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Search Berg is an award winning Digital Marketing Agency in the United States that specializes in providing comprehensive, result-driven Internet Marketing solutions. Visit us at and get a free SEO Audit report today! There are no long term contracts, no hidden fees and there is a 30-day Money Back Guarantee for SEO projects. We won the 2017 Customer Choice Award for Best SEO Business and we've been rated the #1 Digital Marketing Agency in New York.

No matter what your online goals are for your website, be it high rankings, increased traffic, more sales, rest assured that Search Berg can help you achieve them. Here you will find a variety of internet marketing solutions under one roof. With 10+ years in the industry and 15,000 successfully completed projects under our belt, we have worked on all things SEO.

We offer the following Internet Marketing services:

Search Engine Optimization
Paid Search Marketing / Conversion Optimization
Reputation Management / Branding
Web Design and Development
Local SEO
Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing

There are no contracts. No hidden fees. And on top of that, we offer a no-hassle money back guarantee for SEO projects. Our clients can rest assured that they are in good hands.

For more information, call us at 855 444 4777 or visit our website at

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Search Berg Reviews

Search Berg Reviews

Review of Search Berg by Logan David
5 06/02/2019 Logan David

At first, I was a little reluctant to outsource my digital marketing work to external agency. One of my friend told me about Search Berg so I gave them a shot and I am so happy now on my decision. The customer service and commitment of Search Berg is unmatched. The staff at Search Berg are highly professional and proficient in what they do. Within a few months, my website reached the first page of Google, outperforming many of competitors. So kudos to Search Berg for their efforts!

Review of Search Berg by Jamal Emanuel Graham
1 25/12/2018 Jamal Emanuel Graham

I've continued to request a refund ad had ignored my repeated refund request, over and over again, voilated thier own 30 day money back guarantee, ,for two months ,starting November 2, they have not satisfactory finisde my project like I wanted causing loss sales for two of biggest months Nov& December, besides continue errors I still see, they wante to sign off on work thru say they completed, that I say is still with errors, took to long, and was told by text clearly by Mark grants that he was advised not to put my banner rotating on, ( now they say something different to that effect,that they could only put it onwjrm site is finished, that's not what this person text me,).for two weeks of this back and forth ignoraning my refund request,yet I still don't errors with thirty work, besides loosing out on holiday sales, they even contacted me agin on xmass, they don't get it I want my money back, wasted to much time with them,they say I threaten them by clearly letting the know I've filed complaint with several agencies which I have, no threats this is a factanf several other agecied IAM planning to file with to get my money back in full,they don't get it, teturm my money by mailing a reliable check to Emanuel Jamal Graham, 76403,Washington DC.20013,or put it back on my Visa card they took it off on nov1,2018., They still won' I've will take opportunity to lso mail off additional complaints to new your attorney general and new York state office of corporation in Albany, NY., Additionally Google email me today that they are not in partnership with search Berg,that GoDaddy is connected to the internet and to let GoDaddy know m y issues. Searchberg doesn't appear to get it, it's been a total want of time and to much incompleteness, and other mistakes I see,I want to be rid of them .and return my face nds either way asap.aNOW.

Review of Search Berg by Johanne Delilah
5 18/12/2018 Johanne Delilah

The SEO service Searchberg provides for small business owners is amazing. Whilst the fact that surviving first year as a small business owner is difficult, these guys helped me defy all bootstrapping rules and made my new business rank within the region. I am in awe because within a couple of months of signing up with them I in profit and am generating business sales. Loving the experience altogether.

Review of Search Berg by Wilber Wright
5 24/08/2018 Wilber Wright

As a new e-commerce business, I had a great product line but nearly zero traffic. I never realized the importance of SEO as an entrepreneur till my friend suggested I look out for a company . Got in touch with these guys. The representatives explained in detail where my strategy lacked and how I was going to overcome this. I took a leap of faith and it worked out. I began getting more and more orders to the point that I had to employ additional staff. Great services and excellent team!

Review of Search Berg by Raymond B
5 10/07/2018 Raymond B

We got our competitors to admit our website was one of the best they have seen!

There’s no better feeling than being told by your competitor that they see you as a competition! With the help of these exceptional SEO services, we were able to tap into our market like never before and have only had good things to say about their work ethic! All our questions were addressed with comprehensive replies and we are more than happy with the services!

Review of Search Berg by Greg Nichols
5 06/06/2018 Greg Nichols

When it comes to contemporary SEO strategies SearchBerg is the best in the game. They were suggested to me through a friend and I’m so glad I listened! They provided me with the best ways to increase customer traffic on my website. From using highly specific long-tail key words to coming up with innovative web content, they did it all!

I would suggest you opt for their services if you want different and effective SEO plans.

Review of Search Berg by Roy Waltsman
5 30/05/2018 Roy Waltsman

When it comes to SEO doing a precise job matters. I was having trouble getting high ranking and SearchBerg came to the rescue. They approached the problem with great care and did their best to use effective strategies to get me where I wanted. I recommend them to those who want spot-on SEO service.

Review of Search Berg by Silvia Lewis
5 22/05/2018 Silvia Lewis

As an owner of a small business, my online presence and my website was my major channel for advertisement. One of the SEO companies took care of everything technical but my customer base didn’t extend the way I expected.

After some time I came across SearchBerg and these guys informed me that my market strategy was down. With time they promoted my products strategically and made my website easier to navigate than ever. Now my customers contact me through the site and come in to my boutique! Highly recommend these guys! They know what they are doing.

Review of Search Berg by James Leeper
5 11/05/2018 James Leeper

A lot of SEO companies are great with ranking web pages and search engines but what these guys specialize in is everything! It is truly impressive when a company goes out of their way to make sure that your site excels at every level. They use an understanding of the marketing at a deeper level and our business to come up with best SEO solutions for our company’s website.

Our website, with time, began to look better, became more accessible and easier to navigate as well as appearing higher in search engines. If you are looking for someone to make thorough changes and really do their homework these guys are it!

Review of Search Berg by Kevin Marro
5 19/04/2018 Kevin Marro

I’m delighted to see that within two months of getting this SEO Company on board, my SEO rankings have increased exponentially. Where our online platform had a 6 digit rank for certain keywords two months ago, we’re on the first few pages of Google search results! I rate them ten out of ten!

Review of Search Berg by Bryant Aparicio
5 10/04/2018 Bryant Aparicio

I didn’t even know it was possible for me to double my profits using Search Engine Optimization techniques but that’s exactly what the company did! Their SEO team is incredibly friendly, professional and goes out of its way to give you an edge over your direct competitors! I would highly recommend their services to budding businesses in every industry!

Review of Search Berg by Cynthia Lyn
5 06/04/2018 Cynthia Lyn

We were struggling to bring in new customers and were going out of business when someone recommended the SEO services of this company. My husband and I took a shot and it has honestly been one of the best investments we’ve ever made. Today, our business is growing and we’re about to open offices in 3 different cities! Cannot thank the company enough for their 5-star services!

Review of Search Berg by Leonard Luiz
5 28/03/2018 Leonard Luiz

It can take a lot to trust someone with your business and advertisement. When it comes to the internet, a lot of people like me couldn’t just post things to a blog and get viewership on your business. This is the reason why I needed to hire a Company that would take care of this work for me. However, having heard and read bad reviews for even the best of SEO sites, it was difficult to take my pick.

I happen to choose SearchBerg and I was lucky enough to find a good SEO service on the first try. Real lucky. Not only were they thorough in their research from the first day, but extremely professional.

The first meeting was initiated by them with presentations and trying to understand what my business was about. They didn’t leave me clueless either. With the first three meetings, I was informed about the workflow. This way I was able to provide valuable feedback.

However in the first three months, because of my limited knowledge, I had to trust SearchBerg completely with my work. They sent in detailed reports to keep me updated and each meeting consisted of me writing down answers and newer things I had learned.

The best part was how polite the team was and willing to answer all my questions along with solving any problems I had. I was given multiple contacts and one was available to answer my questions. Complete transparency and a friendly team that is willing to improve and get you exactly what you want along with being able to shoulder responsibility for your site is exactly what I needed and highly recommend to anyone else as clueless as me!

Review of Search Berg by Susan
5 27/03/2018 Susan

For every new business that you begin and every new employer you hire, there’s a settling in period. But there are those that go a mile ahead and make sure that even the first time is the best work they do for you. These guys have been that for my business.

As a chef, my blog has been a huge source for me to make a name and make enough revenue to be able to open my own restaurant. I realized the importance of the right marketing strategy and advertisement because this is the way for any business to make a name.

On the recommendation of a friend, I decided to hire an SEO service with a fancy website and promises to make my site what I wanted. 3 different SEO companies later my site was almost exactly where it had begun. Being back to square one for the third time made me almost give up on the idea of handing my advertising to someone else. That is until I got into touch with SearchBerg.

They began not with promises but with in-depth planning and a detailed meeting with the marketing team and writers who patently listened to all my specifics and understood exactly what I wanted. I was worried that the results would be the same but their planning and strong commitment surpassed all expectations.

They had a helpful team and my constant feedback helped them improve my site to twice the traffic and multiplied the number of clicks I got along with increasing my online visibility and I am glad I took a chance on them and recommend others to do the same.

Review of Search Berg by Aaron Willard
5 22/03/2018 Aaron Willard

Over the years, I had gone from one SEO service to the next. In the beginning I noticed changes to maybe the traffic on my post and a few more clicks on advertisements on my Beauty blog until the changes slowed down.

As a perfectionist, I demanded the right job for the price I paid the companies. This did not mean I had unrealistic expectations; I just expected to see consistency. After so many disappointments I decided that my expectations were not going to be fulfilled until a friend raved about the SearchBerg.

She being a perfectionist of a level above me raving about a company meant they had something different to offer. I decided to give it a shot and am I glad I did!

The company didn’t walk in with fancy promises and agendas meant to woo me. In the first meeting I expected there to be a lot of fluff about how they were the best but I was surprised by all the questions they had for me. They asked about the history of my blog and my business and everything from how I chose my posts to what themes I preferred. They then turned up with a content plan and after some discussions they were able to design one that I was happy with.

Next few months showed a slow but steady increase in both views and clicks on my blog. But the best part was that these people kept coming back! It didn’t matter that there was no skyrocketing but the fact that I was converting readers into customers made all the difference for me!

Highly recommend these guys if you wish to see consistent results.

Review of Search Berg by Jema Knowles
5 21/03/2018 Jema Knowles

In the world of marketing, technological advances accelerate at the speed of light and our company had trouble keeping up in the past year. When comparing our annual revenue to competitors, it felt that we were missing out on a secret that everyone else knew.

One of our associates then suggests SearchBerg as an SEO services website. Of course first we had to understand how SEO worked and then the apprehension set in. Paying a company to write for us was not exactly a fun idea to consider. How could we be sure they would know our company the way we did or be able to generate valuable content that would take our company to another level?

SearchBerg set a meeting and they began to tell us what plans they had for our site. This lead to some questions and meetings while they understood what our business was about and then they presented us with a detailed content plan with all that needed to be done for our website. Within weeks, our site started to look more attractive and things for more technical. A few months down the line, our website showed changes in traction and our rating began to go up.

Today we are at much higher rankings and the report that was provided by SearchBerg makes us optimistic for the future. Every month they provide us with plans and goals for the site and the company has hired someone to connect with us every month in case there are any questions which keep us in the loop.

Highly recommend for those new to the SEO and don’t know where to begin.

Review of Search Berg by Ramon
5 19/03/2018 Ramon

Having friends in the market meant I did not go into my first ever SEO meeting blind. I was able to ask all the right questions; did they have a backlink strategy? Did they have goals and milestones in mind? How were they running keyword research?

The only problem was that they had all the wrong answers. Someone told me they could get my website in the list of top 100 within months. They even went as far as to claim that I should sign a long-term contract because they were so confident in their services.

After going through many of these meetings, I found via a friend in the fashion business how her sales went up within a year with the her SEO company. So I decide to give it a try.And I thanked her!

In my first meeting, it took twice as long to go through these questions because for each question; the company responded with a detailed answer outlining everything. They also explained to me the direction of how they market and the strategy to improve my standing on various search engines.

The team member assigned to me holds a meeting after I have had a report of progress every month to ensure I understand the process and to answer any questions I have. A company with this level of transparency is so rare these days. Their professional and helpful attitude is the reason I plan to work with them now and in the future. Definitely check them out if you need help getting your website some much-needed spotlight like me!

Review of Search Berg by Bill	benson
5 14/03/2018 Bill benson

I’ll be very honest, I’ve always been wary of digital marketing agencies. Not only do most of them fail to do the job properly, I’ve had experience with overpriced services and compromised quality. But this company is different. I was hesitant at first when my friend recommended their services, but I’m glad I went for them.

Review of Search Berg by Allen Baldwin
5 14/03/2018 Allen Baldwin

I love how honest they are about their services. If they cannot do something, they let you know upfront. I’ve had problems working with different companies before where they always promised to deliver during a specific time and date, but always failed. This is what I love about this company. They always kept me in the loop about everything. From the start ‘til the finish, I would get weekly reports on the progress, without me asking.

Review of Search Berg by Stephen Carl
5 13/03/2018 Stephen Carl

I was looking for a professional service provider who provided quality work on time, and that is what I got by working with these guys. They stood true to the claims they made on their website. Happy to recommend these guys to anyone who is looking for a premium SEO service provider.

Review of Search Berg by Brian A
5 13/03/2018 Brian A

I was struggling to make an impact on my customers; I saw my competitors ranking high on SERPs and having a strong following on social media. I was very concerned about the marketing strategy I was following. I knew my company needed help and I went for the people who had experience.

They did an extensive audit of my website. They listed all the things that I was doing wrong and made recommendations to rectify them. I had all the content and information that my competitors had, but I was not present at places my target audience was. These guys worked their expertise, and within few monthsI could see the results. The traffic on my website increased, the comment section was filling up with inquires about my product and the biggest achievement I would say was, witnessing people share blogs form my website.

Another admirable quality they have is, updates provision. They make sure that the customer is happy with their service. By providing timely updates and asking for feedback, they develop a trusting relationship.

This entire experience made me extended my contract with these guys, now I am at ease knowing that an expert will be taking care of things for my business.

Review of Search Berg by Briana Malcolm
5 12/03/2018 Briana Malcolm

For a company that offered online course, it was crucial for us to have a website that would not only be attractive but also easy-to-use. We did not anticipate the ease of access. This meant any customer that may have needed what we were offering was not finding their way to us!

This meant we needed to keep up with the times and hire an SEO expert. Little did we know that there are so many businesses out there that will promise to have your website achieve number-one ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. They also ‘guaranteed’ that they were a legit site that followed ‘all the guidelines’ out there. After trying three businesses that either lacked the professionalism to work on a daily basis, or just simply did not produce expected results even after months of optimization, we decided to try this company that was highly recommended.

After having lost so much time and money, we expected the least possible but the company surprised us not just with their results and the value they placed on feedback but also their ability to go above and beyond to bring unique content to our site! This showed that they took the time understand our business and then provide exactly what it required. Their attention to detail and exceptional methods of conducting business are the reason they are the best out there!

Review of Search Berg by chim cham
5 05/03/2018 chim cham

After speaking with many different PR firms and SEO experts, Search Berg definitely stood out as the most knowledgeble and helpful site. They gave me the lowest estimate for my request, and even offered a guarantee with their services! This will definitely be the first place I go to for all my future SEO-related needs.

Review of Search Berg by Audrey Wight
5 23/02/2018 Audrey Wight

In the online-oriented world of today, making yourself visible is as important as anything else. If you’re not reaching your customers properly then having a good service doesn’t matter. Luckily, for me, SEO was the best solution to up the traffic on my online startup.

I have been working with this SEO company for around three months now and the traffic that they’ve brought to my online business has tripled since its inception. Initially, I was worried that Search Engine Optimization would mean bringing down the quality of my work as it streamlines your content, but that was not the case. Not only did the value of my work remain intact, it also got exponentially more exposure than normal.

This company had a very broad and extensive SEO program which allowed me to tailor their options and strategies to my own unique taste. They were able to understand what the nature of my work was and were able to project that in what they put online.

They were very responsive to feedback and catered to all my SEO needs. If you’re looking for the right kind of a traffic jam on your site, look no further than these guys.

Review of Search Berg by Silvia Lewis
5 31/01/2018 Silvia Lewis

I have worked with several others agencies and failed to receive quality work. The general trend is to provide superficially researched articles that would just serve the purpose of show casing on the website.

But this was not the case with these guys. I was truly impressed when I received the first article for feedback. It was not just well researched but engaging and informative. They were also great at taking feedback. When I provided some additional information they needed to incorporate in the work, they were quick at complying.

They had a system in place to ensure on time delivery. This put me at ease, as I always knew the status of my project and had no need of badgering them with update emails.

They have an excellent team of writers who know how to create an entertaining yet informative piece, based on their research. My website is improving its ranks and attracting new traffic every day.

I am glad to have worked with them. They have re-instated my faith in digital agencies, with their professionalism and quality product.

Review of Search Berg by Aaron Willard
5 30/01/2018 Aaron Willard

The priority for me has always been meeting deadlines. There are hundreds of people who can do a certain work, but what sets you apart is how proficiently you can deliver a quality work on time.

These guys proved to be the right choice for my business; I wanted blogs and article to be written on short notice. They were quick with their response, they followed the guidelines I provided and kept me updated throughout the process. They had a good practice of asking for feedback. At one place, I did not like the tone of the article they submitted, and I asked them to re-write the entire thing. They were polite and accepting and complied immediately, providing me with an even better piece.

I was looking for a professional service provider who provided quality work on time, and that is what I got by working with these guys. They stood true to the claims they made on their website. Happy to recommend these guys to anyone who is looking for a premium SEO service provider.

Review of Search Berg by Michelle Chavez
5 30/01/2018 Michelle Chavez

My website wasn’t attracting any customers and it was becoming extremely difficult for me to manage my shop and my online presence at the same time. I was just about to take my website offline when I got in touch this company and I’m glad that I did, as over the last few months, my clientele has almost tripled! Not only am I attracting more clients, but I’m getting more and more hits on my website every day and I could not be happier!

Furthermore, the company has been completely honest with me up to this point. What I love about them is that they don’t overhype or over-advertise their services. What you see is what you get with them and that’s such a pleasant change of pace in a world obsessed with false advertisement.

Another reason why I love their services is because they’re very thorough with their services. Over the 70 pieces they’ve written for me, I’m yet to find any typographical or grammatical error. As a non-native English speaker, this makes things much easier for me as I don’t have to cross-check every sentence with a dictionary in hand and can just trust their services.

Their services always reflect my ambitions and for that reason (and many others) I’m giving them a 10/10 rating!

Review of Search Berg by Wilber Wright
5 25/01/2018 Wilber Wright

Very pleased that I had the chance to work with you, I will be looking forward to having your services again. Thank you very much and best wishes for you all.

Review of Search Berg by Brian Miller
5 19/10/2017 Brian Miller

Thank you very much i will not hesitate to hire you again on my 2nd project which should be under way shortly although there are just tiny little things that needs to be ironed out .

Review of Search Berg by Daniel Briemaier
5 05/10/2017 Daniel Briemaier

Search Engine Optimization takes time and patience, but the results can make it all worthwhile. And anyone who is looking for authentic results can trust SearchBerg. They helped my smalltime website play with the big boys and emerge at the top of the SERPs.

Review of Search Berg by karen blain
2 22/09/2017 karen blain

I hired this company to do SEO, blogs, and social media for me. Although Aarron was hard working and helpful and I believe wanted the experience to be positive, it was very challenging. The content was not accurate and had to be rewritten for all blogs, the content wasn't geographically correct I suspect due to their location and mine in Canada, and I was told that social media was not "part of my package" when it had been discussed in detail before agreeing to hire the company. I believe at the end of the day this is one size fits all company and the biggest challenge they had was personalizing and or customizing services to meet the needs of their consumer (me). I would not hire this company again and I would not recommend them to others. For the record. My business is Real Estate.

Review of Search Berg by Mossy Marimo
5 05/09/2017 Mossy Marimo

Very happy with choosing Searchberg as our SEO provider. Having had bad experiences in the past we were apprehensive at first but have been very pleased with the consistent contact, reporting, and creative writing skills. They have produced REAL results!

Review of Search Berg by Lily Hayes
5 01/12/2016 Lily Hayes

Absolutely the best SEO company ever! Outstanding results, great communication and an overall great customer experience. 1st page in organic searches, thanks to Scarlet and her team! Never thought it would be possible, let alone in a matter of months so I can't thank them enough!

Review of Search Berg by Jack Lesley
1 21/10/2016 Jack Lesley

Not a good experience. Asked to talk to my sales rep and 29 hours later no word. Contacted them about our problems and they said the problem was mine, not theirs. Very difficult to communicate with, often replies with orchestrated word documents that don't answer the original question and instead place blame on the customer. Stopped posting to blog after I paid them to, told me to do it myself.

Review of Search Berg by Rajaa Karaje
5 22/08/2016 Rajaa Karaje

To Dean and the team at Searchberg,

Just wanted to express my appreciation to you and your team for all your hard work.
My husband and I run a small business in a very competitive industry in Sydney, Australia.
Over the years I have tried many SEO Agencies from Australia, India and elsewhere. I have been burned by each and every one of them.
I had no faith or trust left in the SEO Industry – until now!
Dean and the team are professionals who have actually stuck to their word and delivered outstanding results for our business.
It’s so refreshing to know that there are still people out there who work from the heart with the utmost professionalism.
Dean is very knowledgeable about the SEO industry and it shows.
If you have been burned by SEO Companies in the past, please take this advice from me and give Dean and Searchberg a go. You will not regret it.
Thank you.

Review of Search Berg by Mick Jen
5 22/02/2016 Mick Jen

Searchberg was great to work with. Very responsive on email and we spoke on the phone on numerous occasions to clarify the project and get to the end result I had hoped for...Great job!

Review of Search Berg by Ramon Marshall
5 20/02/2016 Ramon Marshall

I am extremely grateful for the work Serchberg has done for me. There were many things accomplished for my website that I could not have done by myself. They added elements to my website that helped define the brand, and went beyond expectations to contribute to the company vision. I will be happy to work with them again in the future

Review of Search Berg by Sara Anderson
5 Sara Anderson

They were professional, courteous, and offered the right solutions to all my SEO-related problems. Before this, I was struggling to keep my website’s ranking up. Losing clients at a fast pace and with dull, lackluster content, I didn’t know what to do.

In fact, I was thinking of shutting down my website. But I had invested a lot of time and energy into building my site. I had hired a content development company and SEO marketing firm to take care of everything. However, I was not satisfied with the results.

The previous agency was unable to optimize my website the way I had wanted them to. My site’s rankings fell and I lost a lot of clients. I was about to throw in the towel when a friend recommended I try their services. They were able to answer all my questions, and optimized my website in such a way that organic traffic increased, and the leads grew. I would recommend their services to businesses looking for improving their conversion rates and ranking.

Furthermore, the company goes above and beyond to keep your requirements in mind. I would give them a 5/5!

Review of Search Berg by Naeem Mirza
5 Naeem Mirza

Searchberg is a very good company to deal with. And if you want the Best and Most Professional Service you have to deal with Rick. He has been phenomenal since day 1 and continues to provide my company with excellent web and SEO services. He is the difference between just good and Excellence.

Review of Search Berg by Susan Gregory
5 Susan Gregory

We’ve only been using their services for a couple of months and we’re so impressed by the quality of their services! Since we’re new to the whole SEO thing, we needed help starting.

Needless to say, they’re very professional and courteous. We haven’t had any problems so far. In fact, we’ve recommended their services to our friends, who said that they were impressed by how professional the whole team was.

What stood out to us was that when helping build our website, their team paid a lot of attention to all the details. They kept us onboard throughout the entire process and answered all our questions. When the website was done, we were impressed by the fact that all our requirements were considered. Usually, you see other agencies ignore the client’s requirements but these guys did an amazing job!

In addition, once their team started doing the web content for our website, within a few weeks, we noticed small results. And as with time, just like all things, we expect to see an increase in our rankings.

We highly recommend their services to anyone who wants to create a great marketing strategy. They provided affordable solutions to all our problems without compromising on quality.

Review of Search Berg by Jorge Blanco
5 Jorge Blanco

I've used Search Berg for 17 months now and they have never failed me.
They've always helped get to the top and constantly communicate with me on what's best for the company over all.
I highly recommend them to anyone that wants their business to grow.
Thank You again!

Review of Search Berg by Kristi Sutton
5 Kristi Sutton

Our search visibility score has improved and doubled over the past few months. Communication is just as important as commitment, and they were able to communicate with our marketing team effectively, and committed themselves to helping us really well!

Not only are their services stellar, they also gave our team really good advice on how to boost conversions and get more leads. We feel that we can confidently penetrate the global market, thanks to their reliable services.

Their project management is incredible because the results speak for themselves. We’ve worked with other SEO/SMO agencies but never got the results we were aiming for. Their dedication to consistency and deliverance is hats-off impressive.

On top of that, we were kept onboard through all the projects. Our requirements were kept in mind, and we didn’t need to tell them anything, their team did all the work, without any problems.

Unlike other digital marketing agencies we have worked with, we just needed to give them a gist of what we expect, and they were able to take care of the rest. Furthermore, they are affordable and are always available to discuss strategies. Highly recommend their services!

Review of Search Berg by Josh Olivero
5 Josh Olivero

I have been working with Searchberg for the past 6 months and have seen some great results so far. I encourage anyone who wants to increase organic traffic and build a brand to just be patient and believe in the process. I look forward to my one year milestone with the company. Any company can put up a website and say they do SEO but results speak for themselves. Thank you

Review of Search Berg by Serra Adam
5 Serra Adam

I was having a fair bit of trouble getting my start up, up and running. One of the reasons for this was I was relying primarily on word of mouth as well as conventional print advertisement. I looked into television advertisement but was not too thrilled with what they had to offer in the way of marketing services. Further, advertising on television were extremely pricey and they did not seem to guarantee any kind of results.

One of my partners suggested we look into SEO marketing services as opposed to the usual television and print channels. After reviewing a number of potential service providers we came across The Company.

The Company walked us through their various SEO packages and gave us a run down on how their services operated. One of the features that stood out for me was that unlike TV or print, SEO service providers could actually track traffic on whatever they put out. In other words, they can SHOW you tangible results. With TV and Print, you can only guess that your sales went up because of a certain add you put out. There is no way of proving the connection between the ad and the increase in sales. The Company took on our project and provided us with visible and outstanding results. The best bit; my business is now up and running!

Review of Search Berg by Alex Barker
5 Alex Barker

After having bad experiences with a number of SEO service providers we would like to say that we were absolutely thrilled with the work done by The Company. Their articles, blogs, social media content, and infographics were of the highest quality.

They showed that the team understood our business clearly. The content did not just raise our search engine rankings and visibility. It also generated a lot of customer and client feedback because it was so informative and relevant. The blogs and articles were accurate, correct and well researched. Infographics made by them were extremely easy to understand even though the facts and details they contained might have normally been hard to comprehend!

Their work on social media platforms was also up to the mark as they seemed to have an effective way of staying informed, following trends and then using them to help boost our business. Our web page started showing up across search results which seriously helped put us on the map.

Last but not least, their coordination was highly efficient. They were prompt with responses, took feedback well and applied any requests and revisions we asked them to without any kind of trouble. They were very easy to work with and their service cost to my mind was extremely good value!

Review of Search Berg by Jack Fleming
5 Jack Fleming

I recently moved over from my previous SEO service provider to The Company SEO services. The reason for this was the guys I was working with the last time had a serious problem understanding what our business and services were about! I had tried a number of other service providers in the market between sloppily written articles and blogs and missed deadlines, none of them really made the mark. I connected with The Company as a last ditch attempt before writing off SEO marketing all together and I am so happy I did.

Their service was far more professional than any I had encountered in the market before. Also unlike a few SEO service providers I had worked with in the past, The Company had an organized and streamlined model. Everything from the initial project coordination, to the services provided to the results shown was outstanding. Furthermore, the ability of their team to understand the nature of my business and convey that in the best possible way was well above the capabilities of other firms and service providers I had worked with in the past.

Within two months we had more people calling us for inquiries and visiting our website to hire our services than we had in the past year. If you need SEO marketing done, I highly recommend these guys.

Review of Search Berg by Teressa Brown
5 Teressa Brown

Our business used to rely heavily on print, television and radio advertising all through the 90s and most of the early 2000s. In the past seven to eight years however, most industries have taken to putting their products and services on the web. Similarly, at our company, we realized that we needed to evolve our advertising strategies. One of the reasons for this was that less people trust television and radio ads or takes them seriously. They are seen as noise or too jarring and at times can even get you to hate a particular product because the ad keeps cutting into your favorite show!

When we contacted The Company for information on what they could do for us and for how much, the first thing that startled and pleased us was the glaring difference in price between the advertising we were used to and SEO marketing.

The second thing I really appreciated was the soft sell approach. You’re not forcing people or intruding into their space. Your stuff shows up only when they search for you which is great! Sure it’s a slight nudge in the direction of your business but personally I find it far less intrusive than radio and TV!

Last but not least, as an established company, we tried numerous service providers before setting for The Company’s services. Hands down, we haven’t seen any other company putting in the same amount of effort into creating that high quality of content! Needless to say, our website ranking improved on search engines.

Review of Search Berg by Jackie Santos
5 Jackie Santos

I did a lot of research before choosing Searchberg for my SEO and hosting services. They constantly provide update and answer all my questions and inquiries within 24 hours max. Our website looks amazing and it’s been ranking up in the web for all of our services. I also love that they are affordable.

Review of Search Berg by Josie Maltese
5 Josie Maltese

Searchberg has been a good choice for me. They have excellent ideas for the blogs & articles they write and post for me monthly. They have great customer service and always available to me for a phone call which I really like. I have been using their service for over a year now and I had to hang in there for the placement on the search engines to get better but it has. I am in a highly competitive business on Maui for wedding planning and I knew it would take some time to get me seen. I am happy with their guidance for my business and all of the updates they have done for my website with affordable pricing. I highly recommend them for any business. For me as well I got tired of all the marketing it took and I am glad to have Searchberg doing it for me now. To anyone wanting excellent SEO service Go For It !!!

Review of Search Berg by Rekha Shrivastava
5 Rekha Shrivastava

I hired Searchberg for my website three years ago and I must say that the quality of work I received has been outstanding. The infographics on Hypnosis, blog posts, and social media posts are all excellent and meet my expectations.
The best thing about Searchberg services is prompt and efficient response to your requests. Their staff, specially Scarlet, has been very professional, polite and courteous.
The traffic on my website has significantly increased and I owe it all to Searchberg and their sincere efforts to promote my website.
I recommend Searchberg to all kinds of businesses for their SEO services. You won’t be disappointed. I have put my trust in their delivery of efficient and professional service.

Review of Search Berg by Mark Fred
5 Mark Fred

After years of working with other marketing companies and trying to find the right one, we decided to roll the dice with Searchberg. Although we are only a few weeks into working with them, we are confident that this will be a successful venture together. Aaron and his team, their professionalism, quick communication, organization and methodical approach to putting our campaign together has given us peace of mind to know that we finally found a company that will provide the results we have been looking for.

In the short time we have worked together we see all of the work they have put in to get our campaigns set up, and now we are at the point of pulling the trigger and driving customers to our website.

I am looking forward to writing about our growth in sales within the next few months due to Searchbergs efforts.

Review of Search Berg by Ramon Marshall
5 Ramon Marshall

After months of stunted number of followers and customers on my website, I was recommended the company by a friend. Apprehensive at first, I decided to give it a try. This being my first ever experience with an SEO services company, I did not expect much. But I had my standards set very high. If I had to make a checklist of everything the right SEO services company should do then I would be ticking them all off for this company.

From the first meeting I could tell they took their work seriously. But it wasn’t until much later that I was sure that they put in work to reach perfection and paid attention to little details. They kept me updated each month with progress reports on my keyword ranking and web traffic analysis.

It was easy for me to get a hold of someone on the team appointed to me instead having to send in multiple emails that went unanswered. These guys were professionals and responsive. I have been with them only 5 months, but there are many positive changes in the SEO aspects of my website. Not to mention, the constant update gives me positive expectations for the future.

Highly recommend these guys.

Review of Search Berg by Barbara Fredrick
5 Barbara Fredrick

I have been working with Rick and his team for about 3 months now. My rankings are moving up and I have nothing but positive comments about Rick. They have done more than I expected from them and they are always extremely quick to respond to any and all questions I have. I would rate them a 10/10. I have had so many company's contact me wanting to perform the same services for me. I am so glad I decided to go with SearchBerg. I cannot thank Rick and his team enough for everything they have done and continue to do for my business. Their excellent customer service, combined with their knowledge, is a win-win for any company. I would highly recommend them. I look forward to a long-standing business relationship with SearchBerg.

Review of Search Berg by James Brandt
5 James Brandt

Most SEO services that we hired took care of one thing or another. As a publishing house our advertisements were top tier. Despite that, getting customers was becoming a luxury and not the norm.

SearchBerg was recommended to use by a business partner. They proved to be exactly what we needed. They took care of our online presence at all levels. They altered the website’s structure and took care of both on-page and off-page optimization for maximum traffic to our site. All these elements led to more online sales and a larger number of customers contacted us as well. Highly recommend this company for technical expertise and efficiency.

Review of Search Berg by Yassir Rustom
5 Yassir Rustom

I've worked with other so-called SEO companies in the past and the experience was frustrating. Working with SearchBerg has been a breath of fresh air and a life-saver for our Limo Business. Scarlet and the entire SearchBerg team go above and beyond and their process is real and transparent. We have been working with them for roughly 2-3 months. What they do is amazing and I couldn't be happier with this group. Truly as good as it gets!

Review of Search Berg by Manu Pasricha
5 Manu Pasricha

Search Berg has helped me a lot past 6 months for the SEO for my website. The two most important things about this company that are hard to find elsewhere are amazing communication skills and ability to work with you according to your budget. My project manager Rick is amazing. He responds at a lightning speed to my emails and we always come up with a very nice solution to every task. This company is affordable and works with you according to your budget. They have even sometimes checked my website and let me know if any page is not working so that I can quickly fix my page. Overall, I am extremely happy with their services and specifically with Rick, the SEO project manager for my website.

Review of Search Berg by Brett Owens
5 Brett Owens

I've worked with Aaron at Search Berg for 3+ years and counting now, on multiple websites, and can't say enough good things about him and his firm's SEO methodology. It's all sustainable white hat stuff, so you can't go wrong with anything they're going to help with. And I've worked with them in various capacities - you can either hand them your "SEO keys" and let them run, or you can be actively engaged with them throughout the process. I've done both depending on my availability, and they keep the SEO ship heading in the right direction no matter where my head or time is at. We've ramped up the scope of our engagements over time. They also do accommodate budgets and will help you scale efforts up or down as needed depending on finances (though ideally this is a part of your marketing budget every single month because it really is the gift that keeps on giving.)

Search Berg

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Search Berg Q&A

Search Berg Q&A

What makes a great website?

A clean responsive design
Friendly U/I
Easy navigation to and from the Home page
Mobile friendly customization

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

What are you looking for?
What are your goals and objectives?
What is your budget?

What do you love most about your job?

Being able to transform ordinary websites into extraordinary revenue generating platforms. Over the years, our SEO has brought in increased traffic and rankings to our client sites which in turn has had a positive impact on Sales.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Let's face it. Everyone wants to work for themselves and with the current booming economy, it's hard to argue with that logic. The concept of Internet Marketing has inspired Search Berg. We ultimately decided to put it to use and take our client's online growth to the next level.

Why should our clients choose you?

One, because we're good at SEO.

We've have been doing this for 10 years and we have adapted to and evolved with Google and refined our SEO strategies accordingly along the way. And it's not just SEO that we are good at. Paid Search Marketing is one of our forte. We know how to properly manage Online Reputation and we create stunning web sites.

Secondly, we're professionals. All our Search Technicians are Google Certified and posses in-depth knowledge and expertise in their respective specialization. We understand the value of commitment and the client's desire to get substantial results over time.

There are no contracts. No hidden fees and we offer a 30 day no hassle refund policy to our SEO clients. Call us at 855 444 4777 or visit us at and speak with our representatives. You will also get a free SEO audit report on your website. Call Today!

Services provided by Search Berg

Search Berg Services

Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

Conversion Driven Marketing To Expand Your Reach and ROI -24/7 Campaign Monitoring by Certified Adwords Specialists -Daily Campaign Optimization (new keywords, bid optimization, negative keywords) -Cutting Edge Click Fraud Detection/Prevention System (far exceeding industry standards) -Weekly and Monthly Campaign Reporting -Dedicated Account Manager

Web Design and Development

We Build Great Websites! -Full Scale Website Design & Development -Customization on WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Shopify! -Complete Mobile Friendly Website Optimization -Website Copywriting, META-Title Tags Creation -Your Responsive Website Fully Ready for SEO & PPC

Content Marketing

Are You Content With Your Content? -Fully Customized Content Marketing Strategy -Multipronged Approach to Content Marketing -Quality Content, White-hat Link building, Targeted SEO -Detailed, Transparent Weekly and Monthly Reporting -Exclusive Access to Our Client Dashboard Tool

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get More Traffic, More Calls and More Sales! -Get Your Website Ranked in 30 days or your money back -White Hat Link building Practices approved by Google -High Quality Content, Voice-over Videos and Infographics -Detailed, Transparent Weekly and Monthly Reporting -Exclusive Access to Our Client Dashboard Tool

  • 33 minutes average response time

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