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Ron Sanford Productions is a full service event/wedding design, planning, and production company located in the heart of Nashville, TN. Focusing chiefly on the Music City and Middle TN areas, Ron Sanford Productions is not afraid of handling out of state or even out of country clientele.


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Anthony L Underwood

22 June 2019

for over 12+ years knowing uncle Ron Sanford he has taught me to be a proud gay man and a professional queen Talyah Sanchez ❤❤❤


Rachel Cothron

25 July 2018

Ron is the best. Why else would I have reserved him to do Betsy's wedding?


Whitney Raymer Howard

25 July 2018

Ron is amazing! Wonderful to work with and a true professional! He can transform any venue into something magical!


James Randall Roop

25 July 2018

One of the most professional and open minded planners I have worked with! Would recommend and will use Ron for future events!


George Timothy Reed

25 July 2018

Ron has done set design and work for me numerous times. I have been MORE than pleased with each job. He has also done floral work for me, and those have been more than spectacular! Call Ron for all your decorating and event needs! More...


Bob Taylor

25 July 2018

Having worked with Ron on a few different projects, I can assure you that he is THE ONE when it comes to stage props, design and execution. You can not go wrong with Ron. He is one of the hardest workers you will ever encounter. More...


Amy DeMilo

25 July 2018

Ron Sanford, a visionary at his best! Give him an idea or theme, and it comes to life bigger, and better than you could have imagined!
His creativity and work ethics are above and beyond anyone I've worked with! From Weddings, Birthdays, Social Events, fund raisers, to Pageants. Not only a brilliant mind, but a true artist at his craft! Thank You for all you do!


Michael Byrd

25 July 2018

Very exciting news! Ron Sanford has opened his company: Ron Sanford Productions. If you are looking for someone who knows how to stage anything you want you have the right man. Weather it is music, lighting or staging a Wedding, Special Event or a contestants talent production for a pageant this is your man. I have known and worked with this man for over 30 years. If I had to give a simple observation about Mr. Ron Sanford I would simply say he is a "creative genius". Trust me if you want the best then call this man. I never cease to be amazed at his creativity! More...


Stephanie Hines Fountain

25 July 2018

AMAZING work!!!! Absolutely stunning! I hope to work with you again soon Ron!


Angela McCowan

25 July 2018

Super talented, creative & a pleasure to work with!


Hank Williams

25 July 2018

What a talented, brilliant guy...he leaves beauty where he lays his hand...and a dear, generous, loving friend


Vanessa Vaughn

25 July 2018

Ron is an artist. The transformation from the beginning to the finished product/venue is breathtaking. His designs are exquisite. I highly recommend.


Michael White

25 July 2018

Ron Sanford Productions is one of the premier event planners in Nashville and beyond. With over 20 years experience in producing some of the most exciting over the top galas, Ron breaks down each facet of an event and meticulously makes it come alive and produced with such heart-felt flair. If you are desiring a memorable once in a lifetime event, contact Ron Sanford Productions 615-207-7000 More...


Olivia Erickson

25 July 2018

I have attended several Ron Sanford Productions events as a guest and each one has displayed an amount of creativity and mastery in the industry that has left a lasting impression on both myself and my plus-ones! I have friends who have told me multiple times that Ron's annual holiday party was the best they've ever been to. I may be a slightly biased source but, this company treats its clients as well as its clients treat their guests! More...


Jamie P.

30 May 2018

Ron and Olivia are among the most talented event planners you will ever work with. They're "details people" to an extreme degree but allow you to breathe easily during your events by handling all of the hard stuff. I can't recommend them enough for any banquet, wedding, or other mid to large sized event. I have no doubt our wedding will go off without a hitch. More...


Nomi R.

12 October 2015

Ron,From the bottom of my heart and all those that attended, want to thank you so much for an incredible event for Jeremy's 40th birthday. The event looked absolutely gorgeous! From the big details down to the tiniest, you executed them with absolute precision. I could go on and on...the pictures will speak for themselves. What a talented man you are! As "A" type as I am, for the first time, I was able to let my hair down and not worry about any aspect of this event.Everyone had an amazing time at our small intimate party! Even the kids! So thank you so much Ron Sanford Production, you've got yourself some lifetime clients! Cannot wait to see the photos. There's no doubt what you do is your passion.Keep on with your fabulousness! All my love, Nomi, and Jeremy. More...


We love the warm fuzzy feeling we get when a couple says "I do" with tears in their eyes and when a charity can proudly announce that they can help so many more people thanks to the successful fundraising gala they hosted earlier that month. Events and weddings are a human-centric, emotional business that typically results in a positive and even life-changing experience for client, guest, and vendor. The rewards really do outweigh the risk almost every time.

The bottom line is that Ron Sanford Productions strives to be ahead of the curve in terms of trends. In the age of Pinterest it is so hard to stand out as an individual with weddings and parties that often times I have clients worried that their event will simply blend into another in their guests' collective memories. Not only do we fight to add a personal flare that represents our clients perfectly, we do it while being fast to adapt and head any sort of problem off at the pass.



Let us take care of everything or simply be your day of coordinator so you can enjoy the event you organized.

From prop and set manufacturing to managing technical vendors such as A/V, catering, venue staff, security, permits, etc. we can make sure your event has the necessary support staff in order to move into signing contracts and get to the planning and executing stages.

Having trouble getting inspired with your event or perhaps overwhelmed by all those color palettes popping up on your image board? Can't seem to think of a great way to pull off the theme your planning committee decided on? Not sure how to make your idea help you stand out? We can help navigate a clear path through decisions that can sometimes be intimidating with so many options out there.