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Bridget White

17 February 2019

The server was so nice; even ran outside when I forgot my purse! The food was excellent. I loved the avocado rolls, and both mi nnand my boyfriend's entrees were filling and prepared perfectly. Thank you!


Adele Grangaard

15 February 2019

A delightful experience in a warm and beautiful atmosphere. The food is beautifully plated and is absolutely delicious. The staff is welcoming and attentive to customers. Highly recommend checking out Sandees Thai Fusion if you are looking for a great Thai meal in a cozy atmosphere More...


myke kempf

8 February 2019

Wonderful relaxing environment and amazing Green Curry! Janesville has few restaurants that are unique, non-chain like this one. Creative menu at a good price. I don’t give reviews often, don’t know any one that works there, but definitely recommend this place. More...


Molly T

6 February 2019

They were really helpful and knowledgeable and even made some rolls without egg wash for my daughter who has an allergy. Delicious food! Great atmosphere. We’ve been here a few times now, and every time have been so impressed. Haven’t had to wait long for the food, it’s always been authentic and delicious, and often unique. Try the crispy basil and get the coconut milk with mango for desert (dairy free). All of the staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and kind. More...


jonwesley1973 Wesley

4 February 2019

Their food are delicious, great and comfort environments. My families and I loves to goes there and dine. We’re also love to recommend our friends to dine there.