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With a specialty in Functional Medicine and Herbal Medicine, Ashley will focus on whole-body healing by finding and correcting root cause issues. SoCal Natural Health is unique in combing comprehensive, complete care with in-person and online services.


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Esau Santana

9 August 2018

Grandiosa ,sigue adelante ya llegaste muy lejos,lo estas haciendo muy bien,saludos


Rick Lvsu

9 August 2018

Excellent article. I never knew.............Thanks for the imfo...


Enrique Angel Perez Sanchez

9 August 2018

Even though I do not know physically, your comments are excellent for this world so stressed


Patrick Morden

9 August 2018

Great book! Highly recommend! Have a huge respect and admiration for ashley! This book is inspiring and will motivate and challenge you. Great job ash


Scott Pace

9 August 2018

Ashley is a compassionate professional who takes the time to design a treatment protocol that is specific to one's needs. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and understanding. She continues to learn and explore new ways to best help her clients. Ashley is a rising star in her field and someone I would highly recommend. More...


Samik Saha

9 August 2018

Ashley is an ineffably inspiring lady. though she never replied to me on whatsapp or instagram thinking me as a mere disturbance I would recommend everyone to consult with her because she is very honest to her profession. I salute her as a mother, a wife and a woman. she is a girl with a heart of gold. :) :) More...


Karin Renea

9 August 2018

Ashley is great at giving good advice!! I have talked to her on several occasions about my life situations and she has always made me feel better and suggested ways to work my problem out!! I highly recommend her :)


Dee B.

3 April 2017

Ashley has been helping me deal with my Hashimoto Thyroiditis in an all natural way. She is patient and listens. I do have skin breakouts and she is there to help me deal with getting my body back to a happy natural path. She is extremely busy helping the chiropractic office also. Leave her a message & it may take a few days for her to return but she will. I look forward to her just working with her clientele. She is very knowledgeable. So if you are looking for a Naturopath in Burbank give her a try. You will be happy with the results. Remember it all takes time to get toxins out of your system to rebuild. More...


Scott P.

3 April 2017

Ashley is compassionate, knowledgeable, and understanding.   She took the time to analyze my condition and implemented a treatment protocol that included vitamins,  supplements,  medicinal herbs, and dietary recommendations.  Ashley is not just a practitioner she is her own client as well.   She has implemented her own protocol for her health,  which I see as essential for having a better understanding and appreciation of her clients' needs.  As a mental health professional I appreciate what Ashley does because she takes the whole person into consideration.  She recognizes that a person is the sum of all the parts and works to ensure that they are all working towards his/her goals for overall health and wellness. More...


Steve F.

25 January 2017

I've been working with Ashley for several months and am quite pleased with the results.  I was looking for herbal/ naturopathic remedies for a medical condition.  Ashley did a thorough evaluation and provided me with a detailed treatment plan consisting of supplements and herbs.  She also provided dietary recommendations that have improved my energy levels and sleep patterns.  An added advantage for me is that her practice is setup to support virtual patient visits (via phone, Skype, and email) so I was able to take advantage of her knowledge and products even though I'm not local to the LA area.  Overall, I highly recommend her practice to anyone looking for natural remedies to improve their health. More...


Carrie S.

28 December 2016

Ashley is the most wonderful person, full of all kinds of ideas that will make you feel better. Weather it's thru biofeedback, which will change your life, or vitamin supplements, or skin care you can't go wrong seeking treatment with her. A few words on biofeedback, if you haven't tried it, you should. I guarentee you will feel better after one session and the cost is low enough that even if you feel nothing, you aren't out much. Weather you need to deal with childhood trauma, depression, stress or just letting go of pain, biofeedback will help you. It will allow you to transform your life into the happy, carefree life you want it to be. I highly recommend it and all the products Ashley offers. Do the biofeedback!! It will change your life! More...

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Aside from the number 1 thing which is helping people to heal, I love the freedom of knowing it's limitless. I'm not confined to an office space, and I can reach as many people as possible with the help of the wonderful internet!

Private practice is something I love because it allows me to grow into my uniqueness!

I like a connection to my patients. I create a space where we can relate on a personal level, and a professional one. This allows for optimal flow, and proper healing. When choosing me, they get more than just a session. They get a person that's there for them!


All lab tests either ordered or can be performed in office. Everything handled for you at time of consult to make sure labs go smoothly.