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As your Life Coach, we will work in tandem to identify the thoughts, beliefs, and expectations you have bought into that quite likely are keeping you from living your life exuding unshakable confidence and joy. If you think having that is that’s impossible you're wrong. That’s just another belief got awry.

By discovering your own disempowering thoughts, beliefs, and expectations, we will begin to deconstruct those harmful, old idea’s. Only then can you begin to discover your own personal, God-given truths. This truth can never come from the roles you are expected to fill in the world. Nor will it come from anything you can buy, drive, live in, wear or by a number on a scale. It can’t come from the importance of your job, your role in your community, your church or even your children's report cards or trophies. Are you wondering where in the world you actually get it? I know, hold on, I’m getting to it.

Because of my own struggles, I discovered that my confidence, voice, and success were hijacked as a child and those feeling and beliefs stayed with me throughout my entire life. This took on a life of its own and impacted so many areas resulting in a changed me! I knew this could not be Gods best or what He created me to believe about myself. It made no sense and I knew there had to be an answer. It became clear that I bought into a crippling pack of lies. The intensity of the dissatisfaction I felt was really God calling me to more. It then became apparent to me that most of us have also bought into the same lies. Of course, my limiting beliefs are different than yours but I finally saw that I was infected with deeply embedded shame, disappointment, and depression. Not Gods best. Not His plan….

There is a solution. I found the answers and when you have the support, accountability, and direction from someone who's walked the walk that you want to embody, it will no doubt change your life. If you do the work, it has to...
I have helped many men and women learn to have newfound boundaries, confidence, and love for themselves and it would be my honor to walk this journey with you.

***As a final note...
I have gone through extreme trials and painful experiences in the past few years. As the old Sandy, I would have crumbled and needed medication(s). However, through immense circumstances, I STILL have joy, peace, and faith beyond understanding. It's one thing to talk the talk and quite another to walk the walk and come out on the other side with stronger faith, more confidence, and the assurance that not one second of this experience will be wasted.
If I can have this, you can too.
Let's do this!

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Sandy Lee Coaching Reviews

Sandy Lee Coaching Reviews

Review of Sandy Lee Coaching by Sue S
5 06/12/2018 Sue S

Since I have worked with Sandy Lee, my life has totally improved. As much as I would bend over to do things for others, I was also selfish, spoiled and materialistic. I felt lost and had no meaning or purpose in life. I made the same dead end decisions. I now see More God in my life. I have more confidence that things are happening FOR me not TO me. I see God as being more than a church and I can worship and have a relationship with Him. I now see that I focus on what matters and not the small stupid stuff. I see continual growth with God and trust in Him.

Working with Sandy also taught me that I'm here on earth for a reason and a purpose. I just didn’t know what that purpose was. I didn’t know that's what I was missing in my life. She helped me to find a new perspective which was to become my new focus.

My childhood passion of horses was always out of reach for me to the point I buried it so far down in my heart I would brush it off when the subject came up. Sandy brought that passion back up to the tippy top of my heart and helped me find a way to have my passion for horses and be around them. Because of this I’m now a core volunteer helping rescue and saving their lives. I'm on the medical team, and going to workshops representing them.

My husband has also joined me at the rescue and has been working very close with the vet. When we first discovered my passion for horses I couldn’t see how it could be a part of my life with out Veterinarian School and a complete life shift. Sandy helped me to see I could find a way to make it happen. As a direct result of this, we are in search of a property so we can save/adopt 2 horses of our own. Being at the rescue and saving horses is our true calling from God. Sue Stackhouse

Sandy was loving and supportive yet also tough on me when I needed it. I needed that to get me unstuck. Everything was positive. I now know what to do and I take the steps needed to get it done.

Review of Sandy Lee Coaching by Danna R
5 06/12/2018 Danna R

With time spent coaching with Sandy I have learned new awarenesses and skills to finally jump over the walls I’ve lived with while I finally am watching them crumble away. They are no longer so tall and insurmountable and I am no longer imprisoned by them. I actually can now see over them toward my new journey that I've never imagined before. My memories of my ironclad walls and rabbit holes serve as a reminder now and no longer a death sentence.

Review of Sandy Lee Coaching by Tim & Chantelle
5 06/12/2018 Tim & Chantelle

Coaching and working with Sandy began when my wife was looking to become more career oriented and I was an aspiring writer that, through duties associated with family, home, and work, found it difficult to get motivated to write. In many ways we were heading down separate paths that were putting a great amount of strain on our marriage. With the aid of Sandy's coaching we have found that what we sought was the same, that we were just taking different paths to get there. She helped us learn what we needed to communicate and now our marriage is stronger than ever. My wife has grown in her career and continues to move forward in it. As for myself, I have made more progress in the last 6 months than I had in about the last 4 years. Sandy has helped us see the potential in ourselves, and by making us hold ourselves accountable, has driven us to reach that potential.

Review of Sandy Lee Coaching by Carol W’s Spiritual High
5 06/12/2018 Carol W’s Spiritual High

Hi, my name is Carol and I am Sandy's coaching client. The class she taught plus private coaching with Sandy truly is the best thing you can do for yourself. It's a small investment for the class, a short 8 weeks, and the most rewarding and eye-opening experience. When you combine it with private coaching...WOW!

Sandy Lee is a great life coach who will teach you how to take those broken pieces of your life and piece them together to create one beautiful you. God's Word is at the core of this program and Sandy's coaching, so if you don't have a relationship with God when you begin, you will when you end it, and it will be a good thing. Still skeptical? I've done it and am here to tell you that you have nothing to lose, but only a better life to gain. Go for it and live your dream!!

Review of Sandy Lee Coaching by Shannon Carlton
5 06/12/2018 Shannon Carlton

I was able to take an Identity and Destiny Class with Sandy last year and it profoundly affected my trajectory. I learned to appreciate all God made me to be and learn what it really means to "walk by faith". After going through the class I was able to listen for God's direction and trust where He is leading me, even when it doesn't seem clear to me.

Sandy continues to walk with me and guide me to listen to God's voice and let the other voices I hear become background to the work He is doing. Weekly, Sandy helps hold me accountable to what I say I am going to do, she gives me insight into my struggles and celebrates my wins with me.

Review of Sandy Lee Coaching by Tiffany Thomas
5 11/10/2017 Tiffany Thomas

I have worked with Sandy for over a year now and truly enjoy her optimism and outlook on life. Her ability to help you look past your issues and deal with the real source and root cause of why we lack confidence is eye-opening and life changing. Would definitely recommend Sandy's expertise to any man or women looking to increase their confidence and approach life head on with a new out look.

Sandy Lee Coaching

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Sandy Lee Coaching Q&A

Sandy Lee Coaching Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

What I love most about my job is witnessing the complete and life-changing A-Ha's.
Sometimes I can even hear a jaw drop over the phone and it's magical.
My client Carol once told me that this quote of mine is well used and true. "You can't know what you don't know but you can never unknow what you now know"...and that's an amazing thing!

What inspired you to start your own business?

I had been in the salon industry for many, many years and I loved it. I moved to Florida after making some big life changes.
In my search for a new career, I enrolled in a coaching program to discover more about myself. Through this class, I was pointed toward coaching. I realized through talking to my old clients that while working with them I was really coaching them and it has always been the most organic, natural thing for me. Since I was at a place of starting over it also felt natural to start my coaching practice.

Why should our clients choose you?

After a lifetime of seeking personal growth and desperately searching for peace, self-love, and confidence I found coaching to be the catalyst for change I couldn't find anywhere else.
* If you want to accept yourself and feel good in the skin you're in, right where you are, I can help you.
* If you want to stop settling for boundaryless relationships, I can help.
* Want to stop living up to your eyeballs buried in the past and move forward anyway? If so, I am probably a great coach for you.
* If what you have done up until now hasn't given you the results you hoped for it's probably time to do something new. That mindset, together with Gods amazing "coaching", is what changed my life. I' can show you how,
So, learn something new and pass it on.
Change your life,
Change your world and finally be free.
If that sounds great then I'm your coach.
For some of my client's testimonies go to or go to Sandy Lee Coaching on Facebook.

Services provided by Sandy Lee Coaching

Sandy Lee Coaching Services

One on One Virtual Coaching

Through Zoom ( phone or Skype as well) we are able to meet one on one and do the work you need to focus on. I am very blessed to be able to instinctually know the questions to ask that make you see things newly and honestly so I can help you know the best way to move forward. You see, all the therapy in the world didn't ever help me. Therapy can be great. Believe me, I've had plenty. However, it was coaching that changed my life. AND, it was much faster! It's learning how to get unstuck and move forward...anyway. Despite the story of your past.

Accountability Coaching

Who doesn't need accountability? I may be a coach but I am also a procrastinator (who isn't?). I have accountability people in my life because it helps. But, before you grab onto your own accountability partners you have to learn some new things and unlearn some old tired things. When you have someone invested in helping you find out what stands in your way and finally discover the why's and what it's been costing you, you'll naturally do better. Working together in this area can revolutionize how you think about getting things done once you understand why you get stuck. Just imagine getting all of those boulders off your shoulders. Whew!

Confidence Coaching

Listen, maybe like many of the clients I work with, you tell yourself you're confident. I can't tell you how few people really are, but most of us walk around deceived and faking confidence so well that we ourselves believe it to be true. It doesn't take much of a conversation with me for me to help you see how confidence is a core issue for most of us. It seeps into almost every area of our lives. In every job, every relationship and most decision. What if your confidence weren't based on how much money you make, what you drive, wear, weigh etc? What if your confidence came from knowing who God created you to be and finally you could have peace right where you are? I promise you it will change your life forever!


Confidence Revolution Project

In this virtual class, I share the lessons learned, observations and how I reversed my toxic thinking. I developed CRP help you see how people and the world injected the wrong beliefs into our hearts and minds. It's no one's fault. It just happened. But, once you know this and can implement new thought processes and awarenesses your life can take on a new trajectory. This class is live, once a week for 6 weeks and can either be scheduled for a small group or during a planned time I run this program again. Please email me if you are interested. There is a cost for this class.

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  • 12 minutes average response time

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