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Roy Burke CPA

Sandy Springs, Fulton

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Roy Burke CPA

Sandy Springs, Fulton


I improve the lives of small business owners with professional accounting and consulting services.
Accounting services include:
* Setting up QuickBooks for new businesses or cleaning up existing company books that have gone out of control.



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I can perform all of the accounting functions that a small business needs, from original entry of transactions to advising on strategic plans.

From the outside, accounting looks easy, and some parts of it are. However, not many business owners can afford to increase the overhead expense of their business by spending time away from income producing activities to "keep the books" and "pay the bills".
Proper organization requires plans, systems and focus on the little details. Accountants have spent over two hundred years perfecting the systems, making the plans, and are famous for focusing on the details.

When my clients tell me that they no longer worry about the accounting side and can spend the hours that used to go to back office drudgery doing what they love, promoting their own business.
Sticking with clients through some of their hardest times as they build their businesses, then launch into success gives me a real emotional lift. Particularly when I know that my help formed part of their success.

All my life I have been interested in businesses of all types and in knowing how they worked. When you run your own business, you are the measure of how successful your business will be. I enjoy that challenge.

If we agree to work together, they will know that I have their best interest and success in mind at all times. I always attempt to provide more value than I receive.