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Rebecca Trumbull

A gorgeous location! The gardens are incredibly well kept and there is so much variety!


Renee A Larrow Reaume

Absolutely gorgeous, a must see. A little piece of heaven in Elmore Ohio.


Nioka Weichman

Such a beautiful place! I love going to just enjoy the outdoors!


Karen Roepke

Unbelievable gardening at its finest. Peaceful, beautiful and worth the trip!


Deanna Baker-Vizi

My Daughter had her Senior Pictures taken there, it was just beautiful . We have visited again several more times. What an awesome place!


Amy Gluth

Beautiful place! Highly recommend it! Veronica was wonderful ��


Amanda Johnson

This place is absolutely gorgeous! My cousin got married here a couple days ago... The venue is beautiful & the staff was wonderful!


Bryan Davis

Very beautiful place for a peaceful me time and awesome for a wedding would go there everyday if I were closer


Nancy Gardner

First time ever see the Arbortum. I was attending the Jazz Concert;First the grounds were absolutely gorgeous. The whole place was landscape with emaculant care. The people were happy and helpful. It is a beautiful place for pictures. More...


Lisa Alleman

Can't believe we've lived in the area our whole lives and never been here. It was beautifull! The perfect little daytrip on a lovely summer day! We will definitely be back!


Molly Lukeski

The gardens here are just beautiful. It's a lot of walking and a lot of steps, but the grounds are very well taken care of, and the flowers are just gorgeous.


Debra Sanchez

We had an absolutely perfect wedding experience at this divinely beautiful place. Veronica and the rest of the staff were extremely accommodating and helpful. We are in love with this place!


Jen Fry

We were married at Schedel Oct. 1, 1994. Twenty one years ago. Still love it as much as we did then and visit as often as we can. I encourage everyone to get a membership and enjoy the gardens as they are always changing and have new things to see especially as the seasons change. More...


Peg Gries

We usually visit the gardens at least once a year, and it has become my favorite place for taking pictures of my granddaughters. Every year there are always new plants and flowers to see. It's a good time to relax and enjoy nature at its finest . More...


Kristen Lowenstein

My husband and I were married in the Japanese Gardens and it couldn't have turned out more beautifully. The entire property is just stunning and is the perfect venue for a wedding or any other type of outdoor event. The event coordinator, Veronica Sheets, was absolutely amazing. She was incredibly kind, professional, and had every detail down perfectly. We were extremely grateful to her and the rest of the staff. Can't wait to go back and visit the gardens again. More...


Sandy Blausey

The gardens were just perfect, we had so much enjoyment watching my granddaughter get an engagement ring on the bridge, great setting. We love it all, and the swans were amazing, picking their feathers out, I didn't realize they do that to stay cool. Are they a pair or don't swans pair off? More...


Linda Wright

Beautiful setting, nice, clean facilities, friendly helpful staff. I misplaced my tickets for the concert, and was admitted. I truly appreciate the staff working with me. The only problem, I have is not allowing coolers to be brought in. There is little to no shade in the garden, very hot. Everyone needs to drink water constantly. Not to mention the many, many stairs used to enter and exit the garden. You are hot, tired and thirsty. It is a mature, responsible crowd attending the annual concert. So why the "NO COOLER RULE"!! We have attended for the last two years, there are no rowdy behavior, most tend to clean up their surroundings. We are forced to climb the many stairs and go back and forth to our cars for beverages. WHY!!?? More...


Scott Harley Antesky

This is the most beautiful place to have any celebration. We had our wedding here a year ago and everything was perfect from start to finish. The staff here is top notch. I would especially like to thank Veronica for everything. We were so impressed with the service we received from her that we just rented the Veh Conference center for a celebration of life for my mom. Once again Veronica did not disappoint. I will continue to think of Schedel Gardens for any of my celebration needs. More...


Sarah Sherry

We had our wedding on 5/20 at the gardens. The gardens were absolutely gorgeous! The great upkeep of the landscape and beautiful trees and flowers make it so easy to capture great photos. My guests are still continuing to tell me how beautiful the venue was and how breathtaking the grand entrance was coming down the white staircase next to the beautiful waterfall. Veronica was amazing to work with! We live in Cali so some of the planning was done by email. Veronica was always quick to reply and on top of it with all day of details. Her and her staff made the ceremony go so smooth and helped make my wedding day absolutely perfect! I HIGHLY suggest having your wedding at these gorgeous gardens. More...


Emily Blanchard

I had my wedding ceremony here on August 12th 2017 and it was amazing! It was the perfect place for a wedding. Veronica was so helpful and accommodating throughout the wedding planning process as well as on the rehearsal and the wedding day. She made everything run very smoothly. I couldn't have asked for a better day or a better place to have it! I highly recommend! More...

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