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New Haven, Connecticut

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Ryan Miller Tattoo

New Haven, Connecticut


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Jonathan Coler

7 November 2019

Katrina is an incredibly talented artist. I highly recommend her. Her work is very detailed and she is meticulous.


Erica Montini

27 October 2019

Amazing Place.. Cant wait for some more ink this winter. Great vibes there..


Kim Siemon

8 October 2019

From the first contact via email, they set me up with an artist who could bring my idea to life! I have gotten so many compliments about my piece and I can’t say enough great things about the entire staff! Friendly and personable, they make you feel right at home! I can’t wait for my next piece! More...


Brian McCarthy

25 September 2019

Awesome experience as always! Thanks Jim for another great tat


Carlo Sarmiento

14 September 2019

from the minute you walk in you know you're going to have a good experience. the place is super clean the people that work there they are friendly and courteous. and the quality of work the artist pump out of that place is really amazing. I love this place I want to move in!! More...


Roisin O.

12 September 2019

Very clean shop, Gary is the man he made my mandolin tattoo look great even after I was very indecisive about what exactly I wanted. Staff was accommodating to my friend and I in getting an appointment relatively soon after we made it and the price is low for the quality of the work. Would recommend this place to anyone looking for a good shop in CT More...


Jessica N.

2 August 2019

Recently got my third tattoo and Lucky Soul was recommended to me. The place is great, everyone was friendly and helpful, and Gary did an amazing job on my tattoo!


Rachel R.

28 July 2019

I like to get new tattoos every time I go to a new state, so naturally while I was passing thru Connecticut, I was in need of a clean and professional tattoo parlor. Thanks to yelp I located this awesome shop just out of New Haven. Just from walking inside you could tell these guys were professional and cared about their art. It was also a barbershop, which I thought was pretty cool. I was greeted warmly even though I was just a walk in customer, a lot of places are kind of snooty about walk ins. Immediately one the artists Ryan was available to listen to what I wanted and quickly whipped up a design for me. Ryan was a super nice guy and he did a fantastic job of my tattoo. It was everything I wanted. If you're passing thru like me or live in the area, I highly recommend this place. The price of my piece was very reasonable in my opinion as well. Thanks again Lucky Soul tattoo! More...


Danielle Collins Caruso

28 June 2019

Really, the pictures speak for themselves. Tracey did a double cover for me that is simply stunning. What you don’t see in the pictures... the shop is spotless, Tracey’s work ethic is absolutely incredible and her humility is something I strive for, not always to her success. The IG post T put up just showed a cool tattoo. It did not show the tat cover or the surgical scar she not only covered, but her placement and shading camouflages the vast amount of missing tissue. More...


Daisy S.

23 June 2019

Finally decided to cover up an old, dark tattoo and I am so happy I came here. Katrina went above and beyond and I am absolutely thrilled with the final result. She is brilliant with the needle and her work is truly exquisite. The shading and details are more beautiful than I ever thought possible. The shop itself is bright, clean, and super friendly. I thought the atmosphere was quite pleasant, which is important for appointments that are 6+ hours. Truly can't recommend it enough. Thank you for an amazing experience! More...


Mary Weiss Lemieux

22 June 2019

If you want a great tattoo, go to a tattoo artist. If you want a great tattoo artist, go to Lucky Soul.


Jack M.

14 June 2019

I haven't got a tattoo in a very long time. Last one was from Danny Williams in Bridgeport about a million years ago. So, to say the least I've been out of the game for a while. Started searching around on the internet and also began asking people. Everyone seemed to say someone different, however Lucky Soul came up a couple of times. So, I was like OK, let me check this place out. Much to my surprise when I entered I was greeted by a young lady who apparently was the "Shop Manager". Wow! Tattooing really has come a long way. Way different from what I remember. The place looked very clean and the atmosphere is very inviting. There's even a barber doing haircuts and shaves. I explained to the shop manger (sorry, can't think of her name) that I was hoping to make an appointment with Jim, the owner because I heard that he does great work. I was told that Jim was booked out through November. I then explained that I was looking to get a St. Michael tattoo and the reason I asked for Jim was because I heard that he does great black and portrait work. The tattoo I wanted has a face, so I figured Jim would be the guy. I was then told that another tattooist also does that type of work. She then asked me if I'd like to meet him. I was then introduced to "Gary Noriyuki". Once I showed Gary what I wanted he said that it wouldn't be a problem. So I was like, Let's do it!! We made an appointment about 6 weeks out. We went back and forth about ideas together a couple of times and when the day came I was so excited l. Let me tell you people that Gary was fantastic!! Not just with his tattoo skills but his whole demeanor. By time I was done with him I felt like he was an old friend. Not sure if the equipment is newer since the last time I got a tattoo or if it's Gary's technique but absolutely no pain or discomfort at all! Great experience and I totally recommend Lucky Soul and Gary!! I'm already thinking about making another appointment with Gary ASAP. More...


Jess L.

1 June 2019

I was honored to be with my friend as he got his first tattoo by Chad at LST. The tattoo looks great, Chad is awesome, and it was an overall really awesome experience overall.We were lucky to have found Chad. The more we got to know him, the more we realized how good of a fit he was for my friend's tattoo! One of his interests is in Nordic designs, which was what my friend was looking for, and Chad even created custom artwork that makes the tattoo even more personal and special. He helped guide my friend with this important decision without rushing him or any pressure. We appreciated his candor throughout the process. It was easy to go back and forth with designs and modifications - in person as well as over email. Chad was kind, warm, and very talented. It was chill chatting with him during the ~1.5 hour tattoo process. It was interesting hearing about his life and his passions, making the tattooing a breeze! We felt the connection. He even gave us a hug at the end. Ultimate cost was $230 (including $60 deposit for the custom design work). Two weeks later, the tattoo is healing great and looks awesome. More...


Lance LeBlond

27 May 2019

Ryan Miller is the best tattoo artist his work is amazing I recommend you get a tattoo from him ASAP if you want a awesome tattoo


Jill B.

21 May 2019

Gary did an amazing job!  He was very friendly, and reassuring,  and very skilled at what he does. He did a great job of asking questions, and making suggestions when his expertise could help (e.g. fine lines fade faster, so I should take that into consideration when designing/sizing the tattoo), which means I got something I will be happy with for a lifetime.  Highly recommended! More...


Chuck Householder

10 May 2019

Awesome tattoo shop with experienced artists!!


Kimberly Owens

6 May 2019

I got my first tattoo at Lucky Soul Tattoo and it was an amazing experience. Friendly and laid-back atmosphere, clean and a team of AMAZING artists. I plan to return soon to get my third (annual) ink art too. Love them! More...


Shari Tingley

1 May 2019

Very clean environment and the staff is great and Michele did a great job with my Tattoo. Many people I know go here and it came highly recommended and I was completely satisfied and happy when I left.


Laura Michelle

16 April 2019

I just got my first tattoo which was done by Ryan and he put my vision to life. I love my infinity tattoo with my children’s names! Everyone at this beautiful and clean studio put me at ease and made me feel welcome from the moment I walked in. I highly recommend Lucky Soul Tattoo to anyone who is in the market for a tattoo. They do a fantastic job! More...


Vonnie M.

9 April 2019

Amazing artists that do top notch work. I get compliments on my tats consistently and always refer my friends here. They do a great job consulting (sizing, color, design) and it keeps me coming back! The shop is also very clean and comfortable. More...


Laurene Boulton

7 April 2019

My son’s first tattoo in memory of his “Grammie” The cards are for her birthday and the chips are her death date! Wouldn’t of went anywhere else! He loves it! A big thanks to Calvin for such an awesome job! More...


Stephanie Bailey

7 April 2019

I received a beautiful breastfeeding tattoo at at Lucky Soul. Tracey took the time to make sure I loved what she created and worked with me through each step. The rest of the crew was great and checked in while I was in the chair. More...


Sean Gardner

7 April 2019

One of the best shops I have ever been in! The artists are incredible and their work is some of the best I have ever seen! My favourite tattoo was done by Tracey and I can’t say enough good things about her. She was professional, accommodating, kind, and she made sure that I was always comfortable and at ease... The other artists have amazing portfolios too, Jim Lopresti’s portraits are absolutely amazing and he is a kind, generous, and welcoming guy! I drove six hours to get there, totally worth the drive! I can’t recommend this place enough! Seriously, go get a tattoo from these great folks! You’ll be glad you did! More...


Jake DeGennaro

7 April 2019

I’ve been going for almost 20 years! My favorite artists! Always a wonderful experience.


Antoinette Carey

7 April 2019

Best shop in New Haven! Anyone who says otherwise is just a grump!


Katrina D.

6 April 2019

I love Lucky Soul! I've been tattooed there 2 times and have loved working with everyone there! Everyone is so nice and really work with you to design something amazing. I came here because a friend recommended it, AND I knew one of the artists. After my tattoo there, I convinced my husband, sister, and mother to all come here to be tattooed multiple times!  highly recommend! More...


Lori C.

6 April 2019

I have had many tattoos done here. The shop is immaculate and all the artists are not only amazing in their own right, they make you feel welcome. I always feel like I am hanging out with my friends when I am there. I have always felt that I was never rushed, that the time was taken to make sure my tattoo was not only perfect, but special to me. If you are looking to get an amazing tattoo done in a place that cares what goes onto your body, look no further More...


Rachel R.

6 April 2019

I've been going to lucky soul for years now, The shop is clean and the artists are all super professional and welcoming. I've recommended multiple friends here and everyone of them has been happy with their results. Everyone who works here is very skilled and passionate about their work. I live in CA now and I still wait to come home to get any work done because lucky soul is truly the best! More...


Anthony Orangetruck

6 April 2019

The best people, the best tattoos. Hands down, one of the best tattoo shops on the east coast!


Rebekah Quimby

6 April 2019

I switched over to Lucky Soul after looking for a tattoo artist for years who understood what I wanted when I couldn't articulate my ideas and had vague descriptions of my thoughts. While Tracy came highly recommended, I ended up going with Gary as my artist. I've had two pretty big pieces done by him so far and plans to finish more in the very near future. Not only is the line work and coloring incredible, I get stopped repeatedly to discuss the content and quality of my tattoo itself. Gary made me feel incredibly comfortable, which is good when you're sitting for a few hours, and I swear I've told him more than I've ever told my therapist in the past. ;) More...


Katie Irwinning

6 April 2019

I have gotten four tattoos from Lucky Soul and each one was a different artist. I would trust any of the artists, as they all are super talented and each have their own style. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. More...


Jenna Ranaudo

6 April 2019

Tracy rose is an amazingly talented artist and a wonderful person who truly cares about her clients and her community!!


Marcia Savasta Sinclair

6 April 2019

I have received tattoos from both Jim and Tracey at Lucky Soul, and can't say enough how great they both were. I came to them with basic ideas that they were able to translate into beautiful artwork. I liked the fact that they explained to me why some things that I wanted were not a good idea, would not look good or stand the test of time More...


Richard Spivack

6 April 2019

Great place to get tattooed.everyone is friendly and professional by far the best tattoo shop around. ❤️


Kim Bishop

6 April 2019

Great experience! Everyone at the shop is super friendly and welcoming, and the shop itself is beautiful. My sister and I were tattooed by Chad who is absolutely amazing and incredibly talented. He made our vision come to life and we couldn’t be happier with our tattoos. Will absolutely be back to see Chad for more work soon! More...


LJ Donofrio Silva

6 April 2019

This place is fantastic. The artists are extremely professional and very talented with a great atmosphere. I highly recommend Luck Soul if your in the market for a tattoo. Awesome spot and even more amazing people. More...


Stacy Attenberg

6 April 2019

The owners and crew of this beautiful shop are truly top knotch! They're professionals who take their craft seriously and treat their clients with respect and courtesy. They're a very talented bunch of artists and the owners are truly amazing people as well. Can't wait to get my next tattoo from them! Highly recommend them! More...


Louise Ann

6 April 2019

I have been going to Lucky Soul for a very long time. The shop is welcoming, clean and very relaxing. I have known the owners for years and they and their amazing staff treat you with respect and take their time so you get the results you want. I will be back for more work in May and I can't wait. More...


Mary Loftus

6 April 2019

Jim, Tracy and Michelle have been part of my family’s life for many years. They did many tattoos for my daughter and I got my very first on 11/5/16, in honor of my daughter on the one year anniversary of her passing. Not only are they great artists, they are so thoughtful and are always there to support their friends and customers in their hour of need. Best group of friends you can ask for. And their work is beyond reproach!! More...


Hannah Thibodeau

6 April 2019

Pretty much all of my tattoos are from Lucky Soul artists, because I have never had a bad experience! They all are spectacular and have so much talent ( and patience!) and I will continue to go back for more! More...


Kim Ongley Burns

31 March 2019

Michele is an amazing artist! Would recommend her to anyone!


Tammy Fisher

26 March 2019

My mother had an appointment and I did not. They fit me in. My mother and I had a great experience. Loved our tattoos and the men were friendly and professional. Definitely going back for my next tattoo! More...


Bijal K.

27 February 2019

I came here simply for a consult for two tattoos I was thinking about. Ryan Miller, who was my artist, was able to fit me in right away for one of the tattoos. It came out so well. The following week I went in my other one, he custom made and drew it on my arm. Everyone loves how they turned out! The lines were so clean and the colors were so vibrant!! I went back today for 2 small tattoos with Ryan again and they also came out so well!! I love all them with my heart!! All of artists are so talented so you most certainly will come out with an art piece. I highly, highly recommend this shop!! More...


Dimitri Antonaki

9 February 2019

Great shop, I been a long time customer and have watched this very well established tattoo place grow for over 15 years now!!!Good vibes all ways there,very clean,neat,professional, and so forth!!!Highly recommend this place to all interested in get a tattoo,L.S.T. is definitely one of a kind...check it out!!!! More...


Rose Marie

5 February 2019

The staff is friendly, professional and super talented! They did a wonderful cover-up tattoo last year for me. I highly recommend them!


Jon Stafford

19 January 2019

Got my first tattoo tonight! Calvin did a great job!


Matthew Ingellis

27 December 2018

the best tattoo shop I've ever been to!


Steve Paternoster

20 December 2018

Very happy with the work Jeremy is very talented


Miche'le Ashley

15 December 2018

Everyone there is amazing. Very clean and inviting. Calvin did my angel and demon tattoo I’m so happy with it. Calvin did an amazing job.


Regina Gates Smith

14 December 2018

Calvin and Katrina were both friendly, fun and did great work for us!


Dana DJdanadane Vitanza

12 December 2018

Tattoo artists here are amazing!


Hjo Putnutius

10 November 2018

Calvin Von Crush, as well as, the entire crew there. They all make you feel like family and their work is second to NONE!


David Franzman

28 October 2018

Got my first tattoo this past Friday 10/26 and Jeremy did amazing job!!!! Super Talented!!!! If I ever get another I wouldn't hesitate to go back to Lucky Soul. Everyone there was extremely nice and welcoming. More...


Kirstin Franzman

28 October 2018

Great work and a great staff! A specialty for every style!


Sean Robinson

27 October 2018

Been going for years & years! Jim & Tracey are THE BEST!! And the ENTIRE staff is just as talented & awesome! Every time you walk out, you leave with something that FAR exceeds any expectations! 5 + 5 + 5 stars ALL DAY LONG!!! I've said it once, I'll say again: Lucky Soul Tattoo is the best shop in CT! Period! You wanna know about quality I've won COUNTLESS trophies/awards at contests & shows... as in, I've lost count! Countless! You wanna know about friendly The staff is the BEST!! It's not just "my tattoo artist"... I consider these people friends. Best Shop It CT. Hands down. More...


John Lowman

6 October 2018

Son passed away in Jan. I had a sparrow done in memory. 2 Daughters wanted same. LST took all 3 of us to in 9 days after request. Gary did an great job, listened to my son's story. Let ud mourn a little let us laugh alot. Touched my original up to match the girls. One Daughters first and on the ribs. Great time Great experience. More...


Alexa Schmidt

20 September 2018

Ryan did an amazing job with tattoos for my best friend and I! Great experience!


Jennifer Kristy

13 September 2018

Jeremy rocks!!


Alisa Grace H. Jaroszynski

12 September 2018

Hands down, best artists, atmosphere, and exquisite work.


Jenn Atkins

8 September 2018

Had an amazing experience getting tattooed here. Staff is so warming, felt like walked in to hang out with friends. Clean, professional and over all great.


Beth Farrell

2 September 2018

Tracy Rose is awesome! Can’t wait for my next one


Krystle K.

31 August 2018

A few weeks ago I had my first Lucky Soul experience. I can't say enough good things. The vibe in the shop is amazing, everyone is relaxed and welcoming. The shop is clean and comfortable, the artists have a great rapport with each other and the clients. They even have a sweet barber shop! Calvin is amazing, I followed him to this shop because I can't imagine anyone else tattooing me, and I'm so glad I did! Calvin has left me speechless time after time, turning my ideas into visions greater than I initially imagined. His sparkling personality makes the experience that much better, the dude is hilarious! Do yourself a favor and get your next tattoo at Lucky Soul! More...


Bill Svetz

28 August 2018

Best tatoos great people


Michelle L LaNoce

25 August 2018

I got my first tattoo from lucky soul and it was an awesome experience ! Thank you Gary for a great tattoo and I’ll be back ! :-)


Tracy Stella

19 August 2018

Super professional and amazing artists.


Drue Hallee

17 August 2018

I have been here 2 times now and both times i leave with a tattoo that far exceeds the expectations of what i thought finished product would look like. great artists, clean shop, great vibes. Will definitely return and i reccomend everyone give them a try. More...


Krystle Marie

12 August 2018

Last night was my first Lucky Soul experience. I can’t say enough good things. The vibe in the shop is amazing, everyone is relaxed and welcoming. The shop is clean and comfortable, the artists have a great rapport with each other and the clients. They even have a sweet barber shop! Calvin is amazing, I followed him to this shop because I can’t imagine anyone else tattooing me, and I’m so glad I did! Calvin has left me speechless time after time, turning my ideas into visions greater than I initially imagined. His sparkling personality makes the experience that much better, the dude is hilarious! Do yourself a favor and get your next tattoo at Lucky Soul! More...


Jason Briers

11 August 2018

Calvin and Gary were both excellent tattoo artists. Funny, engaging. Great experience for my first time. I will definitely recommend Lucky Soul Tattoo to others. Thanks Guys!


Sherie Chandler

26 July 2018

Great experience can’t wait to go back.


Heather Lynne

21 July 2018

Love love love.


Helen Clarke - Odom

14 July 2018

The bast. Always love my work from Jeremey


Steve O.

8 July 2018

I'm not fully tattooed, but I have my fair share and I am somewhat of a tattoo snob. I know what I want and like and Tracy Rose (proprietor) gave me exactly what I need. She took her time designing, altering, color scheming, placement and then tattooing. She is easy to talk to about ideas and is very open to incorporating your vision with traditional tattoo look. Her other tattooers seem to be cut from the same cloth and the shop is very cool and pumps some old school rock. Everyone here are friendly, professional and have their own unique aesthetic. They only hire and put highly skilled and acclaimed artists on the needle here. I know why clients come from great distance to get their tattoo here and they certainly delivered today. I highly recommend checking out their social media and making an appointment or if you are local just walk in.I will be back for my next piece and others to follow. Tracy already has my vision and scope in mind and creative is in the works. Enjoy and Peace out! More...


Sal Casa

17 June 2018

Calvin was awesome love my new tattoo look forward to many more amazing job thanks Calvin for making my mother’s tribute just what I was thinking


Jake Szymansky

16 June 2018

Very friendly staff always! Could be intimidating to walk into a tattoo parlor for the first time but Lucky Soul does an awesome job of making you feel welcome every time. Also will work with you if you are unsure of what you want and happy to give their professional opinion. Would give 10/10 stars if possible! More...


Mark Fernicola

4 June 2018

Great atmosphere, very affable team of people working from the desk to the artists. The work is just an added bonus


Candice Orellana

23 May 2018

I got my first tattoo with Tracey 16 years ago, and although I wish I picked something different, it still looks amazing!!!! I thought when you guys left Ansonia you closed! More...


Kerri Lazzaris Swift

11 May 2018

I got my first tattoo yesterday at Lucky Soul! My sister, daughter and I all got tattoos. Katrina did a great job! The place is very clean and very professional. I would highly recommend.


Crystal Procaccini Pelletier

18 April 2018

Went to Lucky Soul for the first time yesterday and was incredibly impressed. Great artists, cool atmosphere. Will definitely be going back!


Mary Weiss Lemieux

14 April 2018

The best tattoo “ARTISTS” in the business...never disappointed.


Antonino Cristaldi

2 April 2018

It was an awesome experience!! Easy to get to. Can’t wait to go back to. And would suggest Lucky soul Tattoo to anyone!!!


Eben Stewart

7 March 2018

Very clean, friendly place with amazing artists! Would definitely recommend, esp if it's your first.


Mary A. Haas

24 February 2018

I found my new tatto place! Tracey Rose is the BEST!


Clara R.

11 February 2018

Best tattoo shop near New Haven, CT. Variety of male and female artists, and their books are in the lobby. The place is clean, warm, friendly, and popular, so book with an artist in advance. My Wife and I love Jim and Tracy, and they are excellent artists. I would sit in any of the artists' chair though, they operate like a family here. They have coffee the the lobby too. Love love love these folks Jim did my Wolf Tattoo here, one example More...


Chris Arnini

15 January 2018

Love lucky Soul. Been coming to see Tracey for over a decade and well worth the over two hour drive to get there. Tracey is a super talented artist. Shop is always very clean and has a great vibe. Always have a great experience there. More...


Jackie Zvon

13 January 2018

Just had my first tattoos today. Yup, two of them. At age ... well, let's just call it 60+. I could not be happier. Beth gave me exactly what I wanted. I already told her what I want next. I'll be back, for sure. Clean, professional, totally responsive to you and your wishes and concerns. A+++ More...


Chris Gallant

7 January 2018

Been going to Lucky Soul on and off for the past 18 years. I mainly get tattooed by Jim and Tracey but all of the artists there (Jeremy, Katrina, Beth and Michele) do awesome work. There is no attitude and everyone there is humble and down to earth. More...


Rei B.

18 November 2017

Amazing. Tracy "got" me and what I wanted. She made helpful suggestions to make what I wanted incredibly beautiful. She was also incredibly fast, and helpful. She redid a tattoo on my foot and have it look just like I had hoped it would all along.  I feet so many compliments. And she did a little one on my arm and I love love love it. Thank you so much!!! More...


Gary Noriyuki

5 November 2017

Badass people, badass work, I can only speak good things about this shop and the crew as well :)


Scott Iannucci

15 September 2017

I've been getting work done by bronwyn for several years. She's awesome, the shop is clean and comfortable. Never had a bad experience


Suzanne S.

2 September 2017

this is a great tattoo shop! there are a variety of male and female artists to choose from and they have their portfolios in the waiting area where you come in which is really cool to browse. Bronwyn dis my rib tattoo and she was amazing. she was kind, quick, friendly, creative, gentle, professional and carried a nice conversation with me through the occasional cringe. he design is better than I could have imagined and I will be booking her for all my future work in the area. the price a little higher than expected but i love the work so much so I cannot complain. the location is through a door and up the stairs in a building with a few business and at was confused where to go at first because the small paper sign on the door was not very eye catching. More...


Nikki Dunlap

28 August 2017

My boyfriend & I went to get our memorial tattoo's for our twins yesterday with Michele Mazza. She was incredible!! She took her time with placing the artwork & to make sure it flowed properly. She has such a gentle touch it wasn't till the last 20 minutes that it was actually a just a little painful! I highly recommend her & this shop!! I will definitely be going back again!! Thank you again Michele both our tattoo's they are amazing & we couldn't be happier!! More...


Michelle Schwan

20 August 2017

Tracy is amazing....she captured what I wanted and took it to another level.


Chloe Elizabeth

15 August 2017

Had my first session with Jeremy last night and I am SO impressed!! He is an incredible artist and the shop is very clean and the atmosphere is super comfortable. Can't wait to finish my piece!! Never going anywhere else for future tattoos this is the place to go for sure More...


Rich Innamorato

3 August 2017

Jeremy is a Genius! It's like he Read My Mind on the Design. See y'all in October...


Jules Florin

9 July 2017

Jeremy did a tribal shoulder/upper arm tattoo. Have to admit was not too sure about it when he was drawing it but the end result is just was I was looking for. That's because Jeremy did listen when I explained to him what I was looking for! More...


Greg Jefremow

8 July 2017

Awesome clean great artists especially Jeremy. He had great suggestions and listened and interpreted what I was looking for. Highly recommended this studio. I will be back More...


Jocelyn Zellweger

25 June 2017

I had Beth and she was amazing!!! She made me feel super comfortable (this was my first tattoo) and she just made it really relaxing and enjoyable. The shop is super clean and just all around cool place to be. Will definitely be going back. � More...


Emily Dawn

6 June 2017

Beth did my first tattoo ever back in November. She was incredibly nice, explained the process to me, and made sure I was okay throughout it. She even let me come in as it was healing to make sure it was looking alright and calmed any of my newbie worries down. More...


Stephanie Lynn Livingston

23 May 2017

Clean friendly and great artists! Ive had 2 tats done and gone with a friend to get his 2 done also.


Nik S.

20 May 2017

I love this tattoo shop. I had my first tattoo done by Jim in 2008 in the Ansonia location. I followed him to Woodbridge and had my tattoo retouched. The space is clean and organized. Everyone is friendly and accommodating.  I got my second tattoo today with Jim and he was very helpful in developing what I wanted. The shop is very upfront and honest about pricing. Jim is great at making you feel at ease during the entire tattoo process. I would definitely recommend this shop to anyone looking to get an awesome tattoo! More...


Graham Honaker

17 May 2017

The best shop I've ever been to. Very personable and professional. Some of the best artists in New England.


Pasquale Moscato

26 April 2017

Bronwyn,,,Bronwyn,,,Bronwyn>>>Sexy, Extremely Talented, Smart~~~


Erin H.

17 April 2017

I LOVE LUCKY SOUL TATTOO! The ambiance is awesome, the prices are reasonable (but not cheap!), the staff is so friendly and creative. I showed Dora a painting I did and asked her to make it more geometric and less colorful and she did it PERFECTLY. I am so in love with my new ink, it took her ~3 hours to complete it. And from chatting with the other artists, it seems as though any one would have done a fantastic job. More...


Natasha Rodriguez Larkin

18 March 2017

Got my 1st tattoo! And my experience was Awesome! Highly recommend. Great atmosphere and great people. You feel like part of the family!


Kimberly Yacovangelo

12 March 2017

I love this place, friendly down-to-earth atmosphere. Tracey is currently working on a 3/4 sleeve/coverup. It's just so beautiful and vibrant. All the the artists do amazing work here. This is the only place I will go to get tattooed. I highly recommend More...


Carrie Younkin

4 March 2017

Best tattoo shop. HANDS DOWN. Love my Tracey Rose!


Diamond Rosa

2 March 2017

Top Notch as usual! This shop is the only place for me. Tracey and crew.....


Kara E Austin Hofheins

28 February 2017

Bronwyn did a piece for me a couple years ago and her crisp lines are holding up wonderfully. I get complimented on it basically every day (still). If I had the time to make the trip I'd go back to have my whole sleeve done by Bronwyn. More...


Lori Connor Czajkowski

18 February 2017

Best place for a tattoo. Great artists!! Won't go anywhere else.


Tom Ercoli

14 February 2017

Jeremy did some cover up rework for me on a design he put on 6+ yrs ago. He came up with a great idea and made it happen! Came out great and enjoyed great conversation while he worked his magic! They have plenty of talented artists there with different talents. Check them all out! More...


Tashi S.

29 January 2017

Such a great experience! My tattoo artist was friendly & really cared about my well being as well as my opinion. The environment was clean and welcoming. And my tattoo is only on its third day of healing and I am in no pain & healing super well! (My artist was Beth) More...


Pamela Slocum

25 January 2017

Browlyn was wonderful, talented and comforting, (my daughter's first tattoo). Great atmosphere as well!


Crystal M Perachio

21 January 2017

I've been going to lucky soul for 16 years. Tracey has done 10 of my tattoos and Jim worked on a piece my husband had with details he couldn't be happier with along with matching wedding coordinates yesterday. I recommend them to everyone and can't wait to go in April to finish a piece Tracey started years ago and to get matching mother daughter tattoos. Thank you lucky soul. Always a great experience. More...


Danielle Spinelli

20 January 2017

Just got my first tattoo here and I would highly recommend it to anyone! Jeremy is amazing, funny and incredibly talented. The shop is so clean and comfortable too. I loved my experience and I know I will be back soon! More...


Ryan Mays

30 December 2016

Bronwyn did a beautiful job with the coffee plant tattoo on my arm.


Shay Sanders

24 December 2016

Got my first tattoo done with Jeremy and I must say he was amazing. He made sure I was comfortable and my tattoo came out wonderful. I'll definitely be back!


Andrea Susi-Mitchell

4 December 2016

I got my first tattoo with Beth and she was absolutely amazing!! I sent her a design of what I was looking for and she crafted it into a beautiful tattoo. I highly recommend her! My brother got his second tattoo (Jiminy Cricket) at the same time as me with Jeremy and the colors/details were absolutely stunning!! Very clean shop, and for first timers, they will make you feel very comfortable! More...


Geryl Lynn Lepone Kopcso

30 November 2016

The staff at Lucky Soul is wonderful! It is a great atmosphere, they make you feel very welcome and comfortable. While Dora is my go to artist, i have seen a lot of the other artists' work, they are all a super, talented bunch! You can't go wrong!


John Helff

18 November 2016

Jeremy did such an awesome job, first on The Gargoyle then Freehanding the Backdrop!


Chris Anthony

16 November 2016

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo this is the place to go. All very talented and fantastic people.


Juli S.

2 November 2016

This shop is full of incredibly talented artists, is super clean, professional, & welcoming. Highly recommended!!!


Joy Hahn

21 October 2016

Great experience! I got my first tattoo from the Dora. She did such a great job taking my idea and turning it into exactly what I wanted. Her line work was flawless and I'd recommend her to anyone! �� More...


Heather Lynn Bukovchik

29 September 2016

I went to Lucky Soul yesterday for my 12th tattoo (the first by them). Dora did a fabulous job on my androgynous fairy, far superior to any others I have. We only did the outline and some shading, but I am soooo happy with how it turned out. Can't wait to add the color in the next few weeks and see the final product. I would not hesitate to recommend Lucky Soul to anyone! � More...


AJ Weitzler

15 September 2016

Amazing for my first experience, Beth was incredible!!


Jamie Nelson Arnold

5 September 2016

I loved this place. The environment was friendly and professional. Dora did my tattoo and I would totally do it again.


Stephanie Williams

13 August 2016

I got my first tattoo done at Lucky Soul two weeks ago. I had a wonderful experience there. My artist, Beth Potter, is amazing and my tattoo is perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. Everyone in the shop is very nice and helpful, and all of the artists have awesome portfolios. They really take care of you there, and both Beth and Jess took the time to answer my questions and reply to all of my emails. I will definitely be back for another piece. More...


Sarah Flynn Parke

28 July 2016

Had a wonderful first-time experience at Lucky Soul yesterday. Bronwyn was really responsive to my tattoo idea and the finished product is a work of art! It was definitely worth the 2+ month wait. More...


Nicole Stevenson

17 July 2016

I love my new tattoo! Dora did an amazing job. Everyone who worked there was very nice and all shared in the love of my tattoo. I definitely am coming back!


Ryan Sindler

29 June 2016

Today I had the pleasure of being tattooed by Bronwyn and couldn't be happier. The whole experience was a pleasure and the quality of the art is incomparable. The other artists and staff were great as well. I highly recommend LST and look forward to going back. More...


John McCarthy

20 June 2016

The artists at Lucky Soul are exceptionally talented. I've got several pieces done by Bronwyn and her attention to detail rivals any artist, anywhere. Everyone is extremely friendly and the shop is amazing. I'm beyond happy with my tattoos. More...


Gina Pisaturo Antignani

22 May 2016

I can't wait to get my 7th tattoo. But, only will be #2 done by LST. I love Lucky Soul Tattoo! They are the best artists by far in my opinion. Only wish all mine tattoos were done by them, but at least they will be doing the special one in memory of my sister Dawn Marie. I had one done on my back shoulder for my kids and that too is very special. I love it and I'm sure I'll love the one for my sister as well. It most likely won't be my last. I hope to have 5 out of my 6 tattoos I have at this moment reworked by them. More...


Danielle Elias

21 May 2016

I have been getting my work done at lucky soul for a few years now. All of. my work has been a cover up situation. Tracey has done a great job she has done my for arm. Completed my full sleeve on the other arm and is almost done with a full jungle on my back. The crew that works there are all good. More...


William Boyd

29 April 2016



Hannah Gregory

26 April 2016

Dora did an amazing custom piece of my cat for me and I'm in love with it. Her work is beautiful, the experience was great, I'm so happy with everything. The wait to get in with her was completely worth it. I'll definitely be back for my next tattoo. More...


Priscilla Accardi McCall

22 April 2016

Beth was my tattoo artist and did a awesome job. Everyone is so nice there and very clean


Nicole B.

2 April 2016

I went in as a walk in, Jeremy did both of my tattoos in less than a hour.  The one on my wrist he  did completely free hand.   I was very impressed. I have been looking tattoo place in CT. I would recommend this and JEREMY place to anyone. the place is very clean. More...


Ran H.

9 February 2016

I just got my first tattoo at Lucky Soul with Matthew Kiley and I couldn't be any happier with my experience. A few weeks ago, I visited the shop and met with Matt briefly, who gave me his card and told me to email him some ideas for my tattoo. I wanted an "eye" that was simple, girly and unique (I'm a to-be Optometrist). About 2 weeks later, Matt sketched up a drawing for me and I thought it was perfect. I was scheduled for an appointment a few days later (today) and am currently in love with my new tattoo! The shop is clean and cozy, and Matt was great at calming my nerves (in hindsight, I had nothing to be worried about). Definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for great artists and service! More...


Cathy Nalty Velsor

6 February 2016

Jeremy just did a great job on my husbands tattoo, he is very talented a real artist , and a really nice guy we would recommend him to any one looking for a new tat or an add on to an existing . I plan on going back soon to have another that he is designing for us Cathy n Mike V More...


Debbie Gargano-Marcucci

7 January 2016

I'll definitely be back. Jim is not only a great artist, but a stand-up guy. Shop is beyond clean, and loved the art/vibe of the place. There was no need for my earbuds...between great conversation, there was Mumford & Sons, & Vance Joy. My kind of place :) More...


Michael Schuld

4 January 2016

Great people and unbelievably great tattoo artists!!!


Mary Loftus

2 January 2016

These are the very best artists and genuine people you'd ever hope to meet! Trust them with your tattoo needs! They will never steer you wrong!


Janay S.

6 December 2015

I recently got my first tattoo done by Matthew Kiley, who did an amazing job. He  took something that I invisioned and brought it to life! My tattoo is healing nicely and I will be returning to him for more! Lucky Soul Tattoo was a very clean shop with very talented artist. It is an affordable place and the staff is very friendly and. More...


Leighann DeProfio

10 October 2015

I absolutely LOOOOVE this place. Jim did a Gothic Fairy on my right arm, fixed a tattoo with my nieces names I told him 2 do whatever he wants cuz I new he'd do an AMAZING job & I LOOOVE the outcome, & I'm gonna be making an appointment 2 get another Gothic Fairy. I bring or refer AAAALLLL of my family & friends 2 Luck Soul Tattoo. I'm bringing my cousin Aida with me referring her 2 u guys she wants a new tattoo place. I can't wait 4 tat #12. ♡☺♡ More...


Cathy Coolis Kelley

1 October 2015

Matt Kiely did my first tattoo & it's so beautiful the artwork & coloring of the tattoo are excellent I will be going back for another tattoo with Matt he made me feel so comfortable & relaxed !!!!!


Cathy K.

23 September 2015

This was my first tattoo and Matt did a excellent job the tattoo is so beautiful & the colors are so vibrant !!! I couldn't be happier with it ,this tattoo was very important to me I had a butterfly done with my grandchildren's initials intertwined into the butterfly wings & I wanted them to be suttle so that you had to  look at the butterfly if you didn't know they were there.He did it perfectly I love it !!!!!!! I would definitely go back to Matt without a doubt for another tattoo & I would highly recommend him to anybody !!!!! He is the nicest guy he made me feel so comfortable & relaxed though the tattoo he offer to stop if I felt I needed him to,we talk the whole way though the tattoo he really put me at ease I was so scared  !!!!  I would definitely give him 5 stars all the way !!!!!!!! Thanks again Matt for giving me my beautiful special tattoo  !!!!!!!!!!!!                                                    Cathy More...


Amy Ogle

18 September 2015

I cannot say enough good things about Bronwyn Cyr, who just set up shop at Lucky Soul a few months ago. I've had two very detailed pieces done by her and they are amazing. She's super talented and I would recommend her work to anyone. Plus Lucky Soul is a great studio with a warm vibe and friendly people. More...


Linda Kowalski Jenkins

18 August 2015

Always make you feel like family! The best tattoo artist around.


Lisa Lowry

14 August 2015

Matt - Thank you so much !!! My Mom would love this SO much ! See you again soon. :)


Silvia M.

8 August 2015

Just got my first tattoo here -- hurt like hell but Matt was SO PATIENT and kind and not at all judgmental. The butterfly was estimated to take half an hour but I kept needing to take breaks, and he emphasized over and over again that that was totally fine. It ended up taking over an hour and he was wonderful from beginning to end, not to mention SO TALENTED as an artist. I love the end product so so much. I can't recommend Matt more highly, as well as all of Lucky Soul. :) More...


Tony S.

26 June 2015

Let's start by stating that Lucky Soul has some of the best tattoo artists in the industry. If you never had a tattoo, or you're in need of another look no further. Jim,Tracey and all of the artists here are extremely friendly and skilled. They will listen to your ideas. Come up with a good plan that you are comfortable with. I recently had some very tough cover up work to do. Jim sat with me and took in all my ideas. I was very pleased and quite frankly blown away with the results. I recommend you check them out.Keep up the great work! More...


Christine Cogan Andranovich

24 April 2015

Had my first visit at Lucky Soul and will definitely be back. Beth did a cover up for me and did an amazing job! I told her what I wanted and she designed it and I couldn't be happier. I love it!


William Ames

16 April 2015

Went today April 15 2015 for the first time Jim was great made me feel like we knew each other for years. Everyone one else was friendly will not go anywhere else


Santos Perez

8 March 2015

Great, clean environment! Never going to any other shop! All the artists are brilliant and I recommend all of them!


Kristin Murphy McNamara

3 February 2015

I highly recommend Dora and the Lucky Soul Studio! I just got my first tattoo done last week and I am so happy! The studio is very clean and comfortable and the staff is fantastic! Many thanks for a great experience! More...


Michele A.

24 January 2015

This is my 4th tattoo, but first one at Lucky Soul. Dora is awesome! She is passionate, talented and made me feel so comfortable during the tattoo. I am definitely returning for my next tattoo. Atmosphere was clean, cozy and relaxing. Tattoo came out great, could not have asked for a better experience. More...


Jovanni DiSorbo

19 January 2015

I've yet to get work done by Jim or Tracey, but I've seen their work from many people. The portrait of my grandfather that Jim did is absolutely breath taken on how identical to the picture it resembled. Can't wait to have some work done from both of them!!! More...


John G.

22 December 2014

For my First Tattoo at age 49 these guys were GREAT! All the artists and the owners were "up beat" smiling, engaging and make a great atmosphere. My Artist Beth is a new higher from Maine and she was exquisite. Very informative very engaging her technique is great. She stopped and told me everything before she did it. She also stopped every so often to check that I was OK. I can honestly say that had I not read all the good reviews and the awards I would still not had a tattoo. One of my biggest concerns all these years in searching for the right place was the shop and its cleanliness. Thanks Yelp and Thanks Lucky Soul! I would give Beth an A+ and the entire shop and experience an A+ its no wonder why they have awards from the Advocate. The owners are really doing the right thing there. Great Job Guys! More...


Lisa McCarthy

9 November 2014

I appreciate Tracey and her calming effect when I have been there.She is a pleasure to work with...


Rick Uva

30 October 2014

Amazing all around


Amy Marie Bresson

25 October 2014

I didn't get my tattoo yet but I had a great consultation with Jim , I can't wait for him to do my tattoo! Everyone was very polite!


Joaquin R.

20 September 2014

The nicest and cleanest shop I ever been to! I had work done by Jim the man is a professional and a great artist. I would definitely recommend them to all my friends.


Michael Rinaldi

4 September 2014

Had the absolute pleasure of getting work done by Jim last night. Jim was able to perfectly cover up an old embarrassing tattoo. Love my new tattoo and will most definitely be back! More...


Kevin Marano

30 August 2014

Extremely grateful that I was introduced to Lucky Soul! Everyone there is awesome and all artists create amazing works if art! Currently have a half sleeve in progress by Tracey. Her talent, skill, and personality preceded her! It's been an amazing ride watching Tracey bring my tattoo to life! I do not believe I would receive such quality and care had I chosen a different artist's studio! I highly recommend Lucky Soul Tattoo and all their artists, especially Tracey Rose. I do not believe I will be in the market for a tattoo artist for quite some time. More...


Aaron Smith

31 July 2014

A few weeks back I stopped by Lucky Soul with my daughter to drop off some pictures I wanted designed into a new tattoo. Yesterday I met with Beth to review her design and get a new tattoo. My hopes were she would have a design ready that I would love from first sight. She did. I was looking for her to design a tattoo that loosely represented the ships I was on in the US Navy based off their ships crests. What I got was a one of a kind tattoo taking key elements from each crest melding them together to give what I was looking for. Can't wait to get back in and finish. Thank you Beth! More...


Chad Jansen

24 July 2014

All the staff were very friendly. Beth did an awesome job today with my ink. Very personable to work with. Addressed any concern I may have had. This is my 5th tattoo. I have gone to a different shop for each one cause I have not really found one to settle with. But if Beth stays at LST, this just might be my stop. Great price and quality. WTG Beth!!! Oh and btw, Jim's singing and dancing is just great ;) More...


Lisa August

6 June 2014

Got my first tattoo their!!! They are great!!! Getting ready for some more!!!


Maja K.

14 May 2014

Got my first tattoo done here by Tracy. She was very straightforward and honest about what I could and couldn't do and how it would feel which I greatly appreciated. The tattoo was more expensive than I had anticipated, but that's to be expected at such a highly rated shop. I highly recommend coming here! More...


Will Mixedbyskool Barnes

28 March 2014

Check out my neighbors! They do great work. I'll be getting some ink real soon


Jessica Cone

18 March 2014

Had Dora do a beautiful tattoo today. I love it....I'm really happy...thanks again LST


Andrea Johannsen

15 February 2014

Had my cousin guest artist Beth start a half sleeve , wow can't wait too get it colored ! Beth you rock! I love it! Can't wait too finish !


Matt Syombathy

23 January 2014

No better place, or better people to get your tattoos done by then Lucky Soul.


Robert Lyon

6 January 2014

Great place to get ink. Artist are very creative and pay attention to detail.


Dave Velez

19 November 2013

Cleaner than the board of health... you could eat off the floors its so clean.. a dream shop to visit and get quality work.. all the artists ive met there is super cool as well More...


Alan Richard Smilo

13 November 2013

Clean and well run. I will be back!


Barbara Iannotti

6 November 2013

Awesome job as always Jim! Great new location.


Amanda Mace

27 October 2013

Very clean and everyone is so friendly! And not to mention everyone's work is amazing! Thank you!!


Ed Silva

20 July 2013

Creative and professional!! Love this shop wouldn't go anywhere else!!!!


Rich Robinson

21 June 2013

Best place around great artists clean shop and I've won many trophies with their work


Victoria Evelyn

30 January 2013

I've gotten 4 of my 6 tattoos at Lucky Soul (should have been all 6), by various artists, and I'm always amazed at the quality of work and professionalism and the creativity. I just got my 6th one done last weekend by Stewart and I was and still am blown away. He created the tattoo after hearing some of my interests and it came out better than I could have ever imagined! I'll be back in a few weeks to finish the piece. Seriously, if you're looking to get a tattoo, don't go anywhere but Lucky Soul! More...


Kathleen H.

29 December 2012

I just had my first (ever) tattoo done at Lucky Soul and literally couldn't be happier. For personal reasons I had to schedule my appointment with less than two weeks notice and also needed the entire piece to be completed in one session. I was so appreciative that Stewart could accommodate both requests. He is extremely easy to communicate with; a superb artist and professional who put my mind at ease immediately. I brought Stewart some mehndi patterns that I love and explained what I was looking for and he drew the whole piece by hand. The final stencil exceeded my expectations and once the session began he even free-handed some details that put the piece over the top. It is gorgeous. His lines are SO crisp and delicate and he really captured the beauty and whimsy that I had pictured in my head. The design is very intricate and fairly aggressive for a first tattoo but I felt confident from beginning to end that I would get exactly what I wanted. I seriously can't say enough good things about Stewart and the caliber of his work. Everyone in the shop - Jim, Tracey, Dora, Jeremy - was lovely and my time there (about six hours) was relaxed and warm. The place is immaculate but somehow you still feel as if you're being tattooed in a friend's living room complete with comfy leather couch and awesome soundtrack. It might sound way corny, but as a tattoo newbie I really do feel like I "got lucky" having my first piece done at Lucky Soul and won't be going anywhere else to have work done in the future. More...


Changey McSubject

12 November 2012

I have gotten over 20 tattoos at Lucky Soul and have worked with every artist, including some of their guest artists. They have all gone above and beyond my expectations. I frequently get compliments on how awesome my tattoos are. The shop is a clean and warm enviorment, all the artists are friendly and fun, and their music selection always rocks. I would not go anywhere else for my ink and plan on being a client for many years to come. More...


Katherine P.

5 August 2012

I've been in Tracey's chair twice and have been amazed both times! She's a true artist! Amazing color and detail, she's very creative. I can't say enough good about her! I've recommended Lucky Soul several times and will continue to do so! More...


David R.

12 December 2011

This place is spotless! When you first enter the shop, it looks like a very well kept living room with some books on the coffee table. The walls are not covered with flash art, instead you can find sculptures and framed artwork. The artists all have different styles so the chances of getting exactly what you want are much higher. The design I had was an original design which Jeremy adapted freehand on my arm/shoulder.  He spent a considerable amount of time getting the design just right for me and was very patient. I will be back again. More...


Michelle Quinn

21 November 2011

Great clean place. def check them out cant wait to get my next.


Erika S.

24 September 2008

Let me first start this review off with a disclaimer.  I am not tatted up from head to toe.  I have 1 tattoo.  Let me rephrase that; I have one bad-ass tattoo.  I do however see a lot of work that comes out of this place and I am never anything less than amazed.  Tracey and Jim rock!In 2002 I went out an got a tattoo (not by Lucky Soul) which at the time had oodles of meaning to me.  Life goes on and over the years I wanted that thing off me, so after about 2 years of figuring out what I wanted, I took the advice of my brother and decided to make an appointment at Lucky Soul with the talented Tracey.  My appointment was scheduled three months out, due to her awesomeness and thus gave me time to confirm my design.  A week before my appointment I went into the shop and showed her some ideas.  She called me back a day later, saying that she was literally losing sleep because my current tattoo was not symmetrical and it would be hard to cover....she had ideas and at the day of my appointment, we could decide what to do and tweak some ideas.  The day of my appointment had arrived.  I walked into Lucky Soul and was Tracey's first appointment of the day.  We looked at all of her various ideas and she explained why the one that I had picked out would not work.  It didn't matter because once I had seen what she had drawn up, my idea looked so boring.  I was never so excited to know I'd be sitting there for 3 hours getting poked by little needles.  Yay!Three hours later, no pain no gain, right?.... I couldn't have been happier.  The most beautiful, "no -one- will- ever- know- it's- a- cover-up"- cover-up was done. It's loaded with color, it's the perfect size, it's top quality stuff and after tanning all summer long (covering it with tons of SPF of course) it still looks gorgeous!The shop is spotless.  I've never walked into a tattoo place and was amazed at the sanitary precautions this place takes.  Very impressive.  The waiting area is set up nice, with cool art displayed all around.  The artists are very friendly and funny. I brought my iPod thinking I'd be bored and didn't need it once.  Everyone is talkative, and very laid back.  Jim is the owner/artist and very funny as well........points for being a dog lover.  He and Tracey had great taste in music, they played a really funky mix of disco/indie/rock.  From what I understand, they win "Best In Connecticut" the past few years in a row.  I completely understand why.  They're awesome.  If you're interested in getting inked... this is definitely the place to go.  Word to the wise, you need to go to the shop to make an appointment with a deposit.  TIME IS MONEY for them.  I don't blame them.  A friend of mine just made an appointment and as of last week they're booked through the December. More...