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James Edwards

24 July 2019

We have been clients for almost three years now, and we're thrilled with David's knowledge of the tax code, particularly after the new tax law was passed. Our previous accountant was not a CPA, and did not take an interest in pointing out how we could save money when we file. David also does my personal tax return. Couldn't be happier! More...


jason bostow

30 June 2019

David and his staff are pure genius. Integrity matched with the intelligence to battle the IRS and get more of your money backBest in the business!


Jamie Sentell

8 January 2019

You must go to David! I went to David for the first time this year. He looked at the last three years of my taxes and was able to get me a much bigger refund than I was expecting because he found deductions in my previous tax returns that had not been claimed. Thank you, David!!!


Jenn Lorenzo

8 January 2019

David is a great CPA. Takes his time to make sure he's doing what's in your best interest. Always recommend him when people are asking for a CPA.


Dave Ellis

8 December 2018

We've been seeing David Rodrigues for almost a decade now, and he has always suggested creative ways to save on our taxes. He is very easygoing and most knowledgeable about new tax laws as they are developed. More...


Luis Da Silva

8 September 2018

I always filed my taxes with HRBlock online. I was an employee working for a company so it was free for me I had my W2 ready so no big deal. When I started my business back in 2013 I wanted to learn and take care of everything, after a few years taking care of accounting, human resources, supplies, marketing of my own business (for business owners they understand we have to do everything) But when it comes to TAX let a TRUE PRO take care of it. When I found David last year for my 2016 taxes it was the best experience for me. He explained me the whole process and kept me informed all the way. In fact it's a little higher priced than average but when you do your business taxes don't settle for average. Take your accounting business seriously and choose the best results. I decided to take his advice and received a return of $2600. It's worth paying the little extra for those who said it was expensive. (what expensive means ) I received everything in the timely manner has he said. I'll sure be using him for future taxes and will be referring friends and others. Thanks again for excellent work. More...


Patty Durell

25 June 2018

If you are looking for a CPA that is on top of how the laws work to your benefit or not, and will create and care about having a relationship with you, David is your CPA. My husband and I both own businesses so our tax returns are tricky for us. We have had other CPA's in the past but were not satisfied with the relationship. We just started with David in 2018.
He immediately began to educate us through the process, asking us the right questions to get the answer he need to best help us. Now, he keeps on top of us so we are sure to file what is needed to be filed. I highly recommend David Rodrigues CPA.


Andrea H.

17 June 2018

I heard about David and he is amazing. I referred him to one of my friends and she called me to say "I love him!" David is an EXPERT and will help you with your taxes and saving money better than anyone out there!


Scott Bedell

11 June 2018

I've always filed using TurboTax for the last few years and I've always felt a did a pretty good job with my returns. However, I heard that David could do a check on previous years filings so I met with him last week.
Not only did he find errors in my previous filings, but he is looking to save me over $1700 in just 1 tax year! I know my situation may be unique but I appreciated the time he took to get to know me and my situation first vs. being a paper pusher. David definitely showed me he cares and I'm looking forward to turning over my future filings with him and I know it will be well managed. Thank you David!


Gerald Notaro

14 February 2017

I hate for too many people to find out how terrific David is at what he does. But he deserves great success for the wonderful, affordable CPA services he provides.


Katie Kaffai

24 October 2016

Great CPAs! David is excellent at what he does!

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