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Jeffrey Grier

30 July 2013

I saw Grace speak at a meeting of the International Association of Business Analysts. She offered great insight on branding that would apply to your business or personal brand. I particularly liked her tips on straightforward ways to attract the right "eyes" to your blog. Grace has tons of positive energy, and I have no doubt that RSE would make a great partner for you and your business. More...


Anita Greenberg

30 July 2013

I was first introduced to Grace Lanni while in the tumultuous aftermath of being laid off from a job that I enjoyed and felt comfortable enough that I never thought I was at risk. Grace helped me to first, calm down, second, organize my thoughts and third, realize that, while I enjoyed my job there was something better, more adventurous awaiting me. I had always had an idea for my own business but had never felt it was the right time. Grace helped me to see that being laid off was a blessing in disguise because, of course, it dropped "the right time" in my lap. The skills laid out in her new ebook "Are You Ready for Your First Start-Up?", that Grace so masterfully teaches and explains, lays out the ground work for any person, with the background knowledge and creativity, to successfully start their own business. More...


Kristi Talley

30 July 2013

RSE Consulting has been the best thing that has happened to my business! I was introduced to Grace by my attorney who set up my LLC. Since then, Grace has guided me through the basics of launching my first company, understanding market dynamics, partnerships and business models. Currently, she has introduced me to her development team to gain knowledge on scope of product, integration, and roadmap to make my business scalable. If you have an idea that you would like to make into a scalable business, it's a must to call Grace at RSE Consulting. I would not have been able to get my business off the ground without Grace and RSE Consulting; thank you RSE! More...


Jac Sinex

30 July 2013

Grace is genuine, kind, energetic, and smart! I feel confident she can help my clients and peers with their business consulting or career coaching needs. She recently connected with a client of mine about career advice and did an excellent job. More...

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