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Ektor V.

13 August 2019

I have trained Thai boxing on and off for well over a decade. I have trained Domestically , internationally and in Thailand . What Coach Aaron offers is what other schools and coaches in the area claim to offer, but don't.!!!Training in traditional Thai boxing !!!! This is as much physical as it is mental. Coach Aaron knows this and is able to convey his love/understanding for the sport perfectly thru his coaching. I drive at least an hour each way for training and my only gripe is i wish i had met Aaron and started training with him many years ago. Check him out, Either 1 on 1 training or one of his group classes ! His students all look very sharp. I think you will be as happy as i am right now! More...


Edmund T.

1 August 2019

Master Aaron truly emphasizes attention to detail and will be sternly adament on establishing who's in authority when you train with him. He wants you  to benefit from quality over quantity when learning Muay Thai. In doing so, you must follow accordingly to his process every step of the way so you don't get carried off skipping a simple yet crucial Muay Thai foundational step during the process to becoming a well trained fighter; similar to building a strong foundational house. Master Aaron understands that YOU must fit Muay Thai and learn the martial art's rules, not the other way around. Muay Thai has been around for thousands of years and it's up to you to fit the martial art, as the martial art won't do that for you. Granted, you must understand your physical capabilities (and go about your own learning pace) but you mustn't be close minded and rigid to the life teachings that the martial art will give you and not take matters into your own hands when you're still new. He likes when new students aren't tampered by other techniques from other dojos because he can instill authentic Muay Thai within you. Word of advice: go slow and relax. More...


Eddie K.

28 July 2019

Coach Aaron really knows his stuff! I felt improvement in my technique just from my first session. I highly recommend this gym if you're looking to train Muay Thai from a knowledgeable place with friendly people.


Alec D.

11 July 2019

Seuua Daao is the real deal. I just began attending and am delighted to have become a part of Kru Aaron's class. He is a real Kru in every sense of the definition. Not only does he teach detailed technical instruction but also gets deep into authentic Muay Thai tradition and values, bringing a holistic approach to Muay Thai as not just a sport, but a discipline and a way of life. Do yourself a favor. Leave your ego at the door and check out Seuua Daao. You will be better for it. More...


Elaine V.

30 June 2019

I've been with Coach Aaron for a while now. He's one of the best authentic Muy Thai instructors around. He's patient and very technical with his students. I've learned so much from him, I can see how much I've improved throughout the months. Coach Aaron is super passionate about Muy Thai and is very knowledgeable. So if you're eager to learn, I highly suggest taking his classes or booking a private lesson with him! More...


Jeannie N.

26 June 2019

Had an amazing time here at Seuua Daao. We were in the Huntington Beach area visiting a friend and dropped into the 6-8pm class. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming. The class was a great combination of conditioning, cardio, and technique work. The class sizes are fairly small so you get plenty of interaction with both coach and teammates. It's clear Coach Aaron really knows his craft. Doesn't matter how long you've been training, he'll be able to offer advice and pointers to help fine-tune and improve your muay thai. He also somehow sees and hears everything, so you're not going to get away with slacking. What I loved most was his emphasis on practical applications and realistic visualization through every part of training. Whether you're shadow boxing, play sparring or holding pads - it should reflect real muay thai. All egos are checked at the door. Just good, clean, beautiful muay thai happening here. Will definitely stop by again the next time I'm in the area! More...


Sandy J.

26 June 2019

Coach Aaron is amazing!! I've been training on and off for about two - three years in Muay Thai in LA and dropped by for a Thursday afternoon class to get some training in while visiting a friend. I am so glad that I did and would definitely come back if I'm in the area. Coach Aaron is passionate about teaching, not just about the art of fighting but really about understanding the culture of Muay Thai. I was a bit nervous about visiting a new gym and did not know what to expect, but within the first few minutes of class starting, I already felt at home. Within seconds Coach Aaron was making adjustments on my fundamentals, showing me how to move with better balance and wiith more purpose during the warmups. The class started out with warmups, shadowboxing, jump rope, then went on to pad holding and play sparring or conditioning. Whether you are at a beginning, intermediate or an advance level, you'll definitely learn a lot from Coach Aaron and I would highly recommend coming to train with him. He has a good sense of humor when coaching, gives you a lot of tough love, and makes your passion for Muay Thai grow stronger. A big suggestion is to bring water. More...


Brian N.

11 June 2019

I've never really invested in private lessons but the older i'm getting, I see so much more value in it. I got  back from Thailand last year and did some training out there. When I came back home, it's hard to find the same type of training here in the states.So after extensive research and have trained with Seuua Daao Muay Thai a couple years ago, I decided to make an investment of 10 sessions for private training. I actually just finished my 10 sessions today and signing up for another 10 sessions.In those 10 sessions, I have have learned SOOOO much. Everything is about technique, balance, and mindset. Aaron is a great coach and he gets your mind right in the first session, then everything else follows.Can't wait to see how much more I learn in the next 10 sessions.I've also done his Muay Thai classes. Very technical, so be prepared for it! The most authentic Muay Thai in Orange County. Everything else is just Kick boxing labeled Muay Thai!Try him out for privates! You won't regret it. More...


Jackie L.

4 May 2019

I came here for the Thursday 6-8pm class and had an amazing workout! Coach Aaron is extremely passionate about the sport and it shows through his teachings. He teaches that Muay Thai is not all about fighting, it's also an art form, culture, and way of life. This is definitely the place to go if you're looking to learn Muay Thai, improve your technique, and get a good workout. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, be prepared to work hard! More...


Timothy K.

11 February 2019

reposting my review after Yelp took it down (forgot my password on this old account):SD Muay Thai is the Real Deal. Master Aaron is the epitome of a passionate Muay Thai practitioner. I have only taken a couple of classes but this is the real deal. This is not boxing, this is not MMA, this is REAL Muay Thai. I have never seen someone so passionate about teaching the craft. Aaron has crazy hawkeye sight and will not hesitate to correct your form and technique (even in a crowded class). He is very interactive with all students in class and always encourages students to ask questions. Taking "muay thai" classes at other mma gyms don't even compare because they don't teach authentic Thai style MT. Aaron emphasizes precision and BALANCE in the art. If you watch any Muay Thai fight you notice all of those fighters have a beautiful form of balance as they "dance/exchange" with each other in the ring. This is not something I really grasped at other places but now I totally get it. For many people, Muay Thai is a lifestyle and not just a martial art. So many aspects from Muay Thai can translate directly with your day-to-day life. With consistency over the days to come, I hope to now incorporate this beautiful form of art into my life even though I do not see myself fighting in competition. Not only is it a great physical workout to keep myself healthy, but after each class my mind feels stronger and sharper as I try to push myself out of my comfort zone. Most importantly, the classes are fun as F*ck! If you're looking for authentic Muay Thai, this is the place. Master Aaron is not just a coach, but a true artist. You will not regret it. More...


Christopher G.

31 January 2019

Coach Aaron is the best in the business.  Since working with him, the majority of my time training has been correcting bad habits/technique other trainers have instilled and making sure I am doing things the right way.  He truly cares about teaching you the actual art of Muy Thai and in his words "making it look beautiful".  I couldn't recommend him enough as he challenges you not only on the physical aspect of the sport, but also the mental aspect.  Knowing what combo/move to throw and the correct way in which to execute is the aspect of martial arts a lot of folks overlook.  This is not the case with Coach Aaron, there is a very meticulous method to his teaching and his knowledge of Muy Thai is incredible. More...


John T.

19 January 2019

We had a one on one session with Aaron over the weekend. Literally my son learned more in one session then in the last year of Muay Thai. My sons head was spinning with all this new knowledge but he integrated it in the training seamlessly. So by the end of the class he was performing these new elements.  Of course repetition will be needed nonetheless his understanding of Muay Thai has increased immensely.  We were going to do just one class but 10 minutes in we knew this was the place. Can't say enough about Aaron, it is clear he is a TRUE Muay Thai coach!!! More...


Hayden H.

5 December 2018

Aaron is possibly the only person in Orange County you should see to learn the technique and discipline of authentic Muay Thai and to merely attempt to fully understand the efficiency in power and graceful balance of this martial art. He lives Muay Thai. He executes Muay Thai unlike anyone in the area. Decades of practice has solidified exceptional understanding and a respect for the practice that is clear the moment you walk in.You'd be signing up for a cardio class to go anywhere else. More...


A J.

16 November 2018

Aaron is one of the best Muay Thai trainer. He knows authentic Muay Thai not just hit and punch a bag for 30 min. I have searched for so long for this style and someone who is willing to pass their knowledge down. He doesn't care about money he really wants to pass the technique and everything he has learned in 25 years. I already feel more confident and skill. I just have 9,930 hours to go to perfect it; with Aaron cut that down in half time. Side note I'm going into the police academy and the footwork/technique is just what I need to prepare. Similar defensive tactics that will be used in the academy as far as foot work and movement. Anyone who wants to learn authentic Muay Thai go to Aaron. I love he threw some slaps and kicks my way when I didn't do the technique right. It helps you to do it correct or suffer. (The slaps and kicks are very faint so don't worry But they do make you think) Its an awesome feeling knowing he doesn't throw a slap my way because I've done it right! More...


David H.

11 October 2018

Been doing martial arts for a majority of my life and been through lots of different gyms and schools, but training with Coach Aaron has been one of the top experiences I've had. I literally just had my first session today and he made me feel at ease immediately. Although it was my first time with him, I could definitely tell that he lives and breathes Muay Thai. He never hesitated to come up to me to fix my form and the passion he has for this art is easily seen and that it reassures me that I've made a right choice as choosing him over any other Muay Thai school in OC. More...


John N.

3 October 2018

After training at Kings mma, oc muay thai, and Spider Muay thai so far, this is definitely the most legit experience in learning so far in the area. Passion, knowledge, and charisma exude from Aaron as he ensures no matter what level you are that your fundamentals are always solid. His humor when scolding you is a nice touch but always brings you back to the most important aspects of your form.My girlfriend had a great first trial class and he worked hard to keep us in check all the time. If you're going to commit to a place,  definitely come for a free trial class here and see the great family vibe they have here. More...


Tim I.

9 September 2018

One would have to travel to Thailand in order to find a more dedicated practitioner of Muay Thai than Kru Aaron and even then there's no guarantee that your journey would end in success.His breadth of understanding in regard to the physicality, technical proficiency, and mindset required to achieve proficiency in this art form is only rivaled by his ability to elucidate these concepts. This includes everyone from the first day novice to the most successful of professional champions. His passion and desire to impart the wisdom he has gleaned from nearly three decades of being a top level martial artist is evident in every word, every movement, every breath.  When you train with Master Aaron you quickly realize that this man's deep reverence not only extends to the history and culture of Muay Thai, but for all of life itself. He possesses a beautiful gift and sincerely wishes to share it with the world.  And if all that doesn't make you going running through his front door, then perhaps this next part will. The man has an absolutely wicked sense of humor! I have been doubled over not only from exhaustion, but also from laughter. The overall experience is truly special to say the least. When you walk out of his door, if you have paid attention and given the training your everything, because he most certainly will have given everything to you. Not only will you look and feel better, but you will be better both as a martial artist and more importantly as a person.  Ta Mate! More...


Kristofer U.

8 September 2018

Aaron is an absolute master of his craft. I've had experience with kickboxing but the levels he has helped me reach are phenomenal and growing exponential with every class


Dennis N.

6 September 2018

Aaron graced us with his wisdom substituting for our normal kickboxing coach (whom we love!) at Crossfit BRICK West Hollywood. As he puts it, he is not a coach. He is not interested in just getting you "sweaty" and sending you on your way to be ready for the next group of people. He's a teacher. A master of the art. His passion flows through him wanting you to know not just how but WHY you are taught what it is that you are taught. He's a man of context. A man of passion. If you want to truly understand how to train Muay Thai, there is no better teacher. He's caused me to fall in love with the art. More...


Cate L.

6 September 2018

THIS PLACE! My boyfriend has been trained by Aaron for the longest time and now he is my instructor. I have nothing but amazing things to say about him, he is patient understanding and dialed into his art. I have tried other places and other instructors but no one has been able to reach me like Aaron. I suggest going here as your first choice ! More...


Louis S.

24 August 2018

After extensive research I chose Seuua Daao Muay Thai as my new gym home. Mr. Aaron has a great wealth of detailed knowledge about the art/sport. He teaches proper techniques (making it beautiful) and the reasonings behind those techniques. Come soak up his knowledge and get a great workout at the same time. You will not be disappointed. More...


Keith P.

22 August 2018

It's clear that Master Aaron possesses a true love and passion for Muay Thai.  On my first day of training he stated I would receive authentic Muay Thai training and conditioning, and that has held true ever since. He has over 20 years of Muay Thai experience, and his classes emanate training in Thailand.  I feel a genuine sense of community when I train with Master Aaron and his other students, and I thank him for extending the gift of Muay Thai to myself and others. More...


Eugene N.

22 August 2018

I started training a few months ago and just trained for twice, and I stopped going until recently. I remember the first day of going back to training, coach made sure I still remember everything and focus on me a lot. Now, as you know, most of the coaches won't pay attention to you and only focus on the good students, but coach wasn't like this, he will make sure everyone is on point. Coach will push you out from your comfort zone and make you work for it. Training is intensive even for beginners, if you want to learn real Muay Thai, look for no more but come give it a try. The results will speak for itself. More...


Anongnat N.

21 August 2018

I've been willing to learn muaythai from so long since I lived in Thailand and I finally learned it here with master Aaron. He's a very true muaythai teacher. He makes muaythai beautiful in the original way. He's the best. If you want to learn how actual muaythai looks like, then there he is! You will not regret this! P.S. I'm thai raised and born so I know what true muaythai is! More...


Kathleen P.

14 August 2018

I've been wanting to try something other than my typical workout at 24. I researched a few different gyms and this one stood out to me because of the authenticity, cleanliness, and over all vibe. I've been training with Aaron and he's been such a pleasure to work with. He really makes sure you have the right form and pushes you to your limit. It's been a great workout and I can tell you I haven't sweat this much in my entire life lol. I highly recommend taking Muay Thai with Aaron! Not only will you get in shape, but you might find that this can be a new passion of yours! Only takes about 10,000 hours to be an expert tho ;) so you better start soon! More...


Phil K.

22 January 2018

If you want REAL Muay Thai this is the place. Aaron is a great coach in teachings of techniques and the real culture behind Muay Thai. Ive been to lots of other gyms in the area and none really compare. There are all sorts of students. From beginners to fighters. What I like most is all egos are checked at the door. Great place to get in shape and learn the true art of Muay Thai. More...


Gabe O.

14 January 2018

My family and I went on a vacation to Southern California last week. So why not get some training in while the family sleeps in. After googling and yelping the different gyms in the area I realized that Seuua Daao Muay Thai was the type of gym I was looking for. Kru Aaron replied to my email very promptly and was very accommodating to my schedule. I learned that he only offers classes in the evenings. So we set up a one on one session on a Wednesday morning. Training with Kru Aaron was awesome! He taught me a fews things to make my punches, knees and kicks much harder and more efficient. I've been training Muay Thai for a while now with some of the top fighters/trainers in the San Francisco Bay Area and I must say, the training here at Seuua Daao is top notch!If you're in Orange County and want to learn the art of Muay Thai the right way Seuua Daao Muay Thai is the place for you. Kru Aaron has full of knowledge, experience and he'll tell you like it is. He pays attention to every detail on your form and technique. He's also very patient and humble. So have an open mind and leave your ego at the door before you train here. I highly recommend this place and definitely will be back!! More...


Gracie B.

14 January 2018

I was lucky to be introduced to Seuua Daao by a friend and I could not be happier. Aaron is an amazing teacher. He teaches traditional Muay Thai and is great with people who are just beginning, to active and professional fighters. He focuses on the art, the technique and correct form. He also pauses to teach the purpose and intention behind each move, so you understand the how, and the why. He is an extremely hard working and patient teacher. His classes are fun and challenging. He has created an atmosphere and a team who are welcoming and motivational. If you show up, he will take care of the rest. More...


Todd A.

4 January 2018

Definitely the best Muay Thai Gym i have ever trained at . This is the closest you will get to actual training in Thailand. Master Az is knowledgeable and extremely helpful and will help you realize your personal best . If i could , i would train here everyday . I highly recommend this gym , if you really want to learn the Art of Muay Thai , from a True Master and great coach who will make you work like you have never trained before , then this is where you need to be. Can't wait for my next class . More...


Cj H.

27 December 2017

Tonight was my first class here & I really loved it!! Master Aaron was very helpful & attentive to details and explaining the body mechanics during the different strikes. I feel like I have already gotten much better and have a better understanding after one class. I will be coming back again and again to learn real Muay Thai here at Seuua Daao Muay Thai. More...


Joey D.

6 November 2017

Highly recommend this place, brand new to any striking and i felt good here like i was actually learning and getting enough help while training with others .


A L.

31 October 2017

Allot of schools in the US claim they are Muay Thai gyms. Many of them will offer Muay Thai belts to accommodate the "I need a belt" crowd. If you are looking for a Muay Thai belt, well this isn't the school for you. But if you are looking to learn Thai style Muay Thai, then come n give the class a try. I've Thai Box for over 8 years and have train w Arron for the past 4 years. Here, in the past, I've also received training from Lumpinee and Asia WBC champions...that says allot (birds of a feather, stick together). I've also traveled to Thailand and join Thai gyms and this is the closest thing to Thai style in the OC. ALL classes start off w skipping rope (5-10 mins), then 100-500 knees, then shadow boxing, then into the techniques(partner drills and pad work). Arron is a great pad holder, he's super intuitive and pushes the fighter. If you are looking for a fight camp, Arron can accommodate, fight team usually runs 2-3mile as warm up, then right to business. I can't say enough about the quality of training here. Oh, if you've never Thai Box, no worries, they are professional here and will train you based on your skill set and abilities. But you will never know until you walk thru those doors. Give it a shot, everyone is super humble and you will feel welcome. More...


Erika U.

31 October 2017

This place is awesome! Aaron one of the best trainers out there. He's out there running, training and leading by example every day. He genuinely cares about his students in and out of class and does his best to teach both the art and the history behind the sport. Highly highly recommend this place for anyone who wants to learn real Thai style Muay Thai. More...


Danielle T.

28 October 2017

I have been patiently waiting to join a Muay Thai gym since moving back to California and have had my eye on Seuua Daoo for quite some time. After attending my first free introductory class today, I must say that the wait was worth it! I highly recommend this gym to anyone interested in learning the art of eight limbs.Although I have a long way to go in learning the Art, I did not feel silly or stupid for not being at the level that I wish to raise myself to. Joining a new gym can be daunting and I was immediately greeted and welcomed into the gym by the other attendees. Aaron was very patient with me and took his time explaining how to better my techniques as well as giving me very helpful pointers. I can't wait to go back to my next class and begin to improve and sharpen my skills (as well as a get an awesome workout in)! More...


Carl W.

18 October 2017

This place is the perfect escape from the stress of life and the wook week. In Aaron you have the perfect coach to teach you great technique and respect of the ancient way. For ne that lead to a better balance in life in and out of the gym. The time.and attention that goes into his classes and the one on one coaching that's available is the best investment I've made in myself for years if ever. Fully recommended, I'm amazed more people are not knocking down his door given some of the very poor competition that's out there in comparison. More...



12 October 2017

This is no "UFC" gym or some corporate powerhouse with fancy equipment. This is a small gym with a professional muay thai instructor, whose passion for the lifestyle is apparent the minute you walk through the door. I am thoroughly excited for what I may learn from Aaron. More...


Reese P.

11 October 2017

Seuua Daao is seriously a hidden gem. There are so many places out there that claim to offer Muay Thai but what you'll get somewhere else is all just speed and cardio, it won't matter if you're doing it right or wrong. What makes Seuua Daao stand out from the rest is its quality, precision, and technique. Aaron is amazing, very knowledgeable in the art, patient, and wise! He is honest and really shows heart in what he does; and he puts the time in to help each and every person. I originally started coming here with the intention of just doing it for a month. I'll be honest, it was a struggle coming because I felt uncomfortable and clueless, but once you force yourself and just show up, it's so much more worth it in the end. Just show up, and you'll undoubtedly leave with more :) It's now been 7 months..and I love the challenge it brings. Everyone is super nice and helpful! -- no egos here :)  So what have you got to lose? Just show up :) More...


Sean T.

21 September 2017

Very knowledgeable teacher. Coach Aaron was patient and eager to help an out of shape novice. Come check out Seuua Daao Muay Thai for fun, fundamentals and comradery. First class is free.


Ashlie D.

7 September 2017

Had my first lesson today and I loved it.  I am a novice and don't have any background in Muay Thai.  My trainer (I think his name is Aaron) was thorough, easy to follow, and patient.  I can tell he has a passion and respect for this sport.  It showed through his consistent attention to detail, persistently pointing out the little (or glaring) things I need to change.  I appreciate the instant feedback loop he gives.  I'll be back and am excited to absorb as much as I can. More...


Keith B.

23 August 2017

Finally! I found an authentic Muay Thai gym. I had been looking all over SoCal. For the last 3 years and found nothing but kickboxing gyms calling themselves Muay Thai. Once I tried the first class, I knew it was different than other local gyms. From the Thai jump rope, to the conditioning and detailed professional instructions. You can tell Aaron the instructor takes his art/craft very seriously and all his students benefit deeply from his passion and 20+ years experience. Definitely worth trying a free class! . More...


Chris P.

20 July 2017

Highly recommended. This place is amazing! I cant say enough good things about this gym. Aaron the trainer is top notch. He is the undoubtedly the hardest working coach I have ever had. He really cares for his all his students. He makes sure everyone has enough attention and pushes you to do more than you think is possible. The classes are taught in a way where you learn and also understand why are doing things a certain way. Something also very important that I love about this gym is that you don't have to worry about being injured. This is not a place where you are going to go in the ring with people way better than you and get beaten up every day till you get more experience unlike some other gyms I have been to. These classes are great for all levels and there is no ego or drama so everyone works together to better themselves. All the students are very friendly and anyone all shapes and sizes can feel comfortable training here. More...


Albert R.

16 June 2017

If you're looking for real traditional Muay Thai in the OC area, you can stop looking now. SDMT is a hidden gem. Aaron the owner is the hardest working coach I've ever worked with and make you push for more. He's really passionate about MT and will allow you to stay late after class to pick his brain. There's no ego here, just everyone push each other to better themselves.Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's consist with 6:00-7:00 as more of a warm up phase. 10-15 min jump rope, with burpee, push up, squats or lunges mixed in. Interval circuit for 4-5 stations 1-2 min each (tire flips, bag knees or kicks), push up, planks, squats, shadowbox with weights, etc) then pad work with a partner working on building combinations throughout the week. The 7:00 class starts with roadwork about 2-3 miles depending on which course Aaron picked out. Jump rope for 10-15 min with everyone taking turns on the bag for 100-300 knees depends on Aaron. Pad work afterwards and towards the last 30 mins could be sparring or clinching.Tuesday and Thursdays is similar to other classes minus the roadwork. More fundamentals, technique, and strategy will be focus on these days.So stop by and check the gym out; you'll have nothing to lose but so much to gain. More...


Emma G.

3 June 2017

It's been five years since I've been to #muaythai and it felt so good to come back. I made time to do something for me, turn my mind off for the hour, and just be present in my body. I felt incredibly empowered and strong again. My body remembered what to do and I was able to let go of my mind and release some stress. Thanks @seuua_daao_muaythai for for not totally killing us, and to the brave #wildwomenhealingcircle (thank you for trusting me) who came out to try something new and push their bodies. This gym is amazing, affordable, and I highly recommend anyone in the #oc who wants a kick in the ass & a good sweat to give it try, your first class is free! Azz if the best, he's got a huge heart and is passionate trainer! Their beginners class runs every weekday night from 6pm-7pm. #muaythaikickboxing  #fridaynightfightnight #seuuadaaomuaythai More...


Jessica C.

2 June 2017

I imagine there are few places that are extremely approachable for someone who has never done Muay Thai. This is one of those places. Aaron pulls no punches in his workout. But he supports, motivates and encourages you to work through it all while maintaining form. He's a stickler but so kind hearted, genuine and passionate. It's magnetic. I was TIRED but I kept going and afterward I felt so great. Awesome workout. I highly recommend it and I can't wait to head back for another beginner class. More...


Jonathan W.

30 May 2017

I am so blessed and so happy that I found an authentic Muay Thai gym so close to my home in Huntington Beach. I have tried everywhere, but this is the only place where I can confidently say is the real deal. Everyone works hard, and the comradeship is unreal here! No matter what your skill level is, everyone is treated equally and helps each-other improve. For the value Seuua Daao Muay Thai offers, I have undoubtedly found a home. 5 stars without a question. Give this place a go! More...


Schyluer J.

25 May 2017

When I started looking for a gym to train at I went to one other gym, it was a fairly easy warmup and at the time I was fairly out of shape... I had previously made my mind up about killing myself with intense conditioning and committing to learn real Muay Thai. After the warm up I asked the coach, "are we going to run?" He said, "we used to do that every day, but now we just kind of do whatever everyone feels like doing." Not to mention he tried to get me to buy a bunch of crap. Never went back. Showed up for my first day with Coach Aaron and he asked me if I brought my running shoes. We ran 3.5 miles. It was hard and arduous and I about died. Coach Aaron ran as well... The wonderful thing about his gym is you can train like a fighter, or you can train recreationally. If you don't want to kill yourself and you just want to lose weight etc, the coaching will be the same. Coach Aaron cares about all his students "journeys." He has 25 years of experience, lived, and trained in Thailand. His attention to detail and technique is incredible. The way he teaches gives me "ahah" moments every night I train. He is really good at making people feel like they are part of a team as well.. If you want your Muay Thai to end up looking like art, or something beautiful, you should join this gym. More...


Mike C.

1 May 2017

I dropped in on the 6pm class and had an awesome experience. Excellent coaching and technical breakdown of the techniques for the day. Really enjoyed the detailed feedback! More...


Scott V.

13 February 2017

Top gym with teaching, not just training. Rarely will you work with a teacher like Aaron, who is full of knowledge about Muay Thai, and will also outwork everyone in the gym (he is over 40 years old) being the example for all to aspire to. Check this gym out for the most solid instruction and hard training! More...


Susie B.

2 February 2017

Great owner! Fantastic instructors! Perfect pricing for the high quality instruction! Go check out this establishment you will not be disappointed! Properly trained in the native countries! They know what they are doing!!!! Very impressed!!! More...


R G.

21 January 2017

I have been in or around Muay Thai for twenty years.  I have seen people who claim to have experience, but are limited in their instruction However, I had a great time shortly after my pregnancy with the classes.  Aaron was able to be flexible and accommodated my current skill level without compromising the art. The other students were very friendly and helpfulI highly recommend this school for beginners and experienced students. More...


Aarron M.

16 January 2017

You don't have to travel to Thailand to get  authentic Muay thai training . Its right here In orange county at Seuaa Daao muay Thai's new location in Huntington Beach.    I know, Because  Ive had the opportunity to train at several Gyms in Thailand . To be specific Santai Muay thai in changmai,   Singpatong Sitnumnoi in Phuket ,  Sittsongpeenong  in Phuket , and  sutai in Phuket.  The fundamentals and training I got from Seuua Daao Muay Thai have allowed me to  be comfortable walking into any Muay Thai Gym in the US and the world without the slightest question that I have been trained in an authentic Way.It shows when the Trainers In Thailand have watched me out of the corners of their eyes, as i  wrapped my hands in a  more traditional Way and they nodded their heads in approval . When they have held pads and instead of correcting  bad technique ask for more power and speed and grunt in approval of correct Elbow strikes and Knees.  And when I have been asked by others that are training  in the US and abroad how they can get their technique Sharper. I started training with Aarron ( the owner of Seuua Daao ) over 10 years ago when this gym was located in a hidden spot in Los Alimitos.  I often travel for work for weeks at a time  and as I have  traveled I have had the chance to train at various gyms through the US and overseas..... And I can tell you, This gym is nothing like most Muay thai gyms.  There are no egos here. Everyone comes with the attitude to learn and get better.  If you're a girl its a safe  and comfortable place where you wont get hit on.  If you're a guy,  you are not going to be thrown in with more experienced people and be beaten on . Everyone however will be pushed both mentally and physically and learn that they have a lot more in the tank than their body and Mind thought it was capable of.  You'll also have an almost therapeutic experience where for the  hour or so  you'll have a clear mind and everyday stresses will melt away.       If you are looking to learn Authentic Muay Thai and are in  Orange county then this is the place. If you want to just get fit and need someone to give you an amazing workout and motivate you this is the place. If you want to learn a very beautiful and yet brutal type of self defense then this is the place. If you are a fighter and want to get your Muay Thai and standup razor sharp and be comfortable in a clinch then this is the place. Its a very traditional gym in that there are no yearly contracts to sign up for.  If you want to train  pay the monthly fee.    All you have to do is show up.  "if it was easy everyone would do it" More...


Yas P.

11 January 2017

Authentic Thai Boxing gyms are few and far between in the US and this place is an absolute gem. Excellent teacher who knows his stuff. Exactly the type of gym I was looking for, learn excellent technique with improved fitness as a by-product, whereas many other gyms are more like a 'fitness class' and if you're there long enough you might learn something. More...


Thomas D.

9 January 2017

This place is amazing! It's real authentic Muay Thai. Kru Aaron teaches in a way to where you understand what you're doing and why you're doing it. He's a perfectionist when it comes to the art of Muay Thai you can see and feel the love he has for the art and his students. He makes sure everyone get the attention they need. More...

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