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Daniela Valdivia Terres

Love her classes. Classic style. Great tecnique. Excellent warm-up (so important before to start!). Talented and patient teacher who will make you enjoy and love bellydancing in every class.


Ariana Sky

Amazing dancer, excellent instructor, a truly professional in this field! I love taking classes with Seyyide , she is the best in Bellydance!


Karen Marie Fraggos

Seyyide is the best instructor, lots of fun but also strict so you learn the moves correctly. You get a workout from head to toe!


Gabriela Teodoro

I always have great time learning belly dance with Seyyide!!! 💃🏻💃🏻


Greta Jenn Anderson

Took a couple of classes here and the constant interruptions from her son disturbing the class were too distracting to learn anything.

A sitter would be appropriate while teaching a class you're getting paid for by many people who want to learn from you.


Belinda Zhang

I attended Seyyide Belly Dance studio about half year and I would have kept going if I hadn't moved away. Seyyide is a great dancer as well as teacher. She really has passion for belly dance and cares a lot about her students. Her classes are always well prepared with lots of beautiful choreography to learn. And they always start on time.

But maybe the best part is how she puts in extra effort to organize events and performances to build her troope's confidence and experience on stage. Those experiences were unforgettable!


Beverly Garcia

I've taken a lot of dance classes in my time and Seyyide definitely stands out among them. She knows what she's doing and knows how to convey how you should move your body to effect these moves. It doesn't matter what size, shape, or level of experience you have; Seyyide will help you gain a lot of spatial and kinesthetic awareness. She's also probably one of the nicest, most encouraging people I have ever met. More...


Rin Yunis

Seyyide is an amazing teacher for a huge range of skill levels - even in the same class. She is capable of handling a wide range of disturbances and making the most out of the time given in classes. My technique improved a lot with only a few months of classes! Especially for new dancers you will learn a lot and your back will feel amazing thanks to the stretching warm ups and cool downs. More...


Emma Tayce Palmer

Firstly, I admire the meticulous timing that Seyyide has perfected when it comes to organizing the warm ups, drills, combos, and cool downs in each class- I feel like I've learned everything from a 4 hour intensive in the space of a little over an hour! Secondly, getting personal advice and attention from a teacher who has so many years of expertise and talent is extremely cool and unlike any other dance class I have taken before. Thank you, Seyyide! More...


Prachee Kulkarni

I have been taking classes with Seyyide for over a year. She is an awesome teacher and a very talented dancer who has perfected her craft. Her classes are always fun with stretching and warm ups emphasizing proper posture followed by short dance sequences combining different elements of raqs sharqi (classical Egyptian style belly dance), with a focus on using good technique. An evening of Seyyide’s class always leaves me feeling refreshed and energized after a long day. If you want a nice work out while learning something new and enjoying Middle Eastern music, you will love this class.

Special kudos to Seyyide for being super organized with her class schedules and communications, as well as getting to know each of her students and providing helpful feedback during class.

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