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Julie Donhauser

25 July 2018

Jilian is amazing! So glad I found her in her new spot! Looking forward to my next visit!


Theresa Heidel Kujala

25 July 2018

Jilian is great. She takes her time and gets the "spots". I am excited for her and her next adventure. Next appt is all scheduled!!


Angela Silvestri Howard

25 July 2018

Jill is excellent with her massage, I had a little ankle pain, she worked it out and got right to the problem. Congrats on your New Adventure with your business.


Pamela Jo DePuy

25 July 2018

Jill is the best of the best! Her hands work magic on my "knots". Tell Jill what has been going on and she intuitively knows what you need. She has been my masseuse for 9 years now. Wish you well on your business venture. More...


Melissa Christine Heckrotte

25 July 2018

Fantastic massage therapist and just a great person! Jilian listens to you and caters each massage around how your body is feeling before that session. She is very knowledgeable and knows how to set the mood for relaxation. I don't even want to think of the shape my body would be in if I didn't have Jil! More...


Bobbie Jo Witherspoon

25 July 2018

I had been searching for a massage therapist for my son - what I thought we needed was a sports massage. Jillian was one of a few recommended and according to my 13 year old son “the absolute best”. She made him feel very comfortable and gave him an overall body massage experience while focusing on his trouble spots from his sport activities. She also has hours on Sundays which made it nice to be able to get an appointment in a reasonable amount of time for us to evaluate if this will help with his legs. He was very happy when we left and me just a bit jealous it wasn’t me on the table. Thank you Jillian! More...

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