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Brandon Pittman

28 August 2019

He takes care of his customers... Food is always fresh... I have eaten Jerk in a few city's and states his matches up with anybody... Get the Loaded Fries or his tacos More...


Nigel Mighten

21 August 2019

Rodney Jamaican jerk is the best in Iowa take it from I am a Jamaican and I know good food. not only the I have been to a lot of places in America and it's the best so far big up RJJ.


William Goedicke

24 July 2019

Great food but should open earlier maybe around 11am.


Angela Allison

22 July 2019

most delicious very friendly great catering love me some Rodney's Jamaican Jerk!


Jessica P.

22 July 2019

Rodney's is definitely the best Jamaican food in the area. Pros: Authentic cuisine with a variety of options. I love the curry goat (when available) the jerk chicken. The prices are also reasonable and now that his food truck is set up it is in a pretty central location. Rodney is also very nice and the service is always great.Cons: I wish he would try a brick and mortar shop in downtown IC. The food is great and it deserves a more permanent home.Bottom line: if you haven't had Rodney's go immediately More...


Bubba Brown

17 July 2019

The jerk fries in the oxtail dinner are highly recommend


Julie Mulherin

24 June 2019

I dont hate this place I love it


Evenly Gorgeouz

24 June 2019

Soooo good!


Val Angeleyes Horton

24 May 2019

I love the food the service is always awesome.


John Harvey

6 May 2019

rodney's has amazing jamaican food at great prices. he doesn't play around with it either. the jamaican beef patties are the best in town and the jerk chicken in any form is just perfect.


Keyshona Frick

1 May 2019

I have the jerk chicken rice plate and the brisket loaded fries and everything was so delicious and I love the plantains mainly. I would definitely recommend this place if you're looking for a good Jamaican food. More...


Lynn Roszell Conard

26 April 2019

Rodney's Jamaican Jerk is the best ever and Bbq is to die for!!!!


Adrian Long

26 April 2019

Had the jerk tacos today and I must say they make you wanna smack your momma no but for real the quality of this food is AMAZING!! And the price is well worth it


Allen Roberts

28 March 2019

I was working nearby and got lunch and it was so good. I would definitely stop by again


Jenny Trom

27 March 2019

Good service and great food!


Sueann P.

27 March 2019

Ordered the jerk chicken rice bowl. Everything was very flavorful (and spicy)! Fast service, no complaints really. Totally recommend this spot if you're looking for something new to try. Only thing keeping it from a five star is lack of variety in menu and slightly dry chicken. More...


Jon Stoltzfus

30 October 2018

Excellent food! Chicken was awesome, supper tender and had amazing flavor!


Cindy Williams

8 October 2018

Rodney’s Jamaican jerk sauce is absolutely amazing! I recommend this to everyone. I love the jerk sauce.


James Wallis

2 June 2018

Excellent jerk chicken!


Lynn Conard

28 May 2018

Mr.Rodney has the best jerk chicken ever. Moist with excellent flavor. His BBQ his also to die for. Excellent choice of side dishes to go with your order. I highly recommend everyone try his food! More...


Alexander Espinoza

28 May 2018

Great people and great food


Cherokee French

28 May 2018

Ordered a Smoked Turkey and Jerked chicken for thanksgiving. I pickup thanksgiving morning, right off the grill. It was amazing, and a hit for 3 days very moist and juicy. I will definitely order again.


Thea Hansen Bettis

4 April 2018

Rodney's Jamaican Jerk provide our company lunch for a staff of over 20. Not only was the food terrific but the price was reasonable and the service prompt and professional. We will definitely use Rodney's again! More...


Corie Boris

3 April 2018

Had this for lunch today and it was DELICIOUS! The jerk chicken was flavorful, the rice was tasty, and the sauce was to die for! I will definitely be having this again soon!! More...


Aleah Erenberger

3 April 2018

We had Rodney's food at our meeting today and it was absolutely phenomenal. It took a lot of self control to not keep going back for more. I'm new to the area so I won't forget this as a new go to place. More...


Aleah E.

3 April 2018

Great food we had at our meeting today. I nabbed a bit for leftovers and can't wait to get home and eat it for dinner. Won't forget this place in the future.


Kayla Faust

6 January 2018

Rodneys Jamaican Jerk is hands down the best Jamaican food in Iowa. We ordered a jerk chicken meal and it all tasted just like it does in Jamaica. The owner/chef is also SUPER nice. We can't wait to get more RJJ! More...


Gabriel K Havel-Sturdevant

3 June 2017

Have yet to have a bad meal. The food is authentic, seasoned perfectly and will have you craving thirds.


Sara Green

28 May 2017

Absolutely amazing food!!!! We will defiantly be using you for my sons grad party next year!!!! Thankful to have you around here!!!!!


Matt Kuchta

29 May 2016

Will leave you wishin' you were fishin'. Bless this mess!


Marie S.

7 January 2016

It doesn't get better than Rodneys!! I have tried the rest but am sticking with the best. Delightful food cooked with perfect blend of spices for sure a vacation for the taste buds as promised.


Anitria C.

18 June 2015

BEST AUTHENTIC CARIBBEAN FOOD!! Seriously makes me feel like I'm back home. The Jerk Chicken is amazing, & he has an amazing BBQ Pork to die for. Must try!

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