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Founded in 2017, Rounder Co does a variety of photographic and designing services, continually expanding what I do which is anything from weddings and engagements to logos and fliers. It is very exciting to be a graphic designer and photographer, I get to wake up and do something different almost every day! I hope to work with you to make your dreams come to reality!

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Zach Conley

12 May 2019

I would just like to say thank you to Aliyah at Rounder Co. for help my company finalize their logo. She took what ideas we had in mind and did a wonderful job at help or idea come to life. She handled every detail and request with a timely and professional approach. I would highly recommend taking your busy with her in the future More...


From my experience, there is none. A great photograph is only great through the eyes of certain people, we will always have those that do not like and it and those who love it. So just aim the camera, in the direction you choose and follow your heart.

Graphic Design:
What are you thinking?
Do you have any colors you want on the project?
Any specifications?

What's it for?
Printed, CD, SanDisk, SD card?

It will never be the same. There is always a difference of something, whether its the client, the project, the ideas, and many more! It is very exciting.



I can create logos, fliers, brochures, picture editing & manipulation, random designs, tracing, amd much more. The world is full of ideas and I am ready for a challenge.

Whether its your wedding day, anniversary, emgagement party, or just a day with the dogs, I wanna take legendary pictures to help plaster your memories on the wall.