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Solar Lighting Express

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Solar Lighting Express

Foster City


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Maggie A.

24 September 2019

We are in process of home remodeling... our bathroom and hallways are very dark - we knew a skylight would really help but we nixed them due to the costs... I called Anthony in for a quote out of curiosity, he was prompt and very informative but we still felt the tubes were not in the budget.  I went into the showroom one day and was pretty impressed, so I decided to take a gamble and get them installed... They were installed the very next Monday - the installer was super courteous, he called to keep us informed as to his progress, he was neat and the job was precise, he was absolutely a joy to work with. Well, I CANNOT express how happy we are with the finished product- The bath is flooded with sunlight all day, the difference is STUNNING!!! Hallway not quite as good due to the second story but still remarkable! I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW WORTH THE EXPENSE IT WAS! (we choose square as the round looked like portholes to us LOL) if you're thinking about it, think no more - worth every More...


Cindy W.

24 September 2019

We installed a solar tube solar power attic fan and it works perfect for this extreme hot weather. The installer was quick and knowledgeable. We'll definitely do business with this company again for any future products. More...


Allison C.

8 August 2019

Riyad installed a 10" solar tube with a bathroom vent in my 1950s house, and I couldn't be more pleased with the 2.5 hour installation and final product. The bathroom is a bright, sunny place now, and the vent is up to modern standards. I thought the pricing was very fair. Thanks! More...


Mark K.

26 April 2019

Wow!   Not only was the installation a bit tricky due to a high and slanted roof, the install was completed in about 3 hours.   Rayid the installer was super professional as well.   I definitely recommend them. More...


Evelyn K.

12 March 2019

These Solatubes are great! I never realize how much difference it made to our home. The good thing is that it doesn't require cutting the rafters on the roof and it brings in so much light! I am satisfy with the service and the product! Definitely will get more in the future! More...


Peter J.

11 January 2019

All my positive comments are covered in the many other stellar reviews. Solar lighting and Riyad were great and love my 2 solar tubes. Was surprised at how great they are. Wish I needed more. Was even surprised by the 'night light' imbedded in the tubes. More...


Kimberly K.

22 September 2018

So be aware you could get fly invasion if they don't seal the tubes at the ceiling and roof points. One of the tubes got infested with flies that decided it was their new breeding pad from the warmth of the tube, they breed in there, many die in there (so your tube is visibly covered in piles of dead flies) and many escape into the house.  It was weeks of disgusting fly invasion until we figured it out. Anthony cane out to seal it and explained that this happens sometimes. But be careful and have them sealed. Very yucky. More...


Yuen Man F.

18 July 2018

We just had a solar powered attic fan installed as well as a whole house fan. I love it! We should have had this work done a long time ago.  We love our WHF. It's great for getting fresh air into the house. It quickly removing cooking odors and cooling of the house. Couldn't be happier with SLE product or service.  Very professional.  Recommend them to everyone! More...


Gordon H.

8 March 2018

We have a single story house. The hallway was generally dark even in the day and the kitchen was dark too because there is only one window there. Right after I heard about these SolaTube things from a friend and talked to the rep, we decided to install one tube in the hallway and another one in the kitchen.  Wow, what a differences we experienced! My hallway is bright and my kitchen looks awesome. We can see what is on dinner table now without turning on a light.Wonderful products. Highly recommended. More...


Lawrence C.

27 January 2018

Excellent job done by the installer today.  My stairway leading to the upstairs of my SF home has been dark for many years.  Could not believe the difference of the amount of light the 10" gives out.  Wow!  I will highly recommend this product to my friends! More...


Joey P.

26 January 2018

I had 2 sun-tubes installed in my house about a month ago and bringing in natural light into my house rather than spending money on turning on my lights is a no brainer. I was surprised on how well they work and how much natural light is in my house now. Anthony was very easy to work with and very responsive which is important in dealing with a business. I am used to dealing with bad communication and slow responses but dealing with Anthony made the process so fast and easy. Thank you for helping me with improving my house! I recommend your services and plan to use you again in the future. More...


Tungtung A.

26 January 2018

We called to inquire about solar lighting and we were educated with more information than we expected.  Not only did they give us the pros and cons about solar lighting, but also the benefits to having solar lighting. The staff were very professional, informative and definitely knows what they are doing. More...


Peter W.

26 January 2018

I've recently just purchased my 1st solar tube. The lighting is so amazing and I highly recommend Solar Lighting Express for their professionalism, knowledge and expertise.Their customer service is top notch and can't be substituted anywhere else, the staff are highly knowledgeable and will inform you on the pros and cons of solar lighting to see if it's right for you.You can't go wrong, I will definitely do business with them again. More...


Noe Z.

30 November 2017

What a difference the sun-tubes makes in our home! Great service from Anthony in that we had a link during the rain and Anthony figured it out! It was not the Sun tube but a linking air-vent pipe next to it. Got that fixed with my plumber and no more worries.He went the extra mile to keep us happy, thank you Anthony! More...


Philip C.

21 November 2017

We replaced 3 skylights that were installed twenty five years ago with new ones. The new ones were much better at bringing more light with less heat.  Prompt response on the initial inquiry and prompt follow up when we needed someone to come back out to adjust the skylight blinds. Great customer services, exceptional quality, all in all a great experience at a great price! More...


Brenda L.

15 August 2017

Can't believe how much I love my home since my three solar tubes were put in. I've used this company twice now and they are excellent when it comes to the details of where and how many solar tubes to use. My house is so much more comfortable and the solar night light feature is a wonderful addition also. The owner Anthony is very knowledgeable although sometimes a little hard to understand I would recommend him to anyone looking to upgrade the beauty, comfort and value to their home!You cannot buy what they offer at Home Depot or Lowe's don't even try it! Spend the money and get it done right with the pros if you care about the value of your home for resale! More...


Chris C.

12 August 2017

Anthony is a GREAT person to do business with.  He is personally invested and passionate about his work.  He installed 2 solar tubes in our home several years ago and it's been brilliant (pun intended).  Recently, he installed 4 solar tubes in my garage.  Now it's like being outdoors in the daylight inside my garage, even with the door closed.  There was a little  miscommunication that occurred, and Anthony was fully committed to making things right and it has been fully resolved.  I would highly recommend Anthony and his products to anyone who needs to bring light into a dark place. More...


Carloalexi M.

11 April 2017

Received a quote for a 10" and 14" solatubes for the kitchen and hallway for about $1400. Work was completed within 2 hours of the contractor's arrival. The difference in brightness is amazing. I've received compliments from guests who even thought that the solatubes were lights. Had to make changes to the filters based on aesthetic preference, but was easy with a short drive to San Carlos to pick out the replacement options. Would do business with them again. More...


jackie a.

7 March 2016

Terrific company!  I called and Anthony answered the phone. We set up an appointment for an estimate on a solatube and he promptly showed up.  He explained all the options in detail. I decided on one 14" solatube for our family room.  What a difference in lighting it makes.  Kwan, the installer, did such a wonderful job. It took him less than an hour for the whole project.  I highly recommend this company to anyone who would like an affordable solar light.  Thank you Anthony, great service, and price. I wish I did this sooner! More...


Robert J.

13 July 2015

We had a couple of 14" solatubes installed early last month in our dining room and are extremely pleased with them.  We had a couple of other estimates.  One firm seemed okay, but a little hesitant and could not provide a price until the following week.  Another firm (Mares and Dow) which sells Velux sun tunnels showed up late and didn't bother calling.  We wanted the light wells centered within some decorative beams, however he couldn't guaranteed that and bemoaned the installation location.  He suggested putting it off to the side and poo pooed the idea of being centered and said nobody would notice.  He also poo pooed solatubes and said the Velux was a better product.  Naturally, he never provided an estimate.Anthony came by and provided an on-the-spot price quote and was confident.  Apparently their firm had installed thousands of solatubes and his present installer, though relatively new, has also installed a couple of thousand of them.  We recommended a couple of 14" solatubes.   The installer came in the early afternoon and was finished by 4PM.  He had to cut some ceiling support beams, but reinforced them.The job was well done and he cleaned up after himself very nicely.  The solatube domes were placed on our flat roof and the installer sealed them with roofing tar.  We had some sun filters put in as the light was very bright.Very pleased and would use them again. More...


Stephen Y.

1 June 2015

My wife and I been deciding on getting solar lighting for a while now. We never had the time to fully investigate it until this past week when finally I was able to get sometime away from work to do all my miscellaneous errands.  I decided to give Solar Express a try based on all the good reviews I read from Yelp.  I can say without a doubt I was not disappointed.  From stepping into the showroom and meeting with the owner Anthony till getting two solar tubes installed with Kwan, it was a stress free process.  Anthony was the very informative and patience with all the questions I have.  His customer service made the whole experience a pleasurable one.   On top of that, he was able to schedule installation within a few days which was a big plus since time was limited for me.  When the day of installation came, the installer was actually early by a hour! He was careful to cover all the flooring and made sure all the dry wall dust would not get everywhere.  The finished product looks just fantastic with amble amount of sunlight even with a 10 feet tube (the attic space was quite high).  I would highly recommend Solar Express and would be happy to refer them to any of my neighbors. More...


JayTee D.

24 May 2015

Anthony (owner) was a pleasure to work with. Very informative and quick in responding to messages. I had three solatube lights installed in my home by Solar Lighting Express. The installer (Kwan) was quick and did a very good job. Kwan even removed my old light fixtures. I'm now enjoying the extra day time lighting in my home, just in time for summer. I will definitely recommend to all my friends and family who are in need of brightening up any dark spaces in their home. Keep up the good work and thanks Anthony and team! More...


Jane T.

6 February 2015

We are so pleased with the 10" Solatube that is installed in a the ceiling of our windowless bathroom. I have been debating about trying a Solatube for years now. I visited the store several times over the years before actually deciding to invest in natural light. I purchased the various components for the Solatube with the help of the staff and then we had to use our own contractor rather than SLE's installer as the attic and roofline above the bathroom were quite complexly configured. A nice surprise was that the Solatube products are made in the USA! California to be exact. More...


Jessica B.

6 December 2014

I feel bad that it's taken me a few months to write this, but I wanted to make sure that I did.  I contacted Solar Lighting Express after seeing their ad in Home Concepts magazine. I don't like to use places where I don't have a personal recommendation, but these solar tubes were exactly what I was looking for and I hoped for the best.  I did the online "contact me" and Anthony called me within 24 hours.  I set up an in home visit and he came fully prepared. I showed him the space (small hall bathroom) and recommended that we include a fan with our tube. I am so glad he recommended that, by doing so, we were able to replace our old noisy fan, for a nice looking one attached to the tube.  It looks great, sounds much better than our old fan and works a lot better.  As for picking out the fixture, again, he was fully prepared. He had a bag of samples and I was able to pick it out while standing in my bathroom.  We scheduled time for a week later for installation.  The gentleman that came was here for two hours and when he was done, you would not have known anyone was here, other than the new fixture.  He was fast, and very clean, there was no dirt or debris left after he installed the fixture.As for the fixture itself, I love it more than I thought I would.  It's very pretty, and it gives this very bright and beautiful light in the bathroom.  It's not the harsh sunlight that you'd get through a window, it's a much softer light.Clearly, I am very happy with it and the service.  So much so, that I wanted to make a point to come on here months later and post my positive experience (my first yelp rating!). More...


Brando Calrissian ..

24 February 2014

Great prices, better products than the local retail stores. You don't have to get installation, they also sell the parts so you can DIY or have your favorite handyman (husband) install them.


Nanita C.

2 January 2014

My living room in my cottage was basically a cave as far as natural light. I got tired of having to have my lamps on in the middle of the day if I wanted to see.  I learned about the Solatube concept from some home improvement websites, and decided to give it a try.I filled out the web form in late November and was contacted by phone within 24 hours by Anthony the owner came out to evaluate the living room. He recommended a certain fixture (flush to the ceiling) but I didn't think it would fit in with my craftsman type of decor. I chose instead square fixtures that looked very much like craftsman style.  In the catalog Anthony showed me, the fixtures emitted a nice low glow of sunlight and were beautiful.The day of installation came (the next day), and the installer showed up right on time.  He spoke limited English. I showed him the attic access, and I left the house to run errands as the installation of two Solatubes would take a few hours. When I returned, I was very surprised at how they looked. The light in the interior of the living room was very nice, but the fixtures themselves were problematic. The way the sunlight was shining through, it literally looked like I had two huge fluorescent lights in my small living room!  The sunlight appeared as a bright white with the kind of lightning jig jags that a fluorescent light has. I was pretty upset as I had spent about $1,600 to look like I had fluorescent overhead lighting, and I detest overhead lighting.  Additionally, the fixtures were big and made my fairly low ceiling seem impossibly cramped (something Anthony had cautioned me on).So you might be wondering why I am giving 5 stars?  Well, the customer service Anthony gave me was exceptional.  While I did give the installer a check for the work, I also called Anthony right away to voice my displeasure at how different the fixtures looked in reality than they did in the catalog.  He was very calm and explained that he would come back with additional options (more filters and the flush fixtures that he had recommended) within a couple of weeks.  He arrived a couple of weeks later (was waiting on parts) and agreed that the fixtures didn't work at all but that the light in the living room was good.  So he took off the fixtures, added a filter, and then placed the new flush fixtures on. It took about 40 minutes to make the change and he was cheerful about it. I really appreciated his cooperation and cheerfulness, and that he was willing to come back out and make his cranky customer happy.  When he was done, and the new fixtures (which look super, by the way) were in place, I told him that I wasn't going to ask for a refund (the original fixtures were far more expensive than the flush ones he replaced them with) on the difference and that I really appreciated his customer service. He was surprised and (I think) relieved that I wasn't pursuing a refund on the difference.  I explained that if I had gone with the flush fixtures he initially recommended, he wouldn't have had to come back.  So it was a win/win.Thanks, Anthony, and I am really enjoying the additional light! More...


Arne V.

31 December 2013

We had our skylight installed last August, and it is really great. Brings a lot of light to the living room, and the light feels natural. Installation was quick. The price is great too. If I could I would give 4.5 stars, because the installer didn't speak English very well, which made it a little hard to communicate. Nonetheless I'd buy from them again. More...


Traveler T.

23 July 2013

Anthony installed a Velux solar powered skylight in my bathroom which replaced a defective Velux older model whose motor will not shut off.  He did a great job and the skylight is fun to use and functional....very courteous and good pricing More...


Mel C.

27 April 2011

I LOVE my new skylights.  I had Solar Lighting Express come out to give a bid expecting this was the most expensive since I always see their ads.  Anthony came out on time and gave a no pressure in home consultation.  I held the bid and did my own shopping - My roofer quoted $900 per light, a contractor $850 per light (using the home depot or costco products) these guys were just over $500 per light (with coupon).The workers showed up as scheduled and were done installing the lights and cleaning up in 1.5 hours (we had 3 lights installed).  Wow - it is amazing how much light this gives off.  My only complaint - I had no idea how dirty the walls of my hallway were until they let the sunshine in - guess I'll have to go clean now. More...


Bill E.

23 April 2010

If you are looking for more light in your home, Solatube is the best product, bar none. Don't waste your time with anything else. They have the best technology and the best system.I have had them in my previous home and now in the home I currently live in. They really work.Solar Lighting Express is the local installer, and they really know what they are doing. These guys installed 2 solar tube lights (including one in a bath room that included a vent) without even entering the attic.If you are indecisive, go ahead and do it, you won't regret it. More...


Sarah B.

15 April 2010

It's been a month since the installation of our solatubes and we can't rave enough about the amount of natural light in our home!  Since the installation, we've had countless days of rain and I'm happy to report there are ZERO signs of leakage! More...


Larry W.

10 October 2009

They sell a fantastic light tube or slick skylight for your home or business.  It is efficient and works really well.Anthony, the owner, came to our house once and then I visited him at his shop 2 years later.  I was being indecisive.  Can I buy a version of their product at Home Depot and install it myself?  Would the product be the same and save me money?  Let me tell you my friends, I did the research for you.  I read articles written by professionals, I went to Home Depot to see what they offer and I had a contractor come over to give me a price to install the Home Depot light tube.  Do yourself a favor and buy a SolaTube from Solar Lighting Express.  They will be there in a few days, install in less than 2 hours (depending on your roof) and they left no mess.  $600 for the 10 inch tube.  It offers a tremendous amount of light in an area of our house where it was always dark and a real, full skylight would have cost $2000 to install. I wish companies would call after the installation or completion of a project and see if everything is fine. Also, they don't have much of a showroom but what do you want?  They only offer one product with several variations.  If you need more natural light in your home call Solar Lighting Express. More...