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Helping people find and feel the emotional cause of all conflicts between others and self while doing my best to educate about the principles that govern resolving these issues and giving practical advice and examples on actions that can be taken.



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How much I learn myself with all of my sessions with others

One, is that I am inspired to share the principles that have and do continue to change my life on a day to day basis and I feel inspired to help others become aware of the patterns in themselves and their relationships that is causing the pain and suffering so many of us experience on a day to day basis. The other reason I started doing this is I happen to be good at it and only am getting better the more I apply and experiment with my own personal emotional awareness and it would feel like a waste not to exercise this skillset of mine.

Well, I don't believe anyone "should" choose me but they could if they are curious or feel inspired too. If I were to give a solid reason it would be because I don't charge for any of my services and work strictly with donations meaning you can give as much as you feel you'd like to and an amount hopefully inspired by the value I am able to give. Even if it is $0's that is given I will be ok with that. I am just happy to give/share the information and growing skillset that I have that has helped my own life so much.