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mike bruner

22 May 2019

First and foremost the ladies here are amazing. Super friendly, fast, and respectful. They can make you anything you want. It's amazing they have specials all the time they have treats for you and the kids everything I've had so far has been delicious. The other morning they had made a scramble and man oh man. The vibe in this place is like..... well it's like on friends. That little coffee shop they would go to. You can go in get a drink sit on the couch relax a bit. There's always friendly locals in there to talk to. Just an overall nice relaxing experience. I highly recommend it. More...


Frederick Pou

22 May 2019

Great place out of the way and more personal if you need your coffee. This is a great Veteran friendly location and I love hem for it.


Antoinette Delcarpini

8 May 2019

Great place to get a coffee and relax.... excellent service and staff... food is delicious and reasonbly priced. Very clean and decorated just right... very good karma this place has!! Keep up the good work and thank you for what you do on a daily basis !! More...


Lindebel Dunlap

1 May 2019

They are always so friendly and the coffee and homemade treats are amazing!!


Hannah Emerson

29 April 2019

Really sweet people, good coffee, very helpful when you're new to the shop. Plenty of flavors to try. A true coffee shop. Gluten free options for treats.


Trevor Dawson

29 April 2019

Delicious coffee, friendly and engaging staff, and the sample bags are the perfect amount to figure out the roast you prefer


Heidi Berryhill

30 March 2019

Wonderful Chai Latte! Will be back! Thanks Heather!


Devin Black

30 March 2019

Been going to this shop for over 10 years. Good Coffee


Sports T

30 March 2019

My absolute favourite place for coffee. At this point they are the only ones I will go to when I need my caffeine fix?
The customer service is great and the people are sweet. I literally go for the coffee but stay for the company that comes with it. More...


Terri Locklear

31 October 2018

I love this place. I have been going for over a year know. They have the widest variety of cold coffees and much much more. There food is awesome. The ladies are always very welcoming, they always put a smile on my face when I walk in the door. More...


Shelley Ray

2 July 2018

My favorite place to get chai! Tastes great, always great service, and in my budget!


Dan DeBruler

21 June 2018

What a friendly place! Want to meet with someone over a great cup of coffee? This is the place! Whether you like a straight shot of espresso, a multi-syllabic concoction, or a single origin cup of coffee - hot or cold - you'll get it with a smile at Something's Brewing.


Ethan Tamez

16 March 2018

This is a true neighborhood coffee shop. Special coffee blends every month. They keep a record of all the special blends so you can always have your favorite. The best homemade cakes, cookies, and treats. Always a smile on the buristas faces! More...


Sharee Hester

7 March 2018

I like the atmosphere, it's never over busy like most coffee shops.
The treats are yummy. Love that they responded and added more hot tea choices


Alex C

5 March 2018

Lovely coffee shop, a huge variety of hot and cold drinks with delicious homemade deserts.


Skylar P

1 March 2018

Today was the first time I tried Somethings Brewing and their coffee makes me think Starbucks is watered down (no offense Starbucks) but the coffee tastes GREAT and the caffeine gave me the energy I need to start the day ! As well as my husband who needed the coffee this morning as well! Great choice to try this shop out ! More...


Sports Tweede

14 February 2018

The best coffee shop I've ever been to. It locally owned by the kindest people ever and the bakery treats are fantastic just like the coffee & smoothies & hot cocoa etc.



17 January 2018

My favorite coffee shop in town. They always strive to make you something you'll enjoy, and their homebaked goods are incredible! Staff is friendly and this is a place you can easily spend hours sitting and feeling comfortable. They also have a reward system and give a military discount! More...


Chris Talbert

2 January 2018

Love this place. Smiling faces, great coffee and homemade muffins, cakes etc. Keep doing what you're doing!


Brooke Smith

22 October 2017

To start, the welcome was warm. Our barista walked us through all the options (beyond just the board), made suggestions based on our taste, and gave honest opinion on different flavors. Once made, our coffee was DELICIOUS. To top it off, they have coffee ice to go in the iced coffee; it’s the little things and they captured them all. More...


Terri B

11 September 2017

I love this place. Everyone is down to earth and makes you feel like they have known you for years. Coffee is amazing and so is the breakfast casserole.


izzy fig

23 August 2017

Awesome coffee, quiches, all kinds of cheesecakes, the best grits ever, fast service. What else can u ask for? I go for breakfast and I'm never disappointed they even have a reward system to get a free cup of coffee. My son even asks me we going to our fav coffee shop? Lol we're hooked! More...


Angela Hebel

12 August 2017

Yummy treats and drinks! I recommend the almond cheesecake and Hawaiian Avalanche ice blended latte.


Nichole English

19 April 2017

I absolutely love this place! All the ladies are so friendly and helpful. It feels like you are visiting family every time you go into the coffee shop. They make the best homemade desserts and they always have some kind of creative breakfast food. I definitely give them 5 stars! More...


viviana mendez

7 March 2017

I come here a lot, and have had almost very staff here make my coffee. Hands down Heather, Lisa and April are the best at making my cappuccinos! Not just only that but they are the MOST friendliest/ sweetest employees here. They are the reason I come back not only for the cappuccinos but for the sweets as well! They are always in a good mood and greet me and others very kindly, and from what I've seen they're hard working as well. (Not just sitting around doing nothing, like others that I've seen and that are rude). I had a girl name Alex make my drink,and made it awful it wasn't made right. I had told her about it and she questioned me and was rude. I left in a horrible mood and made sure I didn't come back the days that she worked. This place is awesome, and I've told my friends about it, but if you want a good experience and a good hot drink I would ask for Lisa, Heather or April! They are the reason why I'm putting 5 stars. You girls ROCK! More...

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