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Jasmine Samok

30 March 2019

Great old school hardcore style gym. Tons of equipment that meets any powerlifters needs. The owner and his wife are super friendly and accommodating. Highly recommend giving Henri a call and checking Skiba's gym out if you're in the area More...


Francon Elnorar

28 February 2019

Staff is super friendly and dropping in for 1 day was completely hassle free. Trained here around 12 PM. Did not have to wait for any equipment. Skiba's Gym also has SIX squat racks, some platforms, and benches. Perfect for anyone serious about their training. Definitely will come back. More...


M Quinones

30 December 2018

Always a great experiance coming to Skiba's. Not your typical gym. This is a powerlifting gym. All the equipment is for strength & powerlifting. There are not treadmills here, so don't ask. 4 rooms upstairs and the free weight are downstairs. Always positive vibes. Love going there. More...


ProStar Massage

30 November 2018

Amazing training Facility. The owner is so caring, truthful, knowledgeable.


Mark Lampi

2 August 2018

This is a fantastic place for powerlifting, and strength sports in general. Henri is a wealth of knowledge, and an extremely positive and committed man, and I believe is the only Westside-certified gym in the area. 3 monolifts, 3 or 4 competition benches, a tendo unit, deadlift platform, as many specialty bars as I’ve seen. Skiba’s is the best equipped strength gym I’ve ever seen. An amazing place, I highly recommend. More...



29 May 2018

Fantastic Gym! Mr. Skiba is a kind and generous person. Love this place. Used it for 2 years.


Johnny Cassidy

29 May 2018

Great place to work out the old fashion way, Henri the owner is awesome!


Mario Flotta

29 May 2018

Real hardcore gym for real hardcore lifters, no cookie cutter here, Mr. Skiba is a legend in his own right, along with his gym and legacy, the atmosphere always seems to be filled with electricity, amazing people epic gym.


Gabrielle La Fata

29 May 2018

Today was a great day!!!! My friends and I came to Skiba’s Gym from Staten Island. Unfortunately when we got there it was closed, so we called the number that was on the building. Soon later Henri Skiba come and opens his gym for us. I can’t tell you the excitement and honor it was to meet such a great man. He came into the gym with us and talking to us about all this awesome information he gave us. He ends up spotting me on bench and fixed my bench within two seconds of meeting him. Henri is the most humble, unique and inspirational person I ever met in my life. If your a powerlifter come to this gym, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Henri for all you did for us! More...


Daniel Trimboli

18 August 2017

Really nice place.


Akul FJ

4 November 2016

Hardcore GYM! Reminds me Temple Gym of Dorian Yates!