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Lower Village Counseling is a caring, non judgmental, safe and confidential setting where people of all walks of life come for counseling. The challenges our people face often times feel overwhelming to them and too complicated to unravel by themselves.



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I love walking with individuals, couples and families as each works at putting the pieces of the puzzle of relationships and decision making together. It is exciting and rewarding to see folks identify ways in which their lives can be so much less stressful and less complicated. And then they are freer to maximize their potential.

I love a good mystery. And I find our lives are all filled with mystery and unanswered questions. Companioning with people to find healthier and more helpful ways to experience life is for me life giving. I love working with people. I believe people can change and that everyone deserves the best.

I give people my best. I care about folks. I am honest and not at all judgmental or critical. I believe everyone deserves grace, acceptance and respect. I have been engaged in providing counseling for nearly forty years. and I bring a wealth of experience from the counseling field. I work with people in all kinds of relationships and circumstances. I know that counseling is not magic and that answers are not always as simple as we would like. But I have found when folks are committed to change, change can happen. It can actually be a bit miraculous and certainly healing.