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Sherry Brubaker Treece

25 March 2019

Best food ever! I love it!


Jose H.

15 September 2018

We decided to try several things on the menu. We had the caramel apple pie, loaded breakfast bowl, the hangover fries, and chicken biscuits. Our neighbors recommended this place and man were they 100% accurate. Smokey's delivers some amazing food for reasonable prices. They deliver, allow for take-out, and have an easy to use website. They offer anything from shrimp to breakfast. The guy taking our order was very friendly and patient. He gave us recommendations based on our taste and was accurate with his choices. Now for the food. The food was great and did not taste like fast food. It was well-prepared, thoughtful, and nicely seasoned. It came at the right temperature and was not too greasy. The caramel apple shake was AMAZING. The loaded bowl tasted like a breakfast explosion in my mouth. The loaded fries were covered in delicious gravy and eggs. We will be back to try other items on the menu. I definitely recommend this place to those that want some great food late at night. This is a much better option than your average fast food restaurant. More...


Clayton O.

10 August 2018

Y'all are geniuses. Very well done. Big fan. Anyone coming through here late at night should stop.


Ryan Morgan

3 August 2018

Just went to this place. Food is amazing. Shakes are amazing. Workers are amazing.


Anna H.

20 July 2018

This is the absolute best dining establishment in all of Edmond (and probably most of OKC too) (maybe even the whole world). The food is affordable considering the hours of operation and it's absolutely delicious! The menu has such a wide variety, so you will surely find something to satisfy your late night drunken cravings! Also, the employees are all extremely friendly. Would give 10 stars if possible. Smokey's forever. More...


Avery Stinnett

28 June 2018

Great food!!!! Always hot and delicious.


April C.

21 May 2018

My favorite place to come for late night food. They are open until 3 am and totally worth the wait.


Kacee C.

5 April 2018

Wow!! Super friendly service and great food!!!! So glad this place is in Edmond! We needed it! Very fresh and tasty can't wait to go back!


Matthew C.

25 March 2018

Awesome find on a road trip through Oklahoma City. Had a pepperoni pizza for the kids, the side salad, and the southwestern fries. Kids loved the pizza. Wife said the salad was amazing. Both the wife and I thought the fries were excellent. Located in a great area. Will definitely go back if ever in the area again. More...


Cecilia P.

9 March 2018

Chicken tenders are delicious and their pizza is really good as well. Fast delivery and great service. Everything is neatly packed. You have to try the brownie!


Matt Kolar

3 March 2018

The food was awesome!! We even got a call from them letting us know are food would be ready in five minutes. Will be eating here often


Brian C.

28 February 2018

My favorite place to get a bite to eat on the go. The chicken and waffles and the mojo shrimp are delicious as are the pizzas. Jason is super friendly and his food will never let you down. Oh yeah make sure you try the peanut butter pork belly!! More...


Lynae Greely

25 February 2018

Ordered for the first time tonight - fast, delicious and amazing service! So glad you are so close!!! We will be ordering again. Thank you!


C A.

19 February 2018

What a pleasant surprise in our back yard.  My wife and I ordered from there last night for the first time.  My wife ordered the Ragin Cajun sandwich while I ordered the Red Pasta.  Both were excellent.  The Parmesan crusted in the pasta chicken is excellent.  Yes, we also got a brownie.  Huge, rich and decadent.  We'll be back. More...


Misty B.

27 January 2018

First time I've ever been here. Heard about this place on Monday and had to wait all week just to try it. It was so with the wait!!! Staff very nice and friendly. Gave accurate wait times for our food. I ordered the Mac n cheese bites, ripped pig and the cheese and bacon fries. My son and I ate the fries on the way home and were too full to even try the other items. I will definitely be returning!! More...


Chazz G.

28 November 2017

Oh man...this is the place for major late night snacking!  Here at work, we have their menu in our emergency dispatch manual.  LOL!!  Not expensive at all, and the food is HOT when it's delivered!  You guys rock!!  Thank you!! More...


Dawn M.

18 September 2017

Smokey's is very close to my home. I have ordered there on several occasions and have always loved the food. The only negative thing I can think to say is that they are always busy.  Call Early!   They deliver fast awesome food that is beyond amazing for delivery. More...


Doug K.

9 September 2017

The fries were great, however the mixes were awesome. Our new late night favorite when in Edmond.


Meshell M.

19 August 2017

Oh WOW! Just tried the ripped pig!!! Yasss!!! Mouth watering, finger lickin' GOOD!!! My daughter got the BLT and the bacon was so thick and crisp! Loved it!!


Juanita Crawford

21 July 2017

I work 3 to 11 or Night Audit at the Hampton Inn NE. Delivery is a premium in this area. That alone, makes them great. However, their food is awesome! It was delivered fresh, and my shake still frozen! I will order again. Thanks! More...


Amy Alexander

30 June 2017

I ordered for the first time today. We had a gentlemen bring flyers to our hotel (Home2 Suites in Edmond) I am the front desk manager and I was able to speak to him and I'm so glad I ordered! The food was AMAAAAZING!!! Fries are to die for. More...


Samantha E.

30 June 2017

Food is amazing! If you're a late night eater but don't like fast food this is your place. Super tasty food and late hours! Careful this place can be dangerous because they deliver! 10/10 More...


Johna R.

26 May 2017

I placed an order online and received an e-mail with the approximate time my order would be ready. About 20 minutes later I received a phone call letting me know my order was just about ready. I liked that. When I arrived I was addressed by my name, I liked that too. I ordered several dishes. I really didn't need all the food I ordered, but I was eager to try a few items. Especially after attempting to order delivery one late night after several adult beverages and found out I was outside of their delivery area. I ordered the tenders basket, patty melt, jerk chicken sandwich, and mac n cheese. I sampled a bit of everything and it was all delicious. The mac n cheese was my least favorite. It was great, just not to my preference. I mostly enjoyed the tenders, which were definitely made by Smokeys. I can't wait to eat my leftovers and will most certainly return to Smokey's to try their pizza! More...


Cade B.

29 April 2017

The employees, and Jason- presumably the owner-are awesome. That should be enough for a 5-star review these days. However, they serve up delicious late night delicacies that will give you many reasons to burn that midnight oil. The pulled pork BBQ pizza and Chicken and Waffles will not lead you astray. More...


Gina Hansen

2 April 2017

Absolutely amazing! Just what we needed after a 11 hour drive! Best chicken tenders we have ever had!!! The gravy 10 ☆☆☆☆ and the breadsticks the bomb! Keep up the amazing food!!


Ashley H.

22 March 2017

The food was good, hot, and delivered fast!  The bacon and cheese fries are the bomb with ranch!!


Sam V.

9 February 2017

This is not an eatery but rather a place of art, I don't remember the last time I ordered takeout and the burger looked anything remotely close to theirs . Really friendly staff and beyond all heavenly food . Southwest fries , buckin bronco burger and the barnyard are a must try ! More...


Angela Weldon

19 January 2017

Absolutely amazing!!!! Will definitely be eating here more often


Sonna Weddle

8 January 2017

Been wanting to try Smokey's out for a while now.. Definitely glad that we did! Their basic burger is GREAT! Very happy, will be back. Thanks guys! �


Melissa C.

7 January 2017

My first time trying this place after our recent move to Edmond. The ordering process was simple and allowed for almost any customization you can imagine for each dish. Reasonable pricing, and great pricing in my opinion for the quality and creativity of ingredients. Delivery was quick and accurate and my delivery driver, Ari was incredibly friendly and polite. Customer service is EVERYTHING to me and he hit it! He knew my name and order, and greeted me with a smile at the door. VERY impressed. I'm currently eating the macaroni and cheese and WOW it's delicious. More...


Hunter Bohanan

9 December 2016

Told us 45 min wait and came in less than 30. Buckin Broncho was A1 along with some French friends. Stout!


Jen Flanagan

13 November 2016

In town for one night and my daughter recommended Smokeys. It was late, so it was great getting wonderful food versus a drive through.


Angel R.

23 October 2016

I was very excited to try this place because they deliver until 2:15am and it was late when we ordered. The customer service was great and the food was amazing. Like everything we got was amazing. The only thing that sucked was that I ordered a burger and it was $12 but it didn't come with fries. Would have been awesome if it did but the delicious chocolate chip cookie made up for it. Great place, will definitely eat there again! More...


K S.

19 September 2016

Love this place, and I am even happier now that they open one hour earlier. My husband stopped in to get us a dessert. I had the strawberry shortcake milkshake (always a favorite) and my husband got the chocolate shake and the chicken strips. The chicken was cooked perfectly-perfect spot for late night goodies! More...


Rachel S.

11 September 2016

Did me a solid!!! Drove 3 hrs from DFW and my hotel (no room service)..Smokey's pushed my order to the front of the line and delivered my order as ordered and good food..."gold sauce" wings very tasty!


Frannie P.

3 September 2016

Smokey's Midnight Express is the kind of place that makes me want to move to Edmond. Family owned and operated, a thoughtful and inspiring menu, specializes in late night food, great people AND take-out/delivery?! Can you please come to OKC? The menu has a little something for everyone, whether you want breakfast, burgers, sandwiches, salads, fries, pizza, pasta, or sweets. My friends and I tried the Hawaiian pizza,  hangover fries, a PBPB (peanut butter pork belly!!) shake, a campfire shake and strawberry shortcake shake. Everything was delicious. I'm excited to try more of the menu! More...


Bella B.

27 August 2016

I like Smokey's. It's a little spot ran by folks who know how to make good food. I've ordered twice from here and pick-up is MUCH better than delivery. The driver took forever, then spent 10min chit chatting at the door. Odd. Aside that it was good. Food is always tasty. Their shakes are hit or miss. Carmel Apple is GOOOOOD! Strawberry shortcake was gross and was thrown away immediately. Just yuk! Expensive? Yes. Available late? YES! It's like the ONLY place aside iHOP or Denny's or some drive-thru that is open and I'd rather end up at Smokey's than any of those places if I need food that late. The folks running it are nice and my pick-up experience was 100x better than waiting 1hr and 15min for what would have taken me 5mim to drive to. More...


Alan S.

21 June 2016

Pretty good food and they deliver late night, I'm really glad these guys are around.  Delivery was slow, but we ordered a small feast at 2 in the morning, so I really can't complain.  There were four of us and we ordered probably six different things, patty melts, mushroom Swiss burgers, loaded fries, etc, they were all good.  Definitely going to hit them up next time we get the late night munchies. More...


Sandra Stiles Roberts

3 June 2016

Called to order dinner this evening, and was initially told they couldn't deliver to me because I'm on the "north" side of Sorghum Mill Rd. Talked with them and the manager agreed to make an exception so I could order. Having spent 8+ hrs at the vet with a sick dog, I was very grateful to find a store that would deliver where I live. I ordered the chicken alfredo pizza and it was fantastic! Big chunks of REAL smoked chicken. Crust done to perfection...crispy, but not dry and saltine-like as some places serve. The chocolate turtle pie (they get it from Pie Junkie) was also superb. Will definitely be doing business with Smokey's again! More...


Josh Whorton

21 May 2016

In Oklahoma, it's difficult to find good places to eat that deliver at 1am. You're pretty well restricted to pizza in most areas. Smokey's however knows what we want late at night, and they do it right. Everything still tasted fresh when it arrived. No soggy buns. No cold portions. Just delicious, creative sauces, juicy, hot meats and crispy, seasoned fries. This place is superb, and I'll definitely be checking them out again. More...


Taylor R.

16 May 2016

I'm super boring and only got a Yardbird sandwich, but it was tasty! I was impressed by the sheer amount of food on the menu. Pizza, burgers, sandwiches, whatever you're in the mood for!I don't live in Edmond, but I'm sure that the delivery is a great option. I chose to wait for my food, and they offered to bring it to my car. Great "late night" food! More...


Charles Redmon

23 April 2016

Of all the take-out or delivery places I've been, only THREE have had quality ingredients, flavorful food, and incredible customer service.


John M.

21 April 2016

I don't normally do the review thing but Smokeys is worth it. I've been here 3 times and have a 20 minute drive, the store is next to a 7-11 which at first I thought was weird but once you taste the food who cares. This is some of the best food in Oklahoma hands down, the staff are great and friendly. It helps that they are open late. My only gripe is they don't have a location on the west side of town which I think would do amazingly well.  Keep up the good work Smokeys! More...


Barry C.

20 April 2016

First order last week with them and it was very good food and reasonably priced for comparable quality burgers, salads, bacon cheese fries, hot wings and service as promised.  They have a variety of offerings from chicken strips to pasta with pizza and burgers thrown in and deserts including pie (from Pie Junky).At this moment I'm waiting on pizzas with the mac and cheese and chicken strip basket so that should tell you something. More...


Jeff Berry

10 April 2016

First time picking up Smokeys. Wow. No complaints at all. I had a breakfast bowl and my some had Kickin' Chicken sandwich. Excellent flavor. Huge portions. And they deliver east of I-35. Excited to have a new option. More...


Brandi B.

9 April 2016

We order from here quite frequently because we hate getting out to get food! So awesome that this place delivers! And the hours are perfect! I love the food here I usually get the smokie okie burger and their specialty shakes are very rich, almost like a sundae! Definitely recommended! More...


Julie Demastus

25 March 2016

Excellent, quality, fresh food! Employees with a great attitude! You are missing out if you haven't tried Smokey's!


Tammy Hicks Pearce

16 March 2016

Love the chicken and biscuits! And the Grazer Salad enough for two or three, so fresh and delicious! Pizza is amazing too, thin crust with great sauce!


Hunter Holder

23 February 2016

High quality food with quick delivery and awesome employees. Everyone is always so chill and cool about everything. I always order a few orders of their different fries for get togethers and people love them. The grilled cheese is also amazing! This is the kind of place that Edmond has needed for awhile now. More...


Shai Wellinski

21 February 2016

Great place! Food is fantastic & the delivery service is a god-send! Shout out to Jason✌️


Chelsea Sultan

12 February 2016

It was amazing! The delivery was fast and the food was excellent!


Ashlyn B.

16 November 2015

Got the chicken strip basket and the BLT with the bacon cheddar fries and it was so good! The food was fresh and just being put in to-go boxes when I arrived to pick it up. The only thing I'm mad about is NOT knowing about this place sooner. Would of gotten pics but we ate the food too fast! (Lol) I'll try to post next time! More...


Jenn R.

21 October 2015

Omg!!! I just had the most amazing buffalo chicken sandwhich! The chicken is a fresh deep fried breast and is so juicy. Nothing frozen about this place. Please keep this place in business so order often!! Thanks Smokey's!! More...


J B.

15 October 2015

Awesome! I ordered a thin crust pepperoni and order of chicken wings for delivery- normally I would do this so if one is not good --I will eat the other- Not in this case / Both were Delicious !The pizza was perfectly cooked - really good flavor. The wings also very tasty.And HOT OFF THE OVEN! I recommend this place for good food - fast delivery. And the employees were very nice and easy to deal with... More...


Shelly Clemons

2 October 2015

Absolutely fabulous food. Very nice employees. And so glad I live so close.


Bobbi Moore West

23 September 2015

Great place!! The food was fantastic and the staff was super friendly! I love that they are open late and that they deliver. Everything on the menu sounds delish, we will definitely be back to try some more! More...


Lacy L.

22 August 2015

I'm reviewing after my first try, because the food was amazing! I did delivery and they told me it would be about 45-60. I received my order in about 20 mins. The food was hot and fresh. The shrimp and Mac and cheese are to die for! More...


Carolyn G.

19 August 2015

Am on a road trip and am driving through town. Arrived at 9 PM so most restaurants were already closed. Randomly chose to check out this new restaurant, and I wasn't disappointed. I had the chicken and bacon sandwich, and it hit the spot. Service was a little slow even though I was the only customer and sandwich was a little pricey ($9), but I'd most definitely return if I come through town again! More...



8 August 2015

The food was exceptional such a great idea!!! I'm from the East Coast and there's no place here in Edmond that even serves food after 10 PM that isn't microwave garbage. Will definitely be returning for the great food and hospitality. More...


Melissa Kendall

7 August 2015

This place has amazing food!!! And they are open late for us night shifters!!! Delicious!!


John B.

6 August 2015

Repeat customer here!  This time we had the loaded macaroni and cheese, and it was THE BEST MACARONI AND CHEESE I've ever had!  The noodles were slightly al dente, and they were rotini not elbows, bonus!  The cheese was the perfect blend of "Zesty" and savory with the right amount real bacon bits, and to top it off a crunchy topping that gave the right amount of texture.  I also had the sweet potato chicken and waffles, with in house hot syrup.  The waffles were great and the syrup was delicious as well, the chicken tenders were soft and juicy, but could have used a bit more crunch.  They also had great portion size as well.  I cant wait to go back to try their thin crust pizzas! More...



11 July 2015

The Smokey's Okie Burger and the Smokestack are out of this world. Their house BBQ sauce is good, but I recommend the Smokestack with their house chipotle ranch instead. It really brings out the flavor of the pulled pork and red onions. And speaking of their pulled pork, the Ripped Pig and the GDP sliders are great, too. Will definitely be ordering from them again. More...


Stephanie Minjarez

29 June 2015

First time trying them out!;)


Alicia Blair

21 June 2015

So good and I love that they are open so late!!!


Sean Haley

19 June 2015

Good people..great food.


Christy Fuller

13 June 2015

Great customer service & food! Can't wait to come back.


Alex A.

9 June 2015

The best pizza I have ever had! They delivered at 2:30 am. It felt like I was in NY. So nice to have a late night delivery service in the suburbs!


Tammy P.

8 June 2015

Had the jacked up shrimp. Delicious. Ordered them 2 days later. Just as good the second time.


Hunter B.

8 June 2015

We stopped by late night and Smoky's had only been open for about three days. It's in an interesting location and I wasn't sure what to expect after finding this spot online 10 minutes before.Smoky's doesn't open until 6PM and they know exactly what audience they're going after, something that is very refreshing for Edmond. The menu is vast with tons of options and it caters to nearly to nearly everyone.As for the food, variety is the name of the game. One person had biscuits and spicy gravy, another the breakfast bowl, and the other getting a pizza.  The pizza was thin and quite tasty, the person who had the breakfast bowl was happy and the other person who had the biscuits and gravy was indifferent. However, this person also got a strawberry milkshake and was very happy with that.Overall, I'd definitely go back and would recommend this over any of the other (limited) late night alternatives in Edmond. More...


Christian Cox

6 June 2015

Holy crap this loaded Mac and cheese is amazing!!!!


Justin Proudfoot

3 June 2015

The name alone shows the elegant class this place provides!