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Jamie Hannon

30 December 2018

I couldn’t be happier with Nicola and Simply Brilliant Events to help plan our December wedding. Nicola did an outstanding job helping us throughout the process. We hired her as both day of planning as well as partial support during the planning process. Some of the critical things she assisted with during the planning process include providing vendor options (that turned out to be wonderful), she worked directly with the vendors to setup meetings so I didn’t have to be involved in every step along the way as it can be very time consuming to coordinate everything, she helped make decisions based on her experience and took the time to understand our vision to ensure it was being captured correctly. Nicola even attended multiple meetings with us with the florist, venue and lighting specialist to help facilitate to ensure we were getting what we wanted. Nicola was available throughout the whole process via phone, text and email to answer whatever (big or small) question I had. I felt like she went above and beyond to ensure we were satisfied. Her company also provides a planning website that we used to track budget, guests, vendors, seating, etc. During the day of our wedding we had to coordinate a lot of guests within our venue as we utilized the same room for the ceremony, dinner and reception. I didn’t have to think twice about moving people around or ensuring we were on schedule. The whole day was seamless and allowed me and my husband to focus on enjoying ourselves and our time with our guests. Above all of the tactical items Nicola was an absolute joy to work with and I feel she really enjoys what she does and has a passion for making the couple’s day exactly as they want it. As mentioned before, I wouldn’t think twice about booking Nicola for your planner – she’s experienced, organized, helpful and extremely pleasant to have on your team! More...


Carlotta Allievi

31 October 2018

Booking Nicola to help plan and organize our wedding was definitely one of the best choices we made throughout the whole process! We had a mostly DIY, backyard wedding and her help in keeping everything organized, on schedule, and calm was incredibly helpful! Nicola was so easy to work with and she was knowledgeable about everything from local vendors, to ideas for backup plans, to creative ways to organize things based on our specific logistical challenges. Our wedding day was crazy hot, and she was outside almost all day working on setting things up and coordinating with vendors and was still pleasant and kind to work with despite how uncomfortable she must have been! I think working with Nicola would be a great asset to anyone planning a wedding, but especially if you are not working with a venue, I cannot stress enough how helpful it was to have her support and guidance! We had a better wedding day than we could have ever thought possible and that was definitely in huge part to Nicola. More...


Julie Sun

2 August 2018

I hired Nicola to help plan my wedding. While it was small with only 9 people including me and the groom, I was a bit of a clueless bride and really needed help. Nicola was perfect. She was lovely from the very beginning and gave me great advice on wedding venues, flowers, photographers, and places to stay. I basically hired everyone she recommended and was thrilled with how everything turned out. Nicola was very attentive and I felt that she gave me the same level of service as she would have with a much bigger wedding. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to hire a planner. I thought Nicola was worth every penny and couldn't have gotten married without her help. More...


Jennifer Shimek

29 May 2018

My husband and I were married on July 22, 2017 I can honestly say that Nicola and her staff are AMAZING! My husband and I had the most perfect wedding day and it was because we had Nicola to help plan every detail and execute a flawless day! Even from our initial phone consultation, I could tell that she was someone I could trust with all the logistics of our wedding. We hired her first for the Month of Services but realized that we would need help for the whole planning process and hired her full time.She is detailed oriented and did not miss one single element! She provided Aisle Planner which is an extremely helpful tool that she uses. Aisle Planner was helpful in the way that everyone was on the same page. She went the extra mile to make sure that everything was accounted for and that our day would be more than what we had imagined. She is also extremely personable and down-to-earth. Her professionalism is admirable, too! Her responsiveness to our email and phone correspondence was so quick, and always accurate, we never felt alone! Nicola and her team were the ones behind the scene on our wedding day that made everything possible. We gave them SO much decor to set up, and they made it all look so beautiful, just like a fairy tale! ​Throughout the night, Nicola kept track of us and made sure we had whatever we needed. Nicola will exceed all of your expectations, she will fight for you to make sure you're getting great deals, and she will coach you through every step of the way. With her, you are in great hands and literally have nothing to worry about. I could not have picked a better coordinator; she made all of our dreams come true! More...


Amanda Adamcheck

29 May 2018

Nicola and her team were outstanding. As a maid of honor, my job was to make sure the bride had her perfect day but honestly, Nicola did such an amazing job at my sisters wedding that we were all able to enjoy the special day and even I felt relaxed.In a fully outside wedding, weather was a stress factor as it rained right before the ceremony but Nicola pulled it off and the wedding was outside just as the bride had wanted. It was perfect. She made every point to make sure the day was running smoothly and everyone truly had their best day ever. Nicola and her team went above and beyond to make the wedding not only gorgeous but run smoothly. I’m so grateful and my biggest regret about my own wedding is I didn’t have Nicola! Had I known how important it was to hire a wedding planner at the time, she would be the first vendor I booked! More...


Ashley Erickson

29 May 2018

One of the most important aspects of my wedding was having Nicola and her team by my side throughout the whole process. The first step I would recommend anyone to do, is hire Nicola for their special day. It was one of the best decisions I could make, and she was worth every penny. I was unsure at first of whether or not I needed a planner to help me, I figured I had enough time leading up to the wedding to plan and organize everything myself. When you think about it though, and realize how much time and money is being put into such a special day, its necessary to have a planner there the day of to help with any minor details that will end up coming up and to help coordinate the timeline of your wedding to make sure the bride and groom with their parents are able to enjoy the day! Nicola and her team went out of their way to make sure I had help with ANYTHING I needed leading up to the wedding and for the day of. They made me feel so calm and assured that everything was going to be perfect for the most important day of my life! I am so happy with all the work Nicola has done not just for my husband and I, but for the mothers and fathers, so that they could relax the day of enjoy the special day too. I highly recommend hiring Nicola for your special day! More...


Ezra Zimbler

29 May 2018

Using Simply Brilliant Events for our Month of Wedding services was the best decision we made while planning our wedding. With us living in NYC it was amazing to have someone on the ground in Michigan who we could consult with as we put together our wedding. Nicola's knowledge of the wedding scene in Ann Arbor was extremely valuable leading up to the wedding weekend. Then Ashley's experience and amazing attention to detail on the day of made the day of our wedding go as smoothly as we could have ever imagined.Throughout the whole process Nicola and Ashley were there to help and made the process extremely easy. We were referred to Nicola by another couple who had a similarly fantastic experience and we can't thank them enough. From the intro on, she were always very responsive and easy to work with. Using the easy online system helped us to make sure we had everything in place leading up to the day. When the day arrived, Ashley masterfully executed our vision even when everything didn't go exactly as planned. Having someone we could count on throughout the entire day who took care of all the little details helped to make it the best night of our lives.We cannot thank Nicola and Ashley enough for all of the amazing work they did for our special day. More...


Emily Rakosi

29 May 2018

I am so glad that I contracted with Simply Brilliant Events for our wedding. I was feeling very overwhelmed with all of the details, and Nicola was a constant source of answers and assistance. I especially appreciated her recommendations of other vendors in our price range. Ashley was our day-of planner. She was wonderful! Completely on top of every last detail throughout the weekend. I could fully relax on my wedding day knowing that she was handling it. Thank you so much, Ashley and Nicola! More...


Nicole Tuck

29 May 2016

Working with Nicola was a pleasure. Just two weeks before the wedding, I started to get very stressed out (as most brides do). Trying to figure out when I am going to be able to set up, who is going to be able to help me, how long will it take? I was stressed. I met with my photographers and they referred Simply Brilliant Events to coordinate my wedding. So, two weeks before the wedding I called in panic that she would not be available but she was!! Finally, a weight lifted off my shoulders. We met a couple times before the wedding and spoke about everything. I felt so comfortable leaving her in charge of the setting up and coordinating the whole ceremony and reception. Without her and her assistant I would have not known what to do. She made sure ever vendor was there when they should have, the DJ was announcing every detail, had the correct placement of bridal party, that everything was happening at the time it should have, she went and got Tupperware for all of our leftover food, cleaned up all decorations after reception, you name it she did it! I was so pleased and absolutely recommend her. More...