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Devin J.

5 July 2018

There tuna salad and Italian subs are delicious! Try Smiley's you won't be disappointed.


Luis M.

25 February 2018

My family and I love their subs or hoagies based on where you grow up. You can't beat the value for their large subs. 2 large subs can fill a family of 4. It may be a small location but definitely one of the best subs in Lancaster. More...


Gina C.

8 October 2016

I've been goin' to Smiley's for almost a year.I think they are pretty nice on an OverAll, However,There is an older man there(Heavy set, glasses,Brown skin, and Greyish in hair color) This man should not be working there!! He doesn't fit in theirNice,caring, Family oriented type attitudes.He's obnoxious-&-RUDE! Its clear that he's NOT Confident and some self-esteem issues.however, that doesn't give himThe "Go ahead," So-2-speak treat others in the manner he does.When he's working their I avoid goin' inBut lately I've had not much of a choice (personal reasons) WIth0uT geTTiN' into all he did -&-Does I just wanted to say that He's rude,-&-Doesn't belong in that environment or any other that deal with the public for that matter.... Their Rice Pudding isPhenomenal, But every once in a while whoever makes it for them,Puts Vanilla yogurt in it.Other than that itsSLAMMING. yes I agree with another person on here who pretty much commented on how, there's no order What-So-EvEr,However,And not that this is ok but I think all the workers are just so nice,That when it gets chaotic, they don't know how to handle itSo they just deal with it as .. Their Subs are dry,I like em' to beMore moist, the Pretzel sandwich'sR Incredible, as for a few home items in the store like cleaners, veRRy very pricey.The Owner,G����d guy. More...


Douglas H.

20 June 2015

Every time I visit Lancaster city Smiley's is a pit stop for me. Staff is friendly and my cold cut sub is tasty and fresh.


Dana P.

8 June 2014

Smiley's is reminiscent of the old corner store. It has candy by the door for kids, a very active deli, ice cream, and basic groceries items. This is the place to go when you hunger for a sandwich or sub, or just need a few household items. More...


Scott B.

15 September 2013

Great hoagies, and to be honest being a regular customer, the employees are awesome. There was only one person there that has no customer service skills and he no longer works there. The ladies are awesome and nice.


Lindsay B.

19 June 2012

Awesome little deli, great sandwiches and a good price. Great place if you just want to pick up sandwiches for takeout. Service isn't so smiley, but the food is worth it to put up with the not so friendly service.



7 October 2011

They have the best subs! Fresh and MTO. They only messed up one time on our orders, we ordered 4 different subs that day and the place was jam packed. Great for ppl who use EBT also. Convenient, close later, and always have something you need. I do agree, that one woman, who is short and heavy set, tends to get a little short with ppl. Other than that, would rather go there than Subway. More...



5 October 2008

Smileys caters to the hospital crowd. They may not heavily advertise that but a good deal of their business comes from that direction.Why? Probably because they have good food and are fast and efficient. When you have a limited meal break you don't want to waste it standing around. There are usually an ample number of workers so the orders fly out soon after they are placed.Besides takeout food - both custom made and prepared - this place has a neat mix of grocery and convenience items. I would far prefer to give my scratch to a small-town place like this than a chain minute market. As I write this I am dreaming of a large turkey sub with extra onions and a half gallon of Turkey Hill green tea. Ahhh, I wish I had that. More...