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Silvia's International Gourmet Catering

Thompsonville, Connecticut

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Silvia's International Gourmet Catering logo

Silvia's International Gourmet Catering

Thompsonville, Connecticut

1 hire on Bark.com

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Steve Powell

25 May 2019

Great find in Enfield. Kind of a best keep secret. Had the whole place to myself. The service is great. The Reuben was very good. Very nice ambiance. Great prices. Hope to get back this way some day. Good coffee too. More...


Jeanne Rago

29 April 2019

Sylvia's is truly a diamond in the rough! My husband and I just had dinner there tonight. The wine was delicious and was a generous pour for only $5.00! Beer was also very affordable ! The food was delicious (We had pasta primavera and eggplant parmigiana)and the portions were huge! The most surprising thing was the lack of people in this wonderful restaurant! Sylvia couldn't have been nicer and more hospitable! Enfield residents stop going to all the chain restaurants in town and try Sylvia's, you won't be disappointed! Let's support our local businesses! More...


Katherine Boucher

29 January 2019

Everything was delicious from appetizer to entree! They gave big portion too! Highly recommended!!!!


Ava Carmichael

30 December 2018

Going to Syliva's Restaurant is like going home to see my family for a meal. Sylvia is warm and cares for her guests. She makes all of her food with love. We visited for her annual Thanksgiving buffet meal and it was such a warm, inviting, wonderful experience. So much food!! So many different European dishes, from Germany to France and Italy. There is definitely something for everyone (and don't skip the deserts -she is highly skilled in her breads and pastries, too!) More...


Thomas Fingerman

30 December 2018

Food is great, and large quantity. Personal service from the owner and cook. Highly recommend a visit. Real home cooked meals. You will need to make a reservation. More...


Paul Holts

30 November 2018

Best food i have ever had..the owner and chef Sylvia is a sweetheart from Romania.


julia parsons

31 October 2018

Excellent food by the gifted chef Silvia. She prepared food for our presidents and has photos with them on the wall of the restaurant. Winner of many food competition.


Shelley Ramsdell

29 May 2018

Had our daughter's wedding reception at Silvia's restaurant. We could not have had a better experience. The food was excellent and the choices were diverse so everyone had a lot to chose from for their meal. Silvia shared a European tradition of breaking bread with the newlyweds and parents. It was a lovely gesture. It was a wonderful time. More...


Angela W.

29 May 2018

Visited this restaurant while staying in the area for the Brimfield Antique show. The owner is a passionate and kind woman who has great food recommendations. The menu is flexible, and can be adjusted. Portions are very good, at a reasonable price. All of the food is homemade, and includes bread, salad, and dessert (all delicious). We very much enjoyed our meals and will be returning in the future! Highly recommended. More...


Hyacinth Nightshade

4 May 2018

A well hidden gem of a restaurant. The food was excellent and the portions very generous! Can't wait till our next visit!


Stan Gvinter

1 April 2018

It was our first time, we ordered catering for six. Everything was delicious. For dessert we had different kind of strudels it was something you won't find in any bakery.


Barbie kelleher

17 March 2018

Very good home style Romanian cooking. We had the Romanian holiday dinner. Stuffed cabbage was mmmmmm, pork , sausage and sauerkraut. Lots of food on one plate. Delicious home made chicken Soup and salad included. More...


Morris Armstrong

8 March 2018

I can accept all of the reviews except for the bad food. I ate there in the winter with a friend and the place was relatively empty and uncomfortably cool. However, Sylvia's warmth made up for the chill (not literally but you know what I mean). The menu had a number of choices but Sylvia recommended whhat she thought was best that night and assured us that we would love it. She was correct. The breads, salads, soups, entree and desserts were all very good. I do suffer from a vision problem, my eyes are bigger than my belly, and I think that I ate enough for two days and still had leftovers. It is not fancy by any means, the wines are not to my liking so I simply refrained from ordering any, but the meal was worth it. One of the best meals that I ever had was in Milano - where the chef just brought out plates of his choice. In a way, that is how I view this restaurant. I don't understand her pricing, but it is reasonable and worth it! More...


Michael Moran

10 February 2018

Silvia went out of her way to make it a very enjoyable experience. She's a very hands-on owner and it makes a difference when you're at a place where the owner is very involved. Excellent food and service. I will definitely go back. More...


Angelica Rivera

30 December 2017

Honestly an astonishing restaurant. French, German, Romanian, Hungrian, Jewish, Russian all in one restaurant. So glad i found it. I enjoyed every minute! So many things to say: First, The food is delicious!! Such a unique and fresh taste. Everything made with care even the drinks. Second, the prices are extremely reasonable. One entree comes with a soup, salad, homemade bread/ butter and dessert, can't go wrong with that! Third, the location is in a beautiful area by a lake, perfect for what this restaurant presents. Forth, the inside has such a welcoming and homey flare which i loved. Lastly, Silvia! The sweetest most loving person. Employees are nice and welcoming. I honestly have nothing bad to say. I hope others will get the chance to experience what this restaurant is truely about.
Thank You Silvia's Restaurant


Jason Stankwitz

29 December 2017

It's like going to your grandmother's house for dinner, the chef is a show all her own and great cook. If you want something special just ask and she will custom a dish for you. Great old world cooking with a homey feel. More...


Emily Bell

9 December 2017

The food at this restaurant is beyond top notch, I can't say enough great things about it. The soup was our starter which was easily some of the best soup I've ever eaten. We then were served a still warm, fresh loaf of bread. Next came the fresh salad with delicious feta and house dressing. By this point I'm reaching delightfully satisfied, almost full. The phenomenal meal came next; there were no salt and pepper shakers on the table, signifying everything was perfectly seasoned, which it was!! Just when I thought I couldn't eat another bite, 2 still warm brownies were served!! Needless to say, we brought so much food home and still walked out about to burst at the seams. I can't believe we hadn't heard of this place sooner, but we'll certainly be regular patrons now!! More...

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