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ScaleFactor, Inc

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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ScaleFactor, Inc

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


ScaleFactor is a 43M VC tech startup here in Austin, TX. We help small businesses remove uncertainty and deliver peace of mind with our back office OS accounting and bookkeeping AI and team approach. We do this in real time, through a combination of our software platform and our team of on-site experts.



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Class Tracking
Project Costing
Bill Pay
Payroll Administration
Tax (State and Federal)
Business Insight Tool

Peace of Mind in your business decisions. ScaleFactor is changing small business accounting through automation. We practice daily bookkeeping by categorizing transactions in real-time. ScaleFactor provides valuable financial insights to our customers so they can optimize their business operations, and ultimately, enjoy running their business. We make it possible for business owners, executives and entrepreneurs to focus their energy and attention where they need to, instead of painful accounting and finance functions. ScaleFactor is software for growth focused companies.

Smart CPA's, Financial Analyst and Accounting professionals, plus super creative and focused developers and amazing culture - here to help small business thrive by off loading back office bookkeeping and accounting tasks.

We fulfill roles like bookkeeper, AR/ AP clerk, CFO, CPA, financial analyst - any one or all of those roles. We provide outsourced accounting, tax and finance solutions for growing businesses.

The founder Kurt Rathmann was a CFO at a company who became fraustrated with the amount of disconnected accounting sytems he would have to log into daily to pull data from. This is when the light went off in his head with the idea and vision of a single pane of glass portal that would have complete overview of what is going on within one's business...and done in real-time.

ScaleFactor gives business owners control of their financial health by empowering them to streamline and manage their back office in a single pane of glass. We changes the way businesses receive and use their financial data by empowering them to strategically grow their business. With our intuitive platform and dashboard we deliver real-time business insights that help business owners save time, understand what is currently happening and prioritize the most important tasks while the business operates along its normal day-to-day.

ScaleFactor provides the business owner peace of mind by making it easier than ever before to view and use important financial data, either in the portal or on one's smartphone.