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Christine Galletta

30 June 2019

This was my first time having a QHHT session. Mia helped me to prepare ahead of time so that I knew what to expect. Upon meeting Mia, I felt immediately comfortable. We spent a length of time going back and forth with questions about why I was there, how the process works and which questions were most important for me to have answered. She gently journeyed with me, giving me time to simply observe what I was experiencing. She guided me along with questions and direction and I did not feel rushed. She also encouraged me to communicate what I was seeing and feeling, even though my rational brain at times did not fully comprehend or trust the process. Afterward, we sat and discussed the journey which I greatly appreciated I was able to make correlations between things that have happened in previous lifetimes and triggers, patterns, thoughts, behaviors, physical responses and feelings that I have today. Over the next few weeks, I could feel my body, mind and heart purging all of the stuff at the "bottom of the pond" as Mia phrases it. I feel a sense of relief from sadness, loss, grief and rejection that I had been carrying around. I was also able to uncover great accomplishment, strong family relationships, independence, courage and strength that I possess. I believe that as my journey continues in this life, I will further integrate all of these parts of me with the characteristics I hold today. I look forward to journeying with Mia again in the future. More...

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