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Gerrell K.

9 March 2019

Sean did a great job and with assisting with my resume.  He is very professional and didn't overdo it.  He knew what my resume needed and made the subtle changes that it needed to make me more attractive to recruiters.  He knew what keywords were missing and how to clean up what I already had.  His response time is quick and for an affordable rate.  Highly recommended. More...


Blair Williams

8 August 2018

Great service, great results!


Craig Bailey

8 August 2018

Very professional and quick turnaround. Recommend to anyone.


Vishnu M.

2 July 2017

Sean helped me re-write my resume and LinkedIn profile. He was great to work with, always on top of everything and made great suggestions. I did a before and after comparison of my resume and I can honestly say that after Sean helped me I received more call backs and interviews with companies. He is courteous, insightful and highly recommended More...


Shelby A.

18 May 2017

Literally within 2 days of getting Sean's help on my resume, I was called in for an interview. His approach is unique and should be set as the new standard because he is quite innovative. Keep up the great work!


Monica P.

7 November 2016

Sean is an excellent resume writer. He is reliable, organized and easy to get in contact with. When I worked with him on my resume I had a short 48 hrs turnaround deadline and he was able to work with me, not many places can do that. I have recommended him to all my family and friends who were looking to get their resume done or updated. More...


Tom L.

23 November 2015

Although I no longer need services from Sean, he reached out to me advising that I'm allowed an update for up to a year.  For good customer service and following up,  I figured Sean deserves an "improved" rating. More...


Doris G.

18 November 2015

Today I celebrated my year anniversary at my new job and it's all thanks to Sean! He did an amazing job with my resume! I had been with my previous job for 13 years so the job hunting journey was new to me. Sean was able to sit down with me and help me realize how many skills I actually had within me. He really helped me understand my worth. After our conversation, not only was I able to provide my company with a great resume, but I had a new confidence when I walked into my interview because I knew my worth! Thanks Sean! More...



16 April 2015

Sean was excellent! I am so glad I took the time to invest in rebuilding my career with him. Coming from a background in television and wanting to transition into brand strategy, he really took the time in helping me gear my resume  and cover letter to speak for me. In the end I was offered multiple interviews and a few offers with Digital brand strategy agencies, and I could not have gotten that foot in the door without his help. I can say with much confidence due to his professionalism and consistency he is your go to man when job hunting. More...


Arianne C.

10 April 2014

Found this company through a Groupon. Best decision I ever made! Sean is prompt, helpful, and did a GREAT job helping me update my resume. Highly suggest him for resume services! More...

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