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Sofiabella Pizzeria offers Dine-In, Take-Out, Delivery, and Catering of our Italian Restaurant menu, which includes pizza, steaks, sandwiches, milkshakes, wings, pasta, salads, appetizers, and MORE!

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Michael Anthony

7 August 2019

The food here is fantastic. Very clean and the owner is very active in his business. My coworker's and my self went for dinner. We arent from the area and a couple of us are fron New York. Definitely gets the new yorker pizza stamp of approval. It's very well organized and everything seems to flow smoothly . Definitely will enjoy this place again when working in the area. More...


Stacie Limongelli

2 August 2019

Did you ever wonder how amazing Pizza must taste in Italy? Ive always thought about the possibility of visiting Italy some day, if even just to try an authentic Italian Pizza Pie. Sofiabella Pizza, is one of those places "Foodies" brag about and take all their friends to. About a month ago, my fiance decided to take a day off our healthy eating regimen. we were passing by sofiabella Pizza on Street Rd in Bensalem when he said oooh PIZZA!!!! He went in and purchased 2 slices which were more the size of 2 small personal pan pizza, they were so big. The whole time he ate those two slices he kept going with the "Mmmm, so good" "Wow, now this is Pizza", "you sure you don't want a bite"? Now as amazing as the pizza smelled, i have will power one can never believe. Last Friday, 7/26/19 I had the pleasure of being in the Bensalem area, passing Sofiabella Pizza and was taking a day "off" to eat whatever my heart desired that day. I stopped and ordered 2 slices to go. First off the resturaunt inside is clean, bright, and fresh. It is very cozy inside and gives you the feeling of being in a Pizzaria in Naples. Sofiabella makes Pizza that is to die for, and It is most definitely what Pizza must taste like in Italy!! When we found Sofiabella Pizza, we found a new favorite Pizzaria, that we will definitely endulge in often. More...


R K.

18 July 2019

Out of town and decided to order delivery - everything in order was correct and hot. Tasted great and was very satisfying. Large menu choice and fair delivery fee. Would definite try this place again. More...


Kyle H.

16 July 2019

Medium pie, pepperoni, feta. Very average pizza. Heavy. Greasy but not in the right way. Maybe I am biased because I just spent a month in Manhattan.  Certainly a step above your typical delivery options, but not quite the big city quality I was seeking.  Waitstaff were great, quick service, casual but pleasant atmosphere. I would come back to try other options if I were staying in the area longer, but I just couldn't get into the pizza. More...


Daisy Pacheco

9 July 2019

All Staff was very welcoming!! Food was served hot and tasty!!


Marquis R.

16 May 2019

I ordered pickup and the man who answered the phone was so polite and when we picked up food was hot and ready on time. Pizza was delicious.


Lisa I.

9 May 2019

I tried this place for the first time after coworkers raved about their pizza. The plain pizza was good, but pretty much just like any other pizza place. The white pizza was excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed the white pizza compared to the plain. My only issue was the temperature of the pizza. The pizza was barely warm when we got it home, which is about 5 minutes from the restaurant. The staff were very friendly and the establishment was clean. More...


Marian W.

19 April 2019

We had a half cheese half spinach and garlic pizza.It was absolutely delicious and perfectly done. Great food, great service, fast. Thanks for the great experience!


Joe W.

9 April 2019

All I've ever gotten was delivery and only ever pizza, buffalo wings, cheesesteaks, and buffalo chicken cheesesteaks. Honestly, man, the pizza and wings are pretty dope and in my top 5. The cheesesteaks weren't bad. A little above average but satisfactory. Then again I can be picky...Their staff is always friendly and excellent and delivery is always on time. Never any issues, not even trivial ones.So, yeah, Sofiabella's is pretty good, man. They've yet to give me a reason to toss their menu. I'll be ordering again and will recommend them to others. More...


Christine S.

28 March 2019

Their pizza is amazing!! I will drive out of my way to go there. I have also ate at Sofiabella and that is great too. We actually ate there after our wedding rehearsal and it was delicious!


Veronica N.

23 March 2019

Some of the best pizza I have ever had. Recently moved to the area, while having my house built, they gave me a coupon for a free medium plain pizza. I figured why mot try it & also ordered a cheesesteak. The pizza was amazing, cooked perfectly not under or over done & the crust was nice and crispy. Their pizza is on the thinner side. The cheesesteak was packed with meat & very tasty. I decided to try and order again, I was just as pleased. This time I ordered cheese fries along with a large pie. I highly recommend them, they do take out, delivery and you can even dine in. They run different daily specials, call for what they are but I believe Monday is wing night, with .50 cent wings. More...


Tomy L.

9 March 2019

Great Buffalo chicken pizza and spicy bbq chicken pizza. I usually pick up a pie once a month after work and it hits the spot each time! Great staff behind the counter.


Kerri H.

4 January 2019

Me and my family order pizza here every Friday and we are never disappointed.  Everyone is so friendly and the service is quick . I specifically wanted to write this to thank them for above the top service on new years eve night . Bella was open until 8pm and I called at the last minute due to a dinner fail at my home haha, and they were happy to serve me. I got there at 7:55 and was greeted with all smiles.  And they were still very busy but did what they needed to do to keep customers happy. Including me! So to all the workers at Sophiabella  thank you for amazing service and great food. You guys really do go above and beyond for your customers. . More...


Robin L.

18 December 2018

This place is so wonderful. Calling and ordering a delivery or eating in you feel like you are family.  Food is made to protection I really love this place.


Dannielle B.

18 September 2018

Great dough, great sauce, my fave pizza shop. They have really good ice cream treats too :-)


Brandy T.

12 August 2018

Excellent. We order delivery. We got a cheese pizza and a small cheese steak combo meal. Both tasted great. Didn't take too long to deliver either. If we're in this area again we will for sure order again. More...


Jillian Goodwin

9 August 2018

My 10yr old son ❤️ the at this place! We go almost every Friday. I finally ordered something for myself....CURLY FRIES Soooo delicious! And the staff is always super nice!!! See yas next Friday! More...


Morgan Ashley

9 August 2018

We have tried Olive Garden and Ruby Tuesday's nearby Bensalem, two of our previous favorite places to get food when we lived in Harrisburg, PA. We had horrible experiences multiple times at these 'chain' restaurants nearby our residence. I decided to try getting pizza nearby and decided to give this place a try expecting it to be a similar experience to the 'pizza places' in Harrisburg. I was way wrong. This restaurant is far from just a 'pizza place'. The food quality is the best I've ever had, the service is always fantastic, and the selection of food items is great. The restaurant is always super clean also. If you sign up for their text alerts they send out coupons. My family and I go here multiple times a month and look forward to it each time. We know we won't be disappointed. Thank you Sofia Bella for giving us a restaurant that allows us to unwind from the stress of daily life and can depend on amazing food and a great dining out experience every time. More...


Tamara King

9 August 2018

The Food � was good and the customer service as well. I enjoyed it will be returning.


Sarah Vitale

9 August 2018

Absolutely love this place!! We come here often as a family. The prices and portions are amazing!! The staff is super efficient and courteous!


Jennifer Sweeney

9 August 2018

My favorite place for pizza, ranch fries and of course an oreo milkshake.


Jessica Bell

9 August 2018

Always get service and food when ever I come.. sauce is sooo good


Trish Hynes

9 August 2018

Food and service is always great. We order take out from them atleast twice a month and have never had any problems. Our favorite place in the area!


Dawn Marie

9 August 2018

Just had a chocolate peanut butter reces milkshake! Absolutely to die for! Best milkshakes in town! Great service! Great atmosphere. Definitely will be going back again!!! Great place! More...


Wayne Fargo

9 August 2018

Since Cassie and her husband bought the place the food has been nothing but great. Great food great prices and waitresses and great atmosphere. Highly recommend.


Lina Maritza Reyes

9 August 2018

Lovveeddddd the buffalo chicken cheesesteak !!! Pepperoni pizza was amazing as well !! Proud to say they will be our new pizzeria from now on �


Carol Lynn Elsie

9 August 2018

Their food is amazing! Ordered here for the first time tonight and everything was great! I would recommend them to eceryone! Wish I knew about them sooner I have been looking for a great pizza place for a while well no more looking for me and my family. Thank you for the great food and service! More...


Alicia C Miranda

9 August 2018

I live very close an there is a few pizza places an they are all Italian but Only Sofia Bella Is the one u can Enjoy as an Italian pizzria besides one more place up the Street Called Old Romans but no where eles i will feel like u are eating Italian food in The USA Of Bensalem


Zack Shoemaker

9 August 2018

We tried Sofiabella for the first time this past weekend for my birthday party. Large order for a big party and the pizzas were done precisely when they said they would be. Pizza tasted great, and staff was friendly and courteous on the phone and in person when I picked up the food. I would recommend. More...


Theresa Speiser

9 August 2018

Excellent pizza! Only pizza I will eat!


John Kronbar

9 August 2018

I didn't know my street was taped off due to a fallen tree. The driver walked the order around a the corner to our house. Excellent customer service! Thank you!


Ed Eberly

9 August 2018

I found this place on a Google search for pizza first time going there today. I ordered a pizza extra cheese and pepperoni and it was awesome! Nice friendly customer service too. Everytime I'm in the area I will definitely go here. More...


'Danielle Stewart'

9 August 2018

Best pizza in the area by far. Crust is never soggy and it stands up when you fold it. I won't order pizza from anywhere else.


Andrew Gambardello

9 August 2018

SofiaBella is the best, plain and simple. I drive by a bunch of other pizza places to pick up my order but it's worth it. Also, the girls who work behind the counter are courteous and professional.


D G.

10 July 2018

Our favorite for casual dining at least twice a week. Italian food is good and portions will fill anyone's appetite.


Dave L.

1 July 2018

I used to come to this place back when it was just Bella pizza. It wasn't anything to go crazy over but the quality of their food was good. I just recently went back after not having gone there for a couple years to learn it was bought out and under new management. Let me tell you, whoever bought out this pizzeria really cares about their food. I've ordered a lot of different thing over the past few weeks to see if they were consistent all around and they are. The cheese steaks are absolutely amazing, and the combo they have with the half steak and fries is nice. I had their chicken parm and the chicken was cooked to perfection. Nice and juicy white meat, and the home made sauce is to die for. The lasagne was so flavorful and delicious. The pizza is good there too. Everyone I've encountered there has been so nice and friendly. I'm glad they took over this location and would highly recommend trying something if you haven't yet. And their prices are really good! More...


Maryann B.

19 May 2018

Very good food and the waitresses are very friendly.  My favorite is the Bake Ziti and Hubbys is the Lasagna.  Have to try the cheesy garlic bread which comes with your meal....


Jessica H.

11 May 2018

I don't understand how some pizza commented the pizza was just okay - it's seriously the BEST pizza I've ever had, & other people I know in the area say the same thing! I don't order pizza from anywhere else now. Everything they make here is delicious! Except...the garlic knots, they're hard & crunchy, not soft & fresh how I like them. Garlic knots & the high prices are the reason for 4 stars. But...the food is so delicious I don't mind spending the $ really, I order from them almost once a week. The Giant in Bensalem always has coupons for the store on the back of their receipts & there are specials listed on their website (I think the prices on the website are outdated though, at least that's what I was told months ago). I've always had great customer service too! A lot of young kids, but they are always so kind and helpful. If you order dinner & delivery, esp on weekends, expect to wait an hour or little more. Some people get made at that, but that just means the place is really busy because they're SO GOOD! More...


Ankita V.

31 March 2018

Great place... great pizza... awesome service...large cheese pizza is very good...their sandwiches are awesome also...I would recommend anyone out there to try...


Sara E.

7 March 2018

I like this place. Their food is always consistent. The pizza is ok, 3/5 but it's always fresh. Really good hoagies too!


Fran S.

15 September 2017

In my husband's on going quest to find really great pizza and sandwiches any where and every where in the universe we ordered take out from Sofiabella.  We were in the area after a long day and craving pizza, and based on my fellow yelpers reviews I recommended it, so If it was disappointing...it was my fault.  I trust my fellow Yelpers and can say with much joy, hubby was delighted.  The food was really good. As I was just there to pickup an order can't truly comment on the service other than to say the gentleman helping me was very attentive and polite.  The restaurant is nicely appointed, very clean and felt like much more than a standard pizzeria.  The prices were very reasonable.  At around $11 for a small three cheese pizza with sausage and a grilled cheese meatball sandwich he had enough food for multiple meals.  The sauce was delicious, pizza was thin with a nice crust and the meatballs were tender and tasty.  My only disappointment was that they do not offer gluten free options, so most of my menu choices were rather limited, so I just tasted what I could of the food we purchased and wished I could have had more.  Will definitely be back. More...


Paul H.

8 September 2017

Food is always great, the Buffalo chicken cheesesteaks are the best around. Service is always top notch. Best pizza place in the Bensalem area. Using the Eat-24 app to order is another reason I keep coming back. More...


Tom N.

14 August 2017

I was searching on yelp one day and i was craving buffalo wing so i figured id give them a shot.... and they came out amazing. The sauce is well flavored and for a ten minute ride home the wing's were still crispy.I would reccomend this place and will be coming here again More...


Nina W.

4 August 2017

I'm addicted to their pizza. I used to have a different place that was my "go to" but it was just okay and the pies were sometimes soggy. I'm on about my 6th order from Sofiabella and I have to say crust is what keeps me coming back even if delivery does take a while. My favorite it the boardwalk pie, but I've had others and all have been tasty. More...


Mari C.

16 July 2017

First Order with this place through Yelp. Order arrived HOT and 20 minutes EARLIER than I was told to expect it. I've never had that happen!! This is 'our place' from now on. Food was delicious too!! Can't wait to try their wings. More...


Benjamin R.

13 July 2017

I picked up wings from here when I went to a buddy's birthday party at Parx Raceway. It was definitely a good choice. The wings were very tasty (I got all three types--mild, BBQ, and hot), really fair price (50 wings for ~$35), and very friendly service. I ordered 45 minutes ahead of picking them up and the wings were ready and still hot for me. If I lived around there, I would definitely make a habit of getting their wings more often. More...


Jerrod S.

3 July 2017

Ok this place is a hidden gem. Prefer the ranch fries chicken cheesesteak or the spicy BBQ pizza and you cannot go wrong. Great service and great food equals us coming back.


Tracy F.

7 June 2017

We arrived from New York and was searching for a place to eat so we chose Sofia Bellas. This place did not disappoint. We got a large cheese, garlic knots, cheese steak sub and a strawberry milkshake for our daughter. All the food was great, the service was great and the prices were great!! More...


B R.

13 May 2017

Cannoli shake you say In a pizza place Oh yes and oh so good! This place was always crowded when we were in the area so we thought, why not stop in. The shakes are sublime. Made with a quality ice cream and so thick you need a jumbo straw to drink it. Pizza was pretty good too. Ordered the boardwalk pie of course. We couldn't pass on it with that name. It met the Jersey gold star standard but with that shake we had to bring most of it home. More...


B M.

26 April 2017

Fantastic neighborhood pizza place. Parm ranch fries are my life.Try the special cheesesteak, no sauce, on garlic bread. It will alter your life!


Jonathan B.

21 April 2017

I eat here all the time at work. The girls are nice and professinal and seem very peolme friendly even calling regulars by name. Food is always good and made in a timely fashion. I would defiantly recommend this place to eat. More...


Lauri A.

1 April 2017

Sandwiches good, but pizza not so much. Quick and friendly service. Just skip the pizza (small, bland sauce, overcooked crust).


Mila H.

5 February 2017

This is my favorite place for delivery/take out when I'm home. I order from them several times a month and have always had a pleasant customer service experience and have not once has an issue with my order. I love their pizza, the crust is pretty thin and crispy. Toppings are very fresh. More...


Lawrence W.

25 January 2017

The sauce they use for their hot wings is good, making their wings some of the best I've had. Will eat here again for sure.


Courtney B.

6 January 2017

I am a huge fan of Sofiabella Pizzeria! I order delivery from them on a weekly basis, and have never been disappointed! Their cheesesteaks are great, and very fairly priced! The pizza is something I'm becoming a huge fan of...which says a lot because normally I am not a fan of pizza. Their milkshakes are also a must try! The delivery is always prompt, and the delivery drivers are always very nice! If you happen to be in the area, or live nearby, definitely give them a try! You can't go wrong in my opinion! More...


Craig H.

12 November 2016

Fantastic authentic Italian sub and pasta restaurant. Ate there several times during my trip to Bensalem, PA. Never disappointed and always happy and full.


Landon C.

9 November 2016

Great pizza and milkshakes (hand dipped). We came here after  traveling on a business trip. Three of us order small pizzas and another ordered the stromboli. They were all very good and also large servings. The small pizza had 8 pieces. I had the Texas ranch pizza and ate almost all of it. A co-worker ordered the 3 cheese and it was very good also. We were all satisfied with the food. We wanted a milk shake but we were all full so we came back the next night to get milk shakes. Just a warning, they are huge. Served in 32 ounce cups. I had the chocolate peanut butter. It was amazing. You could probably share one milkshake among 3 people. More...


Sarita D.

23 October 2016

I appreciate that management reached out to me about my experience with the staff at their store, reassuring that it isn't their way of conducting business. Customer service is very important to me so for that I give them 4 stars. More...


Jamie S.

24 September 2016

This place was fantastic. I had the special with Wiz and the cheese fries. The staff was very nice. My food was done quickly even though the place was pretty busy. This was my favorite cheesesteak out of the 3 times I ate in the area. More...


Jacki V.

5 August 2016

Best milkshakes I've ever had! I just recently moved to Bensalem and this was the first place I hit up. I ordered a couple of sandwiches (Italian and chicken cutlet) and for all three sandwiches it was only $15! Sandwich quality is great, perfect sized portion. Also comes with a cute bag of fries. Came back last night and ordered a white pizza, my only complaint is it had no ricotta on it, but maybe I'm just used to that being an automatic because I'm from NJ. But, those milkshakes are life changing! My boyfriend had the strawberry shortcake which had tons of fresh strawberries in it and pieces of pound cake, and I had the Reese's which was out of this world! Definitely recommend, also join their rewards club and get an automatic 20% off your bill and a free milkshake on your birthday! More...


Lilly M.

16 July 2016

I have gone here since I was in HIGH SCHOOL too many years ago when "Bellas" was across the street in another shopping center.  I now take my family there!  They have gone through changes in the years but one thing remains the same.  GREAT PIZZA.  Gonna keep it short but Sofiabella is our Pizza joint! More...


Larry K.

13 July 2016

All A+ pizza. The Fra Diavolo is extra delicious, and they do Buffalo Chicken right. I usually ask for crispy crust, and they've never forgotten to give it that little extra time in the oven. Steaks and Shakes are excellent (and huge) as well.Can't recommend this place enough. More...


Shopping Q.

3 July 2016

This place has the best pizza by far in Bensalem. Almost everything we've had here has been awesome. We searched for years for great pizza in Bensalem and we finally found it. We order weekly and only a couple of times had minor issues with the food. More...


Kyle M.

28 June 2016

I normally wouldn't write a review for a pizza place but this one is special.  First off,  I found this via yelp and noticed the high stars and alot of reviews. The counter girls were great and basically waitresses,  management defintely trained them well and treats them right.  Would have left a tip in the tip jar but didn't see one.  Could have left it on the table but oh well lol.  I'll be back.  I had 2 slices which were only 2$ each and they were pretty big.  They also checked on me a few times.  Good job guys I'm impressed More...


Money M.

6 April 2016

Really good food and outstanding service. They also give you 20% off your purchase. Will definitely be returning.


Pattie K.

3 April 2016

Sofiabella was awesome! ALL of the servers were very attentive and worked as a team. They had that Philly hospitality. :) It's BYOB and they provided wine glasses and a wine key. The food was great! $.50 wing special on Tuesdays. They made an extra garlic bread and just gave it to us on the house. Everything came out fresh and hot. We will definitely be going back! More...


Todd B.

13 March 2016

Great and fast delivery to my hotel room with a friendly delivery person.  Would have been 5 stars if the pizza had more pepperoni on it (it was the only topping after all).  Good value as well compared to many others. More...


Nick C.

6 March 2016

Fast and friendly service. Tasty food. This is a regular stop for me and many of my office mates. Highly recommended. Try the shakes. They are incredible!


Maria K.

3 February 2016

Great food! Big portions! Very affordable prices! Went recently with my boyfriend for the 1st time and we loved it! We had a mushroom-cheese calzone (huge for 2 people,10.50$ only!), 1 slice of plain pizza (huge again and delicious!), 1 order of mozzarella sticks(7 sticks 5.25$!), 1 soda and a Canoli Milkshake ( 6$ but worth the money! Twice as big as other milkshakes and they crush a whole Canoli inside and put extra mini chocolate chips!!) Everything was great! Especially the Canoli Milkshake is divine! Service was really fast and the waitresses very polite! We paid 27$ for everything! I think we found our new favorite pizza place! Will visit again soon!!! More...


Steve R.

24 January 2016

Nice little place to eat. My family always gets the sicilian pizza and cheesesteaks and they are soooo good. The wait staff is very attentive. We visit frequently. Reasonably priced More...


Nadine B.

20 January 2016

I've ordered from here twice now so figured it was time for a review. The place is very good! Good pizza and good price. Their wings are awesome as well and as a wing junkie, I feel I have stake. Only thing that stinks is delivery takes a little while, but it's worth the wait and food arrives hot! More...


Corderro M.

14 January 2016

I really enjoy this place. Lately I've been ordering delivery, exceptional delivery time, food has always been hot....


Joel J.

1 January 2016

This place is great. Very fast delivery. Love their chicken wings. They have a good selection of pizza. Their chicken pesto pizza tastes delicious.


Bob H.

5 December 2015

Food is good, we ordered pizza and wings. Everything came hot and was tasty. Would order again


Aj S.

3 October 2015

Second time ordering from here and impressed both times. Usually "mom & pop" pizza shops are hit or miss but this is always a hit. Ordered a pizza, mozzarella fries, jalapeno poppers (with Cheddar) and a cannoli milkshake. All of it was very good esp the milkshake. It's huge and I'm still drinking it the next day. Any pizza my 5 year old niece asks for specifically is always a winner. Will def be back More...


John R.

14 September 2015

Enjoyed the large 16" cheese pizza. Great for sharing with my girlfriend and her son. Fried mac and cheese was something I've never tried before and it was delicious. Sunday wings special ,10 for $4.99. Done very much to our liking. Well done. House salad had a nice presentation (wish I had a photo). Bathrooms were clean. Waitstaff seemed very young but was very very helpful and attentive. Wish I could remember her name. She was great. Price seemed fair. Experience was pleasant. It was a nice pit stop on our long drive back home. More...


George D.

28 August 2015

I have had their pizza, the Sicilian pizza and their cheese steak sandwiches. All have been excellent and all have been hot! They have delivered to my work place as well and the delivery time has always been very timely. I would certainly recommend! More...


Dolly B.

26 August 2015

Food and service were excellent! We got the buffalo chicken pizza and it was perfectly cooked. My friend had the jambalaya and she loved it. The staff was friendly and helpful. Definitely gonna order from here more often! More...


Jennifer R.

5 August 2015

Hole in the wall with DELICIOUS pizza combos.  The wings weren't amazing, but weren't bad either.  BUT.  The Texas Pizza was SOOOO GOOOOOOOD.


Robert S.

21 July 2015

I went to look for a pizza place that can serve a really good food and decided to stop at this place. I order a chees steak and bought it home. I tired it and boy, are they good? The sandwiches are not greasy and the roll are good, even the steak are delicious. Now I know when look for a place and this is one of them. Good work! More...


Chad N.

20 July 2015

This place is awesome! They deliver to the Parx Casino. Pizza and steaks superb! The food is delivered hot. A real gem in my opinion.


Derek B.

15 July 2015

Fast delivery and the food is always steaming hot. Excellent wings, large sandwiches and incredible pizza. The Chicken Pesto pizza is amazing and the Fra Diavolo pizza is the best in town.


Kelly M.

28 June 2015

Probably the best pizza ever! Haven't ordered from anywhere else in years..all their food is delicious and the staff is always great!


Jeanne P.

14 June 2015

Great staff. Great food. Great prices. Great specials. Chicken Pesto Pizza is on point! No need for a lengthy review, this place is simply awesome. I love popping in here on Sundays after work. More...


Justin C.

18 May 2015

Had an awesome meal at Sofiabella! Pesto Chicken Cheesesteak was delicious as could be! I highly recommend the small cheesesteak and fries combo, only 5.50 and will fill you right up. Waitress asked numerous times if there was anything she could get us and to top it off, delicious cannoli! More...


Nancy N.

16 May 2015

What a great find! We opted to this place once Lee's Hoagies decided to close their grills and hot foods 35 minutes before they close. The food and milkshake here was delicious! The boyfriend got a chocolate peanut butter Oreo milkshake and it was the best one we've ever had. Better than nifty fifty's. I got a Caesar chicken cheese steak with fries. So good!!!!! I wish more places made this sandwich. The boyfriend got the chicken cordon bleu grilled cheese and curly fries. Well made and delicious. We'll definitely be eating here next time we're in the area. The service was also great even though they were all busy, that's much appreciated nowadays. More...


Celeste M.

21 April 2015

Friendly staff, fast service , great prices !! Delicious food .. Fresh dough made daily ... So good it makes your toes curl


Christopher M.

8 April 2015

Best pizza place in Bensalem, trust me i know I've tried them all!!!! Always friendly,  great service, fantastic food, fair pricing and the owner takes customer service seriously


Saju J.

2 April 2015

Great pizza and interesting favors. One of the gems in the place. Nice service and ambiance.


Michael D.

7 March 2015

Cute, family friendly, good food and good prices. Very comfortable. Can't go wrong for a quick meal.


Fawn G.

1 March 2015

This is our go to when ordering delivery pizza. We have tried their pizza, hoagies, entrees and all were good. Very friendly staff and quick delivery. Best I've found in the area.


Stan B.

1 February 2015

Awesome!!! Their pizza is great but the crab cake hoagie is great as well.  If your really hungry than go for the special cheese steak.   The staff is very friendly.   This is my local go to place! More...


Kevin S.

14 January 2015

We got a chicken bacon ranch pizza and bianco pizza. It was the best pizza I've had in Bensalem. The crust was tender and flavorful and the toppings were fresh and cooked perfectly. And the whole time our waitress was friendly and attended to anything we needed. Thank God we found this place after so many subpar and cookie-cutter pizza shops in the area. More...


Marsha H.

27 December 2014

We had a small white pizza and a veggie pizza. Both were good and the French fries were yummy, not salty and served vey hot. The small pizzas were big.The waitress is very nice. If I were up that way again and desired pizza I'd go there again. I live in Delaware county. More...


Patrick K.

22 December 2014

The plain pizza well done was really good and the cheesesteak was pretty damn good. lol yup I said it but if you wanna take your chances and try other places yet again you can just take my word for it and go to the best pizza place in all the universe. Now that I think of it I'm about to order a plain well done pizza and a cheesesteak now. More...


Carol S.

26 October 2014

Used to go to the original Bella for at least 20 years. We stopped going several years ago, because it was terrible. Decided to give this new one a try. We got a cheese steak and a white pizza. They were both great. Glad to have my old place back. Check it out if you're in the neighborhood. More...


Carrie H.

16 July 2014

Pizza is great. Tuna sandwich for lunch was good too.Perfect local place. I would recommend it.


Holly F.

5 April 2014

Courteous waitstaff and very prompt service. Delicious cheesesteaks and chicken steaks -- try the chicken cheesesteak florentine. The rolls were so fresh. And the chocolate shake was the real deal -- malt and all. Yum. We will definitely return. More...


Bob L.

25 January 2014

Took a drive this evening to Bensalem to check out a new Pizza Restaurant.  Formerly at the old Bella Pizza location Sofiabella offers much variety on its menu.Had a few items on the menu including Buffalo Chicken Pizza and these Ranch French Fries which were fantastic.  Everything we ate was delicious including the Pesto Chicken Sandwich.  The owners are outgoing and friendly and that it reflected in their staff.  Really worth the short trip from Northeast Philly. It will be worth the effort. More...


Mark W.

13 January 2014

My new favorite lunch spot!  Have tried many things on the menu and have enjoyed them all.  Has quick delivery even while ordering at the busy times.  The ranchero fries are an office favorite! More...


Bridget M.

17 November 2013

We ate at the new BYO sofiabella last night with some friends and ordered just about every kind of pizza on the menu! Each pizza was great, waited practically no time for the food.  We live in warminster and know the meaning of a "good pizza" and how hard it is to find.  Sofiabella is a little out of the way, but well worth the trip! Awesome food, more awesome are the new owners.  If you haven't ate there yet I advise you to.  Great place to go with your family or BYO with your friends!!!Rob-Bridget More...


Christine M.

31 December 2010

I work for a company that orders Bella's frequently and the service is always wonderful. We'd always get an extra bag of chips thrown in with our order which was really nice. The portions are all large and everything's always delicious. When eating in the restaurant, the staff is always great - excellent service and the manager comes to check on you often to make sure everything's ok. I highly recommend Bella to anyone in the area. More...


Chuck E.

14 May 2010

I am not certain as to what other people are talking about or what they may or may not have experienced at this AWESOME restaurant, but i can tell you first hand, they have great food, fast hot delivery, and a very friendly staff. From the young lady answering the phone to the very tall (but cool and friendly) guys in the kitchen, everyone has been exceptionally courteous to me and my family for a long time.I have been eating the food from Bella since the 80's and yes the poeple may have changed but one thing is certain, the food has been tremendous over all the years. i would recommend Bella to anyone looking for extremely tasty and hot food..Thank you to everyone at Bella for great service over the years. and keep up the good work!Chuck E.
Life long Bensalem resident and Bella Pizza patron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maria B.

17 February 2009

I have always loved Bella Pizza, however, lately the manager has acted extremely crazy. I have been a faithful customer of Bella Pizza for over thirty years. The family owned business always had quality food at great prices and still does! The crazy manager insists on seating people wherever he feels like it. He wants to put you at a small two seat table, even when the business is not busy. Other loyal customers have expressed the exact same complaints. What the heck is wrong with this guy This began about a year ago. I expressed I was claustrophobic and needed a little bigger space when there were many tables available. He told me no.I regret to say I can no longer patronize the business along with my entire family who at one time all worked for the owners (and loved them!!!) I hope Bob reads this and fixes this regrettable problem. In this business the priority should always be to please the customer. More...


kathy r.

1 October 2008

Bella never lets us down. from order to checkout to delivery. this business aimes to please the customer. Best cheesesteak we ever had and we're from philly. The waitress staff, the guys up front, to the cooking staff on the grill. They always greet you with a smile. I hope they never close, We'd be thin and starving. Oh I almost forgot the Delivery guys Fast fast fast. More...


Nicole M.

13 September 2005

Bella Pizza has a great menu. Their prizes are reasonable and the delivery is fast. My favorite item on their menu for eating healthy is the Grilled Chicken Parm Sandwich. They also have excellent pizza. All the employees are very friendly. They also have a great dining room inside the restaurant with great waiter/waitress service for when you want to eat in. More...

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Pizza!!! Sofiabella Pizzeria's legacy dates back to 1977, when our hand crafted pizza dough recipe was first used. We make fresh dough daily, upon which we put our signature sauce and a variety of toppings, including gourmet combinations. We are Bensalem's hometown pizzeria!

We balance our traditional roots as an Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria with the changing dietary needs of our clients.

At Sofiabella Pizzeria, our customer satisfaction is our greatest pleasure!

The opportunity to serve the public and create jobs for Americans.

Sofiabella serves delicious food made with high quality ingredients according to proven recipes. Our focus on our customers is captured in our tag line, "Your satisfaction is our pleasure!"