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Dale Lamb

28 January 2018

I saw the PTZOptics cameras in action at the NAB in Vegas and was thoroughly impressed with the NDI technology and ease of use. Can't wait to get mine.


AJ Calhoun

24 January 2018

I cant tell you how much Ive learned from the team at PTZ Optics and now StreamGeeks. This team know the trade and always puts out great tips for content, they make the mistakes and then teach us how not to. I Even took the Vmix Master Course from them at Udemy and my product just keeps improving. I producing 6 different show with 6 completely different talent and style of shows, and when I run into a problem with Vmix, Cameras, cables, or anything else. I search them first. More...


Hugo Martinez

23 January 2018

always providing great and awesome information to the stream community. Keep up the good work guys!


Hugo Martinez

15 January 2018

Awesome Info and supper supportive! I share all the info with my hispanic audience and we love it! Good job guys!


John Thomson

22 December 2017

The StreamGeeks team is an industry leader in the world of streaming. Constantly striving to be a better version of themselves and willing to share their knowledge and expertise with the world. They're awesome.


Lauren Richards

17 December 2017

Great team. Very innovative in the live streaming space. The broadcast studio is definitely something to check out!!

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