 2018

Soulicious Life Style has taught me how to go inside myself and learn about mind body and soul. Pamela has given us all the tools we need to build self confidence and to meditate and to really know who we are. Soulicious Life Style has truly been a blessing to me! More...


Brooke Kirastoulis

4 June 2018

Pamela is truly a gifted spiritual coach and mentor. I went to her seeking help to understand my life's purpose (in my career, specifically) and I left with not only complete clarity, but also with a newfound sense of passion for life, love of the Lord, and a newfound hunger to pursue a truly soulicious lifestyle. Your life will change for the better as soon as you start your journey with Pamela - don't wait! More...


Kim Boucher

4 June 2018

Pam is a passionate leader and mentor. She has a unique way of using biblical lessons as a powerful tool to dig into the soul of those who are committed to making important changes. Be ready for a life changing experience!Kim Boucher More...