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Scout Buffalo is a Web Design & Marketing firm based in Buffalo, NY. We get local businesses seen and heard online. Making you great web pages, top search results and a prominent web presence is what we do best. If you’re looking for ways to expand your business in an online world, we’re at your service.

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Car Guys

25 May 2019

What a great result, Tom took over our SEO and increased our customer base at an amazing rate. Thanks Tom and team !


Paul Trinkwalder

24 May 2019

We have been using their services both website design and marketing for the better part of 6 years now. So happy to work with them. Tom is always available to answer my question and works in a timely fashion. More...


M Nieves

24 May 2019

We had a few set backs but are making alot of progress


Tariq Anwar

25 January 2019

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Samuel Majetic

1 September 2018

Thomas Rodgers is very professional and really cares about the people he works with.


Lynne Rider

31 May 2017

Scout Buffalo Web Design did an incredible job making a website for me as well as doing my marketing. Could not be happier.


Jan Jancef

31 May 2016

Trying to find a reliable Search engine and marketing company for Buffalo area company is tough. We used the phone books services for years but as time went on there digital products became ineffective. Now we rank well in organics maps and use there PPC service and could not be happier. More...


Douglas Hamill

31 May 2016

I have been working with Scout and the previous named Exogeni going on five year now and could not be happier.


Dominic Saraceno

1 June 2015

I hired these guys to build a website and handle the SEO every month. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable. This investment has paid for itself ten times over. More...

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