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Wragg Borough Homes, South Carolina

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Roti Rolls

Wragg Borough Homes, South Carolina


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Julie Maswod

7 August 2019

I cannot recommend Roti Rolls enough. Fantastic food and awesome service! They brought the food truck and catered my wedding reception. Nothing about Roti disappoints. 5 STARS! I'd give them 100 stars if I could!! More...


Julie M.

6 August 2019

If I could give this company 10 stars, they certainly earned them. From planning to serving, customer service was exceptional. A beach theme wedding reception, the venue being outside at our home. Alton and her team rolled up and took over. The majority of our guests traveled from out of town TX, CA, FL, PA, VA and are still talking about the wonderful food. Oysters on the half shell, scallops, lobster rolls and lamb pops hand delivered in biodegradable bowls. Amazing!!! Then the main event Prime rib, Cajun turkey, potato bar, salad bar delicious!!! Generous portions, the team made sure all were served. It was fun and impressive to see them in action. Kudos to the chief!!! We absolutely love you Roti Rolls and recommend you highly!!! More...


Lynnese Qiana Love

5 August 2019

Great food!! DO NOT PASS UP ON THIS FOOD TRUCK. Definitely delicious and affordable. Five star, hands down love love the food


Elizabeth Almers

24 June 2019

5 Stars hands down! Such great food and service tonight at the Slightly Stoopid Concert! The owners were awesome ans made us feel like friends and made sure my Seeing Eye Dog has water! The food was awesome! Highly recommend! More...


Jess Lauren

8 June 2019

OMG. THESE ARE SO GOOD. I had your mother clucker today at the Charleston Farmers Market and it was the best thing I’ve eaten in awhile! I compared it to an oragasm excellent work roti rolls!! The flavor was BANGIN. More...


Glenn Binns

11 May 2019

Went to the farmers market at marry in square today for the first time stoped by rotirolls to try it out . I got the porky revenge. OMG IT WAS SO GREAT good heat&spice but not to overpowering. everyone needs to try rotirolls. More...


Tommy S.

1 May 2019

One of the best food I ate in Charleston SC. Would go back again and again. It's like an Indian street taco with a veri flavorful wrap(roti)


Timothy Lucas Jones

13 April 2019

Out of this world flavorful Roti Roll!!!!! I highly recommend the Mother Clucker!


Eric Nelson

6 April 2019

The most friggin amazing delicious flavorful foods I've ever eaten!


Stacey Stewart

14 February 2019

SO delish! Can't wait to eat there again. The Mother Clucker made my taste buds dance. :)


Caitlin Theresa

27 January 2019

fresh, DELICIOUS! Smokey flavors with nice veggies for balance. the house aioli is fantastic. can't wait to eat this pillow pocket of yum again!


Anne O.

13 November 2018

Now I know why the lines are always longest at Roti Rolls.We attended the 1st annual Charleston Brunch Festival at Garco Mill in Park Circle (side bar: GREAT EVENT)I ordered the breakfast bowl and the combo of grits, pimento, eggs, and kimchi, and a bit of roasted kale.....so so delicious! Kimchi is the perfect addition to good bowl of pimento grits. And I will say, these grits were creamy, creamy perfection. More...


Brian M Hollar

21 October 2018

sooooooo good. Everytime we are in Charleston have to have Roti Rolls.


Alexandra Eaton

21 October 2018

“I loved it” is an understatement! They catered my wedding in Charleston and went above and BEYOND! Food, service, and professionalism on point. book Roti Rolls for any and all catering occasions. Also, go to the food truck! More...


Hannah Salters

29 August 2018

It's been a while since I've enjoyed Roti Rolls, but they are still by far my favorite food truck! Unbelievable flavors!!


Stacey Beth

13 August 2018

We had the mother clucker and the eye opener and they were absolutely fantastic and some of the best tacos and food I've ever had! Can't wait I try everything on the menu! More...


Nic Barrett

13 August 2018

Roti Rolls are the ultimate form of food. I am confident that any food prepared by this fine group of people instantly becomes 5-star dining. Shout out to my man Pondo for turning my girlfriend and I on to what has been a life changing experience. More...


Justin Kelley

13 August 2018

I had the Mother Clucker and it was phenomenal! Great flavor, hot, and once I folded the taco bread and ate it that way, it tasted even better! The flavor sticks in your mouth, which makes you want another. The portion was generous and filling and I would DEFINITELY recommend anyone who has never had food truck food to start with this! You won't regret it! More...


Chris Weller

13 August 2018

If you aren't rolling with Roti, you're definitely missing out. Great flavor, wide range of ingredients catering to the healthy and unhealthy alike, and even better people.


Brian Kimbro

13 August 2018

I’m actually shocked at the flavors and textures that just happened in my mouth. Absolutely amazing product. We had the pork, creole Mac, and kimchi roti roll. Currently on another planet about it. I could go on and on but will spare all who may stumble upon this post. More...


Casey Danielle Rodgers

29 July 2018

Love Roti Rolls. It was one of the first food trucks I tried. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking for good food.


Aly Schmidt

7 July 2018

ROTI ROLLS ROCKS!!! We used Roti for our wedding food! We could not be more pleased or excited to share their amazing food with our family and friends. From the get-go, we contacted Roti Rolls and they were one of the only companies that responded promptly and were more than willing to work with us on all of our needs (within and outside of their catering menu - thank you, Alton!). After planning the menu, we were able to set up a tasting AND include my mom, sister and fiancé. We were served an abundance of food during the tasting, where we got to see portion sizes and serving presentation and make changes for our outdoor wedding. We even got to meet Alton's puppy Banjo! From our tasting, we were in constant contact with Kirsten who kept everything organized and put together. She answered our many questions as well as made sure that everything we requested went off without a hitch (including a personalized menu board - LOVED it!). Our guests LOVED the food and it was the perfect mix of a unique and interactive food truck experience, rather than a served dinner people have come to expect, and a southern cuisine experience. When my husband and I came to the truck to eat, we were greeted with a HUGE, enthusiastic congratulations and we could not have been happier with our choice! We love everything about Roti Rolls and cannot wait to go visit them soon! Thank you!!! More...


James Patrick

7 May 2018

Roti rolls always has the best food! Thanks for being so awesome!


Jewelz I.

6 May 2018

I ABSOLUTELY loved your Roti Rolls (Mother Clucker)! I will be coming again.  I finally completed editing my video review of your booth at the Farmers Market, youtu.be/kmypbYdIC4YThe workers there were so much fun, and friendly. I HAVE to try the others.  Please like and share if you don't mind! More...


Melissa A.

4 May 2018

If you see Roti Rolls. Stop, drop, and roll over. Whenever I see this food truck, it's like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. They are just flipping fantastic. It's with good reason why they've been voted the Best Food Truck in Charleston. They're good at what they do, and they're consistent.i always have their veggie roti rolls. The flavor is always on point and every time I tell myself I'm only going to have one... and then I'm on number 2, extremely full amd still considering number 3. I love Roti Rolls and I'm 99% sure, you'll like them too! More...


Margaret Lanford Aucoin

24 April 2018

Had Roti Rolls at the Highwater Fest this weekend and it was phenomenal— that and Band of Horses are the 2 things I can’t stop thinking about! Bring a ROTI ROLL truck to Columbia!!!! Please. More...


Amanda Lebihan

20 April 2018

Very good and unique! My husband and I loved the Porks Revenge!


BA Rhode

16 March 2018

One of our Brides has Roti Rolls come for the cocktail hour- the food was delicious and everything couldn’t have been more perfect ! Highly recommend!


Michael M.

14 February 2018

Love the Roti Rolls! Found them Friday night at one of my favorites breweries, and enjoyed them. There were 4 rolls on menu, so I had the Thurman Murman & Mother Clucker.  Both were filled with their well seasoned meats and toppings. The Thurman was smoked pulled pork with Creole mac and kimchi. While the Mother Clucker had Cajun chicken, onions, pico, cotija, Verde, and hoisin. Want some spice? Well these had it, and I loved them. Both were wrapped in foil and served in a cardboard boat. As I ate each one they dripped with the yummy juices. Both were filling and delicious! Great food truck to go with beer!Service was good, friendly, and they were always happy to explain the items. I ordered one roll for my husband and asked to remove the kimchi and they did it eith ease. All was prepared in a timely manner too. Check them out, enjoy! More...


Annabelle Amara

14 January 2018

Best food truck in Charleston! Love the funky farmer.


Paula Tucker Dawkins

3 December 2017

We tried Roti Rolls tonite at theCharleston parade festival In the Circle...n OMG, this was the most delicious form of taco EVER!!!! WE all had the Mother clucker ...it was soooo full of flavor n absolutely delicious! !!!!! We will definitely eat here again!!!!!!! More...


Elisabeth H.

11 November 2017

Best breakfast EVER at the Charleston Farmers Market. I had the Wakey Bakey and seriously considered going back to get another for lunch. The bacon was perfectly sweet, the verde was perfectly tangy, and the egg perfectly cooked. My husband had something he can't remember the name of that involved kimchi and he's in love. So sad we can't go back tomorrow for more! More...


Debbie Murray Porter

4 November 2017

They were at the Food Truck Untapped event at the Sumter County Fairgrounds today! Had the Eye Opener and it was awesome!!!!


Johan Martinez

11 October 2017

Their dishes are delightful and well balanced. I fell in love with them when they came to Atlanta for a festival. I was looking forward to the rotti rolls experience again when I found out they had their own Atlanta truck, but when I drove an hour to the location there was no sign of them. Overall the food is good, it just sucks that they false advertised a location in Atlanta. More...


Wardlaw F.

7 October 2017

Absolutely amazing truck. Awesome food as well. I had the mother clucker and was amazed. Awesome balance of very different ingredients. Amazing variety, and quality.  If you see this truck, do your self a favor and get some food. More...


Jackey N.

27 September 2017

I just had my first roti roll and it was SO good!  I had the porky's revenge with beef instead of pulled pork and added an egg fried hard and it was so flavorful! The white sauce that I added from their sauce table was also an added bonus!! I would rate the curried veg a 4/5 but the white sauce helped them out too. I'll def be on the lookout for them in the future! More...


Charlye C.

20 September 2017

I have a sweet spot for Roti rolls. You can find them in their food truck or at the farmers market. Their eye opener and motherclucker rotis are always bursting with various flavors you rarely find mixed together. If you are wondering what a roti is, this type of bread reminds me of a cross between a soft taco and naan. You can always add an egg to the rolls which is a plus in my book! The food truck is often quick with the orders so you do not have to stand around and wait. Everything is fresh, local and delightfully tasty. More...


Holly K.

12 August 2017

This was my very first time trying a roti roll and I loved it!!!! EASY to see why this is Charleston's best food truck since 2010!! Ordered the "Wakey Bakey"-potatoes, candies bacon, sunny egg, Thai pimento, and verde on a flatbread. All the ingredients were local and FRESH, and packed with flavor. Looking forward to my next roti roll!!! More...


Michael Pifer

2 August 2017

In town from Va and asked what food truck to try in SC and everyone said Roti Rolls! Totally awesome! We tried one of almost everything. So fresh, and the spiciness was really nice! You folks are doing great things! If your ever in Fredericksburg VA check out Pifer Bros. BBQ Company! More...


Jeff B.

22 July 2017

Just had a porkys revenge and my wife had the mother clicker.  Amazing!  I see why they advertise as being the best food truck in Charleston.


Dale Rucker

17 July 2017

I ate there today at the food festival and it was amazing I loved the mother clucker


Kristi Torgersen Bejarano

17 July 2017

Thanks for visiting Anderson SC! We tried the Bear dog and the Eyeopener - Fantastic!!


Betsy P.

14 July 2017

Really good food. I've had the Mother Clucker (with egg added), Med Hed, rice bowl with cucumber salad, and Cajun Mac & Cheese. All were super flavorful and filling. Rolls average $7-10, sides $2-4. Some items have the potential to be messy, so be sure to grab a fork and some napkins! More...


Brooke Chase

21 June 2017

eat Roti... never want any other food ever again. It's horrible!! LOL seriously best thing I ever ate in my life! #eyeopener #putaneggonit COME TO DELAWARE PEOPLE!!! x0x0x0


Kendra Haveman Denhardt

19 June 2017

I tried Roti Rolls this weekend at Firefly and it was SO good I went back every day!! The Eye Opener is DELICIOUS and so filling!!! I live in Delaware so I was bummed to find out they're so far away!! I would drive to Philly or even New York to try more of their dishes!!! If you have an opportunity to try out this food truck, DO IT!! More...


Buddy Good Deed Hasty

18 June 2017

Got to try Roti Rolls at Bonnaroo and it was AWESOME! As a fellow food truck owner I was amazed they could rock out this huge, difficult menu so fast and maintain great food quality. A++ ������


Angela Carducci

28 April 2017

Best food truck EVERRRR! When I'm at an event and see these guys I won't even think twice to look at what else is there. These guys are number 1!!!!


Amanda Cooper Owens

24 April 2017

Wakey, Wakey...Eggs and Bakey....the Wakey Bakey Roti Roll was sooooo amazing. This completed my trip to the High Water Festival


Nick Cabral

24 April 2017

The good folks at Roti Rolls took care of people all weekend at the High Water Festival. I loved the Thurman Merman and Mother Clucker, both were delicious. Great work, food, and weekend!


Jessica H.

20 April 2017

I was finally able to try the Roti Rolls food truck this past weekend at the 5th annual Charleston Food Truck festival. I had their Funky Farmer which was green curried vegetables, pickled daikon, and candied beets on a roti roll. THE TASTE! It took me back to the Big Island of Hawaii when I first tried the green curry at a farmer's market on the side of a volcano. It tasted authentic and just slightly spicy. The vegetables were firm and well cooked without being mushy. It was perfect and made me miss living in Hawaii while I savored each and every bite. I would recommend this truck to everyone. And I will definitely be a return customer. More...


Ashton H.

16 April 2017

Roti Rolls had friendly staff and cooked their food quickly. I had a noodle bowl that was tasty but didn't blow me away. I would certainly enjoy their food again, but I would not seek them out for a meal. More...


Nicole Hollar

18 March 2017

Omg! There food is awesome! We used Roti for our small wedding in Myrtle Beach. It was perfect & easy. We worked with Cameron & Alton. They set everything up, supplied everything needed & even let us take the left overs which our guest ended up eating the next morning for breakfast. Our guest said, "if a quesadilla & a taco had a baby is what I would say the food was". It was perfect amount of food for our 50 guest & eating tacos caused less mess to clean up. I definitely recommend Roti Rolls for any event especially for a wedding! Couldn't of ask for anything more! Thank you guys! More...


Maria Louise

12 March 2017

What didn't I love about the Thurman Merman?! Braised beef, kimchi, shells n cheeeeese, cilantro, and some delicious sauces... and the deeelicious crunchy, flavorful roti holding all of that goodness together. I can't wait to try everything!! More...


Tabitha Nelson-Cuyar

11 March 2017

Amazing!!!! Their food is bursting with flavor!! My taste buds are so excited!!


Karina Misuraca

30 January 2017

We went to 4 trucks at the food truck festival and yours was definitely the best!


Jason J Sol Posey

20 January 2017

The best food truck ever! Wide variety of delicious eats. Thank you for the great food, please come back to Atlanta soon!


Kimberly Jefferson

7 December 2016

This was my first experience with this food truck. I had the Mother Clucker and the Porky's Revenge. They're a little small but both tasted excellent! Also had the creole mac and cheese, which was very spicy and tasty. I definitely will be back to try more items! More...


Nancy Boynton Jennings

30 November 2016

It was my first time and the mother clucker was awesome!


Ha N.

24 November 2016

Love this truck/stall. I always catch them at Marion Sq. because I feel like it makes for a better eating environment than the MUSC campus, but what'ever floats your boat. I've tried several different things here and it's never disappointed--not even the vegetarian one. Being Buddhist, it's a little unnerving to see Buddha plastered as decoration everywhere, but it's ignorable. Probably the best thing to eat at the farmer's market, honestly. More...


John K.

20 November 2016

Had the muther clucker when the truck was at the ocean course for a golf outing and was absolutely blown away how tasty it was! So much so i just had to have seconds! I will definitely put this roll in my regular eating rotation! More...


Christine Mayer Dean

13 November 2016

Some of the best food in Charleston!!! Thank you so much for being such an amazing, giving company.


Julia S.

6 November 2016

The BEST food truck in Charleston. Whenever there's other food trucks or options available vs Roti Rolls, Roti Rolls always wins.Recently a ton of food trucks have been transitioning from truck only to brick and mortar storefronts, and I can only hope Roti Rolls follows along with this. I'd love to be able to go to their location regularly and not have to track them down.Their menu is made up of a lot of unique combinations and they're are all SO flavorful and complimentary. The ingredients are fresh, the staff is always quick/friendly, and you won't regret your decision. And there's a Yelp check in offer! More...


Jennifer Gravelle Cooper

19 October 2016

Truly delicious food and friendly faces! I will definitely seek you guys out again!


Jan Werner

13 October 2016

Your food rocks and your staff is amazing! Must have whenever I see your truck!


Tash B.

29 September 2016

Roti Rolls ran their food truck at my cousins welcome dinner and it was AMAZING!!! Sooo tasty, had to try all the flavours including the Mac & cheese. After 24hours travelling from England this is just what we needed. The rolls themselves were just like the Roti we ate in Malaysia. Please open a van in England or send recipe!!!! More...


Timothy A.

26 September 2016

Normally, I arrive at the Farmers Market well into the day, when the lines are long and the wait is hot and sweaty.  This time, however, I arrived early in the morning, and it's never too early for a Roti Roll.  I ordered the Wakey Bakey, which had a filling of taters, bacon, vegetation, and an over easy egg on top.  The roll itself was quite tasty, and I'd love to tell you what made up the breading, but I ate it too fast to notice.  It was a feeding frenzy between my daughter and myself.  Such wonderful smells and flavors.  I can't wait to try another one! More...


Michael B.

23 September 2016

Really really good. I had 2 totally different tools and both were spot on. Popped in on this joint at the Saturday farmers market. From order to food in hand it was about 4 minutes. I will say it did take me a minute to order as a couple of them sounded similar and was hoping for a little more of a flavor spectrum and not lots of repeating veggies and proteins. Regardless it was delicious. I could easily have eaten a third one loaded with that hot green brown sauce they have on the side More...


Robyn D.

17 August 2016

From DC to Charleston, this is still my favorite Food Truck of all time. I remember eating my first roll in High School and thinking it was bursting with so much flavor and creativity. Fast-forward 5 years later, and I still think the exact same thing. In the first bite, you instantly taste so many spices and ingredients that work well with each other.Just recently, I was at a birthday party where Roti Rolls was catering and got to try all 3 rolls on the menu, whooohooo! I honestly couldn't tell you which one was my favorite because I couldn't help but keep ordering and eating. Now that's a good sign of good food. Mother Clucker had a variation chicken, cheese, pickles, salsa. Thurman Merman had short-rib, mac & cheese, and kimchi. And Foghorn Leghorn had veggies, kimchi, and chicken. Each had a bit of Asian flair to it (whether it be kimchi or the hoisin aioli) that was balanced with the protein and veggies. The doughy, naan-type flatbread was the perfect vessel and size that makes it painless to eat standing up or walking around. Win!They pride themselves on using fresh local ingredients, and I commend them for that. It's refreshing to find a food truck that can turn healthy ingredients into something that tastes indulging and guilty! More...


Kat T.

7 July 2016

I thought the Mother Clucker was da bomb up until now.  The Porky's Revenge beat it out hands down.  Delicious, not as messy, and the Pimp Cheese!  What?!  The roll/bread has just a bit of crispiness to it.  O. M. G.  One roti roll is $7, two for $12, but there is a check-in offer for $2 off right now.  You don't know what you are missing until you try it.  Look for the bright green food truck all around town.  They always have super friendly staff, and service is usually pretty quick.  The menu is on a chalkboard and always subject to change based on what they have available at the time.  They tend to sell out fast at big events, but there are a few staples on which you can usually rely.  The sides are also delish and could be a meal in and of themselves.  Some items can be spicy, so ask if you are unsure.  To me, the flavors are just right, and I think you'll find something you absolutely love. More...


Jonathan C.

7 July 2016

I prefer foods friendly to the colon. However, sometimes one must venture beyond her boundary of culinary comfort and onto newer, more explosive, fare. If you choose to alter your usual foodie route, I do not suggest immediate beginning with spicy, exotic flavors. Let your palate ease into cumin, saffron, and doenjang. Do not make the mistake of visiting an Asian supermarket and ordering the most egregiously hot bowl of pho on the menu. You will weep when you try to excrete, and mourn the day God created a gastrointestinal system. Last week, as the first bite of Roti Rolls Mac and cheese entered my mouth, I immediately clinched my buttocks to prepare for the coming doom. I could feel the heat and spice spread throughout my mouth and down my throat. I wanted to moan, to cry, but not of disdain, or pain, but of pure happiness, as this particular menu item was a culinary revelation, an unusual and fresh play on the traditional Mac and Cheese. As I finished this meal with my Mexican Coke, I could not believe my good fortunes in finding challenging food without cringeworthy after effects. More...


Breall s.

5 July 2016

Mother Clucker! That was so delicious. My only regret is not having tried any other dishes.Amazing flavor, fresh ingredients, I wouldn't change a thing about this dish.I'm looking forward to exploring the rest of their menu More...


Renee G.

21 June 2016

One of my absolute favorite foods in Charleston. I only wish they would spread the love in West Ashley. I love the mother clucker and the curried veggies are to die for. If you are in search of something that is full of great flavors give this food truck a try. I promise you will not regret. More...


Sarah Wyatt

21 June 2016

The Thurman merman & Creole mac & cheese best food at Firefly!


Sarah C.

16 June 2016

I wish I had taken a picture of this roti roll.  It is hard to describe other than to say this: it is a piece of delicious indian naan (paratha) with your toppings of choice on top.  Think taco/gyro.  A cross between the two.  I had the green curry one which is vegetarian and oh so good! The spice level was perfect and the veggies were cooked just right.  They also put some beet slices on top which added a lot to the roll.  I want to eat more of these, ASAP.  I guess Charleston isn't too far of a drive for me.  Ha!  Wish I had tried another one before I left Bonnaroo.  They also had a pulled pork and mac and cheese one with kimchi on top.  That sounds crazy good. More...


Peeps P.

13 June 2016

Ate the "Mother Clucker" and "Therman Merman" Roti Rolls at Bonnaroo Music Festival in TN. They were both absolutely delicious and far better than anything else I ate at the festival. I will def eat here again anytime I am in the same area. More...


Cory Lee Parker

7 June 2016

Absolutely delicious! I will be sure to stop by and grab some food from yall any chance I get!


Stephanie Handleman

3 June 2016

We've been missing you since Magnaball - please tell me you'll be at Lock'n this year and come to Delfest next year.


Honey B.

19 May 2016

Roti Rolls is the straight up bomb food truck. Just about everything is from scratch, local/seasonal, and you got to love the vibe from their crew. Its just a lot of fun. My favorites are the Foghorn Leghorn and the Funky Farmer - probably because both of these rotis include their curried veg which is unbelievable. Their homemade kimchi is killer too. Sometimes you can buy that by the jar (do it). The people behind roti rolls also were behind one of my favorite but tragically short-lived restaurants in Charleston: The Green Door, which was known for their adventurous and fantastically delicious offerings (whole hogs head, anyone?). I'm hoping they get another brick and motor space soon, but until then you can always hunt down the truck! More...


Lisa Lowe Anderchak

14 May 2016

If you have not tried ROTI Rolls you better get your 'Mother Clucker' on over and order one! So fresh and so yummy! No other food truck can touch what they serve up! DELISH!!!!!


Tamara S.

18 April 2016

We met a couple at the Southern Ground Concert who told us that we tried nothing else, we had to try Roti Rolls... All we could say after the first bite was "Wow"! They took food that we really didn't think would go together, wrapped it up, and created a delicious blend of flavors that just popped in your mouth. Look forward to visiting Roti Rolls again! More...


Elizabeth Ballard

9 April 2016

I got a mother clucker last night. It was incredible.


Jamie Ann Oliva

20 March 2016

Loved the food and the people, my son really enjoyed his awesome Shepard's pie. Can't wait to see them back in Columbia again.


Kim K.

11 March 2016

At sxsw looking for a dairy/gluten free option can be a challenge. Ok fine, at any place anywhere in the world all of the times, this is a challenge. I stumbled upon Roti Rolls, the clouds parted and the list of amazing-sounding bowls appeared. I ordered the orange bowl & boy did it deliver. Melt in your mouth meat. Delicious flavors. It was a little spicy for me but I also have a negative spice tolerance so for the average person, this would be perfect. Icing on the cake is the use of fresh local ingredients! More...


Cortni W.

1 March 2016

Roti Rolls is amazingly delicious! I had the Guacamole-Quin Roti. It is Roti stuffed with potato hash, guacamole and a fried egg. I have been craving Singaporean style Roti for years and this satisfied that craving! My brother asked 'Who is this Roti Whisperer?' I replied 'Cory Burke, from the Roti Rolls food truck!' We are so happy they moved to Atlanta! More...


Amanda Jill

31 January 2016

Tried them out at the Atlanta Beer Fest. This food is amazing!!! And the staff is so friendly and just a lot of fun! We may have to make a trip to SC just to try some more. The Thurman Murman and the Mother Clucker were crazy good!!! More...


Marshall Walker

28 January 2016

Always my go to food truck for events! Never a miss


Smoky Weiner

10 January 2016

I love it. We had them roll up to our outxoor benefit concert and party. Delicious stuff, big menu, easy to eat walking around and very reasonably priced. So much easier than doing the food ourselves. More...


Mike Moke

8 January 2016

Sweet lord this food is amazing! The porkys revenge... Best thing I've had! Good portion size too!


Wendy W.

20 December 2015

Love it!  have only eaten Roti at the Saturday Market twice.  Both times the food was delicious.  However, I wish they would come up with another veggie option.  I love the curried veggies-don't get me wrong but I can get those on the side and maybe something different in the middle.  I just saw someone else had the Thurman Murman-hold the meat.  Maybe thats my next go to.  Veggie Murman! More...


Harriet Rybicki

20 December 2015

How could anyone go wrong at this truck? The staff is patience, with big smiles and the food is absolutely delicious. Oh yeah! prices are reasonable.


Paul N.

5 December 2015

Told myself I'd take just one bite, but ended up going to town on this roti roll, not sure what I ordered, but I asked for the works and they took care of me...perfectly cooked fried egg, pot roast, shredded hashbrowns on a roti make for a killer combination! My stomach is very happy! More...


Karen Moran

28 September 2015

Words can't describe the deliciousness that is the Mother Clucker!


Angela F.

8 September 2015

We went to Food Trucks wars this past weekend in Casey, SC...if it weren't for Roti Rolls, we would've left disappointed. They are legit delicious!The soft shell they create to wrap all the goodness in....OMG, incredible mix of herbs, flavor, crunch, and chew. Delightful! I want the recipe then I'll use it to wrap any and everything!!Then you put in the creative innards...the Thurman Murman was tasty with braised meat, mac 'n' cheese, and kimchi. My absolute fav was Porky's Revenge: braised pork, pimento cheese and a corn-like salsa. A must order! Out of this world!The meats were tender and succulent...braised to perfection. The sauces they put on each roti are uber yum. I'd DEF eat Roti Rolls again and regularly if I could. More...


Wayne L. Auld

7 September 2015

Awesome,Best truck at the Food Truck War in Columbis,SC


Andy C. Rider

3 September 2015

Great food, great people, great service. I've loved this truck since I found it one surprisingly chilly January evening in the parking lot of Theatre 99 during the Charleston Comedy Festival. They consistently challenge me with food I would have never tried if I didn't trust Corey and everybody else at Roti Rolls. More...


Krystle B.

8 August 2015

Had the wakey bacey at the Charleston farmers market and yum-o! Crispy tortilla, crunchy potatoes, thick bacon, egg, and smothered in pimento cheese! Fabulous and would get again in a heart beat. More...


Leah C.

5 August 2015

THURMAN MURMAN! I am never disappointed with my Roti Rolls experiences. The food quality is never lacking and the service is fast and friendly, the truck is clean. I buy their kimchi by the jar because it's the best in Charleston. The spicy Thurman Murman is my favorite dish, but I haven't branched out to try many other options truthfully...if it ain't broke...! I am always happy to see that lime green tenement on wheels serving deliciousness by the handful! More...


Brittani H.

20 July 2015

WOW. LIFE CHANGING. Recently had a Thurman (without the meat) and it was life changing amazing. Wish they were located in NY! It was really awesome how accommodating they were to this particular non-meat eating food truck lover. Very cool crew. We loved them so much at the Charleston Tea Plantation we went back for seconds! More...


Richard R.

13 July 2015

We were planning a birthday party for my dad who was turning 80. We thought that it would be fun to have a food truck come since we were about 60 guests. We reached out to several food trucks and Suzanne at Roti Rolls was by far the easiest to work with. She was responsive and answered all of our questions. On the day of the event, they arrived on time and were ready to go. Needless to day the guests were thrilled with the excitement of the food truck. But after they tasted the food, it really became a huge success. Thanks to Suzanne and her team for helping to give dad a great birthday party. More...


Jon B.

11 July 2015

Great Saturday morning grub! Ate here b/c of local recommendation and was not disappointed...the whole family enjoyed.


Yuliya Guia

3 July 2015

The bread is sooo delicous, I ate my kids' hotdogs!


Les M.

1 July 2015

Creole Mac and cheese was good and it was a decent sized side. Love the wooden spoons! I didn't get to try the rolls because I couldn't justify $7 for on or $12 for two when they are the size of a taco especially since I am low on funds. But smelled delicious looked delicious and the option mother clucker almost convinced me to take my $4 splurge to $11. Great service as well. From what I experienced its a 5 star review. More...


Jason Broz

20 June 2015

Freakin awesome. Now just tinkle a lil bacon on it. Lol


Claire B.

18 June 2015

Roti Rolls has attended at least as many Bonnaroos as I have, but I only tried them for the first time last year. Delicious, spicy, fragrant meats and veggies fill a naan-like bread and my tummy. I love their Foghorn Leghorn, with curry chicken, coconut curry veggies, and kim chi. It's the perfect balance of sweet and savory, plus the kim chi provides quite a kick. I regret not coming to them sooner.I have eaten their food with dirty fingers, in the heat, in the dust, and other unpleasant conditions, but their consistency always remains. I love a place with great food that I can rely on to be great every time. Their prices are reasonable and they are speedy too. I hope to see them at next year's Bonnaroo, as they have become a staple for me! More...


Stephanie Troché

14 June 2015

Best food at Bonnaroo!! I ❤️ the mother clucker. I've never seen a food truck dance so hard that it shook. Thanks for the great vibes ✌️


Justine R.

27 May 2015

Roti Rolls is the best food truck in Charleston. I got married last weekend and they catered the event! Not only was the food amazing, but our guests were thrilled with the entire experience. Roti Rolls was on time and super professional. Throughout the wedding planning process they were willing to answer all my crazy questions. Thanks :-) More...


Carmela O.

21 May 2015

Food is amazing and unique.  The rolls themselves are just unique and awesome.  I "dined" here when it was outside the Brew Cellar in Park Circle for St. Patrick's Day and really enjoyed myself.  I don't know if they always have brownies or if it was just for the holiday, but it was awesome!  My biggest complaint is that for Indian food, it didn't have as many vegetarian options as I would expect to see, but other than that, I would definitely eat here (or wherever they are) again. More...


Garrett B.

19 May 2015

Some insanely good food! My favorite food stand at the Charleston farmers market by far. I'd never had a Roti before Roti Rolls, but I'm glad this was my first experience, because these are some of the most imaginative, unique, and delicious dishes around. Try the creole mac and cheese, the Herman Merman, and (if you're looking for the perfect combination of tasty and filling) the bear dog. More...


Justin Helton

15 May 2015

Are here 3 different time during the shaky Knees weekend, what a great food truck! Hope to see you guys at Bonnaroo!


Scott Chesney

11 May 2015

I can't stop thinking about how great your food is.


Charlie P.

30 April 2015

No question, Roti Rolls is hands down the best food stand offered at the Charleston Farmers Market in Marion Square. Essentially what a Roti Roll is a really delicious griddled, greasy Indian pita bread, stuffed with delicious fixin's  like meat, veggies and if you order it right, a fried egg. My favorite happens to be the "Eye Opener" with braised short rib, kimchi and a fried egg. If you are really looking for a gut-busting yet delicious option, the "Thurman Merman" is super popular, stuffed with creole mac & cheese. I also like to order their Roti pita breads for $2 each to take come with me for later snacking- they are that good. A Roti Roll also serves as the perfect hangover food, sure to soak up any decisions you made the night before. Must-order items:Eye OpenerThurman Merman More...


Crystal Amber

18 April 2015

This is the best thing I have ever eaten!! Wish we had one back in Winston-Salem!!


Casper Jørgensen

8 April 2015

I spend 1 day in Charleston and had the luck to find this foodtruck and meet some of the foodtruckers! Food was awesome! Even bought some of the kimchi and smuggled it to europe! More...


Pam St.Laurent Bass

19 March 2015

The shrimp Roti was delicious. Kale was good but a little too spicy for my taste buds.


Robbie Dietrich

17 December 2014

Hands down best food on a truck and farmers market ever! Local quality food at it's finest! Eat it all the time!


Summer B.

20 November 2014

Wow! These rolls are AMAZING. I had the "Mother Clucker" and it was straight up one of the best things I've ever tasted. The Roti was perfect, super soft and doughy and the indian ingredients complimented it perfectly. I wish these guys were here in my hometown of Orlando. More...


D K.

9 November 2014

Tasty roti Rolls out of a truck...who would have thunk it? One thing to be very careful of is that the location has changed. It is no longer on E Bay St! CURRENTLY (As of today), it's on the corner of King St and Queen St. I recommend you look for parking close and just walk to the truck. On the Sunday that we went, King St was closed to cars and bikes....walk down from the truck (on second Sunday of the month) and enjoy the variety of street performers and open markets etc.Ok, back to the food....we had the click cluck which was a curried chicken salad with pickled onions..we added dicon radish which was yummy. Also had the veggie roti with added "farm fresh" Which means add a cooked egg..veggies were crisp, flavorful and went down quickly. Carrots, potatoes, squash, zucchini,  celery, pickled onions etc made this a light and yummy dish. I also had the sparkling tea which was suprisingly refreshing , crisp, and better than soda. Service was quick, price was reasonable,  and great for a quick bite that's not hot dog or ice cream. No hesitations ordering from them again. Yummy!One note to the wise is that the location will probably change again and so I HIGHLY suggest you call the number listed here on Yelp and ask for the location prior to making the trip. More...


Santiago H.

11 July 2014

This review is a little late, so I don't remember what I had. The truck was at Shaky Knees '14 music festival in Atlanta at which I was working too. These guys took care of business. They were super friendly and very generous come feeding time for my staff and I. Never overheard a negative comment from festival-goers. Definitely hope they come to Atlanta more often. More...


Sarah Roth Cala

11 May 2014

I love Roti Rolls! Thurman Murman and Eye Opener are the best. Make sure to add the srirancha to your roll!


Jeff Matevie

7 April 2014

Amazing. I ate there after the bridge run on 4/5 and it was amazing!! I had the GD Burger and I can honestly say it's the best burger I have ever had. Wow!!


Clay L.

31 March 2014

Roti Rolls is still my favorite food truck in the land! They now incorporate some old Green Door specials!Two of the best GD (Green Door Specials) are the Budda Bowl and their burger.Budda bowl: Noodle dish in a rich broth with braised beef (same kind thats in the Thurman Murman very tender!) with pickled veggies and kimchi and a side of roti, hands down my favorite!GD Burger: Shortrib burger that is incredibly tender and a rich beef taste! Comes with some typical Roti Roll condiments like kimchi which really helps cut through the rich beef. More...


Harold N.

20 March 2014

There were lots of options and Kimchi combinations. That's awesome. I got something that had the Roti Bread.  That was delicious.  Compare it to Indian style Poori Bread but flattened. Greasy deliciousness. More...


Sophia Cristina Markowich

20 March 2014

Had a roti roll for the first time today and it was freaking amazing! Get the pork head roti roll and you won't be sorry!


Todd StOnge

31 December 2013

So good , so so good!


Desiree Runey Clement

31 December 2013

Always great! Kind people and fresh food.


Linda Sigman

31 December 2013

I am salivating as I think of them! Missed having one last weekend and can't wait to fill my need at the Johns Island Farmer's Market! Roti Rolls rock!


Dan Klein

30 December 2013

Rip. Rise again


Andrea C.

16 December 2013

What took me so long to try a Roti Roll?!!!! I stopped by the location that Farmer's Market in Marin Square. The menu was unique and I had no idea what I was doing, so I asked for a recommendation. I am so glad I did....the awesome dude behind the counter suggested the Eye Opener (definitely not something I would typically order). It had GREAT flavor and definitely left me wanting MORE! Loved the meat/egg/kimchi combo....a must try, fo sho!Probably one of the most unique tacos/sammis/savory items I have had in Charleston thus far. Everything was SUPER FRESH. I can't wait to try some more/chase that truck around town to get my fix! More...


Josh A.

11 December 2013

Thurman Murman is amazing.  The homemade kim chi has a nice "snap" to it.  Mix that, with the short rib meat and creole mac, it's out of this world.  I just wish their portions were larger for the price. More...


Liz G.

15 November 2013

Delicious rolls!! I had so much fun trying one of the rolls at the Farmers Market in Riverland Terrace. Can't wait to try a different roll next time.


Amy Lauren S.

2 September 2013

Roti Rolls is one of the best food trucks in Charleston! My husband and I love to eat at their truck when we can and also at The Green Door which is their brick-and-mortar restaurant. The roti sandwiches are delicious. They're pretty small, but they are also cheap, so get a side to go with them. We've never had a bad experience eating from this truck and there are also veggie options (I am mostly vegetarian). The truck travels all over the Charleston area which is really handy, they do go to Daniel Island, Mt P, West Ashley, Downtown, etc. Be sure to follow their Facebook, they are great about updating with where they will be. More...


Lauren Beard

26 August 2013

STILL thinking about the Monte Cristo from yesterday. YUM!


Cheryl J.

14 August 2013

I'm never disappointed, EVER. Well, there was one time they didn't have my fav curried roll, but as luck would have it I was forced to try something new, which I equally enjoyed (Thurman Murman)!Staff is always friendly and happy. Only downer is the prices, which I will continue to pay . More...


Debbie Sanders

5 February 2013

Taco Tuesday- great mole also


Claire P.

24 October 2012

I can't say enough good things about Roti Rolls.  It is always absolutely delicious.  I love that they aren't afraid to go a little wacky with their ingredients, and the payoff for that is always huge.  Do not miss this Food Truck, or their setup at Marion Square at the Farmer's Market on Saturdays. More...


J H.

1 September 2012

Thurman Murman.


Lee K.

19 August 2012

Wow! Incredible. We've only been by one time but it was amazing. We both tried the ginger chicken and everything about it was perfect.


Jessica S.

15 August 2012

Found this one in the parking lot of True Value on East Bay Street on a random Thursday. I was hesitant--but it was AMAZING. I had the curried chicken salad with red grapes, and my coworker had the hummus with curry and goat cheese. The flavors are perfect, and the bread is delicious--buttery without being greasy, warm, and flaky. Delicious. Stalk them on facebook and find them. You won't regret it. More...


Amela R.

9 July 2012

I have been known to stalk this food truck, and seek them out most Saturdays at the Farmer's Market in Marion Square. Delicious sandwiches on grilled roti bread. You can get veggie, vegan, or meat/fish/egg combos.  The veggies are always farm fresh, and if you eat meat, Cory can tell you exactly where it was sourced.  Local produce, proteins, and goodness, all rolled up in a roti.  Try the kimchee, or anything pickled and it'll add a new dimension.  My only complaint is that a sandwich is so filling that I can only eat half.  If I eat a full one, I'm stuffed for the day.  Worth following on FB or checking the website to see where they are on a regular basis. More...


Mike S.

28 May 2012

Ran into these guys at the Hang Out Fest in Gulf Shores, AL. I was looking for an alternative to all the fried stuff. I had their Thurman Murman, which is pulled pork, mac and cheese and kimchi(!) on their roti bread. It's basically like a taco. It was awesome. I went back for the same the next day. Highly recommend Roti Rolls. More...


Demetria M.

1 December 2011

Fresh made to order roti's, yum!  The Eye Opener was my choice, which included tender short ribs, kimchi, eggs(be sure to specify how to cook your eggs) and sauce..........again, YUM!  The ingredients are advertised as local and fresh and it is evident in the taste.  I am not sure how the heck those roti's are made, but grilled with those fillings were simply amazing!  Looking forward to more frequent roti encounters......... More...


Deb B.

18 September 2011

Got the Roti dog and wow it was good! They have an awesome menu. The only downside are the prices. The prices are a little higher than most restaurants for a la carte items. Other than that, the food is awesome with wonderful infusions of *uncommon to Charleston* ingredients! More...



13 September 2011

Rotis are kind of like South Indian-fusion tacos. Both the super meaty and veg options are fantastic. If they have kimchi fried rice available, definitely order it! It's a spicy, ooey-gooey concoction of rice, cabbage, fatty pork belly and dark red sauce. The proprietors are cool guys and they're always trying to use local ingredients in new inventive ways. More...


noah n.

11 September 2011

These guys offer the same ingredients found in the best restaurants in the South and they do it out of a food truck. Their sandwiches are served on a flaky, pastry like flatbread, lots of flavor. I had the curried chicken salad with organic grapes and a touch of Sriracha, SO good. I had to try another, so I ordered the local pork belly with spicy potatoes. I was in shock. The pork belly was marinaded in hot honey mustard and soy, outstanding flavor. More...


Marissa H.

1 August 2011

Yummers...don't remember what I had but it was an awesome roti roll w/ local cheese & kimchi vegetables & something else that when eaten all together it was an amazing sandwich....even though it was 110 degrees outside & the sandwich was hot. It complemented the weather somehow! The truck owner/chef was super nice & explained a few items I questioned. This is a good good food truck! More...