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Olga Zhigimont

7 June 2018

They have very nice staff. The teacher for little girls is just awsome, my daughter likes her so much! There is also a Saturday class, which I found to be very convenient with little ones and working parents. It's not available in other dance places in Redlands. More...


Erin C.

10 July 2015

Buddy Schwimmer is the nicest man you will ever meet! He is always trying to add more classes, make the experience better for  the kids! The price is so good! My kid takes up to 18 classes a month for the unlimited price! She is taking classes we could have never afforded before and loving them!!To me, this is the best studio in Redlands. The best faculty and location too! More...


Brandon A.

8 December 2014

The Dance Center, in both its current and previous incarnation, was my home for five years. Buddy, Karly, Chris, Victoria, Benji, Laurie and the people that came before and after them are spectacular teachers. The instruction is world class, and the whole atmosphere makes you feel like it's your family. Even though I don't actively take classes here anymore, I still stop in and catch up at times. I wholeheartedly recommend this studio. They teach champions, and have absolutely fantastic classes for kids and adults alike. In particular, I recommend the West Coast Swing classes. You needn't bring a partner, and you'll have the opportunity to dance and socialize. There are classes for every skill level, and I participated in many of them myself. More...


Jenny L.

7 July 2014

This is a nice clean studio with 5 studios. They offer bellydance classes with Lara Zorn on Wednesdays from 7-8pm. Such a great teacher I love her class. Hope you can make it to one of her classes. More...


Helen A.

21 January 2014

Buddy's West Coast Swing and Nightclub 2-Step workshops in Santa Rosa this past year, (2013), were amazing and I would love to take from him again at his studio!  He truly is the "King of West Coast Swing." More...


marcy s.

13 May 2011

This place is HUGE.  Lovely facility, very nice staff.Although they have a large client base of children and teens, I have found several very good adult classes for myself in jazz, ballet, tap, and hip-hop.Buddy's West Coast Swing classes are great- you never have to bring a partner, people are paired randomly and switch often.  Buddy is the premiere instructor for West Coast Swing and he is a patient, thorough teacher.Since I planned to attend several classes a week, I chose the unlimited payment plan, which is $150 for the month.  It was a great value for me.You pretty much have to pick up a class schedule in person, I can't find an active website for this studio. More...