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Rolling Dough provides gourmet wood-fired pizza along with a variety of excellent salads, appetizers, and desserts.

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Victoria C.

28 April 2019

We love this food truck! Always trying to find them when we come to Colorado from Kansas City!! Love that badass chicken and waffles pizza and my bestie dies for the cordon bleu! Keep doin what you do!


Carol M.

21 April 2019

Visiting from Bonsall California just had the best pizza ever.Thin  Krispy dough, loaded with cheese and The choice of accoutrements a true enhancement. Try to Cubano , the veggie and the cheese for the kids. The chefs were Light helpful and quick with service. That's why I rated it five stars. More...


Susan T.

9 September 2018

This pizza is amazing have had it now 4 times I literally follow this truck it is so good. It is amazing not greasy and awesome. Always just as good each time, great pizza! Not expensive at all for a food truck which food trucks tend to be very expensive this place is not. And food is amazing. Highly recommended never have been let down my husband is a pizza snob and love this place! More...


Jeff D.

6 July 2018

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the pizza we ordered. We had the chicken + waffles pizza and one has to wonder why more places don't make this an option. The service was quick and service was great. I would most definitely eat here again. More...


Lisa C.

18 June 2018

My favorite pizza truck! Love it that they are always in Golden. Not only is their pizza good....love their breadsticks


Dee V.

11 August 2017

We had the margherita pizza and the cheesy garlic sticks, both were excellent - especially the cheesy garlic sticks. Highly recommend snagging something from this food truck if you see it out and about!


Sarah M.

10 April 2017

I ordered a veggie pizza with cheesy garlic bread. I have to tell you... the cheesy garlic bread is delicious. The dough is superb and the sauce is TASTY! That cheesy bread was so satisfying, it won over the pizza. More...


Robin B.

9 April 2017

Found these guys hanging out at Cannonball Creek... OML, they have some of the best garlic sticks EVER and the pizza was pretty good too :-)


Matthew M.

14 March 2017

By far one of the best food trucks in town. The cheese bread is amazing and I actively look for this food truck when deciding on a brewery to go to.


Jonathan O.

12 March 2017

Hands down best pizza in town! Cubano and Cordon bleu are fantastic pies. If you haven't tried them yet you are missing out. Really friendly staff and great service. Fight me if you disagree More...


Sarah S.

18 February 2017

This pizza is amazing. The garlic, not garlic, cheese stick combos are all amazing. The folks working the orders are amazing. Also, the cheese is abundant and, you guessed it, amazing. More...


Amanda T.

10 February 2017

Rolling Dough has come to my office a couple times now, and they are amazing every time! Fresh ingredients, friendly staff, and amazing taste! I got the biscuits and gravy pizza this last time, AMAZING!! Mushroom gravy, garlic olive oil base, cheddar cheese, delicious sausage and topped with a friend egg! SO GOOD! More...


Michael C.

10 September 2016

Rolling dough pizza truck is fantastic, fast friendly and so tasty! jalapeno peperoni pizza is to die for!


Patrick G.

21 August 2016

Super good wood-fired pizza at a very reasonable price. We had the Cubano and the Cordon Bleu- both were excellent! The truck was parked at Golden City Brewery, so BONUS!


Cassie O.

12 June 2016

Stopped by this sweet lil food truck on a trip to Golden City Brewery and was not disappointed! Listed some great specialty pizzas and the menu set up wasn't too outrageous or complicated. We ordered the 12in cordon bleu and 6in "bob"tillo pizzas...both were excellent. Crusts were light and airy, had a slight char and a nice chewy finish.  Not too heavy on sauce and loaded with toppings. The 6" pies are plenty big for one person! The cordon bleu had moist chicken chunks with a crispy breading and the gravy/sauce wasn't overpowering, very savory. The other pizza contained pulled pork, tomatillo sauce, queso fresco and cilantro, basically the best chile verde concoction I've ever had. It won my friend over quickly, which was a surprise, as she doesn't like pork. It was really just that good. Period. The guys running the truck were friendly and chatted a bit about the menu and what they do. Service was awesome and we didn't wait very long for our order. Highly recommend stopping by this truck, this is damn solid food. More...


Eliza F.

21 May 2016

I've eaten a lot of pizza. Good pizza, bad pizza, okay pizza. But this pizza. This pizza is the best pizza I've ever had. From the dough, the sauce, the cheese, and the ingredients. Everything about it was perfect. I chose my own toppings, but next time I'm definitely going to order the Cubano pizza (Gruyere cheese, pickles, mustard). It seemed like an interesting choice, but smelled delicious, and looked like it was enjoyed by the family that ordered it. More...


Bill S.

8 May 2016

As a self proclaimed pizza snob, I can't say enough good about the pizzas these guys are producing.   They have a wood fire oven in the truck (I believe imported from Italy), that cooks pizzas in just a couple of minutes.   Nice char on the bottom of the crust, but still a good chew to the dough.    I seek them out at a few different breweries, and have enjoyed every pizza I've had. More...


Holly C.

25 December 2015

We usually eat from this food truck when it is at Cannonball Creek. The pizza has never disappointed us. Good service. I like that they set up a table in the brewery with Parmesan cheese and hot pepper flakes so we don't have to hunt and peck for it. Unique offerings, such as the Bob 'Atillo pizza. Definitely recommend seeking this food truck out! More...


Beckie L.

5 December 2015

Had some really awesome pizzas from these guys at Mountain Toad last night. The pizzas are amazing and the cheese sticks really made my meal. My fav of the pizzas we tried was Bobatillo. I recommend spiliting a bunch of the smaller pizzas with your group so that you can try them all! More...


Derek S.

5 December 2015

Found these guys at Mountain Toad brewery and enjoyed every bite. Anyone who knows pizza understands that the dough makes all of the difference. This place has the BEST dough. Toppings are also fresh and creative. Try the biscuits and gravy pizza and the garlic cheese sticks. For the price, I would absolutely come back. More...


Gabriella C.

11 July 2015

Rolling Dough is definitely one of the best food trucks in Jefferson County. Each one of their pizzas is different but each one is excellent! The service is awesome as well. They are super quick - so you won't be waiting long. They also have breakfast pizzas which is awesome because who doesn't love breakfast? I definitely recommend. More...


Chi-City F.

28 June 2015

I have had almost every pizza on their menu. They are absolutely delicious. These guys are creative, inventive and friendly. My friend ended up getting an event catered by them and said that he would hire them every chance he gets. They have A WOOD FIRED OVEN INSIDE THEIR TRUCK. Come on. More...


Becca R.

24 March 2015

I've tried Rolling Dough several times now and overall, I really like them. Pretty impressed that they create such delicious wood fired pizza out of a truck! This is the first pizza I've tried in Colorado where I can say that the crust is my favorite part. It's so delicious- perfectly chewy and actually flavorful. Their red sauce isn't bad, but it's not my favorite. The margherita pizza has been my favorite so far but they also offer several unique pies you don't see everywhere- for example, breakfast pizza. There's also the option to build your own. The prices aren't bad either- $5 to 7 for a 6" pie, they offer 12" pizzas too but I'm not sure of the pricing on those. The employees are always friendly, the food comes out quickly, and the portions are perfect- I'm always excited when I see this truck parked outside of Joyride! More...


Emma F.

14 February 2015

Went to this truck with my husband and brother and we got six pizzas to share among us (five 6" and one 12") - planning to take some pizza leftovers home to roommates too. We got the Cuban, the bob-atillo, the margarita, the breakfast pizza, the cordon bleu, and a custom pineapple, pepperoni, and garlic large pizza. They came out of the oven SO fast and were all really great- you could tell the ingredients were super fresh and all the flavors went so well together (remember to squeeze your lemon on the cordon bleu, both because it's Fancy and because it adds SO much flavor)!  :)  The cordon bleu or the bob-atillo were my favorites. One 6" pizza is the perfect size for one person - and you don't have to feel guilty eating it all, as the crust is fluffy but not so thick to the point where it overpowers the actual pizza flavors. It's hard to find good crust and I really liked this one.Will definitely come back and bring friends. delish! More...


Al F.

16 October 2014

Been hearing about Rolling Dough wood fired pizza and finally sampled some today. It's a food truck operating in and around Golden, so you have to go to their Facebook page to get their weekly calendar of locations. They are regularly parked at  craft breweries. Our group started with traditional margherita pizza -- excellent toppings, well-spiced sauce and perfect crust. Ditto on the veggie pizza. Also sampled two specialty pizzas -- Bob-atillo made with green tomatillo sauce and braised pork and a chicken cordon bleu pizza. Both were stand-outs and addictive. These guys know pizza- it's the real thing. Very reasonable prices, great service. Dough, sauces, and toppings house-made. More...


Elizabeth B.

8 September 2014

The pizzas are amazing. The dough is baked perfectly and the toppings are fresh and yummy. The red sauce is probably the best red sauce I've ever had.

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Our signature dishes include our chicken cordon blue, cubano and Margherita pizzas

We listen to our clients wants and needs to create a perfect menu along with professional service

I love creating unforgettable culinary experiences that one can only get from sampling our unique menu.

I started my own business in order to be unrestricted in my creativity and love for food and to create long-lasting client relationships.

Clients should choose our services if they are looking for exquisite and memorable food at a great price.