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We are a local security company with over 15 years of experience meeting our client's needs.

We love working with our clients to understand their security needs and building a solution that meets their needs.

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Fabian A.

3 October 2019

The security for " security guard prime" located on 126-198 s Vermont ave . guard niel is an amazing help to the community and is going above and beyond cleaning the obscene amount of trash  that has been left and neglected by the strip mall . These dumpsters are overloaded and spilling into the residential property that is adjacent to the dumpsters were my family lives the smell is disgusting and there were even maggots littering the the driveway. I'm sure there is some health code violations that the strip mall property owner need to account for but this is for the guard with the last name "Neil " he is really making the biggest effort to help contain this obsurd mess when it is not his responsibility and has taken initiative in helping sort out the problem so glad to have this man as a part of our community. More...


Saro C.

7 May 2019

I used Security Prime to help remove loiterers from a shopping center. Communication was excellent as Dany would always get back to me very quickly. Since this company is so professional, I wouldn't even bother using any other security company. More...


Niki O.

27 April 2019

Fantastic company! Very professional and proactive from the moment that we scheduled security through the completion of the event. We will definitely continue to hire them for our events. More...


E. B.

28 January 2019

I don't usually leave Yelp reviews but I was beyond satisfied with Security Prime services that motivated me to write one. I was having a hard time finding a company that provides fumigation security and Dany was quick to respond and available for such a last minute request. I'm very happy that I went with Security Prime as they were very professional and friendly and I knew I was in good hands the moment I spoke with Dany! More...


Selina R.

10 December 2018

Security Prime were instrumental helping us film at a sensitive location.  They are extremely responsive, punctual and professional.  We cant thank them enough for All the support! More...


Katie Rudd

12 November 2018

Seamless transaction and service! Our security guard was thorough and handled the event just as we had hoped! I look forward to using this company again for my event security needs!

Thank you for such kind words. We work hard to meet our client’s security needs.


Elie S.

12 November 2018

Where should I start? These guys do there job in professional way like no other... they've been at this shopping center where I work for Trader Joe's for quiet a while now , and this center is huge and yet they manage to keep their job on point and everyone around is happy with them. Bcz we all know every now and than a security can be rude or annoying, but not these guys.  10/10 service. More...


Tony D.

7 October 2018

Security Prime is an amazing company for our shopping center plaza. The guards are very professional and courteous to all customers. The plaza had a very bad parking situation but the guard on the site made sure to ticket and tow anyone that is not meant to be parked on the site. Thank you Security Prime for job well done making the plaza safe and clean. More...


Vartan T.

5 October 2018

Security Prime has been very great help to the shopping center. The guard for the centernis always in top of trespassers or unauthorized people trying to oark and leave the property. My customers really appreciate the fact that they dont have to drive around to look for parking. The guard is also very friendly and welcoming with the property customers helpful when they are need for outside the scope of security work some times. Thank you for all your efforts Security Prime keep up the excellent work. More...


Paul S.

5 October 2018

My small mall take care security prime company. Stuff is very good. Very smart.Now is parking lot no problem. Thank you!


Arvin M.

25 September 2018

Security Prime guards are very helpful and to the tenants of property. They make sure all customers of the property feel very welcome with a wonderful smile on the guards face. The parking was a mess before but since they have been here, the parking management has been on point. Keep up the great work Security Prime doing a lot of amazing work for the property. More...


Haykoush A.

25 September 2018

Security Prime Manages our shopping center and finally we have orderly behavior in this shopping center.


Elle B.

12 September 2018

I booked Security Prime for my sons' birthday party at a park hall last month. After having priced out other security companies, I found their pricing to be competitive. Dany was immediately responsive and super helpful with adhering to all the ridiculous permit and insurance requirements that LA county imposes. The security guards who covered the event were very professional, courteous, and helpful. Highly recommend! More...


Sam K.

31 August 2018

I never realized looking for private security would be so difficult until I found these guys - I literally called 5 different companies and Security Prime was the only one to call me back within minutes. The process was easy and they even showed up early when I needed them to. They provided a detailed report (I didn't even ask) within 24 hours which also included pictures. These guys made a stressful situation very easy for us, thank you!!! More...


Celso O.

23 August 2018

I had a chance to attend an event secured by these guys and ended up learning a lot about their process and how each guard is assessed and trained for any kind of event and even the most extenuating circumstances.Private security is often needed and I'm happy to recommend Security Prime as a solid provider in the area! More...


Sean F.

9 August 2018

We had issues with trying to work with other security companies until we found Security Prime. They are a breathe of fresh air and we love the partnership we've built with security prime. They are absolutely the best option for security services at any event or on an ongoing basis! More...


Camelia T.

7 May 2018

I had a wonderful experience with Security Prime. Dany was very communicative with me from the get-go and answered all of my questions and concerns. I own an event planning business and hired 5 guards from Security Prime for a large Grand Opening event and they handled security very professionally for about 300 - 400 guests. They executed my needs perfectly and handled the guests with grace and poise. We were able to make uniform choice which was great as I wanted an obvious security presence, so we went with the yellow shirts and everything went very well. Thank you Dany and Security Prime for an event well secured and we look forward to working with you and your guards in the future. More...


Gene B.

16 December 2017

We hired Security Prime for our company's year end holiday party. They arrived on time and were exceptional throughout the event. I was especially surprised that Danny, the owner, personally showed up for the walk through prior to the start of the evening. I cannot say enough great things about these guys. We've hired other companies in the past and these guys went above and beyond, surpassing any company we've previously worked with. We will certainly hire them again.  From all of us at Seraph Films, thank you. Gene, Jhan, James, and Nick More...


Nina S.

2 December 2017

Definitely the best security team - hands down! The security guards were on time, friendly, and professional. They took the time to listen to my concerns from my previous experiences and excelled on my expectations. My mind was always at total ease with these guys around - thank you security prime! More...


Hoang N.

1 December 2017

I received the best customer service possible at Security prime. They took the time to address my concerns with my previous security agency and provided me with alternative solutions. The guards were nice and always showed up on time. I highly recommend this security firm and will continue to use them! More...


Pattil S.

22 November 2017

Wow, this company is so amazing! They were able to find me a security guard super last minute. The security guard was so great, had a very strong disposition and made us feel like our warehouse was secure while we were gone for vacation. They are also very decently priced compared to other security guard companies. PLEASE GO WITH THIS COMPANY, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!  I am one happy customer :) More...


Teni K.

21 October 2017

Absolutely the best security team and company ever!!! It was my first time needing to hire security and im so glad i went with them!!! They went above and beyond what they were supposed to do and kept my mind at ease the whole time. They're very professional, very fair pricing and just overall amazing. Will definitely be using them again if needed. You won't regret it!!! More...


Nyla B.

1 October 2017

I hired Security prime for my wedding and I was very pleased. I requested 2 guards and they arrived prepared and ready to go. They asked questions before they started and made sure everything was perfect. They made me feel extra safe on my wedding day and I was able to enjoy myself knowing they were working hard on making sure everything was alright and no one was out of line. They were extremely professional and cordial. I received the best quote from Security Prime in comparison to the  other quotes we had received. I got an amazing deal. It's hard to find phenomenal service at a fraction of the price and I am so thankful that I found Security Prime on Thumbtack and received both. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of security. Thank you for being a part of our special day.-Nyla and Ulises More...


Mike W.

19 April 2017

This is a great security company. They got done what I needed quickly as I only gave them about 4 days notice. Very professional. The minute they came in they asked me how they could serve me better for the job they were going to do and kept things under control all night. I would hire again in a minute. Hope Chapel Church, Hermosa Beach Ca. More...


James L.

18 February 2017

Best security services in SoCal. Great customer service and attentive staff that are willing to go above and beyond there duties to ensure your property is safe.


Yeon C.

19 January 2017

I'm writing a review to truly appreciate the security group that watches over the complex, which my business is in day and night, SECURITY PRIME!  I've been running a restaurant here for almost 10 years and I have seen the management go through couple security companies prior to Security Prime settling in for good.  I do see a difference where their staff is always on patrol and always available around the clock.  I do feel my business is safe whether i'm there at the restaurant or not.  Keep up the great work guys! More...


Aaron C.

28 April 2016

I had a really nice conversation with the guard for our neighborhood in Calabasas.  I have to say that i was really impressed with his professionalism and willingness to speak with me regarding our neighborhood.  Its nice to know that there are good people watching over us.  Thank you Security Prime for your hard work and effort. More...

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Our CEO loves the security industry. He started Security Prime as a way to continue helping clients with their security requests.

We have a team of guards who work hard to meet our client’s security needs.