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Joseph M.

30 July 2019

They did a great job showing up on time and giving us an estimate.  They knew their stuff and were very professional.  However, the bid was at least 50% more than other companies and we hired one of them.  I would not hesitate to use them if the cost was competitive though, they seemed like a good company. More...


Shawn D.

2 July 2019

This has been the best experience I have ever had with a roofing company for that matter any home improvement business and I am a handyman by trade. The guys at Sharp roofing they are too notch in my book from the pricing to the customer service the guys at sharp are the best. The salesman Brock Kelly was what did it for me he was not a used car salesman as alot of other roof salesman are he took the time to explain everything to us I say us cause my wife was involved he treated her like she was the only one that matters answered every trivial question she had.  That makes a  good salesman and a company that I will reference all my customers who need roofing repairs or new construction. All I can say is they are the best in the biz More...


Kimberly M.

26 June 2019

I have used Sharp Roofing consistently for all my roofing needs. They have always been very responsive & professional. Their estimates have been reasonable & they do not add on work that does not need to be done. I am also a real estate agent, and I recommend them to my clients, so my clients get the best experience! More...


James Keen

1 September 2018

I was very pleased by the services rendered by this roofing service company.  They quoted reasonable prices and finished the work within the set timeline. The team was highly professional. They cleaned up the premise post work each day. I would surely recommend them to others as well. More...


Shane Secord

6 August 2018

Cliff and the crew are the best, they did my house and I refer them to all my clients. They are the only roofing company that returns phone calls in this market! Call them now!


Larry Hull

6 August 2018

These guys will go over Cliff for you.


Markus Boos

3 July 2018

Cliff Hurn came out to evaluate my roof (flat roof on a 2 year old construction that I purchased new) after I found some soft spots on the roof. I was unsure if this was due to normal settling or represented defective workmanship. Cliff gave me his honest opinion and spent a lot of time leading me through the materials used for roofing, how they are applied and why this was likely an unconcerning finding due to building settling.I really appreciated his demeanor, his patience in teaching me and how he didn't try to swindle me into repairs that my home didn't need. If you want an honest company to evaluate your roof, this is the place! More...


Dan R.

12 April 2018

I had a little confusion and miscommunication at first, but the owner stepped in and straightened everything out. They do great work and pricing is competitive!


Rebecca S.

31 January 2018

These guys did my roof in 2015, and put in a skylight.  I was very happy with the process.  Good, hassle free.  Nice guys.


james S.

1 August 2017

Sharp roofing did my roof about 4 yrs ago, dynamite, I loved working with this company. Cori and Cliff are pro's at there Jobs, Glad I had my roof done by sharp. done in two days, a lot of work and was properly manned up.   Thanks Sharp Roofing More...


J.D. Hooser

29 May 2017

During the re-roofing process, questions were answered in a timely manner, and issues with payment processing were fixed and taken care of without issue. Somethings did not get explained prior to installation, and changes needed to be made during the process (which were done without issues). Still don't like the looks of the vents on the front of the roof, wish it could have been done differently. Was told that someone would come out 6 months after installation to check on the work, and there has been no such check up a year later. More...


Scott Martin

29 May 2017

Sharp Roofing was recommended to me. I called them and Cliff made special accommodations to evaluate my roof they very next day! I am very pleased with his work and professionalism. More...


Maya Lusis

29 May 2017

We had a terrific experience with Sharp Roofing and would highly recommend them to anyone. They were very helpful in determining what kind of roof/vents would go best with our house. The roofers were friendly and professional. When we had questions, the staff were quick to respond. A+!!! More...


April Shiosaki

29 May 2017

We appreciate the communication and the work from Sharp Roofing! Cliff came out to the house and completed a very thorough inspection and came up with a quote with including details of how the repairs needed to be completed allowing us to make an informed decision. We highly recommend Sharp Roofing!


Tracy Specht

29 May 2017

We met with Cliff yesterday to do our roofing certification. He is an outstanding person and did a great job for us. He didnt just tell me what he found, he explained the reasoning behind why specific items on the roof are relevant. He also explained proper care and maintenance to us so we know how to take care of our roof to get the most years out of it. He is an extremely knowledgeable and professional individual. He is also very personable and a joy to talk to. More...


Jesse T.

26 February 2017

My recent roofing project-- a new build, simple but steep pitches-- was handled very well by Sharp Roofing. From the bid, to the work, to the performance of the final product, it has all been good. The two guys who showed up to do the work were fast and efficient. And while English may not have been their first language, they were friendly and professional. Additionally, this most recent winter has certainly put it to the test! I'm talking about 6" of snow, record rainfalls in the month of February and not a single leak! I would recommend Sharp! More...


Shane S.

22 February 2017

Cliff and his crew are the best, not only did they do an awesome Job on my home but they take care of all my clients too.Call them, they do great work!!


Patricia K.

22 February 2017

Some trouble with the office staff organizing deliveries, so this delayed the 3 workers but did not add to the cost. The workers themselves were excellent. We are very pleased with the roof and have had several compliments from neighbors. More...


David H.

29 November 2016

Performed Roof Inspection / Certification:  We are helping Buyers with a 'short sale' home purchase in Snohomish, WA.  Many of you might know, the 'wait' for a short sale approval can be long, and patience is truly a precious commodity for everyone involved.  However, once you receive the 'short sale' lender acceptance, everything SPINS into hyper-speed to beat the foreclosure auction.  We finally received the lender acceptance, and the property was appraised for the Buyer's lender.  The appraiser called out 'roof issues' and required a roof inspection/certification.  Buyers are approaching their closing date fast....  I contacted Cliff @ Sharp Roofing via email @ 10pm, yesterday evening.  I immediately received a response from Cliff saying he could help.  He already looked at the satellite view of the roof, so he could be informed about the roof and property overview.  I met him today (less than 12 hours from initial contact), and he happily prepared a roof inspection / certification for the Buyers lender.  I'm in the business of exceptional customer service, it's what we have to offer as a real estate agent, to our Customers.  It's businesses and people like Cliff, who allow us to be a "shining star" to our Customers.  Cliff was highly communicative, and highly responsive to the Buyer's timeline.  We cannot thank you enough! More...


Patrick S.

19 October 2016

I needed an inspection and certification for homeowner's insurance on short notice.  Cliff responded promptly and professionally.  He'll be my first call when roof work is needed. More...


Richard B.

6 October 2016

Cliff really went above and beyond which is rare in this industry. As a contractor, I know when I've found another quality contractor and Sharp Roofing is certainly one. He not only took the time to view my home inspection report and sent it back to me with detailed notes, but he also advised my roof did need to be replaced. That saved me $50,000. In addition he recommended a simple roof cleaning and recommended several contractors that could do the work for me. This type of honesty is not often seen in the roofing business. More...


Jenifer B.

1 September 2016

Sharp roofing did a great job identifying the source of my water damage, and was able to creatively resolve the issues while also being mindful of the budget . Capriano took time to explain what he was doing, and we discussed solutions that would not only resolve the problem but which wouldn't compromise the appearance of the roof line. More...


W. G.

17 July 2016

I hired Sharp roofing to replace my shake roof with composition, it lowered my home insurance and really gave my home more value. The work was completed on schedule and the crew did an outstanding job, I like the hold down installed so an old guy like me can tie off when I clean my skylights. The crew was polite and knowledgeable and performed in a journeyman fashion. The price was competitive and I would recommend them to my friends if I had any! *** ****** Camano Island Wa. More...


dianna c.

6 June 2016

Sharp Roofing did an amazing job with our roof repair.  Russ was very efficient and friendly.  We will be using them for our future roofing needs.


Lauren G.

2 June 2016

I just had my second experience with Sharp Roofing and they were equally as great the second time around.  Cliff came out to do a roof inspection for a real estate client of mine.  He was prompt and helpful, and explained everything in great detail.  We were very satisfied with the level of service provided and won't hesitate to contact Sharp again in the future. More...


Robert Bieniek

29 May 2016

I want to express my happiness with the job your crew done. Absolutely fantastic. Professional, clean and detail oriented.
It is the best experience I had with contractors in years. Please congratulate them and recognize their efforts.


Beth S.

12 March 2016

I found Sharp Roofing right her on Yelp & called them based on their good reviews. I am a new homeowner and during the inspection, it was recommended that the roof needed proper ventilation, so I called Cliff w/Sharp. They were responsive and got the job done in a timely, affordable manner. There was a problem with the vent placements (for me, I didn't like where they were placed) and they fixed the problem w/out charging me extra which I really appreciated. The lesson I learned through this process (having never even thought about roof vents before! ;-) was that I should have asked where exactly on the roof the vents would be placed. I would recommend Sharp Roofing & would use them again! Thanks Cliff! More...


Janet N.

22 December 2015

I am selling my house and the buyer was interested in the condition of the roof, given it is an older house.Cliff was able to fit in an inspection during this busy season with very short notice. He was thorough and very nice to work with.I highly recommend Sharp Roofing, especially for inspections as few others are willing to do them. More...


Mitch S.

15 November 2015

I had a roof that leaked in a few places so when it was time to get a new one put on I called Sharp since I know one of their consultants, Russ - kids on the same little league team; stuff like that. I got 2 estimates and a head-check from another roofer about what I'd been told. I have a low-pitch roof and it needed something other than composition shingles. I felt like this was outside the comfort zone of the first roofer I talked with. Even though I'd used them before and all told my family had them do 4 roofs this wasn't their thing.Sharp on the other hand knew exactly what needed to be done. I explained that I needed a new roof but 20K+ wasn't an option so I needed options from "make it stop leaking for a few years" to "give me a great roof". They came through with estimates from cheap torch-down to metal. We landed on PVC membrane and some extra insulation under it.While we waited for install Russ came out and tacked down some plastic to divert some of the leaks.Their guys got to work a few weeks later and worked solid for a few days getting everything installed. They did a great job keeping nails out of my driveway and street. I found a few stray screws but less than I had expected. I feel like they paid attention to where people drive and kept it clean.So, why not 5 stars? I had to have them come back 2x to fix the transition from the new roof to the gutters. After the initial install I could see a gap between the gutter and the roof. Needless to say that wasn't going to work. They came back and "fixed" it but not in any acceptable way, the sharp consultant agreed, apologized and got it done right. They ended up having starter metal made to match what I needed. While this should have been done the first time it's not a big deal and they took care of it.That last paragraph sums up my main reason for choosing Sharp - they will get it right. It took a couple trips back, but they got it done right without a hassle - which is really all that matters. More...


Scott F.

23 October 2015

No doubt these guys are one of the best. For me, not only is the quality and craftsmanship important, but the communication and professionalism stood out.  I initiated my conversation with Cliff Hurn, who has more knowledge than anyone I have ever met when it comes to roofing.  I always feel like they are taking care of me verse all other times I second guessed the intent of the roofing company and felt like they were trying to gouge me.  Highly recommended and trusted. Thanks Cliff More...


Chris U.

22 September 2015

I was prepping to sell my home that had a 16 year old cedar shake roof and was given Sharp Roofing's information by my realtor.  I was seeking an inspection to understand the state of the roof, whether there was any remaining life to it, and to verify no leaking had occurred.  The owner of the company responded promptly to my inquiry and offered to come out and visit my home the same day and he provided a detailed report with images a few days after.  A few weeks later at my request, Sharp was able to provide a roofing certificate to aid in our sale.  I have been pleased by Sharp's responsiveness and level of detail.  I'd happily use them again and recommend them. More...


Don M.

21 March 2015

Sharp Roofing did a PVC application on our home's flat roof. The new roof looks very nice and, the application appears to be professional. Our issue is with communication. Our all-Hispanic crew was courteous and skilled, however we were never quite certain that our instructions were understood. That led to a few misunderstandings. We would use Sharp Roofing again with one important caveat - before a contract was signed, we would insist that a clause be added. That clause would obligate Sharp Roofing to have an English-speaking worker/supervisor present anytime one or more of their employees or a subcontractors's employees were onsite. By English-speaking, I mean someone who speaks English as a first language. I don't mean to sound xenophobic or in any way disparage Hispanic workers; we've had several Hispanic work crews at the house over the years and we've always been impressed by their work ethic and their attention to quality.If an American company doing business in America can't or won't supply at least one worker/supervisor who's native language is English, I strongly suggest you look elsewhere. More...


Krisi J.

9 December 2014

Competitve bid.  Efficient and considerate crew.  (Beat a competing roof company that was working on a similar size house in our neighborhood by a couple of days with a lot less mess!)  Roof and gutters look and perform awesome! More...


Devin E.

3 October 2014

Quick follow-up.  My neighbor didn't take my advice, and used a different roofer to put on his new roof.  Garbage all over my lawn, broken gutters on his house, and 2 nails in my tires... and his roof doesn't look nearly as well done.  Sharp roofing is even more impressive when you compare it to the other options out there. More...


Cory W.

29 July 2014

I am buying a house with a very questionable cedar shake roof and I had already got two quotes saying the roof was nearing the end of its life. Cliff looked at the roof and said no-way it just needs cleaning and more regular maintenance. Cliff doesn't even do cleaning and could've sold me anything but said I just needed cleaning. Just awesome customer service. More...


Patrick K.

22 July 2014

Cliff at Sharp Roofing did a great job of helping me decide on a plan for a new roof in December, at a lower quote than other companies. They delivered on their promise of professionalism. Their work and warranty is excellent, and the service too. Roof now has some additional features my old roof lacked, including venting and edging. They were even nice enough to pressure wash moss off my garage roof while on my property. They followed up on a concern I had with some flashing and within a week got it fixed.No-pressure sales. I highly recommend. More...


Alisha A.

10 June 2014

I met both Cliff and Russ as I wanted a bid on a new roof for my rental home in Greenlake. They both told me I still had a year or so left on my current roof and they would wait before replacing. I was amazed at the honesty, integrity, and professionalism of this company. What great people to work with and of course, I will be calling them back in one year to have them do the work and will send all my friends to them as well. So nice to know there are still businesses out there that want to do the right thing;) Thank you! More...


Vinay P.

28 May 2014

Cliff is a great guy but there was some gutter work his men kept messing up and only got it right the fourth time. And after spending a good grand on the roof, he recommended me to get a new roof. I would have appreciated that recommendation before.*Edit: Cliff did reach out to me and recognized what went wrong and how he could do it differently. He is committed to providing best customer service and I would definitely give him another shot. More...


ballardgirl a.

29 March 2014

We really appreciated Sharp Roofings honesty... we asked them to come give us a roofing bid, which they did and it turns out they said we still had a few more years of life on our roof! That was great news, and we'll definitely be calling them back when we need an honest roofer. More...


Clark W.

5 March 2014

I'm giving Cliff a great review for his patience, expertise, helpfulness, and trustworthiness.  He ultimately recommended that I didn't really need roofing work -- and he gave me contact info for other tradespeople who could help with our attic ventilation issues. It was refreshing honesty...Thanks, Cliff! More...


Dan A.

2 October 2013

My recent experience with Sharp Roofing prompted a written testimonial. Cliff Hurn came to my home to measure my house for new gutters. He provided options to help protect the integrity of my home as well as my bank account. The crew arrived on time on the day they promised despite horrible weather. They were both efficient and professional. And most of the work was completed during a monsoon. Its good to know there are still contractors who live up to their promises and make a habit out of exceeding expectations. Thankfully my house does not need a new roof. But when it does, I'll be calling Cliff and his team at Sharp Roofing. More...



21 August 2013

I could not have asked for a better team to be working on my house. They worked steadily through the days, and their pride in their work shows in the final product.ᅠ



13 August 2013

The time that you took to explain the entire process in detail (with examples of materials), along with your knowledge and professional attitude is why I decided to go with your company. The courteous, professionalism and timeliness of your crew. More...


Brook C.

13 July 2013

My wife and I met with several roofers before we chose Sharp Roofing to replace our roof. Of these companies, Sharp's rep impressed us the most. He took the time to really evaluate the roof, explained all the issues, and determined what the best solution would be- which was not the most expensive solution. When the bids came in, their price was very competitive, so it was an easy choice. Now that the work has been completed, I couldn't be more pleased with our choice. Sharp's crew was very efficient, thorough and left our property neat and tidy. I also received great communication throughout the job via emails with pics and explanations of repairs from the job supervisor. The roof itself looks fantastic! Sharp Roofing also has great office support staff--they got the necessary paperwork and details worked-out promptly and professionally. Overall, we were extremely impressed with their service from start to finish. I recommend them to anyone looking for a roofing contractor. More...


M I.

24 May 2013

This is my second yelp review ever!  Had to give Sharp Roofing a shout out.  Had a new roof put on three years ago by another roofing outfit.  It was a nightmare experience dealing with that other outfit.  Our roof subsequently leaked.  It was a nightmare experience dealing with that other outfit again to get it fixed.  And, I didn't trust them when they said they fixed it.  Cliff from Sharp Roofing came out and crawled all around to confirm that there was no active leak and that everything looked well done (what a relief)!  Then, a few months later, we were under contract to sell our house.  A few small roof issues needed to be taken care of.  I tried calling the original roofing outfit to get them to take responsibility, but you guessed it, nightmare experience of them stringing me along until it became clear they had no intention of doing the small repairs.  I called Cliff and he had someone here the next morning to do the work.  He and Cipriano were very responsive and understanding about the time crunch and need for documentation.  Thank you! More...


Phil M.

8 March 2013

My wife and I met with several roofers before we chose Sharp Roofing to replace our roof. Of these companies, Sharp's rep impressed us the most. He took the time to really evaluate the roof, explained all the issues, and determined what the best solution would be- which was not the most expensive solution. When the bids came in, their price was very competitive, so it was an easy choice.Now that the work has been completed, I couldn't be more pleased with our choice. Sharp's crew was very efficient, thorough and left our property neat and tidy. I also received great communication throughout the job via emails with pics and explanations of repairs from the job supervisor. The roof itself looks fantastic!Sharp Roofing also has great office support staff--they got the necessary paperwork and details worked-out promptly and professionally. Overall, we were extremely impressed with their service from start to finish. I recommend them to anyone looking for a roofing contractor. More...


Andrea H.

12 February 2013

Thank you for taking care of my leaky roof! Sharp Roofing came to my house right away!  I called about a steady stream of water running into my family room, with 3 pans catching the water they immediately secured a tarp to the roof while we figured the issue and scheduled the fix. The leak has been has been a problem for years on any windy, stormy, rainy day. My  roof is now completely repaired, looks great, and no leaks anywhere. Thank you Sharp Roofing, Cliff, and the team. Can't imagine having anyone else on my roof!:) More...


Andy T.

15 November 2012

Tired of kicking buckets full of rain water on my morning warpath to the coffee maker, I decided to bite the bullet.  Time for a new roof.I asked my contractor friend about it.  He said call Cliff the roofer!I was talking about it with my neighbor.  She said Cliff the roofer did her roof. Who is this guy?!So I looked him up, found Sharp Roofing (Cliff's company) and met one of Seattle's famous characters.  My roof is sharp, my floors are dry, I feel like I'm more "Seattle" now that I know Cliff, and now the sun's out - so none of it matters.  Call Cliff. More...


Alex K.

19 October 2012

I've had my fare share of awkward and unprofessional experiences with roofers of all varieties.  I recently moved to Seattle and found myself in need of some roofing help... I refused to go down the path of randomly selecting a roofing company out of a phone book.  A very dear friend of mine referred me to Cliff at Sharp Roofing.  His services went above and beyond my wildest expectations.  Clean and professional upon arrival, fast working with a great finished product.  When I inevitably move in a couple years, I'm going to keep their number.You're welcome future tenants! More...


angie b.

23 September 2011

Cliff came out to inspect our roof and was very honest and professional with us. Even though we didn't end up needing our whole roof replaced he was very helpful in letting us know what we needed to do to do fix the leak we had and  he went out of his way to help.  When we need our whole roof replaced we will be using him! More...

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