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Andrea Ward

It is Frank Sole - it is fantastic!!!


Dan Carroll

Frank and Dan are awesome swim coaches and straight up good people!


Heather Scaglione Doran

Frank Sole is the best coach out there!!! Highly recommended!!


Sergio Sanchez

Very inspiring coach. Has definitely made huge improvements with my swimming.


Jen Ray

I feed off Frank Sole's energy and enthusiasm during every swim lesson! He will take you to the next level of swimming. Thanks Frank for everything thus far!


Jeremy Besse

After just one lesson I can see a massive improvement! Looking forward to the next few sessions to unleash my potential in the water!


Mike Baldigara

There is nothing like coming out of the water during your first 70.3 race of the season , and looking at your watch to find that you have just swam 3 minutes faster than any race last year !! I owe it all to Frank Sole ! Every second More...


Robert Mathews

I have to say Frank took a one armed swimmer, who could barely swim straight in a lane to rocking a 400m serpentine swim in 6:16. It's only getting better. His knowledge, guidance, and love of swimming is awesome. Frank earns his title of coach. An awesome human being. Thanks coach Frank!! More...


Frank Sorrentino

A great big thank you to coach Frank Sole. Under Frank's direction I started swimming in January of this year and just completed my first 70.3 race, the Calgary 70.3. This would not been possible without Frank's invaluable help. For those of considering trying a tri don't let swimming be your barrier, go for it and with Frank's help its sure to be a great experience. More...


Lauren Ellis

Great coaching! We trained through 3 half ironmans and 1 full ironman. I couldn't have done it without Frank :)


Ed Grant

I've had the pleasure of working with Frank for several years now and can't tell you how grateful I am for Frank and his coaching. I have seen significant improvements in my overall health and fitness since working with him, and that is something I was unable to achieve on my own prior to. In addition to all of that, he's an excellent guy and also understands that coaching for Triathlon includes making sure other areas in your life are getting the attention they should as well. I can't say enough great things about Frank and his team!!! More...


Luke Kayyem

S3 or Sole Swim Solutions as I know it is a worlds class coaching program.

Developed from years of experience in and around the endurance community with a major emphasis on improving performance and training the mind and body.

Master Coach Frank Sole is a beast in the water and has become a global resource for all things triathlon.


Rinda Coons Eastman

Frank is the best swim coach period. He is awesome! I did my first full Ironman in August and would have not been able to swim 2.4 miles without his help! I wasn't a swimmer but I am now! If you want to be the best - hire the best! More...


George Demetrulias

Frank has reached out to me to make me a better swimmer. He didn't have to, but he saw my post regarding my lack of swimming ability and he took the initiative to help me out of my persistent bad habits. This was an act of compassion on his part as he is very knowledgable and generous. Thanks Frank. More...


Rebecca Morgan

I'm so grateful for Sole Swim Solutions, and all expertise & guidance from Frank & Sara. I started swimming last year, but struggled and had to use a swimmer snorkel. Earlier this year, I could barely make it across a 25 yd pool without feeling winded. I started taking weekly lessons w/Sole Swim Solutions a few months ago, and have seen dramatic improvement. Swimming is very technical, and having someone to video, watch, and help modify my stroke, breath, kick, body position so that I'm being efficient has been life changing for me. I've dropped 30 seconds from my 100/yd pace, and am so much more confident. Thank you S3!! More...

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