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Brad H.

18 October 2019

Today I had a catering order that included their fantastic rolls. I thought they were included in one of my bags. When I got where I was going I discovered they were not. When I called in they apologized and drove the 25 minutes to where I was to complete my ordered. This type of customer service is what sets this place apart from the crowd. Thanks so much Sgt Peffers for making sure we got our roll fix! More...


Jon Herms

12 October 2019

Wonderful food. Pizza is amazing, great meatballs. Quick service.


Myles Tickle

5 October 2019

I thought their pasta dishes were my favorites, but then my son couldn't finish his kids pizza so I ate that and that was my new favorite. But then on our next visit, I thought I would try something different - The Roast Beef Au Jus. The sky was now in full Technicolor and the birds were singing a Mozart opera. Everything became clearer, brighter because the best Roast beef au jus has been found in Millard made by Sgt Peffer. More...


Carol Rich

12 September 2019

Excellent gluten-free pizza. Also, the grilled chicken salad is a favorite of ours.


Chad K.

27 August 2019

Good affordable Italian cuisine in Millard. You order at the counter, have a seat, and then wait for your food to be brought to you.Their lunch specials are great. You can get a good sized portion of baked pasta, a roll, a salad (or soup), and a drink for around $10. Not too bad at all.One complaint: They make their own Italian dressing and it's just never good. I think it's because it separates and people don't realize it. So they pour some out and get mostly oil. Then they realize it and shake it up, but by then the oil to vinegar to herb balance in the container has been thrown off. I know. I know. I've put way too much thought into it.  It would help if they shook up the container thoroughly before handing it to the customers.The "taste like it's out of jar" crowd of reviewers cracks me up. I'd love to get 5 jarred marinaras and 5 made from scratch ones and do a blind taste test and see if they can actually pick out the 5 jarred ones. I'd bet good money they can't. Everyone thinks they're an expert in Italian sauces. It's not from a jar, people. Now my eyes hurt from rolling them.For those into Omaha restaurant history, Sgt. Peffer's owners are the same people who were behind "Pefferoni's Pizza & Etcetera" back in the 1980s. More...


Sabrina D.

17 August 2019

Sgt. peffers is an Omaha favorite for a reason: it's so dang good. Their pastas and salads are fresh and tasty, but I come mostly for the pizza. Specifically, either the veggie or the four cheese white. And gosh, they are so so good. If you've never been, throw out what you think you know about good pizza and order a four cheese white and thank them later! It's a creamy and savory delight! They also offer a drive thru pick up spot if you've been wise enough to order ahead! The dine in space at this location isn't huge, but it can certainly accommodate you and your family! Delicious. Quality. Friendly. Tried and true. More...


Caela Henley-Huddleston

15 August 2019

Such a great little place. Owner is super nice guy. Everyone was super nice and helpful.. great customer service. Would recommend for sure..


Amanda Jimerson

15 July 2019

I love this place!!!!!!!!!


Jexa Knobbe

14 July 2019

The best! The five cheese pizza and the decor are my fav! Beatles forever!!


Marion Goulette Kirk

10 July 2019

best pizza in town we love all their food


Tori Healey

12 June 2019

Best pizza in town! They deliver to our neighborhood, but whoever answers the phone is never sure, so they ask the delivery guy, Larry. Larry always gets on the phone, knows exactly who and where we are and delivers our pie hot, quick and with a smile! Highly recommend. More...


Katey S.

8 June 2019

They get five stars for delivering pizza to The Homy Inn across the street! Definitely a pizza that stands out in Omaha. It's a little hidden so prepare to be confused. More...


Rebecca Paige McMahon

6 June 2019

Larry is an amazing delivery driver and has been delivering to us for years. We appreciate the friendly and person service we get every time he delivers!


Greg M.

26 May 2019

Real good! We got their Meatlover's pizza(The Prime Cut), and it had good quality meat toppings and they didn't skimp. Overall, the flavor of it was perfect! I will be back to order again soon. Definitely 5 stars from me! More...


Angie Martin

15 May 2019

food is always delicious no complaints there. I will say we were pretty disappointed in the attitude of the staff. we came in w a medium sized group, place was empty anyway, service was quick so that was nice. a few of is stayed around and chatted, when we left we said thank you, the kids said thank you but not one of us got a friendly you're welcome, we got a nose in the air with dirty looks. we were quite confused.... we then noticed we stayed about 30 min past closing time. So yes our fault but that didn't deserve the rudeness we were given. they could have politely said we close at 8. no one would have been upset. More...


Jean Crary

11 May 2019

Great gluten free pizza.


Kristi C.

6 May 2019

Great Italian pizza and the white sauce is the best I've had.  I've been going here for years and their quality is always consistent.  Love the 5 cheese white pizza!  Our family also gets the cheese tortellini with white sauce.  I've come to really like the rest of their pizza options as well with the red sauce.  The red sauce meals are not quite as good.  I also really enjoy their wheat buns.  They are just a little sweet. More...


Jane McClurkin

27 April 2019

Excellent and family owned. Always good and always feel welcome


April Hogan-Forte

17 March 2019

Everything on the menu is great


Debbie Gochenour

6 March 2019

Love love Sgt Peffer’s. Great Food. Always excited when we do a benefit auction like today and Sgt Peffer is doing the catering.


Judi Larsen Pedersen

19 February 2019

Somewhat difficult to get there, but worth finding it. All items we had were great .


Tracy Podany

1 February 2019

Every meal I have eaten at Sgt Peffer’s has been outstanding. Taste. Temperature. Choices. The staff is always friendly. Would recommend this place in a heart beat. More...


Haryl Denkens

30 January 2019

I will take all the girls I wish I could ask out here. haha Best Italian homemade food I've had in a long time in Omaha.


Jim Homan

28 January 2019

Love the food, especially the Italian Sausage.


Chris Wingate

1 January 2019

The food and staff are second to none.


Sherri S.

23 December 2018

LOVE LOVE LOVE their food. However, never go through the drive through. They pretend not to see you. We tried ordering ahead three different times for drive through, and it took about 30 mins sitting in your car. It wasn't even rush hour time. Happened every time. They would refuse to look up and see you, even if you knocked on the window. They would finally answer and then make the meal that you had called in for.  We have loved all the sandwiches and baked dishes. Found their spaghetti a bit bland, but WOW on every thing else. Soups are great too! More...


Raye Sullivan

12 December 2018

I’m having “one of those days”, I drove past Sgt Peffer’s and decided to stop for lunch. I grew up in the neighborhood and it used to be one of my favorite places to eat. I don’t make it down that way very often so I don’t eat there much anymore. I ordered my own made up pasta dish. The staff was very friendly and made my order exactly as I requested. The entire meal was delicious and the minestrone is the best I have ever had! Thank you for being a bright spot in my day. More...


Elizabeth Miller

12 December 2018

Everything I have tried from Sgt. Peffer’s has been great! Love the pizza and grilled chicken salads.


Susan Grady Bristol

11 December 2018

Chicken &cheese tortellini is wonderful (and plentiful!) Salad with shredded chicken on top with their wonderful salad dressing.


Kristin Caniglia

24 November 2018

My food has always been really good when I’ve eaten there. My two favorite there are the white cheese pizza and a grilled chicken salad. Their dressing is so yummy and the chicken is seasoned so well! More...


Laura E.

23 November 2018

Skip the garlic bread and salad. I've had more garlic on a PBJ, and the salad is straight out of an uninspired bag. That said: good gracious, eat some entrees! We love the ravioli, and the meatballs in red sauce. So, so good. We're excited to dig into the menu more and see what else we can fall in love with. More...


Tammi H.

21 November 2018

This place is Awesome! Both locations I feel could use update but I think the atmosphere is fun. I haven't found anything I don't like! There chicken salad is to die for and it's a huge serving amount everyone must try this salad!! There pizza is great! All pasta dishes are wonderful. More...


Ruth S.

14 November 2018

This is a wonderful surprise oasis in the center of busy Millard. The food is every bit as delicious as they say with special gourmet touches. Their unique brand of service--ordering counter and limited table service---keeps their costs down and that is refreshing! The quality and large portions are the real surprise. The only down mark would be the plastic chairs, but if it helps to keep their costs down, plastic it is! Excellent service. Excellent quality. Excellent bargain! We'll be back!! More...


Cedric Relford

8 November 2018

I ate there often when I lived there. The pepperoni rolls and tortellini are my favorites. Matter of fact, I will be in town next week. Gotta make sure I stop.


Tanya Allen Yoder

3 November 2018

Delicious, as always!! Pizza just doesn’t get any better!


Justin H.

2 November 2018

Five stars because of the chicken Florentine soup, if you order anything I recommend the Chicken Florentine soup! Sgt Peffer's has homemade soup daily. They make a different soup for each day of the week. Friday they have Chicken Florentine soup which is the best soup I've ever tasted. Sgt Peffer's has other great dishes, their prime cut pizza is great as well, it's their version of a meat lovers pizza. Their salad dressing is great as well. Overall I'd say they deserve a try. The interior is small, they have have seating for about 30 people. They also have two other locations in the Omaha area. If your ever in Omaha check out Sgt Peffer's Italian cafe. More...


M P.

31 October 2018

Stopped in for dinner and were pleasantly surprised with the experience. They have a small parking lot that was very filled up for a weekday evening, plenty of drive-thru customers, and a relatively bustling interior. The line to order food moved quickly though and service overall was good. We tried a gourmet veg pizza, the baked alfredo pasta and linguini with clam sauce. All were tasty. The pizza had plenty of veggies and was well-cooked, not burned or oily. The alfredo was nice and thick (could have had a little more seasoning), not runny with a puddle of sauce at the bottom of the dish. The linguini had good flavor from the amount of chopped clams. Overall great food in a casual environment.  We'll be back More...


Becky Bravo

26 October 2018

Their chicken Florentine soup is the best!


Kim D Fountain

3 October 2018

I got my lunch at the Summit today. I tried Sgt. Peffer’s. It’s very good! I’ll probably save some for later.


Tom Millie

1 October 2018

Not only a wonderful place to eat, the menu is diverse and made from scratch. The staff and management at Sgt Peffer’s are great people, great neighbors to us. Affordable prices for fantastic food. The homemade soups, chicken salads and the pizza and casseroles are our favorites! More...


Laurie Nixon

30 September 2018

Great Canneloni. I always enjoy it


P J Smith Auchterlonie

29 September 2018

Yummy gluten free options, generous portions and very friendly staff. Love the Beatle’s memorabilia.


Steffanie Barnes Sutton

23 September 2018

Everything on the menu is simply fantastic! From soups to pizzas...all great!


Jordan R.

21 September 2018

My family loves this unique, Italian cuisine, beatles themed cafe! We have been going here for years and have never had an unpleasant meal. The atmosphere is always friendly and we are always recognized by the staff(probably because of how much we dine there). Our regular pie is the five cheese white with pepperoni and hamburger, and my oh my! What a pie! We always bring our friends from out of town or if they've never been before. If you check them out we like to see who can name the most Beatles songs! And just remember, everybody loves Ringo. More...


Lupe Nymann

4 September 2018

Love there food is delicious best soups and pizza and sandwiches and rolls ♥️


Mary Ann J.

4 September 2018

Their pizza is one of the best in Omaha. They use fresh ingredients and do not skimp on the cheese. The lasagna and chicken salad are good too  The restaurant itself has an old time East Coast vibe that makes this Italian Connecticut native feel at home.


Diana Peffer

28 August 2018

of course, 5 stars ,Tim catered our 40th high school reunion,the pizza is wonderful.. my fave is the "Prime Cut" great food great time. Saint Alberts,,,,,Co. Bluffs.....class of 1978.Thanks again, Tim More...


Ivan Reyna

25 August 2018

great food and loved all the vintage Italian stuff hanging on walls


Jim Bain

24 August 2018

One of the best little dine-In and take-out Italian eats.


Dey Jimenez

24 August 2018

great food & friendly service


Alicia Le Marie

20 August 2018

The Manicotti was awesome! For the price the overall experience was pretty good. We would return. The only thing was the wait for the food otherwise good experience


Carrie Lebowich

15 August 2018

Ordered delivery to our hotel. Fast service and food was very hot! Needless to say we tried a little of everything and even the picky eaters are enjoying seconds and thirds!!


John L.

6 August 2018

Cheesy loaves and white cheese pizza are staples from Sgt Peffer's.  I generally go for carry out. I've had their pasta and lasagna dishes but ALWAYS get cheesy loaves. Millard location is good for dining in as there is a fair amount of seating. More...


Pam S.

25 July 2018

I ordered a grilled chicken salad that has large portions of marinated grilled chicken breast, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, & black olives all mixed together over a bed of spinach & lettuce greens with a side of homemade vinaigrette dressing & a large fresh baked roll that's light & fluffy on the inside!  The chicken mix flavor is so flavorful & tasty-then  topped with a little dressing it's Delicious!!!!  Next time I'd order the 1/2 salad because it's simply too much for me to eat at once, but I did take it to go!  The restaurant is clean & service is fast.  What more can you ask for during rush hour lunch break?! Try it out! More...


Vanessa M.

7 July 2018

I was in the mood for pizza a couple of days ago and I didn't want to drive too far so this place was close and quick for what I wanted. I stopped in and ordered to go about 12:45 one afternoon, a Monday or Tuesday I believe. It wasn't very busy, there was one person ordering ahead of me. I ordered a pepperoni pizza and a minestrone soup lunch special, I think it was only about $6. I thought that was a very good price. All of the staff was very friendly, and polite. The food was very good, I wouldn't put it in my favorites for pizza places, but I would not hesitate to come back any day! More...


Erin F.

29 May 2018

While I'd love a south Omaha Italian food option out west Sgt Peffer's is the next best thing. Their sauce is on the spicier side (not the sweeter Sicilian sauce) but it's good and the meatballs are tasty. The pizza has the spicier sauce on it as well, but if you are a fan of Mama's you will likely enjoy it. Prices are reasonable and staff is always friendly. I recommend the mostaccioli (penne) and meatballs. More...


Scottie D.

4 May 2018

Have known about this place for years and decided to give it a try over lunch today. I liked the system they had set where you seat yourself and order on your own time. They had a lunch Special going so i got the 2 slices of pizza. One hamburger and the other was five cheese with white sauce. Both were some of the best pizza I've had in Omaha and i will definitely be back! More...


Lori Hanson Hast

21 April 2018

Love this place! Really good food! I have so many favorites!


Nick Fitch

20 April 2018

The pizza was amazing! Lasagna was also great! The soup was VERY good! Ate way too much food at a very reasonable price! I’ll definitely be going back! Almost forgot to mention that the service was incredible as well! Very attentive staff and so friendly! More...


Ashley Schantz

12 April 2018

Larry is THE MAN!! After a long day of travel for work me and my girl were hungry and tired—we called, the location the technically delivers to our hotel was closed but Larry said no problem, brought us our food hooked us up with some amazing rolls and soups and the food was freaking amazing!!! #larryformayorofomaha #allthefoods More...


Jessica Freedman

21 March 2018

I am addicted to the Grilled Chicken Salad! Everything I have had from Sgr. Peffer's has been top notch and the service is fantastic. The food is fresh and my kids love the pasta. This is a regular lunch-on-the-run stop for me! More...


Denise Smouse Walker

8 March 2018

Catered my daughter's wedding reception with over 500 guests. The entrees were hot and delicious and the salads fresh. They had enough staff and equipment at the venue to ensure the meal was served seamlessly. It was amazing. Hats off to Tim, Deb, Dana, Enzo, and their crew!! More...


Isaac McCown

4 March 2018

Wonderful food, a fun atmosphere, and friendly staff, although the Saddle Creek location could use some upkeep. Overall we enjoyed our experience.


Rob Butler

4 March 2018

Excellent as usual. I had the special which was crab, shrimp, whitefish, with Alfredo sauce and lots of great spices.


Matt Frampton

26 February 2018

Sgt Peffer's Italian Cafe - a new Pizza hero of mine! Not sure what took me so long. We met by happenstance last night on 84th st. Went back today in Millard. It’s consistent and legit. More...


Matt F.

25 February 2018

Sgt Peffer's Italian Cafe - a new Pizza hero of mine!  Not sure what took me so long.  We met by happenstance last night on 84th st. Went back today in Millard. It's consistent and legit. More...


Emily E.

23 January 2018

Love this place, great food, good prices, quick easy and yummy! It's definitely a hole in the wall but amazing none the less!


Becky C.

15 January 2018

They have a yummy chicken salad and their rolls are to die for, especially using them to dip in their beefy mushroom soup. Good customer svc too.


Karrie C.

14 January 2018

Great pizza and they deliver to University of Nebraska Medical Center. Delivery was super quick and the pizza was hot! The House balsamic was good too!


Ka'ili H.

6 January 2018

I briefly heard about this restaurant in passing at work one day and was curious.  One day my sister and I had some free time between my nephew and niece's Christmas programs at their school, so we decided to trek on over to this little restaurant for a bite to eat.  We were pretty famished and excited at the same time so we parked our car and headed on in. The line was pretty long and it was pretty tiny in there but we waited patiently and checked out the menu.  We decided on the minestrone soup for both of us and my sister got the vegetalble lasagna and I had the grilled chicken and artichoke lasagna with alfredo sauce.  We found a table next to some beetles memorabilia and waited for our meals.  We started out with the yummy warm bread and the minestrone soup which was delicious! It was hearty, filled with a variety of vegetables, and the broth was tasty and divine!  The soup was delicious and filling that we barely had room left for our lasagna.  {sad face}  By the time our beautiful lasagnas did come around we managed to take a couple of bites before requesting take home boxes.  I took a bite of my grilled chicken and artichoke lasagna and the first word out of my mouth was, "whoah!"  Whoah, as in, 'Oh my goodness that's so good why is this the first time I've come here?!" My sister loved hers too.  We loved our experience so much we phoned in another order about a week or so later and conveniently were able to drive up to their window and pick up our order.  Easy peazy!   This place is a great little gem of an Italian restaurant of which I just discovered to my dismay and my delight.  I'm excited to try more of their entrees, sides, and soups soon!! You should too! More...


Kaai L.

5 January 2018

My sister and I decided to try this restaurant between the two holiday programs we had to attend that day.  It was close by and she has been wondering about it, so why not?!  I had told her it has been a while since I have had something from here, so it would be almost a new experience for me as well!  We parked and headed on inside.  There was quite a long line, so we got a menu and decided on what we were going to order before we got to the register.  The line didn't take that long and we had a lot to talk about anyways!  Once we got to the register, we ordered one veggie lasagna, one regular lasagna with Alfredo sauce and two minestrone soups.  We started off with our soups and the breads they gave with our meal.  The minestrone soup, for me, was very filling and I already felt full after eating that, but then our lasagnas came out.  I could barely finish mine which made me so sad because it was so yummy!  That's okay, I took it home for dinner!  After the dining in experience, we also tried to-go ordering.  Did you know you can go through their drive through window to pick up a to-go order?  Super cool!  This place is awesome, I mean, they can use a little help in the customer service area, but the food is delicious! More...


Imani M.

5 January 2018

Some of the best Italian food that I've ever had, especially for being delivery food! There's a few locations in Omaha, my family that lives here orders from this one pretty often. I've tried the lasagna, manicotti, and chicken Alfredo. Everything tastes great and it's the perfect comfort food. Most of the pasta dishes you can choose pomarola sauce (red), Alfredo sauce, or half & half. Everything comes with a roll and your choice of soup or salad.  The prices aren't bad at all for the portions you receive The only thing I don't like is that the rolls are not warm & tastes like they just came out the fridge. I'm not sure if they're on any delivery apps so I called the order in. It took about an hour to arrive and the delivery lady was very nice. More...


J M.

30 December 2017

My favorite Pizza in Omaha (the five cheese white) was born at this place. I try to come back as often as I can. I could literally eat here every day and not be upset about it. LOVE IT! I think I will go get some now! More...


Jennifer B.

12 December 2017

Where do I start!?!?!!!  I suppose I'll start by saying the young gal working the counter was as sweet as could be. I ask a lot of questions and she answered them kindly. I first enjoyed a delicious bowl of creamy beef and mushroom soup. Didn't sound good at first but after one bite I slurped it down and promptly went up to the counter to order a bowl for work tomorrow. Now that's good soup!  Piping hot and full of flavors!  I've been on a personal quest for the perfect lasagna and this is definitely a strong contender. Huge portions, piping hot, super cheesy and a red sauce that is not too sweet.  I know my photo looks like I haven't eaten any but truly I have had four big bites!  Their warm rolls are amazing normally although tonight they were a bit hard but I did come in later than normal. I'll take hot and a little hard anyway over cold and boring.  No need for dessert tonight! More...


Kristina Livingston-Allen

30 September 2017

Fantastic dinner tonight from the Saddlecreek Sgt Peffer's! Called ahead and picked up in 20 minutes.


Stephanie Hartley

1 September 2017

First time here tonight. I heard it was good. We ordered, and waited 20 minutes for 2 slices of garlic cheese bread that we had to ask if it was coming out soon. After seeing 2 couples that had come in after us and they got there pizza before us, we finally got ours 10 minutes later. Wondering if they forgot our order. We were bummed, because we like to support local. Probably won't return, even though the food was good. More...


Linda Schulenberg

30 August 2017

Had Larry deliver some dinner last night. It arrived in a timely manner and with a very friendly and courteous manner. The food was awesome as usual


Dave N.

25 August 2017

Very popular place. Crowded. Our table was dirty and the service was average. But the food was good and the decor was awesome. Would definitely eat there again.Food was fresh made and well seasoned. Portions were very good. A little pricey, but wait until you taste the food. More...


Katie L.

23 August 2017

I really like that They deliver! I always get the shrimp scampi. I get it everytime. My husband and daughter get pizza and are spoiled from it. I recommend stopping here for quality food and service More...


Mike Schweigart

6 July 2017

Peffers is the shit I worked there for years bested high school job ever


Kimmi L.

27 June 2017

Great spot for some great, quick Italian food. Sgt Peffers is located right across from Homy Inn. I've seen this spot pop up on Yelp several times while searching for pasta around the area and I'm glad I finally was able to try this spot out!Food- I ordered the Baked Shrimp and Artichoke Alfredo. It was good- a little oily for my liking but the portion was large and it came with a generous amount of shrimp and artichoke. My meal also came with a huge bread roll and a large portion of side soup. The bread roll was good- tougher on the outside, yet mildly tangy and very soft and doughy in the inside. The Minestrone soup was very tasty and hearty. I also ordered a side of garlic bread which hit the spot!Service- Great service. I just drove up to the pick up window for my take out order, but the workers were very friendly!Price- My hefty pasta entree along with the included sides and side of garlic bread came out to ~ $15. I was able to make 2 meals out of all of it so I'd say it was definitely worth it!I would recommend this spot to anyone. You can't go wrong with good food, portion, and price! Definitely glad I found it and I can't wait to try some other pasta entrees! More...


Dave B.

31 March 2017

This place is an Omaha staple.  Across from the Homy Inn, it's excellent pizza with a great environment.  Service is very cool, and the visuals are excellent.The later you arrive, the more challenging the parking.  Be aware. More...


Tom S.

27 March 2017

I think that all I've ever had there was the pizza. Because it's so good, I don't wanna try anything else. Their sauce is king.


Trisha T.

13 March 2017

This is deffinatly my favorite place to get a pizza,  or,  well,  everything they offer!  I just had a shrimp, bacon, mozzarella, and alfredo pizza,. Not only was it hot and ready by the time they stated, but it tasted amazing.  Like, id be ok if it was my last meal, id die happier. And full. Thank you sgt peffers, and i also highly recommend you. More...


Nicholas Taylor

4 March 2017

It was good in flavor. Pizza was small for what you pay for. A nice treat every now and then. Very tough parking for the location. Otherwise all was well.


Cassie Richey

28 February 2017

Had the baked shrimp and artichoke pasta... very good and tasty I ordered ahead of time and food was done quickly. First time there was a great experience


Karen Dueling

10 February 2017

Loved it!! The best!!!! Chicken Artacho Lasagna is awesome!!!!!!


Bob Beveridge

28 January 2017

The best place to eat in Omaha.... They have the best meatball sandwiches, best chili, the best chesse bread n the best pizza bread n omg their homemade dinner rolls r so yummo yummo... Go check out the food....


Mark Kresl

22 January 2017

You can always count on good food and good service at a great price. I've had them cater as well. None better!


Liz Snoddy

5 January 2017

Food is always exceptional. Absolutely worth seeking out!


Emmalynn Gray

24 December 2016

Have loved this place for at least 24 years (not sure when the first time was!) Tonight was no exception. Came in to eat with a large group and ordered a separate pizza for my son & I to share with everyone...it arrived without the mushrooms I asked for...not a big deal so I accepted it and forgot about it while enjoying the food, company, & atmosphere. Then *surprise* you brought out a whole new second pizza for us!! Outstanding customer service and the best food. Thanks again :) More...


Pamela Field

3 December 2016

Best pizza everrrrr!!!! Five cheese white is my favorite, but no matter what you eat, it's always delicious!!! �����


Kitty B.

11 November 2016

Went over lunch and I have to say, they have a great deal for lunch. It $8 for a HUGE plate of pasta, soup (their BLT soup is amazing), roll, and drink. I like the salads more than the pasta here...but the soup was just awesome. I would go back just for the soup. First time eating in, it is a small space but no complaints there. Love the hole-in-the-wall type feel. More...


Norbert Smith

30 October 2016

Good food and nice employees .Enjoyed the meal, and will be back soon!


Larri M Curry Sr.

16 October 2016

The apitizer - Italian Sausage with Peppers was outstanding! We also had the 5 cheese pizza with red sauce and the prime cut pizza which were also good. Will probably get the pizza cooked well next time. More...


Andrea Jean

28 September 2016

Great Service & Delicious Food! Rich and hearty soups and the best homemade bread rolls you will ever taste! Already planning my next trip back.


William B.

25 September 2016

Had a small problem with my delivery order this evening and was very impressed with the customer service that I received via phone as well as the delivery driver. My problem was taken care of and received everything i ordered and more. Thank you for taking care of business. More...


Anita A.

18 September 2016

Love this place-have NEVER been disappointed! My favorite is the cannelloni with white sauce!


Christine Grier Koehn

10 September 2016

Sgt. Peffer's never disappoints! We haven't had a bad pizza yet, and don't leave without getting the cheese tortellini Alfredo and chicken salad. Best gluten free crust in town too. More...


Theresa Curlin

27 August 2016

I tried Sgt. Peffer's for the first time last week. The manicotti is delicious and I can't wait to try other dishes. Such great quality and prices! It's awesome that they deliver to the hospitals! More...


Nancy Cole

5 June 2016

Our daughter had her graduation party at Sgt Peffers. The food was wonderful and the waitstaff was fabulous and attentive. I would highly recommend Sgt Peffer's in Millard to any party or function. The cost of the food was reasonable and affordable. More...


Kyle G.

28 May 2016

We were skeptical when we went in but we're very surprised at the taste of the food .. Not much of a selection on beer , which would be my only negative..


Rick Schumacher

24 May 2016

Lived here many years and tonite was my first experience here. Friendly staff, great meal, great price. Had to get a to go box, couldn't finish it all.


Mandy Murdock

10 May 2016

There white cheese pizza is the absolute best ive ever had!!!!


Marc W.

25 April 2016

Great pizza!!  I'm here for business and ordered salad and pizza and is was both really good.  Pizza had a lot of cheese. It was just very good.  I highly recommend it!   I will order again when I'm back in town More...


Lauren G.

7 April 2016

Favorite fast Italian food. I always get the cheese ravioli and it's amazing everytime. The marinara is the perfect amount of sweetness. The cheese is cooked to the perfect amount of charred taste. I want to go there right now just thinking about it as I write this review. More...


Jeff H.

31 March 2016

So glad this place still around, I used to eat here as a kid in Jr high in mid 90's. I went back there month ago and it was so amazing I am so glad they are still around and can bring back some better memories I had as a kid. Big portions! House dressing is great. Marinara is homemade and homemade meatballs you must check this place out and bring a loved one and pass on those memories to the next generation. More...


Nicole Siders Peck

10 March 2016

We had them cater our wedding and it was amazing food and wonderful people to work with. Thank you so much! My husband and I are now addicted and will always recommend Sgt. Peffer's!! I need to get back to Omaha to visit them again! More...


Max C.

2 March 2016

Went down to the location off sadlecreek. The pizza was fantastic. I had to get the rolls and butter. I love this place, wish they had one out by where i live.


Tanya C.

18 February 2016

Based on a friend's recommendation, we tried Sgt Peffers for our family Valentine's Day dinner. This place is a rare find: a hit with both the adults and the kids!We ordered a large pizza for the kids to share, which was plenty with 2 slices left-over. We also ordered BBQ meatballs as an appetizer to share. The portion was huge and everyone liked the flavor of both the meat and the sauce. The adults ordered the stuffed red peppers with italian sausage and the chicken & artichoke lasagna. Both were fantastic. We chose the salads with dijon vinaigrette with our meals and the kids loved the dressing and the rolls - both shocking because 1) not ranch, and 2) sourdough. Our entire meal only came to $60, including tip - a bargain!My only complaint is that there is no wine, which I enjoy with any Italian meal. We will definitely return, most likely for take-out so we can enjoy at home - with wine and a movie :) More...


Jason Kleen

16 February 2016

My wife & I stopped in on Valentines Day. The food & service was OutStanding!! So many Delicious choices on the menu it was tough to pick just one. We will Definitely be back.


Mary S.

10 February 2016

We go here all the time. The food is great!  Be sure to call ahead to pick-up at the window, they do not have a typical drive thru where you order at the menu and drive to the window to pick up, you have to call ahead.  We have also placed catering orders for big events and dinner parties.  They are very friendly and help you decide how much to order and what to order to feed a crowd.  I would highly recommend them.  And if you are ever downtown over lunch, they cater at the card shop at First National Bank usually once a week.  Everyone at the office loves it! More...


Jeff Wiser

16 January 2016

We went for late lunch today and as always we loved it, I had the seafood lasagna, it was delicious


Brandii Bobkovas

14 January 2016

Been going since I was a kid! I remember walking down there with my BFF and we would scower our change to get the pizza slice deal and buy ice cream truffles for our dessert! Oh the memories! My brother and sister both worked there. He would always bring home the Canadian bacon pizza or meatball sandwich! Let me just tell ya, Magnificent! If you ever have a problem just let the owner know they will take care of it. Great people! Only one request! Please bring back the truffles... Please would love a spark on nostalgia. More...


Marq M.

14 January 2016

One of my favorite go to places on the area. I almost always get the tortellini Alfredo (ok, I always do), but this last time I went with the special which was these large pasta shells filled with ricotta and baked in their wonderful Alfredo sauce. It was excellent, but will not take me away from the tortellini permanently. They always hire polite kids here and I have never had much of a wait (and while waiting you have their awesome bread and tasty minestrone soup to enjoy anyway). Someday I should try the pizza. More...


Tammera T.

8 January 2016

Was here working and the nurses ordered the catering sized chicken salad for lunch. It was great, great seasoned chicken and I loved the dressing. I opted to order dinner later on that week and I was elated with my choice of seafood pizza. The crust is on the thick side so its a heavy hearty meal. I also ordered salad so 2 slices of the 10 inch did it for me. Will definitely order again if Im in the area More...


Joy Held

24 November 2015

Great food! nice staff. Started at the original and moved to the one in Millard due to location from my home only. The food is the same good stuff Maynard


Kasia G.

2 November 2015

I love this place! my friends first sent me here for my birthday because I'm always up for a new pizza place, and the smell reminded me of childhood. luckily we live even closer to this place now and can get carryout pizza all the time. can't go wrong with pepperoni! More...



2 November 2015

This place has a drive thru which is perfect for easy pick up of a fabulous meal! They have a wide selection of Italian food, and there pizza is great. Lunch specials are on the menu!


Reggie Manzo

31 October 2015

Had a $100 plus takeout that was perfect!! Great customer service!


Joanne Smith

28 October 2015

Live the food the service was awesome I would recommend this awesome restaurant to everyone....❤❤❤


Tammy Whitworth Fisher

24 October 2015

Best Italian food ever! I could eat here daily!


Matt Templin

21 October 2015

Dana is the best will always go back to her because of her


Peggy Ann Wolfe

16 October 2015

Love the house dressing! Pizzas great'


Michelle G.

16 October 2015

In an attempt to try the other pizzas out in Omaha, I stopped at Sgt Peffers Café Italian tonight. its off Millard Ave and you can take a left at 138th to go to the Hobby Lobby parking lot it edges. first of all any place that plays the Beatles while I eat pizza- I am totally up for that! its a charming place- not really little so you can eat your dinner without ramming into people. you turn your order in at the counter they give you a number and your plates and silverware are given to you,  and they bring it to you, cups and the to go containers for later ( large portions) are next to the soda machine. I ordered a order of garlic cheesy toast and a medium beef and Canadian pizza and selected my table. the whole feel of the place reminded me of Pizza Inn back in the day and they have the traditional tablecloths and the shakers of red pepper and parm on the tables. my neighboring table ordered the cheesy loaf a divine smelling cheese topped deliciousness and they had pasta which looked and smelled excellent.  they have a varied menu from Italian to regular sandwiches and its eat in to go and they also cater. they added new appetizers the cheesy loaf being one.  I knew pointing and stealing the neighbors cheesy loaf probably wouldn't work so I accepted the fact I didn't order it and enjoyed the cheesy garlic toast that smelled just as wonderful and tasted even better. when the pizza came it was quite good. theirs is different from the others and I'll just say come check it out- its a thinner crust but the toppings are perfect- delish sauce. the crust reminded me also of pizza inn with a crispy crackerlike very bottom. it was very good and I have leftovers. very nice pizza evening out= reminded me of the younger years when I had that experience. Check one of their locations out.. I want to try that spaghetti and cheesy loaf next time I go. as just a final note:  next day reheated leftover lunch- this pizza turned out AMAZING.  like seriously delicious. so buy larger.. More...


Dr Frank F.

10 October 2015

My wife & I are boring.  Every time we go to Sgt Peffers, we split the Grilled Chicken Salad, and get a couple extra rolls.  We have never yet been disappointed.  The only thing that would make it better is if they had a really cool little outside patio area, instead of just a couple picnic tables.Even so, we are regulars. More...


Jordan Schaefer

6 October 2015

Cheese tortellini is AMAZING! And the portions are huge! Definitely a must try.


Will S.

5 October 2015

Great cheap Italian restaurant. I love how much food you get during there lunch specials.


Andi Jo Reynolds

25 September 2015

please and thank you. ♡. everything is always delicious.


Rebecca Branan

23 September 2015

Cool little place! Food was delicious and service was excellent. I'll be back!



22 September 2015

Food was delicious, and the main reason we chose Sgt. Peffers for our wedding. The owner was extremely helpful, and made sure he was available to meet with us to help plan the event. The cost was very reasonable, and ordered according to a specific ratio from the owner (which ended up being perfect-so our family had some leftovers to enjoy for the following days). More...


Maggie W.

11 September 2015

I get cravings for this place like you wouldn't believe. I can't go a couple of weeks without ordering take-out from here. I just cannot.I am MIFFED that they don't deliver to my house (29th and Harney). Not cool, Chef Pef. It's like 4 miles.Aside from that, there is nothing about this place that I don't like. Sweet, considerate people working there, legit great food. They are super gluten-friendly!!!!! THE MEATBALLS ARE GLUTEN-FREE. Broadcast that news everywhere, folks. That never happens. They have a surprisingly great gluten-free crust, and if you bring in your own gluten-free rolls or whatever, they will even give you a frickin meatball sub. My Celiac homies, how much have you missed meatball subs!?! They have lots of delicious food options here, and according to my friend Hanna who works there, a couple of the people who work there also require gluten-free dining, which explains why they're so great about it.Parking is questionable and they won't deliver to my house (grrrrr), which makes picking food up from there somewhat trying at times. But it is worth it. So worth it.Meatball pizza, gluten-free crust. I'm serious. You try that jazz and tell me it's not the best gluten-free thing you've ever eaten. More...


Sarah A.

12 August 2015

Wow - fantastic service. Amazing minestrone. Sweet glaze on the wheat roll.  A perfect small meal. It's all you need.


Charles T.

30 July 2015

Good italiano recipes. Went for lunch. Was a bit busy but the handled the flow of traffic well. I had the lasagna. The staff could have been a bit friendlier but they were attentive and responsive. I would recommend this to friends.


Elizabeth Packett

23 July 2015

Their rolls are seriously better than Orsi's bread and I love Orsi's! Be sure to get their famous minestrone soup! I just tried their pizza for the first time tonight and let me tell ya.. YUM! We ordered the combination and the prime cut. Both were AMAZING. My 5 year old LOVED the prime cut she ate 2 1/2 slices and she normally only eats 1. Homemade sauces, delicious ingredients, This place is one of my favorite spots in Omaha! I highly recommend you order the above items! :) More...


Rachel A.

16 July 2015

This place is becoming a fond destination each time I'm in Omaha.  I've been to two locations - very unassuming, great Italian menu in a casual/home style fashion.  You go directly to the counter inside and order, they give you soups/salads/bread, and you pick a table and they'll bring your entrees out to you.  One quirky thing?  They have these super fun/interesting variety of soups - strongly recommend whatever is the daily special soup.  Today it happened to be a creamy BLT soup...which sounds kind of gross?  But it was delicious!  I broke up the sweet honey wheat roll I got with my meal into it and it was unexpectedly divine.  My companion got the cheese tortellini and swears by it.  Their homemade salad dressing is really good too!  Both locations are BUSY at lunch - this one has a lot more seating but be prepared to possibly wait. More...


Reid R.

29 June 2015

Food was great.... 5 cheese white sauce, chicken salad, even the ice tea was perfect....


Rich J.

8 June 2015

A great Millard standard.  Dine in or Carry out fast, friendly and great food.  I highly recommend the chicken, mushroom, artichoke salad and the three cheese tortellini.   Generous portions and spring for an extra roll, you will thank me. More...


Luke V.

4 June 2015

I'm not a big pasta person, so I really don't go to Italian places. But I do like this place a lot. Whenever I come here, I always get the chicken salad with their homemade Italian dressing. The half order is enough to fill me up.They have really good pizza here, definitely in my top five pizza places. More...


Carly H.

4 June 2015

Stumbled upon this little gem on pure accident (luckily it's close to home too!) I had the roast beef French dip! The flavor was there but sandwich was a little colder.. The staff was friendly and helpful with questions that were not related to food! My son had the cheese pizza which was great and flavorful! We will go back! More...


David John Hansen

30 May 2015

Gotta try this place. It has cheap plastic chairs and cheap plastic table covers, but it has some of the best Italian food in Omaha. Starting off with my favorite minestrone soup in the world and continuing with my favorite main dish, the stuffed red bell peppers. The minestrone soup is slightly spicy, very flavorful and loaded with vegetables. The stuffed red peppers are stuffed with rice, cheese and Italian sausage instead of the usual hamburger making the dish a couple of levels better then most places. Pizzas are great, pastas are to die for service is usually good unless you go during the rush hours. The atmosphere is cheap, funky and usually crowded. But, I come here for the food. I have been coming here for many years and it just does not change, thank God. I hope it stays this way forever. More...


Colton Rangel

25 April 2015

Been to Sgt. Peffer's now for the 3rd time in the last month and their food, plus customer service is making this guy's stomach smile. Thanks


Eric Damon

2 April 2015

My favorite entree is the chicken Milano and beef pizza is BOMB!!


Pranith S.

28 March 2015

Grilled chicken salad, Chicken Florentine soup(available on fridays only) and honey wheat bread rolls are amazing.


Jean R.

27 March 2015

wonderful wonderful wonderful, I cannot say it enough! Love the minestrone soup which is available all the time.  The pizza is to die for, even though my nephew no longer works there ~~  The rolls delicious and the chicken salad large order is enough for a meal plus another meal.Prices are reasonable and I love the location.  Midtown!!!!  YAY, More...


Terry Collins

25 March 2015

LOVE THIS PLACE! Best in town - whether Millard or Saddle Creek!


Dave B.

23 March 2015

If not the best pizza in Omaha, it is in the top five percent.And the other Italian foods are great too, but I nearly always get the pizza.  They recently added the "prime cut" spicy pizza and it is quite welcome to the menu.When my oldest daughter returned from a trip to Russia where did she want to go for pizza? Sgt. Peffer's! More...


Jana C.

20 March 2015

I have been eating here since 1990 and it never disappoints! Whether it's pasta, pizza, a gourmet salad or a sandwich its all great! And nevermind the best sour dough rolls anywhere. Just go! More...


Amie L. Farrell

14 March 2015

It was very very good! First time eating here we will come back


Ray Boritzki

14 March 2015

Awesome food, professional and friendly staff. And.... A drive through!!


Tom C.

4 March 2015

The only food I've had here is the 5 cheese white pizza.  It is so good that I've never been wiling to try anything else.  In fact, last fall I put on about 20 pounds because I was eating about one large 5 cheese white pizza a week.  The only 2 downsides to this pizza other than gaining weight is the location and pricing .  I'm near Elkhorn so the drive in to Millard is a bit long.  I think the price is a bit steep as well. More...


Lisa Cackin Oldakowski

3 March 2015

Cheap, tasty family dining. My daughter went nuts, here! It was really good pizza.


A J.

12 February 2015

Thur nite half full of patrons with a few to-go pickups. This place never disappoints.  Always good, fresh, friendly, clean, one of Omaha's standbys for casual Italian. Nothin fancy here but you will never be let down. Prices are reasonable. Portions are over the top.  My favorite pasta dish is the Bosciolla.  The rolls are unique with a slightly sweet and almost pastry like essence to them. Try any pizza that has marinated mushrooms and grilled chicken or request your own and you'll love it. The minestrone is always good and the grilled chicken salad is the best. More...


Sandy Legg

11 February 2015

Best ever !!!! Love the cheese tortellini !!!! I drive an hour and a half for it.


Chris Bork

31 January 2015

Excellent little place, very friendly staff, great food


David John Hansen

12 January 2015

Very good pasta. My wife and I go here often. She loves the chicken alfredo and I can not get enough of the stuffed red peppers. The stuffed red peppers are stuffed with rice and Italian sausage. The sauce on them is very, very good. All of the soups that I have tried there have been absolutely delicious. It is not a fancy place, but the food is reasonably priced and really good. More...


Dolly J.

16 December 2014

Great Food!  Great Value !   Love the meatball sandwitch.!  So hard to decide when I get in there...  Haven't tried everything yet... keep ordering the stuff I already like! !   Taken a number of friends... We'll be back !! More...


Angela G.

2 December 2014

Great prices and Fantastic Food! We have had take out pizza and it was phenomenal! When my husband and I dined there I had the seafood lasagne is was so gooey and delicious I crave it!  I like the quaint little cafe, seemed tidy and well taken care of for its age. More...


Matt W.

23 November 2014

Amazing food and locally owned! Try the 5 cheese white pizza! It's amazing! They have a drive thru. Just make sure you order ahead!



8 November 2014

New Yorker Pizza. Soooo Good!! Best pizza ever! -----08 Nov, 2014----- HANDS DOWN! BEST PIZZA EVER!. My family ordered pizza and salad from here because it could be delivered to our hotel room. I have NEVER had pizza that fresh and good in my life. Wish we had a pizza place this good in our home state. More...


Adrienne R.

13 October 2014

This was great!  If it wasn't for Yelp I never would have known about it.  My friend had the lasagna with a giant white roll that looked delicious - and he said it was.  He also had the minestrone soup which he also said was very good.  I had the 5 cheese pizza (red sauce on the side) on their house made gluten free crust and it was AMAZING!  The most cheese I've ever had on a pizza and it was good cheese.  The red sauce had a good tang to it and tasted like tomatoes, I really enjoyed it.  Service was friendly and quick.  Highly recommend More...


Amy Russell Wahl

7 October 2014

We love this place! The hubby gets the hot Stombo and the Italian chef salad can't be beat


Karina C.

29 September 2014

Great food for take out. I've never been inside. Lasagna is fantastic and the personnel is really friendly! They Deliver!


Brad Prall

28 September 2014

Love this place! The only Where are you? It could be better is if it were closer to home.


Greg R.

28 September 2014

Great pizza! Good place to go eat for some Italian food and the salads there are delicious!



15 August 2014

Best soups. Rolls are fresh. Kids like the tortellini. Grilled chicken salad is good. But DON'T go to the Millard location. Not fresh. Chicken is burnt. Salad dressing is off. Italian chili is not the same as saddle creek. More...


Delores Castro-Rodriguez

11 August 2014

We are always on the look out for new places to dine .We visited the C.L. place saturday evening.The service was great, super friendly young people, all the staff asked us several times how the food was, did we need anything else..the wait was minimal, even though we seen they had many take out orders . We had been by a few times but hadn't been in before .Wow the food was great!! I had the spag w meatballs and a side of italian sausage cause I couldn't decide which meat It was sooo good ,reminded me of my mom's who is mexican but raised in Little Italy Need I say more My hubby had the chicken cacciatore he is sooo picky and he just loved it!! Your prices are reasonable .We are happy to have found this little place, which I found on FB by the way!So FYI this FB page does work!! We will be back soon and many times lol & also will spread the word , we have a HUGE family!! And we all love italian food!! So many times lately we have been so disappointed when we try a new place...NOT THIS TIME!!! Thanks for the wonderful evening And the fantastic food!! More...


Chris S.

1 August 2014

The pizza really shines here they have a great selection of specialty pizzas, including the five cheese white made with their delicious Alfredo sauce instead of the traditional red sauce. Each day of the week they have a specialty soup as well my favorite is the chicken florentine served on Fridays. You must also try the chicken salad it is also great with marinated grilled chicken olives artichoke hearts and their homemade  Italian  vinaigrette , I recommend the Dijon vinaigrette it is a must. And their meatballs are great too try the meatball sub, we'll I guess everything is good there! More...


Kelly W.

23 June 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed both of my recent visits to Sgt. Peffers, and I can't believe I hadn't tried it sooner!  The first experience was a catered work luncheon, where the food was brought to us.  The meatballs are amazing, and sure taste homemade!  The white cheese pizza is killer, and I also tried some type of Tortellini Alfredo.  As we were eating, a co-worker told me about their Seafood Casseroles, and specifically about the Seafood Lasagna..well I HAD to try that.  I stopped in for takeout a few days later, to try it out!  The atmosphere is very casual, but clean and everyone was friendly.  I can't say much about the service, since I simply went to the window to get my food.  I can say that the gals at the window were very friendly, and that my food was ready to go when it was supposed to be.  Once I got home, and checked out the contents, my lasagna was packaged in a cute aluminum dish and was still piping hot!  For 9.50,  you get a HUGE slab of the lasagna, bread, and either salad or soup.  The lasagna was SO good, big big chunks of crab coupled with shrimp and an amazing amazing parmesan white sauce.  This food was literally consumed over three meals because it was SO massive!  I also tried the BLT soup, which was pretty good as well.  I would get the salad next time.I now know what all the hype is about, and can't wait to go back! More...


James K.

3 June 2014

I have been eating here since the joint opened and I've loved it ever since. Although small, quaint and you have to walk through the kitchen for the restroom, this place makes up for that with INCREDIBLE food. From the soups to the pizza, pastas and rolls, it's all soooooo good. The lunch specials are all great, so I always have a tough time choosing what I want.........except the soup du jours which are all incredible! It's been years since I've had their minestrone but I remember that being great as well. Can't go wrong with the cannelloni, BLT soup and an extra roll. More...


Brian W.

30 May 2014

We went here all through college and it is one of our first stops when we are back in town .  Love the Grilled Chicken Salad, and the soups are delicious.  Get the lunch specials as the portions are large.  The staff is friendly and they have a drive thru for quick pick ups.  A real Omaha Classic More...


Marq M.

30 April 2014

Was surprised to realize that one of my favorite mid-town mainstays had a West Omaha counterpart (and I guess one in Carter Lake also). We ran across this spot and were looking for dinner and my friend had never had Sgt. Peffer's before so we decided to stop. Went in and were greeted by multiple high-school aged students and I ordered my usual the tortellini with white sauce. The kids behind the counter really seemed to enjoy their jobs and they did their job well. Had the delicious minestrone soup with Sgt. Peffer's amazing bread (that combo is almost worth coming in for by itself). Our orders were up promptly and served hot in their raft like serving dish. It's one of my favorite dishes in town and there was no difference between this location and my usual mid-town stopping spot when it came to the tortellini. The dining room here is also much more roomy (and they have a party room). Just another positive Sgt. Peffer experience that I have been having for a decade-just in a new spot. More...


Mike C.

14 April 2014

For a small chain of 3 restaurants, this place really makes a statement.  They offer Italian food equal or in some cases better than the more expensive places here in Omaha.  I have never tried the pizza, but I have been choosing the various pasta dishes for some time and they have all been very very good.  The wheat rolls they serve are awesome, and they have a creamy vegetable soup that is outstanding.  One of the more encouraging sights is the employees...theyre all generally high school age or slightly older and they really pay attention to detail, something lost on a lot of adults in the food service industry. Always fast and if you want your food hot, this is the place. I have yet to leave there without a to go box and I am a pretty healthy eater so the portion size is more than enough for your average adult. Priced reasonably and very relaxing. More...


Heidi Geringer

4 April 2014

Amazing!!! Had the gluten free pizza and LOVED it!! Thank you! Keep up the great work!!!


Bev Miller Hanson

4 April 2014

Seafood penne ....yumm!


Randy Adams

25 January 2014

This place put's a lot of love in everything they make and That's why it's the best place I've ever eaten in omaha.


Gina Melton

13 January 2014

Love Sgt Peffers!!! Great food and family atmosphere.


Lisa Frey-Fangman

9 January 2014

Not fancy but never a disappointment! Always get the sauce 1/2 an 1/2! ;)


Jane Allison Lacy

6 January 2014



Rachel S.

2 January 2014

This place is super legit! I have had a variety of menu items from seafood lasagna to pizza and everything has consistent high quality and offered at a fair price.  I try to find reasons to get food from here as often as I can. More...


Steve Hasenjager

15 December 2013

The Best ...Great Family Restaurant


Marnie Littler

7 December 2013

My fav pizza 5 cheese white ...food & service always excellent !


Tom Byrd

2 December 2013

Quality, quantity, selection, service and price are all outstanding. One of my most favorite places to go in Omaha. Its no wonder they have been in business so long.


Patty Niedermyer

1 December 2013

Best Caterer. Best. Thanks So Much For Such A Great Wedding. For Our Daughters Wedding.



27 November 2013

I went here with my friends for dinner even though the last experience I had was not very good. This time everything was excellent. I had the chicken parmesan and because I cannot eat pasta, I asked if they would ever had more sauce and peppers. Didn't blink an eye. The salad was Crisp and the dressing very good. The rolls were also good. People at the counter was very kind and, even though there was a long line, it went pretty fast. I would recommend this restaurant now after my last experience. More...


Alyssa P.

22 November 2013

Their chicken salad is soooo good! The dressing is vinegar and oil mix.The chicken is marinated overnight! And it is just soooooo good!! I can taste it now!!!Oh and their rolls!! SPLENDID!!!But their other entrees.... not that great... I've tried over 6 items off the menu and they all sucked... pizza and other pastas had entirely TOO much grease in it... When I complained- they said that it was the oils from the cheeses -uuggh, yea I know cheese produces oils but not 4cm deep worth of oil!So anyways, if you want to try a delish salad... try the chicken salad... mixed greens--- regular salad and spinach... so yummy.Their soups are delish too!! They are so creamy!! More...


Will S.

31 October 2013

There's a special place in my heart for Sgt. Peffer's. From their Hot Strombo sandwich to their grilled chicken salad to their fresh baked hard rolls, I've pretty much grown up eating here regularly. Oh, and their pizza is pretty good, too.Their original location, across the street from Homy Inn and about a block away from Metcalfe Park, is tiny, complete with cramped seating and very limited parking. Still they somehow manged to squeeze in a drive through window for pick up orders. What I'm trying to say here is that Sgt. Peffer's is really woven into the fabric of this quiet and quaint Omaha neighborhood, which lies just north of Dundee.On to my favorite items:Pizza:-Fab Four is AMAZING -- prosciutto, black olives, artichokes, marinated mushrooms-Veggy (I prefer this to the Gourmet Veg) -- tomato, mushroom, onions, olives, green peppers, zucchini-Five Cheese Red with grilled chicken and Mancini peppers -- this is a custom pie that I've been ordering as of lateSandwiches:-Hot Strombo -- Spicy and messy goodness wrapped around ham and pepperoni-Yellow Submarine Deli -- The holy Italian meat trinity of prosciutto, ham and salamiOthers:-Grilled Chicken Salad -- order one and share it with your friends, chicken on a bed of romaine with their EXCELLENT house Italian dressing-Baked hard rolls -- made out of their pizza dough-Vegetarian Lasagna -- who needs meat when you have spinach and cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese?They also deliver! More...



15 October 2013

Great chopped chicken chopped salad. Excellent pizza. Interesting interior. A longtime favorite.


Tim M.

21 July 2013

Homemade meatballs and bread are excellent and I couldn't get enough of the white pizza.The way you order is the same as Fazoli's or other fast food restaurant, which I did not expect or like. Finally, the chairs were not comfortable and the decor was nothing to brag for.With that, I am totally coming back because of the great food. More...


Zachary S.

3 July 2013

Though I grew up in Omaha, I had never heard of Sgt Peffers until I met my wife.   Been a big fan ever since, so about 10 years.  We used to live in Gretna and would drive all the way to Saddle Creek to pick up an order before they opened the West Omaha location.  Then we moved to within blocks of the Saddle Creek location, not on purpose, but maybe subconsciously we moved so close.  I have tried a large part of Sgt Peffer's menu, but I feel the stars areCheese Tortillini in with AlfredoGrilled Chicken SaladTheir Rolls when they are fresh.The crown jewel of Sgt Peffer's though is the "Five Cheese White" which is a pizza with Provolone, Parmesan, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Romano Cheese and creamy alfredo sauce.  We get it with beef and it is like nothing I have had anywhere else.  I'm going to leave this review for both locations, but want to note something very important.  I left 3 stars for the Saddle Creek location and 5 for West Omaha.  I'm sure Sgt Peffer's will say the recipes are the same at both locations, but over the last couple years I have lost faith in the Saddle Creek location.  The Five Cheese and White pizzas are just not as good as they used to be, they are often over cooked and have less sauce then I remember, the problem is when I go to the West Location they are amazing!  Exactly how I remember.  I'm not the only one that has noted this.  This is a conversation that comes up a lot with friends and family.  Maybe next time i'm in town I will do a side by side taste test, but with so many people independently feeling the same way, something is up. More...


Mark J.

25 June 2013

You really can't go wrong with anything you order. My favorites are the chicken Quattro Formaggio pasta and the pizza is great because it has lots of gooey cheese and all toppings are fresh.


Jamie Reeves

22 June 2013

The food was very good and the service was excellent. I really enjoyed this restaurant.


C.M. C.

17 June 2013

the Fab Four pizza is my fave. also good spaghetti!



30 May 2013

Yum!. I've always been a big fan of Sgt Peffer's. I don't live in Omaha anymore...it's one of the places that I truly miss. I try to plan my visits to Omaha to include a Friday so that I can have a bowl of the YUMMY chicken Florentine soup!!! The tortellini quatroformaggi (spelling!) is a fave!!! More...


Marc D.

18 May 2013

I give Peffers a 4 star.   Mostly for the pizza, toppings are wonderful. The New Yorker (minus the anchoives) is my favorite.  Cheeses are fabulous.  The tortelini and ravioli are really good.  Their sausage is not so much. Dried out and not that flavorfull.  I love their house dressing also More...


Luke R.

12 May 2013

Best value for quick Italian in Omaha, the minestrone soup is awesome and ask for the wheat rolls instead of the white ones, much better.


Cassie M.

23 April 2013

A group of us were in town for business and we ordered for a large party.  They were very accommodating and the order was executed perfectly.  Pizza was great (especially the BLT) and the rolls are amazing!  Would definitely order again!! More...


Pizza R.

31 March 2013

Original review with photos can be found here: omahapizzareview.com/201…Sgt. Peffer's has been in Omaha for a long time. They have two locations, the original on Saddle Creek Road near the Homy Inn and the other out West in Millard. We ate at the Millard location. The restaurant has two large dining rooms with the kitchen in the middle. You order and pay at the counter then take a number and a seat. It's a self-serve joint much like The Pizza Place. Plates, napkins, silverware, to go boxes and a soda fountain are located next the ordering counter.We ordered a pepperoni pizza, a veggie pizza, and an order of cheese sticks before finding a table. It was early on a weekend night, so we had the run of the place. The cheese sticks and marinara where delivered quickly. I was confused at first as I thought I had ordered the cheese bread. I didn't, but I wish I had. The cheese sticks were pretty blah. Next time we'll try something else.Our pizzas arrived on a plastic pizza tray with cardboard between it and the pizza. They looked yummy - and they were. The crust was thin to medium in thickness. They use a dough docker to keep the bubbles from forming. The raised outer edge was both flaky and chewy. How do they do that? Very nice. Toppings on both pizzas were plentiful and the veggies were fresh.  In addition to the onions, green bell peppers, olives, and mushrooms, they piled on diced tomatoes and zucchini.  No canned veggies here except for the olives, but what are you going to do? The only downside to the pizza is the sauce, in our opinion. It was rather lifeless and bland. Not really sweet, spicy, or flavorful. Just kinda there.Overall this was a good experience. We will certainly visit here again. Next time we'll try the white pizza. I hear it's pretty good.The good: Friendly staff, quick service, clean room, good pizza with fresh veggiesThe bad: Pizza sauce is just so-soOven: ConveyorCrust: Thin/medium, flaky and chewySauce: BlandCheese: On top of all toppingsReview by The Omaha Pizza Review CrewOmahaPizzaReview.comFacebook.com/PizzaReview…Twitter.com/PizzaReviewer More...


Chris D.

26 February 2013

Kids menu is great and just go to bar for best service


Ellen B.

29 December 2012

Grilled Chicken Salad is awesome!  The pizza and dinner rolls are also tasty.  It's probably a better to-go place although they offer a dine-in option.


Kate F.

26 December 2012

Favorite little bistro in town. Italian pizza, not your typical pizza. Friday's soup is Chicken Florentine, which is the best soup with an added kick. Meatball sub is also excellent.


Keith Costello

9 December 2012

Awesome food, great staff!



10 October 2012

The food was outstanding and everyone commented on how yummy it was. They are also very affordable. The servers were very on top of things and friendly. At the end of dinner they packaged the leftover food and took it back to the restaurant and we picked it up the next day which was very nice. Tim Peffer is very easy to work with and I'd highly recommend the Sgt Peffers on Saddle Creek! More...



6 October 2012

Favorite go-to. I have eaten at both locations and have never had a bad meal. Favorite item is their BLT soup (yes, soup). It is only served on Thursdays. Cream based soup with chunks of peppered bacon, lettuce and tomatoes cooked into the soup. Pizza is also good - favorite is the 5 cheese white. When wanting to eat a little lighter -the grilled chicken salad is wonderful. Very thinly sliced chicken breast over salad with their house dressing. Portion is enough for at least two meals. More...


Jaysee K.

2 October 2012

Five Cheese White is awesome!!! We've only had delivery but the drivers are always really nice and on time!!



23 July 2012

Sgt Peffer did an amazing job we had servers and they did the clean up. Plus anything that doesn't get eaten you get to keep and they refridget it over night.


Jon H.

12 June 2012

What you order here definitely matters. I'd stay away from the seafood. However, the pasta dishes were excellent! The service and value were good too.


Josesh Mawma

12 April 2012

Pizza. Awesome !!! Forget about it !



10 April 2012

Nice surprise!. Good food on the cheap! Call it atmosphere or whatever .....this interesting ambiance fits the food! Thumbs up!


Lynn Hartzell

20 February 2012

Good food, generous portions at decent prices. Nothing fancy about the building, but we're talking about food here, right?


Wayne M.

18 February 2012

For a small town little Italian style restaurant I was pleasantly surprised. The spaghetti was really good and my wife's tortellini was amazing. The only drawback I had was the lettuce in my salad was rather wilted but still tasted pretty good More...



27 November 2011

LOVE. Love Sgt Peffers for dining and catering! Great staff, quick service, delicious large portions of food!


John M

23 November 2011

So far, so good. I've eaten here twice for dinner and have enjoyed both times. They have a pretty wide selection on the menu and this will take some time to explore but I like what I've seen so far. The soups are fresh, homemade, and original. I've had the BLT and beef mushroom soups. Both very good. My favorite menu item so far has been the 5 cheese white pizza with an alfredo sauce base. Wonderfully rich but not too heavy in a thin crust pizza. Next visit, I will be sampling the pastas. I see that they have their pasta sauces to go. $4.50 for 10 ounces. I'll have to find the one I like best and try at home. Excellent place for casual family dining at an inexpensive price. More...


Rachael L.

18 October 2011

Not only is the food great, but any restaurant that delivers, or you can drive thru and get delicious italian from is just fantastic! (we are not talking rubber noodled Fazollis here)I have eaten at Peffers for several years, and all their food is great, but my personal favorites are the boscaiolla on linguine and their Italian chilli.The Bosc is a white sauce with proscuitto, peas and mushrooms. And unlike most restaurants that can be a bit stingy on the proscuitto, Peffers gives you enough for some in every bite of deliciousness.With every meal at Peffers you will get soup or salad and one of their homeade rolls. The rolls are the perfect balance of crusty on the outside and soft of the inside. I highly recommend buying a few extra and using them for sandwiches during your weekly routine (just keep them in a ziploc or they get hard).If you are lucky enough to be there on a day when they offer the Italian chilli, do not miss it! It is spicy and warming. I have tried to replicate this at home without any luck.Do not miss out on this local treasure! More...


The Spork Dork

2 October 2011

Vast Value. We LOVE Sgt Peffer's. Freakin' VAST menu. Large portions so ya get a couple meals out of it. Intimate, in that there are not a lot of seats in the house and you'll be close to the folks lining up to the door to order to go. Can be chilly in the wintertime. The bathroom is through the kitchen. That's confidence and some of the quirks we like about the place. Our toddler will eat their creamy clam (she's got a thing against fish for some reason). Loves to watch the kitchen staff through the window (if you're lucky enough to land that table by the door. Baked pasta dishes are very good. Seafood lasagna - TRY IT! Gourmet value. Being a couple minutes from our house helps, too. :) The verdict: fine. More...



16 September 2011

Soup!. Different soup of the day every day! Wednesdays California Veggie soup is superb! Get that with a salad with their homemade Italian dressing. A roll comes with everything and is also awesome. You can't go wrong with the pizza, either. More...



25 August 2011

Yum!. I lived a couple of blocks down the road, years ago, and ate here regularly! The soups are incredible, I love the chicken salad!


The Mastication Proclamation

10 June 2011

With a little help from my friends.... I found this place back in high school and have been going ever since. The pastas are good (a little on the heavy size with the cheese), but the pizzas are absolutely fantastic!! The 5 cheese with Alfredo is probably the best pizza in town. Lots of complimentary toppings. Best yet, they deliver to the Homy Inn (which is a bar, for you folk who don't frequent the area) across the street. There is no better way to turn a crappy day at work into a gluttonous evening of pizza and beer. mmmmmmm More...



5 June 2011

Perfect treat. 1 = bad 5 = outstanding Food Dish: Pepperoni Pizza 5 Service: Friendly and Helpful 5 Cleanliness: Decent 3 Served in: 15 minutes or less 5 Awesome Beatles theme! Delicious pizza!! (: great for right after the zoo! More...


Andy M.

15 May 2011

My absolute favorite lunch spot in Millard. Food and service are always spot-on. It seems like they'd take longer to get your food out, but it's always pretty quick. See my review posted under Saddle Creek for more. More...


Micah C.

20 April 2011

My wife and I stopped her based on the reviews on Yelp.  It was one of the best decisions we have ever made.   Incredible...Dont bother with anything else if your hungry just swing by this place and eat anything on the menu.Donot let the location, size, or the plastic tables and chairs fool oyu this place is astounding More...



19 April 2011

Fantastic!. This place is right by my house and the pizza is amazing! Super fast too! LOVE IT!


Charles H.

18 April 2011

I give Sgt Peffers 5 Stars although I am basing it on the only item I have ordered from there, The Grilled Chicken Salad. Many on here have commented on this item but one more review can't hurt.  I order it to go at least 2 times a week. The chicken/mushrooms/artichokes/olive mixture they put on the top is fantastic. I generally eat this part without any dressing. You can't order similar salad at any other restaurants. I order it with just spinach. Not a fan of the iceberg lettuce. I put some of the dressing on the spinach once I eat all of the chicken off the top. Shake the dressing well and use sparingly. It is oily and separates very fast. I don't think you will be disappointed. Service is decent but since I order on the food to go, it is ready when I arrive. You may get stuck behind other customers who take forever to order but it is worth the wait. The line does not seem to be the fault of the establishment but that of unprepared More...



26 March 2011

Catering. We have used them to cater our daughters graduations. Everyone raved about the food. Also we love to go for a good chopped chicken salad or pizza



15 March 2011

Oft overlooked neighborhood eatery. I always order the New Yorker pizza sans anchovies (my favorite), though I really like the meatball sub (my dad's favorite): a delectable hot sandwich with provolone and marinara sauce. Everyone has a favorite dish here and everyone enjoys sitting amongst the Beatles memorabilia and aquatic-themed decor; it's Sgt. Pepper's at heart. Order at the counter and enjoy in the sun-bathed dining room or outside under the sky of blue. More...


Shane M.

3 March 2011

Catered a family event for us,food was awesome! Pasta dishes are great!



2 February 2011

Best Chicken Alfredo Around. Love, love, love it! Been going to the Saddle Creek location for years, and never disappointed. Chicken Fettucini Alfredo is the best in town, hands down! Love the Italian Potato soup as well as the Chicken Florentine soup. Love the Beatles decor (but then again, I named my son Lennon, so I'm biased!) and the staff is always friendly. Highly recommend it! More...


Dee Money

18 August 2010

Great soup!


Jean R.

14 August 2010

I get to Omaha once or twice a year and all I can think about on the drive over is lunch at Sgt. Peffer's. It's important when grading a restaurant such as this to know what genre you're in. Neighborhood italian. For the genre, it doesn't get better. Homemade and distinctive Italian dressing with no alternative offered? Check. Properly cooked pasta never overdone? Check. Long time employees who clearly like working here? Yes indeed, and that's part of the ambience. Now, what to order? You'll notice grilled chicken salads coming out to half the tables in the place, and for good reason. Order the chicken salad! Forget the lame version in every chain restaurant in the country you're used to. Sgt Peffer's salad is a bed of iceberg and baby spinach topped with marinated grilled chicken very thinly sliced and with fabulous char, marinated artichokes and mushrooms. That's it! No lousy tomato, no bagged croutons. Ask for a dressing with extra vinegar, and shake vigorously and pour immediately. That stuff separates in 1 second. Now dip your home made 1940s dinner roll with the fresh smell of yeast and a trace of salt in the dressing that's left on your plate. Whoa!Our girls always have a dish of cheese ravioli with marinara. It comes baked, not microwaved, and the sauce is just vibrantly tomatoey and not overseasoned. Love it!  Hope it never changes.We also love the "Butter garlic chicken," a simple linguine dish that exemplifies Italian. Not too many ingredients, thoughtfully prepared. More...


Andy M.

10 August 2010

A Beatles-themed Italian restaurant? How could you go wrong?I have gone to the Millard location for lunch about 4-5 times now and never had anything even close to mediocre. Everything that could be homemade, is homemade. I give major points for that. I had tried their toasted sandwiches on several occasions before - all excellent. Today, I tried their pizza and pasta, and now I have new favorites. Everything is always hot and fresh, but you should expect to wait about minutes for your order, as good food takes time.The pizza is what I would call New York-style. Maybe not screamingly authentic, but hot and tasty with a thin, crispy crust that still has a bit of doughiness. They really pile on the cheese, too. Perfectly balanced sauce in just the right proportion to everything.Their pasta: perfectly-cooked texture with well-seasoned sauces and authentic Alfredo made with plenty of cream and nothing from a bag. On the subs, everything is fresh, too. These guys are not afraid to use oil, cream, butter, mayo, cheese, and anything else delicious. And you know what? I feel better after eating their food than at any other fast food joint in the area. I always leave satisfied.Prices are VERY reasonable for what you get. All of the lunch specials include a drink, soup or salad, and roll. Stop in for lunch when you have a moment; you won't be sorry. More...



9 July 2010

Sgt Peffer's. Cheap and reliable. The food isn't spectacular--it's simply good, inexpensive Italian fare. Their pizza isn't bad, but not among my favorites in town. The interior could be described as quaint, but seating is limited. Order at the counter and they'll bring it out to you or call ahead for pickup at the drive-thru window. More...



12 June 2010

Favorite place in town for "regular" pizza, and really tasty huge entree menu as well!. We get delivery from here often, especially if we have company/a crowd to feed. It's the best "regular" pizza that I have tried in town (meaning, they deliver and all, rather than just being gourmet pizzas at a sit-down place). It beats any chain hands-down, and I *far* prefer it to other local places like La Casa. I did like the old Don Carmelo's on Farnam at least as much for pizza, but they have closed. The New Yorker combo is our favorite (minus the anchovies). The Italian sausage is wonderful - I think they get it from a local place. The crust is not deep-dish-thick and also not super-thin. There are also a wide variety of toppings available for you to customize your own pizzas. They also have a huge menu of Italian pasta dishes, salads, soups, sandwiches, appetizers, and more, all of which they will also deliver with your pizza. I love their cannelloni and many other of their non-pizza dishes. Their entrees come with rolls and your choice of soup or salad. I've actually never eaten inside the (tiny) restaurant, so can't speak to that experience, but for delivery and carryout they are awesome. More...



10 June 2010

Good Food. This place has some great food! With dinner, you get either salad or soup and a roll. The prices are unbeatable and the food is amazing. I would highly recommend the Manicotti to anyone who likes cheese. More...


The Diner

2 June 2010

Great. Good food. everything just needs a touch more salt though meatball sub is greaaat


Seth Lambert

30 May 2010

I came here solely because it was ranked best pizza in Omaha. The pizza was decent but not the best I've ever had. It was a thinner crust than expected since I prefer deep dish. The roast beef sandwich was recommendable though. They have a nice Beatles collection inside to go with the name (sgt peppers). More...



8 March 2010

They have the best cheese.



12 February 2010

YUMMY. We started eating at the original place in Saddle Creek, frequented the Florence location when we lived north and now are enjoying the Millard location. Fantastic pizza, love the chicken florentine soup on Fridays and the chicken salad is awesome! Always consistent, great place to take the entire family and love the Beatle's decor! More...


willy j.

28 December 2009

Best freaking pizza in town! The five cheese white will blow your mind!!!


Tim Alexander

19 December 2009

Very good food. Nothing on the menu is over 10$, and it's all very tasty. Don't walk in there expecting olive garden, or fazolies. It's somewhere in between, with a very "local Omaha" feel to it, even though it's italian. Service is outstanding too. More...


Zack Fergus

26 September 2009

Best cheese tortollini around!


Andrea T.

20 July 2009

My food has always been good.  I think Sgt. Peffers is just one of those places you either love or hate. The only thing outside of their pizza I've ever had was the meatball sandwich, which I highly recommend.  I usually have my food delivered across the street to the Homy Inn.  However, the restaurant itself is fun with all the Beatles memorabilia. While I was in Omaha over the weekend my friends and I ordered the "Fab Four" pizza and a cheese pizza and it was very tasty!  It's not overpriced and we got the pizza within 25 minutes (delivered to the Homy). More...



11 June 2009

Pizzas are great sandwiches are great and the grilled chicken salad is incredible.


Anastasia B.

1 April 2009

If you ever want to gain five pounds and have a have really great time doing so-   go to Sgt.  Peffers!!!!   DELICIOUS.  This is like Italian comfort food!  Any of the pasta dishes are wonderful and they come with soup or salad.  You have to go on monday!  That is Italian Baked Potato Soup Day!  Sunday is the Lord's day, and then Monday is Italian Baked Potato Soup Day...yeah, it's that serious.  I recommend doing takeout rather than dinning in.  There is plastic patio furniture in the dinning area where you can sit, but it seems odd.  People come in and out of the restaurant frequently, it doesn't seem like a place where you could enjoy a relaxing dinner.  I recommend putting on your fat pants and ordering some take out.  Sgt. Peffers is best enjoyed at home on the couch.For those who ordered the pizza, that is too bad.  I've never heard anybody rave about the pizza.  The pasta is where it's at.    Also the meatloaf sandwich is good too. More...



7 February 2009

Love it!. I always get the tortellini, so I can't review the pizza. The tortellini is always great, and I love the salad and even the rolls they have are delicious! Great little place, I always call in and pick up my order, have yet to sit down. Great service. More...


Jen H.

5 February 2009

I really love Sgt. Peffers - but as a disclaimer to some of the reviews, I have never had the pizza. I always have the pasta dishes (tortellini is my fave) and have never had a bad experience. The prices are awesome, the portions are good. I don't know why but I LOVE their dinner rolls. More...


Charles G.

16 August 2008

In the top 3 for pizza in Omaha, though the pizza isn't that great.  I give it such a high rating only because of its "big fish in small pond" status.  It wouldn't fly in a city with better competition. More...



8 March 2008

A big part of my 5 five star review is nostalgia. The other part is the food!No joke here: I specifically planned my road trip to Omaha, so I would be able to vist Sgt. Peffer's on Friday.FRIDAY IS CHICKEN FLORENTINE SOUP DAY! This is my favorite soup of all time. Extra creamy, perfectly spicy, and deliciously fattening. Please try it. It is worth every calorie!I could eat the GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD every day of the week. It starts with a huge pile of blended iceburg and spinach lettuce. The chicken, olive, artichoke, and spice mixture that tops this salad is UNDENIABLE. Drench it in their house dressing, but make sure to shake it up really well to get all the spices from the bottom. If you order to go, ask for extra dressing, You won't regret it!I don't know what kind of crack they put in these rolls, but they don't even need butter. Try one if you still have any room.I will NEVER miss a stop at Sgt. Peffer's any time I'm in the Big O!!!!!!!!!! And you shouldn't either. More...



1 December 2007

Quick service. Wonderful tasting food! Not a fancy place, but a great place to go with friends.


C B.

13 June 2007

They have fabulous pizza at Peffer's.  I think it's the best in Omaha.  The crust is what does it for me.  Also the toppings are really very good, especially the pepperoni, and the chicken.  We love the original combination, without black olives (for my wife).  Also chicken + sun-dried tomatoes is a good bet here as well.  We've had pastas which are good, and the "super joe" is unbelievable.  It's 2 of their homemade rolls, covered in spaghetti sauce with meat, topped with an Italian sausage, and baked under a layer of mozzarella.  YUM!The dining area is deceptively large, there are more than10 tables to sit at.  The prices are reasonable, the service is quick, and the food is great.  Also, it's locally owned, which does mean something. More...


Kim J.

29 January 2007

We like this place.  Like so many other places, this isn't gourmet dining but the food is good.  For lunches, the chicken salad is really good.  You get a big bowl of lettuce and spinach with a large amount of shredded chicken mixture which has their italian dressing, artichoke hearts and black olives.  It comes with one of their awesome big rolls.  The pizza and pasta is good too.  We really like the 4 cheese, which you can get with a white or red sauce. More...