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Shawn Preston is an award winning Magician, Mentalist, Sleight of Hand Ninja, Trade Show Guru and Corporate Entertainer. With more than 25 years experience, he is Colorado's premier Corporate Entertainer. Shawn provides high-impact, astonishment and audience engagement that will have your guests amazed and amused.


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K L.

28 August 2019

Shawn Preston brings a sense of wonder and magic to an event.  His magic is top-notch, and his presentation sure does draw a crowd.  My company has hired Shawn for tradeshows in Denver, CO, and Long Beach, CA, and both events were highly successful in no small part to Shawn's magic, ability to draw a crowd, and professionalism.  If you are looking for a way to make your event stand out, Shawn is your magician! More...


Dararat Payattakool Sergent Han

30 November 2018

shawn is a funny and skillful magician!


Dianna Anderson

30 November 2018

I hired Shawn to perform at our intimate, 10-person, book club. He was very entertaining and AMAZING magic. I say AMAZING because Shawn was 3-feet away from everyone in this setting and performed magically :) . I HIGHLY recommend Shawn to perform at any group size, corporated all the way to a small, intimate setting. Thanks Shawn for making our book club "magical" More...


Camellia Coray

31 October 2018

Shawn is the perfect party entertainer. I have hired him for both personal and business events and without fail he captures the crowed each time and leaves them raving for days. We will continue to use Shawn in the future and encourage others to hire him for a Magical event that wont soon be forgotten. More...


Johanna Ladis

3 July 2018

Shawn performed at our daughter's bat mitzvah celebration and was the hit of the party. Kids, teens, adults - all loved the show. So professional, creative, fun and very impressive. More...


Sara Hare

29 May 2018

Shawn was AMAZING at our nonprofit fundraising event. People were literally screaming in disbelief when they experienced his magic/mentalism. It was one of the most positively mentioned things after the event- people keep raving about him! More...


Gary Ruvins

29 May 2018

Shawn was great. Amazing magician skill set but most importantly the entertainment component for a corporate party was great. Personable, funny, entertaining and a genuinely a nice guy! We will be definite repeat customers. Highly recommend! More...


Samuel Mann

29 May 2018

Great experience for our guests! I liked it better than having an on-stage entertainer. Shawn is pretty amazing with the tricks he does and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting some entertainment for their guests.


Chris Silkwood

29 May 2018

Shawn FAR exceeded our expectations. He is the best magician we have ever seen! He is engaging, easy to work with, funny, and AMAZING! You will be talking about his performance for weeks! MIND BLOWN!!! If you are looking to hire a magician, just stop here and hope that he has time for you. We loved him so much we booked him for another event the same week. More...



29 May 2018

He did an amazing job for a Hall-Irwin company party. He started the night be mingling with different people and doing tricks with them and then finished the night off with a show for the whole group. His magic tricks were very impressive, mind boggling, and were laced with a lot of great humor. He was also very personable to talk with after the initial show, remembering peoples names, talking about his life story, etc. I would recommend you hire him if you are looking for someone to do a magic show for your own party. More...


Nicky Graham

29 May 2018

Shawn Preston's strolling magic at the beginning of our event had our guest captivated! Our guests talked about his performance for weeks afterwards. He incorporated the guest of honor and family in his show. The entire crowd was on the edge of their seats. Thank you Shawn for the special touch you added to our evening. I would highly recommend you for any event!! More...


G R.

12 December 2017

Solid magician! Retained for a corporate event and was spot on in magic skill set and entertainment. Approachable, funny, entertaining and engaging. Highly recommend him!Would love to learn his tricks on how to make hundreds out of singles (would help me on the spouse shoe shopping days!) More...


Roy Martin

21 October 2017

My wife and I have hired Shawn Preston for four parties and he has never ceased to amaze us and our guests! He is a consummate professional and an extraordinary magician. His patter is always humorous and his slight of hand is astonishing! We have seen a few of his magic tricks more than once and we still can't figure out how he does it! Shawn has an amazing and varied repertoire of tricks and always gives us and our guests an amazing show. His rates are very reasonable and he is also a genuine, nice guy. We are looking forward to our next event so we can hire Shawn again! More...


Alissa S.

2 October 2017

I hired Shawn for my husband's 40th birthday and was blown away!  He is easy to work with, funny, engaging, and the best magician I have ever seen.  (yep, I've seen quite a few)   If you are looking for a magician you should call him right now, and hope he has time for you.  This man is one in a million. More...


Jeanine S.

17 December 2012

Words cannot describe Shawn's work. My company hired Shawn for a trade show in Denver. He was so fantastic we re-hired him. What I like most about him; He takes the time to learn about your organization and incorporates the themes in his "tricks". His "tricks" and mind reading are fantastic. You and your guest will be blown away.  If you are considering an entertainer for any event, this is your guy! More...


My entire life. I started around 6 or 7 with a magic kit. When I was a teenager I worked at a magic shop. This paved the way for me to begin my career as a full time performer.

My show is full of comedy, sleight of hand, a bit of mind-reading, audience interaction and a ton of fun!

I love providing a story and an experience people WILL talk about

I realized that I didn't want to look back on my life and say "I wish I would've..."

I pride myself in providing not only magic and comedy but an experience. I want my guests walking away having had an unforgettable experience. I certainly want to amaze my audience, but I sincerely want them to have a story!