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We are new to Bark but not to making sure we take care of new clients. Our team offers over 60 years of combined experience on these types of projects:

Website Design and Development
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services
Content Writing
Social Media Campaigns
Data Analytics
Facebook Advertising
Online Reputation Management
Google AdWords
Mobile A/B Testing
Video Production
Monthly Return of Investment (ROI) Reporting

If you are within 40 mile radius we can send out an Account Manager to go in depth on how we can help you get a steady flow of leads. We'll also take various current 'Google-My Business' account logins so you can see we are the real deal. Also all of our work is backed by a satisfaction guaranteed.

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SEO Company OC Reviews

SEO Company OC Reviews

Review of SEO Company OC by Barret Simph
5 04/04/2019 Barret Simph

Great company to work with. Always done before the deadline, very passionate about their work. They always put my best interest first. I highly recommend Seo Company OC, I will definitely be back in the future for SEO & PPC! Thanks for getting my website live.

Review of SEO Company OC by Jerry T
5 26/03/2019 Jerry T

Very dedicated to their work and knew exactly what they were doing. No cutting corners. Would 10/10 recommend anybody who is looking for the services they provide. Every change I requested was completed the same day.

Review of SEO Company OC by morgan
5 22/02/2019 morgan

Very understanding and clear cut. No B.S

Used this pro
Review of SEO Company OC by Kayley & Ella
5 05/02/2019 Kayley & Ella

I hired SEO Company OC though to help me design a basic website for my blog. They were able to help me get all of my points across while also building a very user friendly and eye-captivating website which makes you want to dig deeper in as you explore, which I love. I decided to hire SEO Company OC monthly for PPC as well to start obtaining more activity to my blog and within days I saw a dramatic difference in users reading my blog posts and interacting on social media. I was skeptical at first because I know nothing about marketing and online advertising and didn't want to be throwing money away, but they were able to show me other clients accounts and how huge their return of investment was and how much business they were getting compared to now. I was blown away. Before I felt like I was writing to nobody, but I can tell there is such a strong presence now and it’s all thanks to their team! Thanks everyone for all of your hard work.

Review of SEO Company OC by Jamie D.
5 15/01/2019 Jamie D.

I heard about SEO Company OC from a friend who has been working with them for the last 3 years and is beyond thrilled with the work they've accomplished for her. The entire team was able to build me a custom website from scratch and immediately land me on the first page of Google- all within a months time. You hear all the time about about horror stories with seo because it can take a few weeks to months to see results, but that is NOT the case with SEO Company OC!! I started seeing results in my leads within days of my new website being launched to the public. Their entire team was always very prompt answering and addressing my questions and concerns I had, no matter how small or big the issue was and usually had it resolved the same day. Other companies I've used in the past can take days or even up to a week to complete the simplest task. Everyone is very dedicated to their clients and making sure they are satisfied with all the work they are doing for them. Can't wait to continue our work in the future, thank you again.


Review of SEO Company OC by Kathy
5 08/01/2019 Kathy

Seo Company OC designed our website and really helped make our vision come true. We are extremely grateful for the entire team and all their hard work and dedication in putting together our website. { } The website truly depicts and targets the exact environment we wanted to showcase within the site. The interactive features within the website make it very user friendly and easy to navigate through as well. Thank you again, we are extremely grateful for all of your hard work.

Review of SEO Company OC by Sara
5 03/01/2019 Sara

I was struggling to find the right people to help me with my website but after I found SEO Company they were able to get my website ( ) onto the first page of Google and Bing. I immediately started seeing more activity on my website and have generated nearly half of my current clientele from using their SEO and Google Adwords services. Thanks to Max and his team at SEO Company OC for their complete dedication and prompt service. Our whole team couldn't be happier with all they have provided for us.

Review of SEO Company OC by Eloy A.
5 20/12/2018 Eloy A.

If you are looking for someone to help you navigate the SEO and online marketing waters, you won't find a better partner than Max and his team at SEO Company OC. The entire team is knowledgeable, trustworthy, reliable, and friendly. Since we began working with SEO Company OC, our online results have improved dramatically and we are receiving new leads every day. I can't say enough good things about their services, and I wholeheartedly recommend SEO Company OC, thank you everyone for everything you have done. Our website has never looked better and the services you continue to provide make it that much better.

Review of SEO Company OC by Aaron G.
5 18/12/2018 Aaron G.

My website is

I have been working directly with Max for the last few years and he has never let me down. He is a man of his word, especially when it comes to his business. When I first met Max and his team at SEO Company OC I was very lost and had no idea where to start building my website or to generate new clients. Their services help me maintain my leads every month and keep me on the first page of google.
Thank you everyone at SEO Company Oc, your hard work truly shows off!

Review of SEO Company OC by Oscar
5 13/12/2018 Oscar

The SEO Company OC team were able to help me with designing and publishing my website. I am extremely impressed with the work they have done for my website and myself directly. (
We have obtained dozens of new leads generated from our new website and continue to use PPC because we keep seeing greater and greater results every month.
Max and his team truly know what they are doing and the results prove it! Stop looking elsewhere and contact SEO Company OC- you wont regret it!

Thank you Max, I really appreciate all your hard work you have put into my business.


Review of SEO Company OC by Carlos
5 11/12/2018 Carlos

Max and his team at SEO Company OC were able to help me grow my business tremendously and I wouldn't be where I am today without them.
They were there to help and assist me with any questions/concerns I had and even provided in-house assistance when I was having trouble with my computer. Everyone was extremely conscientious handing my account and went above and beyond to always ensure I was happy.
We saw updates and changes on our website daily where as a lot of competitors can take days or even weeks to complete a task.
Thank you so much everyone at SEO Company OC!! We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us.

Review of SEO Company OC by Angelica
5 29/11/2018 Angelica

I work for California Implant Smiles and SEO Company was able to help us with PPC and generating new leads. We get daily calls and emails now inquiring about our services. We have already had a handful of the leads generated from PPC turn into huge cases for us. Before we started working with SEO Company OC it was extremely hard for us to generate new leads while relying strictly on word of mouth advertisement, which can only take you so far. I can say with great confidence that SEO company OC has changed the ball park for us and our new clients, and we cannot thank them enough for all the hard work that they put in.
I wouldn't recommend anybody else for the job, they constantly go above and beyond for us and are continuing to make us happier with every meeting we have.

Thank you everyone at SEO Company OC, we couldn't have done it without you!

Review of SEO Company OC by Araceli
5 16/11/2018 Araceli

I work at Orthodontic Center of Orange County and SEO company OC got us to the first page of Google within a short period of time. If your looking for good SEO services this is the company to try first.

When we need updates to the website they are done withing minutes and not days like our old company. You will also get your own rep to make changes/updates much faster.

Thanks again everyone at SEO company OC for all of your help!!!

Review of SEO Company OC by Jeremy Diaz
5 08/11/2018 Jeremy Diaz

Thanks a lot for everyone getting my website to the first page of Google. I was hardly getting any business before and now after 4 months from starting a basic SEO service with them I have a lot more business.

You can search for “real estate exam tutor” on Google and you’ll see my website on the first page.

SEO Company OC

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SEO Company OC Q&A

SEO Company OC Q&A

What makes a great website?

In a nutshell a website that is great must be on the first page of popular keywords. Once visitors arrive to the website the pages will load in less than 1 second. Our websites will be responsive and be easy to read, with plenty of user-friendly content and imaging/video. Ultimately, the website will be getting visitors from successful Data Driven Marketing.

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

What is the Goal of the project?
Who is your primary customer/patient?
What is your radius targeting?
When is this project due?

Describe your creative process.

We have a team of Graphic Designers, Coders, Social Media Specialists, Video Production, and Data Analysis that all integrate with each other to assure your project is a success. We have daily meeting to ensure we are meeting deadlines and all targets appropriately.

What information do you need from a client before you can start work?

The best time and date to speak further and more in detail about their project. Any ideas for design or content is helpful, we want to assure you are happy with your website.

What do you love most about your job?

I love my job because I am living my dream by running a successful business that is growing along with my clients. I understand that with their success, the work will continue.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I decided to start my own business when the work I was doing for larger companies and business owners started to become unnoticed. At that time, I decided to build my own team and treat them how I had desired to be treated. These companies were growing massively and I was not growing besides them, I truly believe for my company to succeed we need to be as successful as each other.

Why should our clients choose you?

We have over 60 years of combined experience and eager to help out new client with their success. We are a data driven company which is always ready to show new clients current Google Admin dashboards of current successful companies. You can search over 50 popular keywords and they are all in the first page of Google with beautiful landing pages.
We currently have the following certifications:
Google Search Certified| Google Ads | Google Analytics | Google Ads | YouTube Video Ads | Google Display | Google Shopping | Facebook Blueprint | Facebook Ads | Bark Elite Pro |

Services provided by SEO Company OC

SEO Company OC Services

Online Marketing

Relying on word of mouth to promote your business will only take you so far. While referrals and friend/family recommendations do occur, these are not always the instances that will give your business that extra boost it may need. Plus, any business owner knows that returning customers are your bread and butter. You may be wondering, then, how you ARE supposed to recruit new clientele and advance your company. The answer is simple: marketing. Marketing – especially online – is not only a vital component to maintaining distinguishability in your field, but is also often the reason a failing company is able to revive itself. If you’re a business owner currently in need of some marketing assistance, look no further. Here at SEO Company OC, we pride ourselves in our ability to tailor a marketing plan that fits the specific needs of you and your business. Over 60 years of combined experience in the marketing field rest assured we will bring your company the exposure it deserves and the new-customer revenue to keep it running strong. In working with SEO Company OC, you will be guided step-by-step and be given a beautiful, user and mobile friendly website, along with a high search engine ranking and reputation monitoring. We focus on delivering new customers to your business while you focus on your daily tasks. After all, you’re the expert in what you do and we’re the experts in marketing.


Having an easily accessible website associated with your business is everything. The online reputation of a medical professional is of the utmost importance, specifically in today’s society. If your website is aesthetically displeasing, difficult to navigate, or has confusing, disjointed content on its pages, users will not be staying on your site for very long at all. A poorly designed website can even make a negative statement about the company’s standard of quality in the mind of a potential patient, and there is nothing worse than losing business because of a disorganized website. It is imperative for a site to be clean, seamless, easy to follow, and visually attractive. Additionally, in today’s world of smart phones and tablets, it is important to ensure that your website is able to be accessed on a mobile device with little to no formatting discrepancies from your desk/laptop page. This is a necessary factor that many businesses seem to overlook. In working with SEO Company OC, you will be guided step-by-step and be given a beautiful, user-friendly website.


In a partnership with us, it is key to remember that you are the business expert and we are the marketing experts. We are perfectly familiar with all facets of our industry and we are always working every single day to better your business. Let us take care of Google AdWords and all of your other marketing needs. After all, we would never tell you how to treat your customers. Never heard of Google’s AdWords service? Never fear – we have here at SEO Company OC. AdWords is a Google service made for businesses wanting to display ads on Google’s network of advertising. We’ve all typed in some key search terms on Google and seen the first five or so hits with the little “ad” square underneath the link. The important thing to note here is that these are the FIRST hits – the ones that are most likely to be looked at and clicked on. The major point of attraction for Google AdWords is that the program requires businesses to set an advertising budget that will only be paid out when their advertisements get clicked on. How does it work? Well, it’s fairly straightforward. Google AdWords operates primarily on key terms. The ads that pop up when a search is entered are always related to the word or combination of terms that were searched. This is why it is important to be sure that your company’s site has all the necessary key terms sprinkled throughout its pages. Having a multitude of the commonly searched terms associated with your field will give your site a top hit position on Google, as well as an extra boost with the AdWords service. The team at SEO Company OC knows all of the ins and outs of operating Google AdWords, and we are sure to help you optimize your ad power.


Getting visitors onto your business’s site through SEO is good, but getting the right kinds of visitors is better. SEO Company OC executes keyword research to ensure the SEO efforts being put forth are as useful and productive as possible. SEO alone doesn’t cut it when trying to optimize a site’s visibility. Keyword research is actually the gear that keeps the SEO machine running. Having the select, golden keywords associated with your site is extremely valuable (not to mention high-return) in search marketing. Keyword research is able to provide further insight into aspects such as customers needs, changing tides in the field, and the content that your visitors are really looking for. This is vital, especially in a more niche, service-providing market like that of small businesses. SEO Company OC will always keep up with the most relevant and trending keywords to ensure your company’s site maintains a top hit position.


Here at SEO Company OC, we perform A/B testing, also known as split testing. A/B testing involves comparing two different versions of your company’s web page to find out which one is the better performer. The two variants are simultaneously shown to comparable viewers, and the variant with the better conversion rate is the winner. This kind of testing can greatly help your company’s website be the best it can be. Real world results are, by far, the most accurate when it comes to website efficiency; nobody represents the viewer quite like the viewer him or herself. You will be sure to receive real, honest feedback through the conversion rating, and the feedback will be used here at SEO Company OC to make any necessary adjustments to your company’s site.


SEO Company OC will always provide the best possible content for your company’s website. We know that the flow, placement, and positioning of content on a site can either keep your viewers engaged or send them clicking away. It is key to keep your site’s content as relatable and easy-to-follow as possible – anything else will deter people from sticking around and reading it. All images placed on the pages in conjunction with text will also be engaging and contribute to the flow of the webpage. Our content will always contain the necessary keywords that will keep your company’s site as relevant on search engines as possible. The content writers here at SEO Company OC are here to best represent the ideals of you and your business.


Sometimes just telling or having people read about your business isn’t enough; you need to also show potential customers what you’re all about. At SEO Company OC, video marketing is the tool we’ll use to do just that. We are here to help you film, produce, and edit a video that best represents you and your company. We will be sure to make it aesthetically pleasing and engaging to keep those viewers’ eyes glued to the screen. We will aid in outlining the information that needs to be provided throughout the video and write the content to be read on camera.


Getting the word out about your business to potential customers via ad postcard is extremely effective. Everybody at least goes through their mail, even if they toss out a few things here and there. Working with us at SEO Company OC, we can help you create an ad postcard that will capture everyone’s attention. Our additional expertise in print advertising will be sure to result in a design that is seamless, well put-together, and the best representation of your business.

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  • 3 hires on
  • 25 minutes average response time

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