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Meshal A.

5 June 2019

The lady working here is professional and extremely values her customers! Quick and good service.



13 March 2018

We are always happy with Rosslyn Cleaners.


David R.

24 October 2017

Very convenient if you work/live in Rosalyn. Friendly and efficient lady at the desk who is also the seamstress.


Mohan S.

17 October 2017

My go-to place for skirt take-ins!The location is very convenient for rosslyn professionals. It's 2 blocks away from the metro and within minutes walk of many office buildings.The lady is very friendly and helpful. She made sure to let you know her thoughts when asked for opinions. I had three skirts taken in at her place, and they were all done very nicely. The price is also reasonable within the area. I'll definitely come back for her service. More...


Alexandra K.

18 August 2016

This woman is so sweet and always remembers me even though I just started using VIP. my clothes look great and she doesn't break my bank!


Wetherly B.

25 October 2015

Absolutely love this dry cleaners. I've been coming here for 4 years. The woman who owns the store is the sweetest woman. She's very attentive and does a wonderful job at alterations. Very very happy with this place.


Jon M.

3 August 2015

The woman who runs this place is amazing. She is so nice and very funny and does an excellent job. She is also very fair; on tailoring, twice my wife and I have suggested things that would get her more money, and she has advised us against them saying they were unnecessary. We'll definitely keep using Rosslyn VIP. More...


Elva L.

27 July 2015

Very nice Korean lady. Fair in price. I wasn't quiet sure about giving my delicate clothing to just any dry cleaning. But she is great. Great work with my Loro Piana and Burberry garments. More...


Nathanial H.

29 March 2015

Wonderful place and the lady who runs it is delightful and smiley. I just want to echo what one of the other reviewers said, it definitely feels like I am dropping off the clothes with my mother. I wont try any other place.


Rachel R.

18 July 2014

A perfect dry cleaning for a cheap price. Not to mention the woman who works there is absolutely wonderful. I received back two delicate garments with nasty stains that are now spotless, but it was pouring outside and I didn't have an umbrella, so the woman working there proceeded to take some extra plastic she had lying around and made me a homemade poncho. I would recommend this to everyone! More...


Samantha K.

18 June 2014

I am one of those people who let's my dry cleaning pile up until I really need an item because I just hate the idea of paying people to do my laundry, so I usually have time to shop around between visits and try out new places. Since I've found VIP I haven't gone anywhere else.The lady who runs this store is super nice and great at what she does. I have a white business dress that I inevitable wear only when I'm eating something with red sauce and I ALWAYS get it on the dress. She's gotten it out every time, without me having to point out the stains. She saved a silk skirt that I was wearing when I got caught in the rain and she replaced a broken zipper on my jeans when I needed it.This place is a bit pricy, you could probably find somewhere cheaper, but I know I'm going to get quality service and be able to pick my clothes up a week later AND at a convenient time, so I'm happy with it. More...


Saam T.

16 April 2014

I love this cleaner! It is run by an older Korean lady and she is so nice, it feels like you are dropping ur shirts off at moms house.  She has a thick accent, but speaks English well and is super friendly.The prices are essentially the same as most areas.  The quality is superb.  I have been going to this joint for over a year and have never had a problem.  Any stain or alteration is taken care of in a jiffy.  I have had ripped shirts and shorts that she has made look brand new.  This place is the real deal! Check it out and give her a hug for me! More...


John P.

13 February 2014

This place is the best. The owner is super amiable and always happy to see me. Costs are a bit on the pricey side, but worth it if you're looking for excellent service and a pleasant pit stop on your daily routine. Tops!


Cliff W.

22 February 2013

This spot is near my office, and since I either ride my bike to work or show up to work after playing hockey in the morning at Kettler, I like to keep a few sets of dry cleaned dress clothes for me to get all nice and fresh into.I've been going to this place for awhile now, once a week at least, and the service is always good.  The same lady is always there, and at this point she knows my name, my preferences (light starch on the shirts), and when I like to pick up (24 hour turnaround preferred).   They also offer same day service if you can get your clothes dropped off by 10 am during the week.  When I'm a day late picking up things, the lady playfully yells at me going "YOU LATE!! YOU LATE!!" as she smiles wide at me.  I wouldn't want things to be any other way. More...


Aaron H.

18 September 2012

I took my shirts here for a year and never had a single problem. Good hours, good prices, friendly service. This place is the best.