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SEOMA is a Digital Consulting Firm specializing in AI-Based Marketing Solutions for Real Estate and B2B Companies. Call us today at 1-855-SEOMA-AI to learn how AI can drive revenue for your business.


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The greatest satisfaction we receive is to see our clients businesses thrive due to our marketing efforts. Many businesses offer excellent services and products yet struggle due to not being found by their ideal customers. We bridge that gap by creating an expansive and nurturing online profile for our clients that will bring returns for years.

As an engineer by trade, I spent the better part of my career saving money for large corporations through process optimization and lean thinking. While helping my neighbor and mentor with her marketing efforts we found that small businesses valued our expertise far greater than their corporate counterparts. Search Engine Optimization is relatively new for most small businesses and is a pressing need that for the foreseeable future will be required to stay competitive.

Our marketing campaigns are built from the ground up based on information gathered from each prospect. We compile extensive competitor data to properly estimate what our clients needs will be and only offer solutions that are financially beneficial for each customer. SEOMA believes in RIGHT-SIZED solutions for each problem so that our clients can invest and grow at the pace that makes sense for them. SEOMA has capacity and capability to handle both small businesses and medium-sized businesses looking to expand nationally.